Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Venus is a lovely planet in astrology , it is a planet of pleasures ! Most novice astrologers are pessimistic in predictions when they see a afflicted Venus in a horoscope .Affliction to venus especially by mars , i would not be surprised if every astrologer would hesitate to give a clean chit to the subject , in a hush hush tone he would like to suggest a extramarital affair or break in relationship or troubled marriage to the native !  This study consumed a greater part of my life all the more because my both parents have fifth lord {son}venus and fifth house exalted , my wife has seventh lord{husband } venus in peak , my brother in law has exalted venus [ his fifth ie seventh from 11th lord {elder sister’s husband } ] , my son has ninth lord [father ] venus in mooltrikona myself though do not have exalted venus[ according to suryasiddhant my venus is in moolatrikona ] but venus is  most strongest planet in kendra in my  horoscope making me a Venusian in all aspects .My entire two generation  above in my family each and every member[ all the siblings of my mother ] has an exalted venus , some afflicted some clean . One thing was common in them[ people having exalted venus ] is  their quality of living and sense perceptions were optimal , they are extremely beauty conscious , there is an extreme appreciation for anything artistic and their choice of objects of desire were too selective and standardized as if borrowed from character of epics or novels .

every abstract aura stimulated them ! Shuchi being prominent ingredient in their daily life . People who might have spent time among these exalted venus will definitely not miss one thing that these people leave a long lasting impact on the psyche of the people around them . Their interaction will throw up an array of like and dislikes , which would be found wanting in a person of non venus exalted , ie the comparison will be too evident to the naked eyes . In nutshell people who might have interacted with venus exalted natives will find fault with other interaction in their life as that experience will never be found with others except for another venus exalted person .

Venus in exaltation even if afflicted does not give malefic results . In general Affliction of venus with mars should be carefully delineated with other combinations especially in shadvargas and only then malefic results should be attributed because many a venus affllicted natives have been seen to lead  a happy conjugal life . Certain questions do arise in minds of astrologers while learning viz

  • venus is karaka for wife
  • venus is karaka for passion
  • venus is karaka for potency
  • venus is karaka for sexual tendencies
  • venus is karaka for veerya
  • venus is karaka for objects of happiness

So does affliction of venus gives perversion ?

does perverted people get perverted wife ?

does affliction denote affliction to potency ?

does affliction denote lesser passion or lesser accumulation of objects of happiness ?

Its very difficult to analyse these all by mere logic and intelligence ! let us resort to classics on these .

We shall restrict our compilation to affliction by mars alone .

What does parashara say on this ?

venus conjunct mars or aspected by mars in any house will give loss of spouse in its dasha .

venus in exchange of house with mars in shadvargas or in ekamsa with mars only then creates perversion .

Brihatjatak says :

Venus mars conjunction makes one a GOpalaka [ owner of cattle ] if lesser in strength then one who supervises cattle .

he may become  a wrestler , a driver of boat vessel streamer , an able administrator or a club owner where gambling and betting is revenue model .

thirdly he says parayuvatirata: – one who will cohabit other women !

if we literally take this as dictum then all drivers of water bourne  vehicles , wrestlers , diary owners cattle breeders and able administrators definitely will cohabit other women .

Just as the dictum cannot make every venus mars combination a driver administrator or wrestler all at the same time . some may become drivers others may become wrestlers , yet others may become administrators . One may not become the other in his entire lifetime . So also all these cannot become adulterers !

So what is it that differentiates these services ? one must look into other combinations . so also for fructification of venus mars adultery some more confirmatory test are necessary !

Let us further see how venus mars gives varied results in different bhavas .

  1. kapha roga/dosha , unsuccessful ventures , cheat others , ungrateful , a successful offspring \
  2. artistic
  3. good qualities , pilgrimage , upright character , professional artist
  4. very handsome , artistic
  5. inimical, insulted, hates bramhins
  6. other women , shackled in love of prostitutes , sinful , wicked , no learnings
  7. frequently spurned by women , severe wounds [cancerous ] , schematic
  8. enthusiasm to do kukarma , deceitful, inappropriate expenses
  9. beautiful physique , atithipriya , pleasing personality , head of the family , cultured .
  10. very modest , large palacial house , build shrines , dhandhanya samriddhi
  11. religious , will undertake vows and deeksha , well read , attain higher post , close confidant and loyal trustee of king
  12. alpadhani , son troublesom , miser , sick, ungrateful .

