Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Shri Varaha Swamy says ” 20000 namaskara phala will be obtained by the one who lights 1 Lakh diyas to Hari , each diya should be dipped into  ghee . Half of this phala will come to those who dip it in the oil . If not dipped then only 1/4 th phala will be obtained . If cotton is brought from outside than the one who donates cotton gets phala as per his dana to the extent of half phala .Sudras and women if they have made namaskaras then 1/10th tarpana should be given ,and 1/100 times homa should be done , 1/1000th number bramhins should be fed . If done in this manner they will get twice the phala .

When someone employs a bramhin to do the one lakh  homa with ghee and til , he is known as yejamana , he gets 50000 namaskara phala if appropriate dana is given to the bramhin else no phala comes to him . If dana is made then yejamana gets 3/4 phala and 1/4 gets destroyed .

If yejamana is too weak and ridden with ill health then  y employing the bramhin , he may get complete punya – 1/16 th which gets destroyed ,

Women do not have right to perform any vedic rituals . So japa homa etc should not be done by them . If stree shudra engage in japa homa etc themselves or employ other stree shudra etc ,they will not get any phala out of it .

pradakshina namaskaara lighting of diyas should be done by the women and shudras themselves and homa tarpana etc they should get it done by the bramhins. In this manner they will not get any dosha . [ all those who do not have sanskaara come under shudra category ! as by birth everyone is born shudra only sanskaara makes them a dwija ]

When a one lakh vyahruti homa is done , one should  give as dana a wheat grain sized gold for every 1000 japa . By this 3 parts of punya will go to the yejamana . so for 1 lakh japa 100 grains of gold should be given as ideal dana .

If yejamana is Dhanik [ rich man ] then he should give twice the said dana . If yejamana is MAHADHANIK then he must give thrice the dana to get the 3 parts punya .

If yejamana is daridra then he should give half the dana . If yejamana is atidaridra  then he must give dana as per his capacity .

VARAHA rupi HARI continues :

Women should do austerities like vrata niyama etc only after taking the permission of their husband.

  • A mother can do austerities for a son ,
  • a wife can do austerities for her husband ,
  • a son can do for parents ,
  • a upadhyaya can do for his students ,
  • a poshaka [ guardian , caretaker ] can do austerities for his ward .
    But all of these should do the austerities by taking the permission of a bramhin , then they do not get any dosha . But they must do the austerities and then surrender the punyasanchaya that comes with it to the yejamana .
  • When mother is doing austerities , son is the yejamana ,
  • when wife is doing austerities husband is the yejamana
  • when upadhyaya is doing , student or abhyarthi is the yejamana .
  • anybody employing a bramhin is yejamana because bramhin is  a universal teacher .
  • By donating the punya sanchaya with the uddesha of yejamana , yejamana gets half punya of the austerities .
  • and the kartru will get 1/3rd punya ie mother wife upadhyaya etc will get 1/3rd punya .
  • If yejamana himself gets this done by someone other than the above mentioned kartru , then he gets only 1/4th punya . But if the kartru is well versed in vidhi then he gets half the punya .
  • If kartru [ the doer of austerity ] after getting permission from yejamana and promise of the austerity , if he does not do the austerity sincerely or abruptly messes with austerity , then kartru does not get any phala of the austerity .
  • However the yejamana gets his due of 1/4th phala  as according as the bramhin’s capacity ,despite lapse , if he resorts to proper dana .
  • If on account of greed of dana and out of curiosity or fun , bramhin agrees to do the austerity and lapses , he gets sins[ of yejamana and additionally the sin of lapse ] on account of it .after accepting the dana .
  • And the entire punya of his austerity [ till the moment of lapse ] goes to yejamana .
  • Marana etc karma if one resorts to and accepts the shulka [ fees ] for such abhicharik karma , such a bramhin is dwijaadhama .
  • This dwijadham gets 1/4th of the sin of abhichaara .
  • The acharya who suggests such abhichara gets half the sin .
  • yejamana gets complete sin of the abhichaara .
  • In this manner sins go on multiplying with every member included .it never gets nil and one suffers forever .
  • Whether one participates with enthusiasm or unwillingly sins will be definitely accrued , unwilling will get half of the willing .
  • Other sinful activities also bear the same sins , so one who desires progress and happiness , must never indulge in abhichara
  • By selling ved mantras if a bramhin earns money , then to mitigate the sin out of it , he must donate 1/4th of his earnings to get relief from vikrayadosha .
  • If the said bramhin is daridra then he can donate 1/4th , if he is atidaridra then 1/8 should be donated from his earnings , if mahadaridra then 1/16th .
  • If bramhin is dhanika then he must donate half of his ill earnings
  • if the bramhin is mahadhanika then he must donate 2/3rds to achive dravya shuddhi .
  • This should be always resorted to whenever one gets dushta dana Note : [ in kaliyuga dana is made by accepting some work from the reciepient so all shulka [ fees, salary ] is dana only . in previous yuga dana was given as at home as gift .] so all earnings which are not as prescribed by veda ie not in accordance with varnashrama dharma is dushta dana only . one  partakes sins of yejamana ie employer ,contractor or master .
  • In all dushta dana the above mentioned krama should be maintained to achieve dravya shuddhi , [ if this is not resorted to then one gets sins of employers and as employers in MNC are mletchas or contractors are mostly mletchas yavanas , their vishnu dwesha sins and panchapataka is shared by the salaried . this has increased in the miseries of the workers in these establishments which is evident from rising separation , divorce and murders and other harrasment cases ]
  • dravya shuddhi will avoid such mishaps occuring on account of sins of dushta dana .
  • When for money if one does homa etc then also such a krama should be followed .
  • If austerities are done for the others and one gets wealth out of it then by donating 1/8th of such belongings one gets free from the dosha .
  • Daridra and atidaridra can resort to half of it to get the relief .

