Hitherto Unknown Secrets !



One of the most potent and quick to give result is ShriRAAMA upasana .this upaasana which everyone can adhere to gives extraordinary progress in one’s career !

  • It guarantees a very sincere good natured husband for the unmarried .[ PARVATI DEVI MARRIED SHIVA THROUGH THIS UPASANA ]
  • It improves marital life [if only sadhakas carry out oupaasana of SRIRAAMA AND SEETADEVI AS NITYAAVIYOGI ] .
  • It gives enormous wealth to those who are severely in cash crunch .
  • For those who wish to be more upright , dharmic and wish to be austere , this upasana gives them a definite progress in spirituality.
  • It is excellent upasana for the beginners , and advanced yogi alike.
  • It gives immense cleansing of sins for the beginners to get a clean mind fit for shravana manana and dhyana .
  • For an advance yogi it speeds up path to aparoksha
  • just for the spiritually initiated ,it is most fascinating rupas of HARI ,which is appealing and easy for dhyana  in hrutkamal .[.[ it opens all the chakras ]
  • it gives immense peace and moda . [ everyday will be a festival ]
  • it is excellent upaasana for those who aspire big and want to achieve big .
  • If you dont want to err in life and want to be called as a good man to be remembered ,get on to this upaasana ,the results will be visible within first few weeks .
  • If you have  a big family to support , this upaasana sails you through .
  • If you want to be a just ruler , continue this upaasana till death , people will love you forever .
  • If you want to accomplish impossible tasks , Srirama upasana is sure shot karyasiddhi mantra .
  • if you have a dangerous enemy to tackle ,Start RAAMA upasana , the most dangerous will look tiny before  your stature .
  • If you are working in  a big organisation and you have no friends and no god father , this upaasana will get you one immediately ,.
  • If you are on  a major assignment and are seeking help and collective efforts , sincerely immerse in the upaasana of RAAMA , you will get lifelong associates who would be ready to die for you and help you in your assignment ,
  • If you have marital distraught or conjugal disturbances ,separation from spouse , Sriraama Upaasana will get you to your beloved faster than thoughts .
  • It will give famous and extraordinary progeny .
  • SRIRAAMA upasana will immediately end family disputes and bring harmony in joint and nuclear families alike .
  • Sriraama upaasana will shower  blessings of all the Deities .
  • It will give chaturvidh purushartha .
  • It will make spiritual journey a cakewalk .