In most of the places the reference to perversion is absent except in sixth and other malefic houses .

Lets also examine how aspect of mars affects venus in various houses .

  • ARIES -SCORPIO [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS  – bereft of happiness ,honor ,and money , pitiable condition and excessively shabby
  • VRISHABH-TULA [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will not be happy with his house , troubled in getting accomodation , always in some disputes
  • MITHUN-KANYA [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will have good wife , highly expert in kaamshastra , will spend huge fortune on his women
  • CANCER [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will have excess training in vocal and music and dance , will  win over enemies , will achieve happiness through his intelligence [ alternatively will think too much about happiness only in mind ] , always in troubled state of mind wrt women .
  • LEO[VENUS] ASPECTED BY MARS – will be liked by kings and employed by them , will have abundant grains and gains , will be addicted to women due to uncontrolled passion .
  • DHANUR-MEENA[VENUS] ASPECTED BY MARS –  enemies will not withstand his prowess , rich , happy , madly adored by womenfolks [ female fanfollowing] , will acquire punya and do acts of dharma , will have excellent vehicle .
  • MAKAR-KUMBHA[VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will be extremely fatigued by heavy work load and diseases , will lose money on account of treachery or dubious people . will have always some disease pertaining to mind due to unfulfilled desires .

As a second lord venus being in second if aspected by mars makes one a good logician .

So as we can see there are many good results that venus and mars combination bestows on the native . only in malefic houses does the malefic results occur , if these are aspected by benefics then malefic results do not occur ,  And venus in meena aspected by any malefic gives only good results .

krishnarpanamastu .

Comments on: "VENUS MARS combination -a compilation !" (23)

  1. name -Aryan rajput ..
    dob- 25.6.1989
    time 2:15 am ..
    birth place – ambala haryana .. ..
    plz tell me everything about me … my mars nd venus both in fourth … mars is malefic in forth ..m in tention .. nd my ketu is in 5th nd rahu is in 11th with moon .. plz mail me comeplete prediction about me – yourheartismine786@gmail.com


  2. name aryan rajput .. 25.6.1989 time 2:15 am .. birth place – ambala haryana ..


  3. sandip pawar said:

    divorced in 2008.
    problem-money & finance & wife
    Time:10.30 AM(morning)
    single digit number -5
    time:09:50 am ,current place:-kalwan ,(nasik)

    Beetle leaves:20
    fruits banana:20

    body part : nose
    salute to shiva


    • money will come with lot of delay ..
      recite mars mantra “dharanigarbh …. ” 7000 times .. and donate water and coal to nearby temple for a month long supply ..


  4. Hari OM 1444-7 8:40 AM August 29, 2013 Philadelphia, PA, USA; 10 beetle leaves, a handful of pistachios and almonds, a handful of cherries and 3 apples. Born Queens, NY, USA at 1:39 AM EST (-5GMT) on October 28, 1984. Heart and forehead. I have Venus in Scorpio in 4th in Rasi and Navamsa, and Mars in 3rd in Libra in Navamsa. I’m unmarried as of yet, and my question is, how can I ensure a faithful and devoted marriage to one husband, granted by God, for the greatest good of all beings? Online, all the commentators give divorce or adultery as the indication of this exchange of Navamsa lords. Is there any way I can avoid this fate? I wish nothing more than a loving and devoted marriage. I am single at this time. Thank you for your kind help. Hari OM.


    • A little efforts always gives the desired ..
      everyday reciting parvati dwadashnaam will remove teh scope of adultery on a day to day basis ..
      keep reciting . … and you will ahve loving husband who will be sober in disposition , cultured handsome but will have frequent ill health .


  5. pranaam.. number is 7771. place is meerut. time is 3:26 am. 7 leaves, 5 friuts and 11 nuts . birth place is gaziabad , 1:20 pm , 25-12-1986, heart, i had just suffered a seperation from my spouse whose has shani and budh in 7 house and venus and mars in 5 house with sun and ketu in 6 house.. will we be able to live happy together.again. plz tell some upay


  6. madhava Kumar said:

    Name: Madhava Kumar
    Place of Birth: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
    Date of Birth: 23 March 1965
    Time of Birth: 12.04 noon

    Kindly tell my horoscope from profession angle, health angle and family angle.


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