Listening to all these issues DHARANI DEVI asked

hey dev! Whom we should call as daridra in this world ? Who are Dhanikas ,who are madhyamas [ middle class] ? who is mahadaridra and who are mahadhanika ? How should be shulka [ fees ] given in punya karya ? kinldyenlighten me ? ”

Shree VARAHA deva says ” A vipra who is engaged in sadachara [ austerities ] and who is a kutumbi [ having family ] and stithpragnya yet does not show any interest or is not keen in amassing wealth [ dhanarjanparanmukha ] is daridra .

one who earns easily the dhan and dhanya sufficient to feed his family for a year and does not have any loans is madhyama .

One who has capacity to increase the moola dhana apart from the dhana dhanya required to run the family year long is dhanik .

If one has dhanadhanya sufficient to run a family for two years and some moola dhana , he is knwon as dhanyatara .

More than dhanyatara is dhnayatam . If one earns sufficient grains only ,for a year for family  but does not have moola dhana he is known as Veera .so goes veeryatar and veeryatam .

The amount of money required to run a family for a year is known as mooladhana. so a dhanik should have mooladha plus grains worth a year . ie his family should run for  a year easily yet he has equivalent mooladhana as well .

Whatever is apart from mooldhana [ extra earnings of money ] is known as actual dhana .

One who has twice the amount of mooldhana apart from basic  mooldhana , he is known as dhanyatar. One who has more than the previous is known as dhanayatam .

Dhani and dhanyatar are known as madhyam [ middle class ] in a affluent nation .

dhanayatam is a rich man . similarly veera veeratar are madhyamas as well . Veeratam is dhanika.

One who has twice the capabilities of dhanika is mahadhanika .