  1. Get up early  on a SUNDAY before sunrise .
  2. MAke a sankalpa of the UPAASANA
  3. Sitting on the bed , remember LORD SEETA RAAMA along with LAXMAN and HANUMAN . recite RAMESH STUTI !
  4. Remember LORD  NARAYANA with eight arms and eight weapons while brushing teeth [ use neem or mango twig ]
  5. Take bath with Tulasi mrittika mixed in the water bucket .
  6. While taking bath remember NARAYANA with SRI and BHU on his two laps , and other deities bathing him with amruta [nectar ] from the CHANDRA MANDALA.
  7. REMEMBER UPENDRA namak HARI while wearing a dry clothes [ Upendra is brother of INDRA and VISHNU Avatara ]
  8. After wearing dry clothes , remember BRAMHA etc devatas ,, KASHYAPA etc rishis and VASU etc pitrus .
  9. DO sankalpa [ remember your Great grandfather , grandfather and FATHER and resolve that this punya be shared by them] that You will carry out the UPAASANA this day and RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY antargata HANUMAT antargata Seeta RAAMA be pleased ]
  10. Apply gopichandana [ Bramhins 12 naamas and others only one ]
  11. make a space between the naama invite HARI there .[ bramhins papapurusha visarjana , bhutochchatan , asan shiddhi , digbandhan ,pranayama anganyasa karanyasa ]
  12. Bring in the fresh water and filter it with muslin cloth thrice .
  13. make five  patra [ fill one with sandal and flowers , 2 with padmaka and flowers , 3 with lavancha ,4with  kumkum kesari karpoor 5 plain water ][ ganga avahana moolamantra ,ghantanadam deepa prajwalan shankha pooja , pooja dravya shuddhi]
  14. keep ready some Tulasi leaves or tulasi kastha .
  15. mix some sandal powder with tulasi kastha [ BRAMHINS make a sandal paste with sandal stick with saffron and karpoor and tulasi kastha ]
  16. Achamana .[ asan mandal shuddhi ]
  17. Keep a RAJYABHISHEKA SRIRAAMA PHOTO before you on a clean raised altar [ if there is no alter use a peetha ][ Bramhins bramha paara stotra ]
  18. clean the photo with a spoon of water and clean cloth . [ Bramhins use shaligrama and recite ambhrani sukta  and make nirmalya visarjana make a dhyana of rudra holding the nirmalya on his head  ]
  20. DO dhyana of SHRIRAMA as present in HANUMAN in the PHOTO [ shaligrama ] [ Bramhins 108 moolmantra japa , tatva nyasa , akshara nyasa , avahana of hrutkamal stith SRIRAMA shavasa margena into pratima through a pushpa flower ,or bimbaaikya chintana in shaligrama , nirmalya snana is bimbaaiykya chinatana ]
  21. Recite RAAMA nama for 108 , 1008 as per capacity .
  22. offer a tulasi dala to the LORD . Ask Lord to be seated firmly happily on to simhasanam.
  23. Put plain water as padya
  24. put some padmaka agaru and karpoor with flowers in a small patra and offer arghya to the RAAMA .
  25. Kukum kesari water as achamaneeya
  26. sandal water with flowers as snana . [ BRAMHINS recite  pururshsukta ] for a photo just sprikle water with a flower .
  27. place a tulasi dala [ vastra ]
  28. place a tulasi dala [ yagnyopaveeta]
  29. Then apply gandha sandal paste [ gandham ]
  30. recite RAAMA dashakam [ women need not offer tulasi instead place flowers and recite dashakam ] offer flowers
  31. Recite Vishnu sahsranaam, use akshata or kumkum haridra parimala for archana ,
  32. Bramhins can do avarana pooja here .
  33. Offer deepam soak well in ghee or til oil five batti and then lit the wicks .
  34. Offer dhoop [ only hand rolled ones or get  charcoal and put dashanga powder on it ] [ all the while read rama stuti ]
  35. recite nAivedya prakara stotra and offer coconut , bring some cowdung lit it , hold a small pan put some ghee , after ghee is hot pour some wheat floor and jaggery,[ if possible you can use dry fruits , and cows milk only ]  in three minutes you will get a good cooked mixture . make five laddoos out of it .
  36. keep laddos in a silver plate or panchaloha plate or plain banana leaves .along with coconut . make a mandala and then place plate . if not mandala draw a good rangavalli .
  37. Put some tulasi dala on it , [ Bramhins use gayatri and parisinchan mantra paryavekshana mantra ] . [ show mudras ]
  38. recite Naivedya prakara stotra
  39. if time permits dwadash stotra .
  40. with lavancha water offer naivedya with prana apana mantra ..
  41. give two spoons of water as madhy madhye paaniyam samarpayami [ use sandal and lavancha water ]
  42. recite RAAMA naammantra 108 time[ bramhins moola mantra ]
  43. offer the same naivedya to HANUMAN [ narsimha prasadoyam pratigruhyataam  Acharya Srimadacharya santu me janma janmani ]
  44. recite avatar traya stotra .
  45. recite SriRaama kavacham .
  46. pushparadhana [ offer remaining flowers and kumkum ]
  47. Give dhoopa again
  48. Give aarti [ recite Venkatesh stotra or kuldevta stotra NARAYANA only ]
  49. Make a pradakshina namasakaara
  50. read once kuru stotra . [ Bramhins show chamara darpana vyajana and shankha bramana mantra pushpa and then read once manyu sukta  vayu sukta and Raghavendra astottara .and end with moolmantra japa ]
  51. sit quietly and read adya anta shloka of RAAMCHARITRA MANJARI .
  52. take teertha and prasaad
  53. Out of five one is for self ,one for family , one for homa [ if you do anuyaga ] one for atithi if he comes during the pooja . Last one invite one bramhin couple to the house , offer it to then along with tamboola and dakshina and other upacharas as per capacity . Say krishnarpanamastu .
  54. eat along with family and friends good festive food .
  55. sprinkle the remaining kalash water to all corners of the house .

It is for this Same RAAMA upasana RAYARU has come on the earth from BRAMHALOKA . As Shankukarna he was deity incharge of bringing Tulasi to the RAAMA upasana that BRAMHA was doing in BRAMHALOKA ,. Everyday as BRAMHA was worshipping MOOLARAMA  VIGRAHA , Shankukarna secretly nurtured the desire to do the archana of SRIMOOLARAAMA . One day As SHRIRAAMACHANDRA present in SHANKUKARNA inspired him to delay the supply of TULASI to Bramha . BRAMHA [ though a sampoorn saatvika and adhipati of MAHATTATVA does not have an iota of tamas in him to have dosha like anger ] yet showed anger on SHANKUKARNA and cursed him to be born on earth firstly as demon and later as human . The idea behind the curse was let SHANKUKARNA fulfill his desire of worshipping the RAAMA vigraha on the earth .This is known as ANUGRAHA SHAAPA !

