Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


Parmatma Vasudeva to create this world manifested Chaturmukha bramha from his navel . Bramha created devatas , asuras and manavas .

bramha created Sanatkumar etc to further procreate but they being totally Virakta engaged in tapasya and bramhcharya . Seeing this Bramha expressed anger . From anger Came RUDRA SHIVA from his forehead . He became deity incharge of AHANKAARA . He in turn procreated but only BHOOTA PETA PISACHA etc . Seeing this vikruti , BRAMHA asked him to stop further creation and himself engaged in further srishti .

Just as seeds of trees further growth in population of trees in to forest , similarly Bramha gave rise to seeds like MARICHI VASISHTHA etc saptarishis . And sons like Bhrigu Narad and Kardam rishi .

The greatest seed of the todays human population SAge KASHYAP was born to MARICHI . To ADITI by Kashyapa was born SURYA , just like agni emanates from ARINI .If this world is a big tree then KASHYAP is the seed of this jagadvruksha .

Surya gave birth to MANU by name Shraaddhdeva . In this lineage great Kings like Ikshvaku took birth .The brilliant lineage with personalities  like pearls of garland [ ratnamala ] and among these array of precious stones ,like a main MANI Dasharath was born . he was the leader among his race .

Dasharath wa born to King AJA . DASHARATH is avatara of SWAYAMBHU MANU .

Dasharatha ruled from the city named AYODHYA and ruled over the land spread over SEVEN seas saptasamudra BHUMANDALA . under single banner of his kingdom and thus was Chakravarti DASHARATHA .

In his Kingdom , dharma was venturing like a ox with artha and kaama  as its horn and moksha as its hump and complete with four limbs of dharma as shuchi, tapas , daya , satya . He ruled justly .He was extremely daanveer and none ever went empty handed from his palace . None ever dared to attack him and those who aspired enemity with him never raised their heads .

But he had only one dosha of not having a child .Just like the spot in the moon , though He was praiseworthy in all aspects he could not beget a child .not able to get child from either of three wives , He introspected :

just like a Jignyasu after studying three  Vedas still introspects without getting the conclusion about [ TATVANIRNAY ] . just as having three wives despite being not bale to see a child a MIMANSAKA  struggles to see the LORD [ aparoksha ] tatvanirnaya despite having mastered three vedas .

Without studying BRAMHASUTRAS tatvanirnay is not possible is the goodartha [ hidden meaning in this ] . Mimansaka is described as VEDAADYAARTHAVICHAARKARTA .

also further DASHARATHA undertakes Atharvavedopaya to beget CHILD is noteworthy .

Struck by fever named childlessness , King lost interest in all activities and called upon the meeting of his ministers SUMANTRA and others to discuss the solution . One struck with fever loses his sense of taste and everything seems tasteless and also when health takes a backseat everything else in the life is affected . Just as one seeks medical advise during illness KING sought advice of his able ministers .

Dasharatha concluded , that He would pacify Lord NArayana to seek a son , if Lord is pleased what is impossible in this world , everything can be had by pleasing NARAYANA. So Dasharath decided to perform ASHWAMEDHA YAGNYA to please NARAYANA . And asked Sumantra to seek best of the bramhin ritvijas well versed in mantra and tantra and yagnya vidhi and He himself would take shelter in VASISHTHA the kulaguru just a yesteryears Kshatriyas took shelter in Bramhins akin to Anil and anala [ air and fire ] . Kings always make progress if they are in able guidance of Brahmins .

Thus with antargat bhavana of VASUDEVA in Dasharatha bowed again and again with devotion to the bramhins brought by his ministers .

Suyagnya ,VAAMADEVA , Jabali  , Kashyapa and Vashishtha were invited with devotion and increased the gait of the event like panchagni [ five fires ] – avahniya ,garhapatya ,dakshina , rukmak , ahitagni .

Finding the blessings of the rishis King Dasharath along his family started collecting the ingredients of yagnya and preparations for the grand event .

