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Sati should get up early in the morning , change her dress and with clean dress she must do namaskaara to her husband and then Pati antaryami Parmatma should be worshiped thus ..

In one way this stotra enumerates the qualities that a husband should have or a husband should cater for and strive to achieve these qualities . A woman should look forward to having these qualities in the husband and thus pray for it to HARI .

पति स्तोत्र
नमः कांताय भर्त्रे च शिरश्चंद्रस्वरूपिणे । नमःशांताय दांताय सर्वदेवाश्राय च ॥
नमो ब्रह्मस्वरुपाय सतीप्राणापराय च । नमस्याय च पूज्याय हृदयाधाराय ते नमः ॥
पंचप्राणाधिदेवाय चक्षुसस्तारकाय च । ज्ञानाधाराय पत्नीनां परमानंदरूपिणे ॥
पतिःब्रह्मा पतिर्विष्णुः पतिरेव महेश्वरः । पतिश्चनिर्गुनाधारः ब्रह्मरूप नमोस्तुते ॥
क्षमस्वभगवन् दोषं ज्ञानाऽज्ञानकृतं च युत्। पत्नीबंधोऽ दयासिंधू दासीशेषं क्षमस्व मेऽ॥
‌इदं स्तोत्रम् महापुण्यं सृष्ट्यादौ पद्मयाकृतं । सरस्वत्या च धरया गंगया च पुरा वृज ॥
सावित्र्या च कृतं पुर्वं ब्रह्मणे चापि नित्यशः । पार्वत्या च कृतं भक्त्या कैलासे शंकराय च ॥
मुनीनां च सुराणाम् च पत्नीभिश्चकृतं पुरा । पतिव्रतानाम् सर्वासाम् स्तोत्रमेतच्छुभावहम् ॥
इदं स्तोत्रम् महापुण्यं या श्रुणोति पतिव्रता । नरोऽन्यो वाऽपि नारी वा लभते सर्ववांछितम् ॥
अपुत्रो लभते पुत्रं निर्धनो लभते धनं । रोगी च मुच्यते रोगाद्बद्धो मुच्येत बंधनात ॥
पतिव्रता च स्तुत्वा च तीर्थस्नानफलं लभेत । फलं च सर्वतपसां व्रतानाम च व्रजेश्वराः ॥

इदं स्तुत्वा नमस्कृत्य भुंक्ते सा तदनुज्ञया ॥ ब्र. वै .

shloka 1. namaha kantaya bhratre ch shirashchandrasvarupine | namshshantay daantaya sarvadevashrayay ch ||

Oh husband you are my beloved very dear to me . In all circumstances you look after me ,you feed me and protect me , You are my husband , namaskar to you as  blessings of the one having moon on his head are there on you . My husband is always cool shanta towards me . Always engrossed in the mind about HARI , Keeping all his senses under control and he being the abode of all the devatas in his body . I bow before you .

shloka 2.

Oh my husband , ever engaged in the pooja of gunapurna LORD . Pleased Lord has blessed him with the exceptional qualities . He never steps back and is ready to forego everything for me and my happiness . Thus he is eligible for my worship and is respectable to me My mind is steadfast in him and my heart is dependent on him it beats for him .Thus i bow with my head down to my husband my support system .

shloka 3.

my adhidevta of my panchaprana , as if Seeing you[ husband ] with fondness and love is the only duty of my eyes [ my eyes continuously is focussed on you and as such its a festival for my eyes ] . You are the adhaara /foundation for the my knowledge leading to MOksha . Oh Lord as present in my husband you are the real happiness[paramananda] for all satis .

shloka 4.

oh my husband , you have complete blessings of srishtikarta bramha , you are totally subservient to Vishnu , You are blessed by sadashiva the destroyer .You are the refuge that i seek for my qualities .Though I have not strived hard to gain bhakti gyana vairagya but with steadfast knowledge and devotion in HARI you also bestow the same to me out of love and affection making me thus eligible for Bramhanugraha . Thus I bow before you wholeheartedly .

shloka 5.

Whatever mistakes I have done knowingly or unknowingly YOU forgive them all out karunya bhava .This qulaity of yours I always cherish and have faith in you .Husband is the only relative for a wife , You are a ocean of patience and karuna . Thus taking me for your dasi kindly always pardon me in my moments of aparadha .

This stotra was done in the begining of creation  by LAXMIDEVI to HARI . Then SARASAVTI and GANGADEVI others everyday worship their respective husband with this stotra .

This way even savitri has worshipped BRAMHA , PArvati has done stuti of SHANKARA with devotion .

Indra and devata and their wives have worshiped through this stotra . Even wives of munis have benefited with this stotra . Early in the morning reciting this shloka increases pativratya .

If any woman human or otherwise ,even if she listens to this stotra with devotion [this stotra is param punyaprada ] it gives all the desired . This is also good for unmarried girls to listen to get the desired .

Those who are aspiring for children beget children by daily reciting this shloka . Those desirous of wealth become wealthy through this stotra . Diseased gets relief from diseases , imprisoned gets released by reciting this stotra .

This stotra enables a pativrata stree to get all the punya of teerthayatra , it will bring all the benefits of tapasya and it is akin to all the vratas done at a time in giving results . One should always eat only after reciting this stotra .

One must always aspire for a Vishnu bhakta as husband . One who sees a agnihotra bramhin , a pativrata stree , a cow or a deep or yagnyakunda early in the morning never gets misfortunes .

Those who illtreat wife or leave a religiously wedded wife become a woman in the next seven lives and are left by their husbands and also suffer widowhood for next seven births .One must never leave a yogya stree but if one has to leave a dushta stree then one must give her 1/3rd of his property if one does not have any property then one must earn the same upto 1/3rd and then leave . so says yagyavalkya smruti .

The wife who is sahdharmini and satvik should never be left in the young age [ this hsows that in old age she can be left ] yes in the old age if sanyasa has to be taken then she has to be entrusted in the safe hands of her brother or able children and then  take sanyasa . For a vanaprasthi if patni wishes to accompany him to forest then he must  take her to forest too .

One who has left his wife if he wants to atone for his sins then prayashchitta ordained is covering oneself with donkey skin with hairs /pores outside and taking bhiksha from seven houses and eat for next six months ,thus he gets relieved of the sins .

A woman should never ever get married to a qualityless man [ gunaheena ] Vishnu bhakti is the prime guna . EVEN if she has to sit at home as kanya for a long period or till death but avaishnav husband should not be resorted to . One must resist if one of the family memebers , father mother etc force for such marriages and resort to strike till they accept the wish . Shastra accords such a right to kanya .

Thus ends the extract from bramhavaivarta purana

Krishnarpanamastu .

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  1. jai sri shyam, its awsome work guruji.


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