Shankukarna was born as Prahalada . and then as SHRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY ,

Bramha gave the MOOLARAMA vigraha to MANUputra KING IKSHVAKU and then it remained with SURYA VANSHI KINGS including LORD RAAMA whereby it was worshipped by BHARAT SHATRUGHNA VIBHEESHANA and HANUMAN , from there it came to BHEEMSENA during DWAPARA , from there it remained with GAJAPATY kings in orissa ,  FROM ORISSA NARHARITEERTHA [ disciple of MADHVACHARYA ] who ruled KALINGA for 12 years [ as a result of RAAMAUPASANA as stated above ] brought it and gave it MOOLSANSTHANA of MADHVACHARYA . as the parmapara descended , GURUSARVABHOUMA RAGHAVENDRA teertha worshipped this MOOLARAAMA VIGRAHA fulfilling his long cherished desire .

MOOLRAAMA is still being worshipped in MANTRALAYAM by the saints of this Great PARAMAPARA of which we are all proud to be part of !


रमेश स्तुतिः

ॐ ॥ प्रातः स्मरामि वरकुण्डलशोभिगण्डं शीतांशुमण्डलमुखं सितवारिजाक्षम्।आताम्रकम्रमुदिताधरबिम्बजृम्भिध्यातृप्रहर्षकरहासरसं रमेशम् ॥ प्रातर्भजामि शुभकौस्तुभकम्बुकण्ठं स्फीतात्मवक्षसि विराजितभूरिहारम्। भीतस्वभक्तभयभञ्जनपाणिपद्मं शातोदरार्पितजगदभरमब्जनाभम् ॥ प्रातर्नमामि शुभकिंकिणिमेखलांगम् पीताम्बरं करिकरोरुमुदारजानुम् । ख्यातांघ्रियुग्मरुचिरंजितकञ्जजात वातादिदेववरमौलिमणिं मुकुंदम् ॥ वादिराजयतिप्रोक्तं श्लोकत्रयमिदं शुभम्।प्रा्तःकाले पठन् मर्त्यः पापेभ्यः प्रविमुच्यते ॥



प्रातः स्मरामि रघुनाथपदारविन्दं मन्दस्मितं मधुरभाषविशालफालम्।कर्णावलंबिचलकुण्डललोलगण्डं कर्णान्तदीर्घनयनं नयनाभिरामम् ॥ प्रातर्भजामि रघुनाथपदारविन्दं रक्षोगणाय भयदं वरदं द्विजेभ्यः । यद्राज्यसंसदि विभज्य महेशचापम् सीताकरग्रहणमण्डलमाप सद्यः ॥ प्रातर्नमामि रघुनाथपदारविन्दं वज्रांकुशादिशुभरेखध्वजावहं मे। योगीन्द्रमानसमधुव्रतसेव्यमानं शापापहं सपदि गौतमधर्मपत्न्याः॥ प्रातःश्रये श्रुतिनुतां रघुनाथकीर्तिम् नीलाम्बुदोत्पलसितेतररत्ननीलाम् ।आमुक्तमौलिकविभूषणभूषणाढ्यां ध्येयां समस्तमुनिभिर्जनमृत्युहन्त्रीम् ॥ प्रातर्वदामि वचसा रघुनाथनाम वागदोषहारि सकलं शमलं निहन्ति । यत्पार्वती स्वपतिना सह भोक्तुकामा प्रीत्या सहस्रहरिनामसमं जजाप ॥ यः श्लोकपञ्चकमिदं नियतं पठेद्यः प्रातः प्रभातसमये पुरुषः प्रबुद्धः । श्रीरामकिञ्करजनेषु स एव मुख्यो भूत्वा प्रयाति हरिलोकमनन्यलभ्यम् ॥ वादिराजयतीप्रोक्तं पञ्चकं जानकीपतेः।श्रवणात् सर्वपापघ्नं पठनान्मुक्तिदायकम् ॥