In a lone moments when King was still sceptical about procuring SON , the wellversed learned SUMANTRA advised King Thus . “ Oh king I wish to reveal to you a DEVARAHASYA that i had overheard during a sabha [ gathering ] of Munis by revealed by SANATKUMAR rishi . Vibhandak rishi, son of KASHYAPA  is very adept in shastras and very stringent in austerities [ teekshnatapasvi] . Such A rishi Vibhandak has given rise to a yet another gem of austerities RISHYASHRINGA rishi just like agni from arani is fit for yagnya , so also Rishyashringa from VIBHANDAKa is fit for the yagnya you are envisaging .

Lomapada king of ANGA desha wanted to bring Rishyashringa to his country [ as the country was reeling under famine ] Rishyashringa , who had horns of deer on his head , was ever engaged in bramhacharya and good conduct . Women of kingdom of LOMAPADA , dressed as munis somehow managed to get RIshyashringa into the Kingdom of ANGA . As he set his foot the soil of the kingdom , RAINS poured down heavily on the famine struck country , giving much pleasure to its citizens and KING himself . KIng Lomapada with an aim to keep the rishi in his Kingdom and as a token of gratitude married his daughter SHANTA to Rishyashringa .

Sanatkumar said , DASHARATH will also call this rishi Rsihyashrunga and get a yaga done then LORD ADHOKSHAJA SRIHARI will be born to him as SHRIRAMA as his SON . SRIRAAMA with his bright fame akin to the full moon night will destroy the andhakaara [ darkness ] and give happiness to the entire universe .

SANATKUMAR’s this revelation of DEVARAHASYA i have heard and now revealed , so oh KING go and get the rishi from the house of LOMAPADA and he will get you your desire fulfilled . “

note when a highly devoted person starts to get some doubts or chinta , LORD himself appoints advisors to clear off his apprehensions beyond doubt with a clairvoyant prophecy [ ASTROLOGY for SATVIKAS is nothing but clairvoyance to carry out the duty without any apprehensions and reap happiness even before the fructification of KARMA . similarly in MAHABHARATA too SAHADEVA , Mandhata , MAndukya many rishis keep on encouraging YUDHISTHIR during vanavasa and other troubled times to keep faitha nd one day he will win the great WAR and get rid of his enemy permanently , astrology gives immense happiness and steadfastness to SATVIKAS ]

Dasharatha having heard SUMANTRA took the permission of VASHISHTHA and went personally to LOMAPADA and brought  Sage RISHYASHRINGA [ born to a deer and SAGE VIBHANDAK ] to AYODHYA for the ashwamedha yagnya .

After getting the HORSE make a round of the entire BHUMANDALA[ BHUPRADAKSHINA ] KING Dasharath took the deeksha of the YAGNYA on the northern banks of SARAYU .

RAJA Dasharath was as impressive as KUBERA himself in wealth and finding his invitation all the Kings of bhumandala came to witness the yagnya like ordinary vaishyas brought precious gifts to to impress the KUBERA of the KINGS . They paid respects to him for his stupendous feat . EVEN ordinary men from all walks of life rushed to witness the great yaga .

In the whole place of deeksha and yaga , only words that were heard were ‘ please be seated ; kindly eat , please drink to your satisfaction ; kindly wear this beautiful garment , accept this wonderfull dress “ No one ever mentioned the word ‘’ DEHI’ ;’give me  this ‘ or can i have this ‘ where is my so and so “ all these words were never heard at all .

That means guests were made available everything even before they wished for anything ; There was no scope for even asking , all the necessities were accessible and within reach and given by royal attendants , people and invitees alike were just dumbfound at the stupendous arrangements .

[note : this is very important point that one must all learn especially the madhvas , as everytime RAYARA aradhana comes  , hundreds of madhva volunteers spring into action to celebrate the aradhana , but rarely we find that there is man management or time management or resource utility to maximum .