  • similarly a veera who has capability to feed 100 families is mahadhanika .
  • one who can support 1000 families is NRUPA .
  • a little more is Samant
  • More capable [ ie of supporting more families] than samant is known RAJA.
  • One who controls and feeds and supports the families residing over 5 yojana [ 40 sq miles ] is known as  Samanta .
  • 50 yojana control is known as KING RAJA . a king must control atleast 400 sq miles of kingdom .
  • A MAHARAAJ  controls the area of  500 yojana  .
  • Ten times bigger kingdom is that of RAJADHIRAAJ [5000 yojanas= 40000 sq miles ie circumference of the modern earth ]
  • Ten times more is the one who is known as CHAKRAVARTI [ a earth is not enough for chakravarthi ]
  • half of madhyam is daridra . and half of daridra is mahadaridra .
  • so all those who do not have enough money to support their families for six months atleast are all daridras , and those who cannot support their families for three months in advance . are mahadaridras , and lesser than this are known as AKINNCHAN
  • note [ salaried class today does not even have capabilities to support the family for a month so we are all mahamahaakinchanas garva yattako ninage pamara manuja ]
  • Those desirous of punya should do godana , Dhanika onwards each should do greater godana by the factor two .
  • Mahadhanika should do godana of the cost of 32 masi gold . Nrupa 48 masi gold . Raja 64 , Maharaja should do 4 karsha gold and chakravarti 8 karsha .
  • Madhyama should give go of the cost of 160 grains .
  • daridra 80 grains
  • mahadaridra 40 grains
  • akinchana 20 grains .
  • Suvarna dana and shulka should also follow this krama .
  • Now we shall describe shulka
  • when bramhin does  1000 japa , yejamana if not capable he should give 12 ser of the wheat grains .
  • BUT ONE WHO TELLS MY[ VARAHA DEVA ] STORIES ,to him one SHOULD NOT  give any shulka , because by giving the punya to the listeners audience , LORD VARAHA gives him the shulka in the form of adrustha so , the shulka reaches him .
  • By telling the stories of the lord  when audience praise the vachak out of happiness , that praise is itself the fees from the audience , this gives vruddhi to the speaker /writer in all directions because it is me out of happiness , pleased with him praise him through the audience . This is itself a good omen and fees that reaches him as destiny .
  • If the audience and the lecturer both are nishkaami then both get mahatpunya .
  • one who gives grains to such bramhins engaged in the katha shravan adhyayan , such people are known as poshaka , Such poshaka will get punya as long as the grains donated by him stays in the house of bramhin and as a bonus he gets the half of the punya thereupon on every lecture made by the bramhin .
  • Vedadhyayan and bramhamimamsa pathi bramhin if his family is supported by a anyone , until the support exists , all the punya done by the bramhin , half of it will belong to the donor .
  • If someone gives  a bramhin even before asking the favour , he gets one fourth of the punya of the bramhin , but if one gives after asking , then he gets 1/6th only .
  • But after asking , even if capable if yejamana does not give the bramhin , then bramhin takes away all the punya of the yejamana .
  • If someone returns with empty handed with broken heart from the house of yejamaan , he gives his all sins to yejamana and takes away all his punya ,
  • BY Insult a bramhin gets tapovriddhi . By sanmaan a bramhin loses his punya and tapah bala . So if someone badmouths insults a bramhin , its a good day for the bramhin as the abuser takes away all the sins of bramhin . on the contrary when someone praises the bramhin , he walks away with all the punya of the bramhin .
  • So insults and daridra are bhooshana to a bramhin it increases his strength .
  • so to obtain good punya and increase in favours one must always look after bramhins and satisfy them . bramhins who do auserities for the yejamana ,
  • After seeing  Bramhin one must get up and with words deed and mind one must pay respects and give him seat with respect , this is sanatan dharma [ so says VARAHA GOD ]
  • One who abides by such rules , such yejamaana will always flourish with grains and money , water , lands and sweet speech and truth remains always in his house ,
  • By whatever is got through labour and hardwork if given to yachaka , why should it not bring prosperity ? definitely it will bring .
  • EARNINGS good or bad , if a part is given to Bramhins it cleanses one of the sins and dhana shuddhi is obtained .
  • If one gets  work done by the bramhins and then gives him some money then it is not known as dana but it is known as shulka .,
  • animals  birds ,snakes and reptiles if they feed their own belly it is not  a surprise . But very difficult to obtain this human life if in this human life if a BRAMHIN is not satisfied then it is  a surprise .
  • I have [ Varaha deva says ] two types of idol manifested , one is moving and other immovable . I reside in this idols , shaligrama is achala pratima and BRAMHIN is a achala pratima . VEDAS declare BRAMHINS as mouth of the LORD .
  • In this world people eat through mouth and get satisfied , So feeding bramhins is akin to satisfying HARI.
  • so feeding on paurnima , amavasya and specially DWADASHI fetches more punya .