ॐ॥ हे राम जलदश्याम स्वामिन्निर्दोषपूरूष । भीम तामसयोनीनां मा मा मुञ्च तवानुगान् ॥ उपकृत्यै सज्जनानामपकृत्यै तथाऽसताम । नमतामंहसो हत्यै भूत्यै सर्वदिवौकसाम् ॥ भीत्यै खरादिदैत्यानां प्रीत्यै च वनवासिनाम् । स्वस्यापि महिमोन्नत्यै नीत्यै चारण्यचारिणौ ॥ ब्रह्मरुद्रादिभिर्देवैर्रचितौ श्रुतिचर्चितौ । ज्ञानानन्दमयौ ध्यातृप्रियौ सर्वगुणाश्रयौ ॥ ध्वजवज्रांकुशाम्भोजराजितौ राजपूजितौ । रक्तपद्मोपमौ ध्वस्तश्रमौ विद्रावितभ्रमौ ॥ नारीकृतशिलौ रम्यतळौ दिव्यांगुलीदलौ । वृत्तमौक्तिकसङ्काशनखौ त्रिजगतीसुखौ ॥ विचित्रभूषणोपेतौ भीषणौ त्यक्तदूषणौ । लक्ष्मीधराकराम्भोजसेवितौ सिद्धभावितौ ॥ अनन्तवैदिकपदास्पदौ स्वजनसम्पदौ । अजाण्डभञ्जनौ धूताञ्जनौ भुवनरञ्जनौ ॥ क्ष्माभारहारिणौ मुक्तिकारिणौ भववैरिणौ । पार्थदत्तधनौ युक्त्याऽपार्थीकृतसुयोधनौ ॥ तेवनौत्सुक्यतो भूमिपावनौ प्रणतावनौ । सीताभीरामौ श्रीरामचरणौ शरणं मम ॥ इमानि दश पद्यानि श्रमापह्रतये सताम् । यतिना वादिराजेन कृतिना रचितानि वै ॥





कौसल्यासुत ताटकामथ मखत्रातर्मुनिस्त्रीहित छिन्नेष्वासन जानकीवृत वनवासिन् खराद्यन्तक । मारीचघ्न हनूमदीश रविजार्तिच्छेद बद्दाम्बुधे सेनाभ्रातृसमेत रावणरिपो सीतेष्ट रामाव माम् ॥


नैवेद्य प्रकारःस्तोत्र

ॐ॥ नित्यानन्द चिदाकृते त्रिजगतीचित्रान्नभुक्तेऽनिशं विष्वग्व्याप्त बृहच्छरीर निरनिष्टावद्यविद्रावण ।मुक्ताधीश्वर दुर्घटान्नघटनाचातुर्यधुर्य प्रभो कः कुर्यात्प्रति ते विनाऽञ्जलिपुटं भक्तोऽल्पको वा महान् ॥ सर्पिः पायसकर्दमामृतनदीनाथेदमाद्यं किल क्षुद्रक्षीरमपूपशाकविविधान्नाद्यं किलेदं तव । दुग्धाब्ध्युन्मथनोत्थसद्धन सुधाविश्राणनं योऽकरोस्तस्य श्रीश तवान्वहं नम इति प्रह्वत्वमेवार्हणम् ॥ भक्त्या नाभजमीदृशं त्वसदृशं त्वां सद्वशं मादृशं प्रत्यप्यार्दृतया दृशं निजमनस्याद्यादृशं तादृशं । सोऽहं दुर्विषयौघमोहविषमो दोषोत्थरोषो द्विषो नाथेमां सुरयूथनाथ कुरुते गाथाब्धिपाथःपथम् ॥ वादिराजयतिप्रोक्तं श्लोकत्रयमिदं सदा पूजावसानसमये पठेत्केशवसन्निधौ ॥





Comments on: "SHRIRAAMA UPASANA !" (44)

  1. Raguraman said:

    Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
    Om Shri Rahavendraya Namaha

    Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
    Bhajatam Kalpvrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

    Dear Guruji,

    I have heard about Shri Ramachandra being avatara of vAsudeva form of ShrimanNarayana. In uttaradi mutt it seems Shri Ramachandra worship is encouraged for those who want to set their goal as moksha.

    Even in Ramayana, Sita Ramana provides moksha even to the animals and plants when He ascends to Vaikuntha.

    Please explain why Raghuvira, absolute delight to His devotees, is so associated with moksha, if it is so and have heard it correctly?


  2. KrishnaFan (A) said:

    Guruvugaariki vandanamulu.

