Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

। प्रार्थनादशकस्तोत्रम ।

रमारमण मध्वादिदेशिकश्रीहृदब्जग । हयग्रीव कृपालो मे प्रार्थनाम श्रुणु सादरम्॥

अयोग्य विषये स्वामिन् सर्वथा न मनो भवेत। चांचल्यम मूलतश्छिंधि दुराशां हर दूरत:॥

दुर्बुद्धिम् च न मे देहि दु:शास्त्रावर्तने रतिम्। हापयस्व च दुर्मानं दुर्गुणम मोचय प्रभो ॥

दु:संगम दुष्क्रियाम छिंधि हर लोकाटनात्पदौ । न नियोजय चक्षूंषि परदारादिदर्शनं ॥

दुष्प्रतिग्रह दुस्पर्शे करौ मा चोदय ध्रुवं । अगम्यागमने गुह्यं घ्राणमाघ्राणनेऽसताम ॥

अपकर्षतु जिव्हां मे लोकवार्तादुरन्नत:। दुर्वार्ता दुष्टशब्देभ्यो निवर्तय हरे श्रुती ॥

भवदिच्छानुगम चेतो योग्यसद्विषयं भवेत। यदृच्छालाभसंतृप्तं निश्चाञ्चल्यं भवेत्त्वयि ॥

सुज्ञानम सर्वदा देहि सच्छास्त्रावर्तने रतिम । सत्संगम सत्क्रियाम चैव पादौ त्वत्क्षेत्रसर्पणे ॥

श्रीमध्वशास्त्रश्रवणे नियुंक्ष्व  श्रवणे सदा । हयास्य चक्षूंषि चेमे दर्शने सन्नियोजय ॥

करौ तदर्चने नित्यम सुखतीर्थस्य लेखने । त्वदालापे त्वदुच्छिष्ट भोजने कुरु जिव्हिकाम ॥

घ्राणम भवतु निर्माल्याघ्राणने नमने शिर:। देहि मे तु ज्ञानभक्तिपशुपुत्रधनादिकम ॥

प्रार्थना दशकम चैततत्रिकाले य: पठेन्नर: । तस्याऽभिष्टम  हयास्योसौ दत्वा रक्षति सर्वदा ॥

॥इति श्रीवादीराजयतिकृत प्रार्थना दशक स्तोत्रम ॥


Let the new Year begin with a prayer composed by Shree Vaadirajyati   . This is an excellent composition which forms the first step towards the sadhana . This stotra pleads Lord Hayagreeva to direct our senses in the right direction .

Oh hayagreeva with Ramaaraman and Madhva and other gurus in the heart I pray to thee kindly hear to my pleaA .

do not let my mind wander unto unwanted [ not fit ] subjects . fickleness be destroyed from the roots , let unwanted evil desires be stopped at the outset .

Do not give evil mindset that will take me to evil shastras and act according to it .Let evil pride be subdued and evil qualities be washed out .

tear apart the evil company and evil karma and save me from this evil travail . Do not let my eyes be employed towards the lure of other woman .

Never let me not accept evil dana or touch evil things with hands at any cost .let me not engage in the company of those prohibited  nor smell those not fit to smell .

restrict my tongue in engaging in gossip and eating inedible things . Let my ears not hear evil news and evil words as well .

By your grace alone eligible subjects [sense objects ] will be known . So whatever profit has been obtained whatever has been given against desires make my mind be happy and satisfied and totally unperturbed in your thoughts .

Kindly give good knowledge always  and let me lead life according to satshastra .Give satsang[good company ] satkriya and with legs let me visit your pilgrims .

Kindly employ my ears in shastra preached by Srimadanandateertha , arrange for  a darshan of HAYANAN to these eyes .

Let my hands always be employed in your archana as per writings of Sukhteerth [ madhvacharya ] . Let my mouth sing your praises and  let the tongue taste only your UCHCHISTA[ prasad ,leftovers] .

Let my nosehave the good fortune of always being in contact of your nirmalya and the same be adorned by my head .Bless me with gnyana,bhakti , cattles , sons , and wealth etc .

Prarthana dashak if recited thrice in a day at three sandhyas everyday by humans , Hayagreeva will bestow all the desired and will protect always .






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  2. Guruji how many times should we recite the above prayer daily?