ALways even after 300 years aradhana experience the common sight of thousands of footwear outside mutt or facility exists , the guests are seated hours before the spread and it takes a while to announce RAJARAJADHIRAAJ gurusarvabhouma govinda govinda ! much to the surprise that even before the sentence ends , the leafs will be empty gasping here and there [ swamy innu alankaar pankti mugillilla , appa nammaur ge sambharu sigalilla , payasa ee pankti ge badasale illave , even before majjige comes half the pankti is heading towards the blocked door , yaradru bagilu tegire maharaya kai tolakobeku ] and then after the Krishnarpana , it is again a common  sight to see raised hands with buttermilk still dripping from wrists and taps overflowing with indiscriminate struggle to reach the ordeal .

And then endless saga of missing shalyas dhotis and tambige is usual sight . and ofcourse it will be great relief if you come back with your own footwear amongst the ocean of footwear ! I hope someday good senses will dawn ! Our culture is optimisation to the core , our youngsters must know this and implement it in day today life  ]

Expert in Vibhandak’s son Rishyashringa and Bramha’s son VASHISHTHA and other ritvijas  completed the Yagnya successfully . Ashvamedha is the great  among the yangnyas

LOrd SRIHARI was especially present to the full in sannidhi in every aspect of yagnya such as Mantra , tantra ,upkaran , kartru , vahni ,desha , kaal ,blemishlessly in every visible aspects and thus it completed to the fullest and in a highest way .

All the subprocesses of the yagnya such as , pravarga , somarasa trisavan , varieties of havis and many other things owing to perfection satisfied VAYU and other devtas to the full .

Pravarga is a special ahuti ; pratah madhyandin and sayam are the tri savanas .

WIll words be enough to describe the yagnya when Yejamana is someone like DASHARATHA and YAJAKA  is sage VASHISHTHA and the phala is SRIRAMA PRADURBHAVA . Great is such event as this indescribable is its mahima .

Dasharatha gave away his entire Kingdom in divisions to the RITVIJAS , but they refused it [ just as ritvijas refused kingdom from pandavas  and instead opted for dhana money ] Thus DASHRATHA instead gave them billions [ arbud] of gold coins to each of the ritvija . He also gave lakhs of cows to each . [ TANTRASARA recommends giving 1 lakh cows to the pradhan archaka in a yagnya ]  .The king of all castes RAJA DASHRATH donated silver  four times the amount of gold to each bramhins . and everytime he donated HE bowed touching his head to the ground with reverence that VISHNU be pleased with me .

When the cloud named DASHARATH rained gold in billions , the entire universe filled with happiness like an ocean just ready to erupt in joy breaking the boundaries during tide . Just as bramhins flew like ocean water into his kingdom , when he sighted poor among them , daridra among them he rewarded them with his own bracelets and personal belongings [ personal belongings of a chakravarti would be more precious than ordinary gold . [ This reminds of BHEEMSEN rewarding bramhin in the midnight by his bracelet for upanayana of his son ]

Seeing the datrutva bhava of KING the subjects praised him wholeheartedly .

Totally pious and cleansed by the avabrutha snana of the yagnya when along with the wives DASHARATHA bowed before bramhins they blessed him wholeheartedly to get his desired .

Rushyashringa muni then advised PUTRAKAMESHTHI yaga from upanishads of ATHARVAVEDA to beget a son and to completely achieve the KARMAVIMUKTI .

This time by the power of Rushyshringa muni , to accept the havirbhaga [ the oblations of yagnya ] devatas personally came to yagnyashala .Having spotted the devatas , with folded hands RUSHI RISHYSHRINGA pleaded to Devatas “ oh devatas , my Yajamana , RAJA DASHARATHA , one who has just concluded ASHWAMEDHA yagnya , is seeking your shelter and surrenders to your feet , to seek a SON for his lineage . Kindly grant him  SON . “

Rishyashringa makes a plea on behalf of the KING [yejamana ] [ Note the culture of SANTANA dharma , vedik dharma , people here make pleas for the others with sincerety and devotion , the one who is hit by shoka [ emotional breakdown , hit by destiny may perhaps make mistakes or may not be in right frame of mind so the yajak makes the plea ]

“Oh devatas , DASHARATHA is aspiring for a unrivalled SON , even the destiny also is due for one for LOKAKALYANA , kindly bless him his desire “

DEVATAS after giving RAJA DASHARATHA a boon fulfilling his desires , immediately hurried to Bramhaloka .