    When you were explaining Hari rupas, you said, ” WHEN KRISHNA is visible , he stands on a chariot , is HARI not present in CHARIOT , the how KRISHNA the LORD is different from KRISHNA the CHARIOT , how can one stand on himself . ” How can we do dhyana that Hari is present everywhere, but everything is not Hari? Or is it?

    Please exlpain this complicated Vishnu tattva little more, it is going above my head.

    Also there are many ashaucha things in the world like rubbish bins and faeces etc. If Hari is present in everything as Vasudeva, how do we practically understand the Vishnu tattva in these apparently repulsive things?

    Humble pranams.


    • the second part of question is really beautiful .
      Madhvacharya clearly says , HARI exists in everything and everywhere , even in nimn pranis like Dog , insects etc . BUT dhyana in such rupas is prohibited as Sarvottama . when you feed them HARI is happy there . BUt dust bins faeces , KALI has to be remembered as being present there and reaping misery of foul smell and duscomfort . HARI is present in KALI too . misery to KALI and HARI is untouched [ NIRGUNA ] by the qualities and effects of SATVA RAJA TAMAS. there is excess of tamas in faeces dust bins garbage etc .etc.
      HARI exists in many rupas . ALL rupas emerge from NARAYANA each rupa does its work and again merge into NARAYANA . This what is called as ‘ACHINTYADBHUT SHAKTI” a quality of NARAYANA which makes him do impossible possible .


      • KrishnaFan said:

        Great answer guruvugaaru. Dhanyavaadamulu.
        Meeku mee kutumbamunaku Ugadi Subhakaankshalu.
        I have few more questions.
        What is best way for women to do Naama smarana of Shri Krishna casually (without mantropadesha)?
        In Ramayana, the vaanara sainya walks over the bridge of floating rocks on which Rama Naama is written. But isn’t it apachaara towards Hari to step on His Naama?

        Humble pranams.


        • chara , apachara are all relative terms , when Lord instructs everything is dharma . what lord allows is dharma what he does not is adharma . and that is unquestionable . ONly udaseen gets entangled into written dharma shastra [ which is samanya dharma ] but true bhakta does what is instructed by HANUMAN and RAMA , there is one interesting event described at this juncture in RAMAYANA .
          As NALA and NEELA alone could not throw all the stones to float and quickly build the bridge , It was suggested that RAAMA naama be written on stones to make it float in the samudra . [ writing started with making of paper in 5000 BC in china is a well spun story by athiests is evident from this event ]
          As everyone was writing RAAMA and threw , it floated so SHRIRAAMA himself threw one stone in the OCean and it sank . Everyone was surprised , hey what is this ? The name of RAAMA could float but RAAMA himself could not make it float , SOME philosophies interpret this as RAAMA naama is greater than SHRIRAAMA . there is even one story of RAAMANJENEYA yuddha spun to justify it .

          BUT HANUMAN who is kapimukhya and JAGADGURU , gathers all the vanaras and explains . that , see all the jeevas cross over the ocean of sansaara by RAAMA NAAMA JAPA easily floating without ever getting immersed in sansaara [ BHAVA MAAYA ] . when such SHRIRAAMA himself leaves the hand of the person , he is bound to get drowned , SO never do any act which makes GOD to leave his hand [ grace ] on Us . FOR he leaves none can relieve us from SANSAARA , on the contrary if we engage in his NAAMA smarana we are 100% assured of MOKSHA .
          One can do naama smarana anytime of the day . BUT naama japa without anusandhana [ artha anusandhana ] is waste . Simple frenzy singing and dancing without anusandhana will not fetch any concrete results . But when sumiran with anusandhana is done it fetches more results than mantra japa or yagnya .
          For anusnadhana of RAAMA naama , kindly view following link