This way world is divided into various tartamya of richness and daana gets static phala ,

Rich is one who has capability to get desired . In this world we do not see any rich getting his desired . EVEN if temporarily one gets desired the very next moment desired gets destroyed , So at all time we are not rich , Our richness wealth is incomplete and temporary ,

But everlasting fulfillment of desire and achieving accomplishing whatever desired is very natural to HANUAMAN when everyone was down fighting ,struggling with life desirous of medicine , no amount of wealth could come to the rescue ,neither for rakshasas nor the vanaras . though LANKA was full of grains and gold , the situation demanded a wealth of different kind , . and even if knowledge of this wealth existed , it was not accessible . BUT  HANUMAN could access sanjeevani and give life to many , a life to enjoy wealth .  He is the one who brought the wealth of the golden ring[ wealth of Hari samarpana gyana ] to seeta [the jeeva ] . a welathy only  can give wealth , and such a wealth like ring of SHRIRAMA can be given only by NITYA SHRIMANTA HANUMANTA !


krishnaarpanamastu .

Comments on: "Nitya Shrimanta Hanumanta ! – Kartru Tartamya" (37)

  1. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,
    guruji you have mentioned that donating a part of salary releives it from the dosha and becomes pure.. lets consider two scenarios.. one mr.a works in a company albeit a foreign as an accountant .. his only responsibility is to check accounts etc.. so by donating a part of his salary his money gets rid of dosha… on the other hand another person commits sins directly in order to earn money like killing animals ,selling drugs,alchoholic beverages etc… will donating same percentage of money ensure that it becomes rid of doshas ?? if so will the sins committed directly by him be nullified as well or will he have donate more / practise austerities ??


    • that is the reason why donations are not accepted from prolific sinners or vishnu dweshis .
      In kruta yuga dhyana would relieve one of sins , treta yagnya dwapara japa tapa pooja , in KALIyuga only dana alone will relieve the sins . because all others will not give result without suchi . but if someone with suchi does them he will automatically get relieved of sins .
      So it is not right to undermine dana to satpatra . it gives enormous relief from sins and also fulfills all wishes . so says parashara rishi .


  2. Guruvu gaariki pranaamamulu.

    Thank you for taking out your valuable time to answer my queries. I know that being a software pro is a hectic job, I myself was once a software developer.

    Now please help me with one more problem.

    Bharya bhatala madhya anuragamu janmantaramulo taggipovachhu ani meeru annaru kada. I’m afraid naa parishithi already alaage undi. Meeru andari subham kosam ee blog start chesaaru kaabatti mimmalini oka shreyobhilaashi gaa bhaavinchi chepthunnaanu. Honestly ippudu naaku naa bharta meeda kanna Krishnuni pai ekkuva anuraagam undi. Kaani idi sudden gaa vachhinadi kaadu. Naaku chinnappati nunchi Krishnudante ishtam, long before I got acquainted with my husband. When I was 3 years old, my brother was born, I was adamant with my parents that he should be named Krishna, and they did too.

    Later during my school and university years and after I got married this liking for Krishna lied dormant somewhere in one corner of my heart. Then 5 years ago, disaster struck me.

    I was a victim of a person’s misbehaviour (that person being one of who scriptures say is in pitru-panchakam, like a father) , the shock it caused to me so terrible that I seriously considered commiting suicide. The only reason I didn’t try it because my kid will become mother less and I didn’t want to mess with the law of UK. I couldn’t tell this to anyone, not to my parents, not to my husband or anyone else. Then Krishna helped me out of it and gave me a second life. From that time, whenever I had a problem and prayed to Krishna, I was never disappointed. My troubles used to lessen and I used to feel better.