DEVATAS worshipped BRAMHA , “ SWAMY ! Kindly save this world from the clutches of RAVANA and Kumbhakarna etc RAKSHASAS “

After listening to the Plea Bramha said with a smile “ that Only VISHNU looks after us all about our YOGA KSHEMA , HE has already readied a solution , lets go to HIM “

Yoga means – getting the desired or availability of desired ; kshema means – praptasya parirakshanam – safeguarding the desired that has been got or made available ;

Bramha says just as the ox is controlled by the strings through its nose held by the owner , so also we are controlled by SRIHARI and we pray HIM and he would bring mangala auspiciousness to our lives .

Thus along with SHIVA BRAMHA took all the devtas to KSHIRSAGAR .[ the ocean of milk ].

ALL the devatas who lived on nectar , saw the kshirsagar , it seemed to be a reflection of the ocean of qualities of GOD , white like a necklace of pearls .It looked like a big podium often raised  by the waves of the ocean leading into some big city of the GOD . The ocean was making a huge splashing sound like the stotra of the HARI in a baritone voice and at the same time seemed like the mind of the devotee seeking fruits , which is irrestive from inside due to anxiety of a boon , and rising like dancing maid full of devotion to KRISHNA .

Bramha and Rudra and others standing at the crease of the Ocean , praised the HARI with a relaxed mind .

Oh NARAYANA ,resting on the Sesha and complete with many pleasures and without beginning , middle or end oh Lord salutation salutation salutation salutation to you .[ four times salutations to beget four purusharthas ]

You are the only entity who can impart  srishti laya niyama stithi gynana agnyana bandha moksha .

You have infinite qualities , even if all of us together , separately start counting the quantum of your single quality , all of us puttogether also cannot reach conclusively to the end of it . You have unfathomable depth of quality . what about others qualities which you still have infinite in you , We are just too infinitesimal in all aspects before you  OH NARAYANA .

SWAMY ! Raavana the fire is ready to burn the entire world , even before it does so , please take birth as the SON of DASHARATHA and douse this fire with the infinite  water of your infinite veerya . and free from misery the devotees who have immense faith in you .

Lord with kaoustubh mani , immensely radiant like crores of sun at the time of sunrise , wearing a yellow silk very attractive NARAYANA appeared before BRAMHA and others .

With a smile that brings happiness to the Devatas , HARI said in a voice akin to the thunderous cloud ,which destroyed the fear in the devatas , said “ oh devatas leave aside the fear and get back to your places , I shall slay the Demon soon . [ Again satvikas have ensured a prophecy to allay their fears and increase happiness and cast away doubts , astrology helps , it is word of GOD’s will to satvikas  ]

Devatas went back to swarga .

Here a devata from BRAMHALOKA by the order of LORD NARAYANA , appeared in the fire of putrakameshthi yagnya . This bright devta gave a golden  bowl of KHEER [ payasa ] and that mahadbhut vyakti said this will give you a SON ;

RAJA DASHRATHA gave half of the kheer to KAUSHALYA devi[ 1/2 ]  . From remaining half , he gave another half of it to SUMITRA[ 1/4 ] . from the remaining half  , he gave a half to Kaikeyi [ 1/8 ] and reamaining Half he gave it to Sumitra devi again  [ 1/8 ] ;

having eaten the payasa , the women were looking bright and happy as the fuller queen bees who have just suck the nectar of flowers of the plants of the vasant rutu . Soon they became pregnant to enlighten the lineage of RAGHU .

Seeing the birth of LORD eminent in the kings palace , Bramha ordered all the devatas to be born to themselves among the bears and monkeys and other animals and also as humans  to serve the LORD .

Soon devatas were born among these kapis , Jambavan was already born from the yawn of bRAMHA as bear mighty to kill many rakshasas . HANUMAN was born to anjali devi . Some devatas were born as goangulas , ie black faced monkeys too .