  3. shri gruvar pranam,guruji please describe hanumat tattva.jai shri ram


    • yes I shall write about HANUMAN Mukhyaprana elaborately soon .
      In RAMAYANA there is one evet which fascinated me very much to study remedial astrology to the full . HANUMAN is allknowing Mukhyaprana , he is present everywhere a s VAyu and in everyone as SHWAS prana . SO technically HANMAN shoudl know , who is RAMA , who is RAVANA , what will be the outcome of RAMAYANA ?
      Astrologers also as per their capacity to some extent know the event in advance as to what is going to happen . SO in the light of knowing things what should be the attitude of the astrologer ? Say you see a thief in the midnight , and you calculate ,there will be definite theft in neighbourhood , should you sit queit pessimistically [ oh this theft is predestined ] or is there anything else to do .
      In all these questions kindly note [ there is aham ] should I interfere as if interfering would avoid destiny ? But if you dont then there is pessimism , why should I interfere what difference it would make !
      This question haunts many ?
      In RAMAYANA Hanumanji shows us the way out of it . the scene is RAAMA has not yet met HANUMAN or Sugreeva , RAVAN has already abducted SEETA , Seeta throws her jewelery down ,HANUMAN and SUGREEVA collect the jewels and look up ,. RAVAN is going with SEETA in PUSHPAK , HANUMAN immidiately LEAPS into air to finish RAVAN [ imagine this stage , had hanuman finished RAVAN there NO setu bandhan no sundarkanda NO RAMAYANA ]
      Sugreeva [ has BRAMHA AVESHA ] immediately Stops HANUMAN , saying time is not ripe . Let the things happen [ baad me dekkhe lenge ]
      HANUMAN stops as Bramha asks him to stop .
      MORAL of the story ONE must always according to DHarma and ADHARMA and be everactive in doing KArtavya , Whether situation demands or not , ACTIVITY is must , i event id not destined , HARI will put obstacles but our effort will score marks .
      EVEN as BHEEM , several times BHEEMA talks of waging war leaving a side exile , someother factors make them undergo 13 years prarabdha , but BHEEMA is always thinking of immediate finish .


  4. respected guruji can u please write something on hanumanji and elobrate hanumant tattva. jai shri ram


  5. Shuchi said:

    Respected Sir,

    Now that you have inspired us with such a beautiful Sadhana please also enlighten us with the sankalp and uddyapan methods.
    I am writing all these down in one place and if i have sankalp and uddyapan methods i can have a more complete documentation of this wonderful upasana.

    with much regards,


    • SANKALPA :
      Adya bramhane dwitiya parardhe shwetha varaha kalpe vaivasvat manvantare kaliyuge pratham pade bauddha avatare Jambudweepe bharata varshe bharata khande godavari dakshina teere kalyaani nagare mama gruhe devata sannidhau ,
      evam guna visheshavishishtayam khara naam samvatsare , yugadi parvakale , chaitra masau , shukla pakshau pratipada thithau , revati nakshatre , somavasare , indra yoge , bava karane shubhe shobhan muhurte , angirasa Bharamyashva Moudgalya pravaranvit [ recite your pravara ] Moudgalya gotrotpana[ gotra ] [ your name ] naamdheya naamniya , mam gyan bhakti vairagya sidhdhyartam , sukha dampatya evam svapatni/ swabhartru anukuulya prapthyartham , ishtakamya siddhyartam , Raghavendra swamy antargat Hanumad antargat SEETARAAM Oupasanam karishye tadantargat SHRIRAAM chitra /pata pratima poojaam yathamati yathashakti sampadit gyana dravyeN SHrihari Preranaya karishye anena Shri bharatiraman Mukhyapranantargat SHRIMANMOOLARAMO devta supreeto bhava .


  6. Shuchi said:

    I have not enough or good words to thank you, Sir.

    With great regards,


  7. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sashtanga Namaskars.





    Humble Regards


  8. Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

    Namaskaram Shri Chiranji,

    Thank you for presenting such a wonderful mode of worshiping Lord Ram who is non other but Infinite God Narayana himself. Sir I have a query, what is moola Ram swaroop and moola Ram upasana. You have mentioned in your post that Parvati Devi got Lord Shiva as Husband through grace of Shri Ram. How is it because Shri Ram avatara took place in Tretra Yuga and event of Shiv -Gauri Union took place even before that. One evidence to this is that before Ram Avatara when Ravana once shook Kailash mountain with pride Parvati devi sitting on Kailash became eager to know about cause of trembling Kailash. Shiva told her about Ravana and vanquished him under load of Kailash just by pressing the mountain with the thumb of his feet. This incident states that lord Shiva and Parvati devi were renowned married couples long before advent of Shri Ram on earth. On the other hand it is a popular belief that in Ramayana when Sita devi wanted to obtain Ram as a husband during Swayamvar she prayed to Gauri devi (Parvati) and the latter blessed her. To this very day many unmarried girls pray to Katayayni devi for getting good husbands who is a gracious form of Parvati devi. Kindly explain me about moola Ram tatva.