    These events in my life led me to love Krishna more than everyone else, because I felt He helped me in my terrible trauma when no one else helped. Also my husband is the cause for many of my other problems.

    Am I doing something unusual if I like Krishna more? Is it not human tendency to like someone who helps us rather than who troubles us. This depression and subsequent getting out of it happened to me, may be its my dushkarma phalam, I did not go and seek it. I did not take a decision, ‘okay from now I will love Krishna more’, it happened without my realisation.

    Please tell me, am I doing wrong? what do the scriptures say about it? Idi dharma sammatamena? Kaada?

    Sorry for bothering you with my personal details. But please clear my doubt.

    Thank you for bearing with my rant.


    • devunni poojinchadamu eppadiki dharma sammatame . smarinchadamu, atani gurinchi telasukovadamu ivanni sammatame . ayanne bharatage bhavinchi poojinchdamu apsara streela dharmamu , bhuokamulo unde pelliayanawallu ala bhavinchadamu smmatamu kadu . Kishnunni devudu ga bhavistu , raghavendra swamini guru ga bhavistu , ayana lo krishnunni poojiste machi phalamu vastundi , lekapote ashubhalu kalagutayi .


      • Thank you Guruvu garu for that kind reply. I became forever indebted you.



      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

        you had earlier mentioned about the concept of niyat pati and niyat patni… do the eternal brahmacharins like sri naradji and apsaraas who are not bound to any husband have niyat patis/niyat patnis


        • apsaras do not have niayt pati . but no soul is eternal bramhachari , only amsha will be bramhachari and moola rupa will have niyat patni . each male has[ manushyottama onwards bhavamsha soul ] has many niyat patnis and hundreds of apsaras reserved in moksha for him .


      • Guruvu gaariki pranaamamulu.

        Thank you for enlightening me, I will do as you said.

        But I am not able to digest the fact that ashubham may happen to me.

        You have mentioned that by reading Vishnu Panjara Stotra even the effects of horrible sins like pancha mahaapaataka will be reduced.

        Other calamities like confrontation with wild animals, evil spirits, etc. all these are phala that a jeeva may have to face due to some dushkarma done in the past, isn’t it, and all these will go away by reciting Vishnu Panjara Stotra.

        If Lord is ready to forgive our sins that are so bad, why should I be given ashubha phalam for something I have done in agyaanam? I know that the apachaaram may be against Him, but if He doesn’t forgive me, who will? If He doesn’t save me from ashubha phalam, who will? Is He not Karunaasaagara? Or is my apachaaram more horrible than Mahaan-mahattar paataka? Please tell me.


        • Paramatma definitely forgives things done in agnyana , but after the gnyana , if done deliberately the phala will be ashubha .
          so now on , the sadhna should be proper , Vishnu should not be prayed all alone without praying HANUMAN and Raghavendra swamy , that way he does not shower good results .
          that is what is meant by the post , Vishnu panjar stotra definitely will relive you of al sins and give only shubha phala , all those who fear inauspiciousnes must always recite vishnu panjara stotra , it is sure shot remedy to nitya shubha .


      • Raguraman said:

        Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
        Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
        Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

        Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
        Bhajatam Kalpavrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

        Dear Guruji,

        I have a question. Is it alright to see Shri Krishna paramatma as a friend, Guru, son and/or father? I understand the case of of women (except apsara stree) seeing Lord as bharta is prohibited.

        In one of the schools (will NOT mention by name), they have this so called taratamya of bhakti bhava (seeing Lord as master as lowest and seeing Lord as father, son etc. being middle level, and seeing Lord as bharta as the highest).

        In addition what does Shastra teach on worship of Shri Krishna and Radha together in one picture. What should one do if a person has such a picture?