  3. Respected Acharya Namaskars,

    Prarthana Dashak Stotra composed By Sri Vadiraj Yati,shows his utter devotion to Sri Madhvacharya and Lord Hayagreeva.
    How can one equate Sri Vadiraj swamiji to Sri Madhvacharya as done by one of the member in this forum.
    Sri Vadiraj swamy will no accept this.



    • best proof is rujus dont get sick or old . Vadiraj swamy exhibited these qualities . there is an incident where on dwadashi day , he was weak .
      Madhvacharya was evr young , no sleep and always full of energy .


  4. Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

    Hello Shri Chiranji,

    My sincere greetings to you and your team on occassion of new year. May year 2011 bestow highest prosperity and fame to you.

    Thank You
    Best Regards



  5. Kiran Kumar said:

    Sri Hari Vaayu Gurubhyoh Namaha,

    Dear Guruji,
    Thanks for sharingThe PrarthnaDashak Stotra by Shree Vaadirajyati.
    This is a Divine New Year Gift for us and we are ever thankful for you for guiding us with such powerful stotras. Saint Vadirajaru is a very famous and Divine Saint known for his Bhakti towards Sri Hayagriva Devaru. May Sri Hayagriva Devaru give every followers with Divine qualities to pursue the desired Sadhanas and i am sure it would be easily accomplished with the PrarthnaDashak Stotra by Shree Vaadirajyati.

    Thanks Guruji for sharing the stotra with us and elevating us to greater heights in the area of Bhakti and Sadhana

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu


  6. Pranaam guruji,

    with your grace I would like to put this view to Hari’s feet through yours to share with all my fellow brothers and sisters.

    (to ur feet) sometimes ,,things get so disturbing that I forget to remember the present, ( i dint know its new year). The only magic that works always is Hari Bhakti..my own life experiences have been a big proof to this.. I am very thankful to you guruji for sharing this with us,, and gracing us with another weapon to stabilise our lives…

    (to ur feet) like last year when i was in a great personal loss , it was through Hari bhakti ,Hari japa, and Hari (gayatri) japa,,,i was able to overcome the infinite barrier of emotional agony i was into,,and I am very thankful to Guruji, because it was him who showed this path to me,,,,

    (to your feet) ,,for a common man , like me,,, every single line above looks so precious,,,, most of my worries are connected to lack knowledge and ignorance,,, and i am absolutely convinced that no man can become perfect because it can only be shri Hari,,, the only way to overcome the ill effect of this ignorance would be trying to do the best thing possible,,what else than hari smarane can it be,,,,by this stotra i feel every single most common traps of human life are considered, which form obstacles for us…

    (to ur feet) i feel by this I can overcome my known ignorance,,,over come all attachments by knowledge abt the truth,, over come actions due to others influence,,, and bless myself with the supreme grace by Hari’s Darshan,,,,,

    (to ur feet),,lastly i would like to take this opportunity for telling all that without a guru,,, there is no life,,, but with guru,,,even lifeless looks full of life….becoz we understand how everything is Hari and there is nothing without him.

    Gurubhyo devebhyo namah,



  7. I am really thankful for posting this prayer. A prayer that is indispensable in our life. I am awestruck ji. This is such a wonderful prayer to begin this new year with and to treasure.


  8. A prayer that is indispensable in our life.


  9. This is a good stotra to begin a sadhana . Those who are in difficult situations , uneasy surroundings and dirty company , yet they have urge to begin a sadhana, but are afraid that they will face failure by being dragged into vices , such people can recite this shloka .
    This stotra is excellent for those who want kick the habit of smoking gambling, alcohol ,prostitutes , porn, drugs , crime etc and want to lead a good life back into spiritual path .
    This stotra also sees ordinary spiritualists to accelerate their sadhana by minimizing whatever little avagunas they have such as gossiping , talking ill of others or jealousy .

    This stotra brings people out of extreme infatuation to unworthy woman , it stabilizes mind aftermath of love failures , emotional breakdowns . This helps woman undergoing divorce or separation to gain back their beloveds by keeping steady mind towards the Lord . It is an excellent remedy to get all round protection from Hayagreev . This stotra increases produce and yields of dairy owners and agriculturists .This increases wealth of native manifolds .
    In all this is an excellent stotra sadhana to begin this new year with satvik resolutions .


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