    Thank You



    Jai Sita Ram


    • First let me applaud you for asking a very beautiful question for the benefit of all . Vishnu is ANADINITYA PARATATVA svatantra POORNA . so say VEDAS . NARAYANOPANISHAT PURUSHSUKTA . SO VISHNU and his avataras are no different . They exist timelessly without beginning . RAAMAVATARA though in TRETAYUGA , this occurs in every tretayuga . Just as we know today that KALKI avatara will come at the end even before the avatara and celebrate Kalki jayanti too. similarly in a Bramha’s day there will be 2000 tretayugas and it means RAAMAVATARA will be 2000 times in a day of BRAMHA. SHiva would have completed a month in a day of BRAMHA .
      So RAAMA is never born , HARI doesnt take birth like humans in any avatara , there is no garbhaavasa or delivery caesarine etc . GOD manifests himself at those times on the earth . EVEN as he grows , he looks to be growing , but there is never physical growth as He does not have a body of prakruti . its just manifestation of different sizes of HARI rupas that replaces the older time to time [ rather than replacement it is known as, becomes gochar ] .
      RAAMA rupa of NARAYANA exists forever without begining . everyone who knows veda knows RAAMA as VISHNU avatara or no avatara .
      Just as every person has to do UPASANA of various HAri rupas to get Moksha irrespective of whether there is avatara or not , so also BRAMHA does upasana of all the HARI rupas infinite rupas in his lifetime [ infinite at a time ] . SO MOOLRAMA exists irrespective of RAAMAVATARA . This is in the form of GOLDEN IDOL . BRAMHA worshipped it and now it is in MANTRALAYAM . EVEN AYODHYA HAD it during RAAMA’s time .
      In tantra shastra [ BRAMHA TANTRA SAARA ] each rupa gives specific results . AND RAAMA UPASANA is specifically for obtaining guru or PATI . PAARVATI is eligible for Vedaadhyayana so she knew it .
      RAAM RAAMETI RAME RAAME MANORAME sahasranaam tattulyam tannam paranane ! is Avishkaara of PAARAVATI devi which shows she was doing the UPAASANA of RUDRANTARGATA BHARATI RAMANA Mukhyapranantargata SEETA RAMA .

      This is vedic SHRUTI tradition , praying GAURI during marriage is SMARTA tradition ie taken from SMRITI . Katayayini vrata for a able VARA is smriti prasiddha . LAXMI devi does not pray anyone except VISHNU . in the least mortals or jeeva like PAARVATI . But as VAALMIKI RAMAYANA has been written for common men women as a story , its authenticity vis vis sangraha Ramayana is always under lens .


      • Raguraman said:

        Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
        Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
        Om Shri Rahavendraya Namaha

        Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
        Bhajatam Kalpvrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

        Dear Guruji,

        You mentioned different sizes of Hari rupas. Are Hari rupas limited by space and time? Our rupas have limitations.

        Isopanishad uses the word “avrnam”. Raghavendra Swamy in upanishad khandartha says the word means kAlena astoka (eternal), gunaih astoka (full of auspicious qualities). So “avrnam” means unlimited in space (omnipresent) as well I guess. So how is it these Hari Rupas appear as different sizes, appear to move about etc..

        Guruji please explain..


        • let us assume krishna as a three month baby was a 20 angul height . and then eight years KRISHNA would be 60 angul height . now this almost thrice the difference in height of KRISHNA that was visible to normal people would be mistaken as growth in the body of HARI . growth in human body is owing to division of cells and increase in the mass of the organs in the body . the body human undergoes organic changes to show visible growth , this goes on to show that the defect of organic mutilation exists .BUT all the while it is same body that undergoes changes . and it can be said human body is not constant .
          Does this happen to KRISHNA ?
          if that happens then GOD becomes a changing commodity /entity and unreliable as his atleast wrt guna of sharira .
          This is a serious defect .
          BUT if we say NO this is not true then how come we account for the growing size of KRISHNA from birth to eight years . and also the differences like changes from balyaavastha to kishoraavastha to yuva [childhood to adulthood ] . These everybody observed wrt SHRIRAMA and SHRIKRISHNA avataras .