        • the only way a manav can see krishna is as mama swamy sarva swamy Vishnu , Who is everywhere , infinitely strong , and with auspicious qualities and ll knowing and bestows happiness .

          Radha krishna upasana not recommended by satvika . the dhyan murty of KRISHNA is as Gopala with venu gayan , with rukmini satyabhama on either side , neelmeghashyama mandahasa . bhaktavatsalya , anantakoti chandrakanti peetambardhari kaustubh mani , vaijayanti mala makar kundala , keyur .

          sakhya bhava for ARJUNadi yogya jeevis , and father for VAYU and BRAMHA . and son for KASHYAP swayambhu adi jeevis . eveybody is not entitled to these sadhana . sadhan should be gurupadesha anusara .


  3. Guruvu gaariki vandanamulu.

    I am born in a telugu Madhva brahmin family, married with a 8 yr old daughter. I am a big ‘fan’ of Sri Krishna.

    My husband is a brahmin by birth but almost a naastik by nature. For the past 4 years I have been doing many spiritual activities like keeping Ekadasi vrata, reading Bhagavad Gita, etc. without by husband’s knowledge. (I delete the temporary internet files and cookies after I browse your site.)

    If I let him know any of this, he’d say, why don’t you do something more profitable and useful?

    I don’t want to give up bhakti of Sri Krishna no matter what anyone says, even if I don’t show it out to people. And I behave like a materialistic person for my husband’s satisfaction.

    Then again, You said, ‘Women should do austerities like vrata niyama etc only after taking the permission of their husband.’

    Does this mean all my endeavor has been a waste? Since I cannot change my husband’s mind in this matter, am I doomed for this lifetime? Can I ever attain the grace of my beloved Lord Sri Krishna in this life?

    Please guide me.

    Thank you.



    • bharta anugnya pondanicho yejamaniga bhartaku punyamu labhistundi , sadharanamuga bharya cheshe punyakaryamullo bhartaku bhagamu vundadu . diniwalla bharyaku ekkuvaganu bhartaku ye punyamu lekunda wallalo unde anubandhamu janmantaramulo tegipoye avakashamu undavacchu . yevarayina stree bhartato janmajanmantaramuga vundali ani korutundi . Anduwalana Krishna bhakti kevalamu vratallonu niyamallonu vrundi anokoka ,krishna bhakti shastra shravanamulo goda vundani telisikoni , ala ani shastramu telusokovadaniki bayitiki wvellaka , intlone unde site chushkovadamulo ye tappu ledu ., Indilo bharta anugnya kuda akkharuledu . Kani chadivi stotrallo unde marmanni mananamu chesi vatini nijajivitamulo avalambinchedappudu , aa phalanni , krishnuniki pratyekanga dhyaninchi poojinchi kaga , bharta antargata mukhyapranantargat Rukmini Krishnuni ki arpisite adi satphalumunuku karanamu avatundi . ila gaka vere-emicheshinacho adi nishaphalamu !


      • hehe…Guruji i had liked the query that was asked and was waiting for an answer too 😀 But u have replied in tamil 😛 maybe the answer is not for everybody to hear 😀 🙂


      • Prompt gaa reply ichhinanduku dhanyavaadamulu Guruvugaru.

        Then do you mean its mandatory for a woman to wish to take birth again and have the same person as husband no matter what? I thought the reason for being given a human body is to strive to attain moksha? LIke in the 2nd Brahma Sutra ‘Athaato Brahma Jignyasa’.

        I honestly don’t want a naastik husband in my next life. (I don’t know if what I want matters in the first place) And what is the satphalam you mentioned?

        Pranamam at your feet. Thank you.


        • one gets most of the births with niyat pati only . niyat pati is always superior to his wife in terms of bhakti gynana and other qualities . SO when niyat pati is eligible so also niyat patni automatically becomes eligible because she gets half of his punya . with punya her knowledge increases . and also as niyat pati becomes knowledgeable , so also he imparts bramha gnyana to his wife .
          satphalam is moksha with niyat pati .


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