          SO did the body Grow . DID GOD come with single body and kept on changing its size ? NO
          HARI does not have a body like we have a soul and mind and body all different from each other Does GOD have this three tie structure ,soul mind body ! NO
          GOD is single entity with no organic divisions , GOD and his ATTRIBUTES are one and SAME , HAIR OF NARAYANA [ black one ] is KRISHNA , is KRISHNA different from NARAYANA ? NO . so hair , mind , nail all are NARAYANA himself . They have same capability . NARAYANA has a quality of being everywhere , this quality he exhibits as VAASUDEVA . BUT when people saw KRISHNA , they saw a 108 angul beautiful young Kshatriya seated on a throne , IS THRONE not limited in space in on corner of SABHA ,. so as everyone could see KRSIHNA seated in a limited space , Is KRISHNA Limited in SPACE , does KRISHNA not have quality of VAASUDEVA [ one being present everywhere ] so was KRISHNA not present beyond his physical body . The body that everyone witnessed as KRISHNA is vishesha manifestation of HARI rupa .
          SO also when as a child , KRISHNA rupa and adolescent KRISHNA and then YUVA KRISHNA are all different HARI rupas of different sizes , it did not grow into one . KRISHNA never showed signs of oldage even at 110 years , he was looking always 16 years boy .whereas his grandsons were looking aged with white beards .
          These are some marvelous concepts . So at different times , HARI rupa of a child became antardhan and new rupa of yuva HARI became gochara to people ,. this is just another leela of parmatma . and finally when avatara time was over HARI rupa simply did not become visible to common people . YET this rupa existed in other LOKAS and in NARAYANA it exists forever .
          WHEN KRISHNA is visible , he stands on a chariot , is HARI not present in CHARIOT , the how KRISHNA the LORD is different from KRISHNA the CHARIOT , how can one stand on himself . JUST in that way HE IS LIMITLESS yet he exhibits different sizes of RUPAS . one must meditate on these concepts in dhyana .


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        So I reached to the best post on SRI RAMA esp the comments sections…..and got now the correct meaning of anusandhana too…

        Here I have one question Sir…
        Har yug repeat hota hai…so All LORD’s AVATARS too in respective yugas in same way,means same RAMAYANA…same MAHABHARATA happens again and again….
        This way everything about each yuga is very well known. to everyone….like a KALKI jayanti celebration is an example… what about the people in each yogas??Only GOD and devtas take avatara in each repetitive yuga sameway everytime.?
        This always comes in my mind…If we are here in 1st phase of kalyuga…we all sameway would be in next kalyuga too..? or we were in previous kalyuga too?.

        Jeeva takes births as per karma…so suppose after crores of birth some soul attains moksha in some yuga then how it is possible that same soul would be there in that particular repetitive yuga..?

        Thanks and regards,


  9. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    awesome post guruji… each and every step is explained in full clarity and precision.. can you kindly explain following terms guruji..
    also kindly post sriraama kavacham and kurustotram
    one more small doubt guruji.. if we are not conversant with things like achamanam etc.. can we do this upasana in a mutt with the help of a brahmin ?


  10. Shuchi said:

    Respected Sir,

    Good Day! Thank you very much for providing us a detailed methodology for Raama-Upasana.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Is this Upasana for Sundays or did you mean that it should be started on a Sunday?
    2. Is there a Sankalp mantra to be used? How should women do Sankalp?
    3. Vishnusahastranam and Ram-Kavacham- do these have Beeja Mantra in them? In other words- can they be recited by women?
    4. In many places you have mentioned some kriya specific to Brahmans in those places a woman should carry out the non-Brahaman kriyas such as in points 10, 50 etc. Am I right in that assumption?

    I hope other women can benefit from my line of questioning.
    With much regards,


    • All the steps are meant for women and non bramhins . [ where bramhins are mentioned it is intended for upaneet ]
      vishnu sahasranaam can be recited else rama rameti can be recited . raam kavacham that i will post does not have beejakshara .
      except where padya arghya achamana to the photo or idol is given that should be replaced by just recitation of raam dashakam by women , men non bramhins can do the practical arghya padya achamana .
      Naivedya should be given by reciting naivedya prakara stotra . women can do only panchopachara , arghya padya achamana snana etc should not be done . they can give deepa dhoopa naivedya [ if male memeber is absent ] aarti .


      • Shuchi said:

        Respected Sir,

        Please also tell us about the significance of Sunday. Did you mean Sunday during Navratri or any Sunday of the month or Sundays of Shukla Paksha? I think Upasanas could be done as many times as time permits- please advise. Can/should this upasaana be done on Ram Navami as well?

        May our Lord Hari-Vayu and Sri Rayaru bless us all.

        With much regards,


        • it should be done specially on sundays , it can be done on all the nine days during chaitra padyami to raam navami . and then continue every sunday . Usually every year udyaapana shoudl be done . alternatively u can do sankalapa for 12 years .or till karyasiddhi . girls who have done this got married within one year maximum in year and half , everyone have got their husband of liking . they were extremely happy with their marital lives . It is wonder potion .


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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