Indra took birth as VALI , he had HARI avesha , Surya took birth as  SUGREEVA and he had BRAMHA avesha . Chandra was born as ANGAD with Indra sannidhan . Agni was born as NEEL .VARUN came down as sudeshna , vishwakarma as NAla , Mainda and vividha were Ashwini devatas . vividha with Indra avesha was stronger than Maindha .

Pran apaan etc were born as gaja gavaksh gavay vrush and gandhmadan , they were born to kubera .

Sweth and Sampathi are maruts with vasu avesha of panas and shatabali .

Braihaspati took the vatara of TAar kapi . Sachi became his sister TARA . Kubera took birth as kaththan kapi . Nirruti [ gatotkach ] became durmukh vanar . Kesari is marut . parjanya became sharabh kapi . then 1000 of rishi gandharva and siddhas took birth as humans to serve SRIRAAMA .

These vanaras monkeys were extremely strong , they could lift trees mountains and could stop rivers and in anger can even split the earth , each had the strength of 10000 elephants and required no weapons except their own nails and teeth ,

earth became a glorious place by the birth of these extreme warriors who were akin to mountains in size and attacked like a tumultuous rains during pralaya . expert in many types of warfares were ready for the service of SRIRAMA .

Thus in VAIVASVAT manvantara , in TRETAYUGA uttarayana , chaitra shukla paksha Navami morning in PUNARVASU NAKSHATRA , when JUpiter and MOON were in kARKATAKA [ cancer ] in cancer ascendant SUn in ARIES and five planets in exaltation , PARAMAPURUSHA NARAYANA manifested from the the complete austere clean and pure KAUSALYA DEVI just as a tatava gyani gets his realisation after pure and clean and austere life . This is SRIRAMA pradurbhava .

As he descended , Satvika delighted and tamas demons were rejected and dejected and went into deep slumber but world on the whole rejoiced .

Bramha and other devatas showered flowers from the heavens and AYODHYA filled with happiness and atmosphere went into frenzy with the beats of dundhubi and drums .

The bed of The SRIHARI ADISESHA thereby descended onto earth to serve the LORD , SRIRAMA , in ashlesha nakshatra when SUn was in cancer . LAxman actually took births few months later . SRIRAMA in chaitra masa and Laxmana in Ashadha masa as son to SUMITRA

Then Abhimani devatas of CHAKRAPANI HAri’s chakra KAMA took birth in PUSHYAMI nakshatra as son to KAIKEYI as BHARATH .

PANCHAJANYA shankha abhimani devata ANIRUDDHA [ kaamaputra aniruddha avatara] took birth again to SUMITRA devi as SHATRUGHNA .


SRIRAMA from VASUDEVA rupa , LAXMAN with avesha of SANKARSHANA , BHARATH avesha of PRADYUMNA rupa and SHATRUGHNA as avesha of ANIRUDHHA rupa of HARI .

Suddenly when daridra gets abundant wealth ,he loses his state of mind , similarly RAJA DASHARATH lost his senses by the happiness of birth of the sons . Similarly entire AYODHYA witnessed the a strange kind of happiness never seen before in the household of every citizen be it women or men , they danced and sang with mahasambhrama ,

VASISHTHA rishi made the jatahkarma rituals and DASHRATHA gave away infinite wealth in dana as vipras gave ashirwaad to new born child ,

RAJA Dashrathaalongwith many sages named his Chid [ NARAYANA of ananatanaama infinite names ] as RAAMA ,

  1. one who attracts everyones mind
  2. one who stays inside the heart as ATMARAAM and is of blueish hue like that of markatmani , Thus he is known as RAAMA .
  3. As HE is always accompanied by Ramaaa so also he is called as RAAMA .
  4. He grants all the wishes dear the the minds of a women so also HE is called as RAAMA .
  5. He gives happiness muda to everyone thus HE is called as RAAMA .


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  1. shshukla said:

    Dear Sir,

    Hare Srinivasa!

    As Raama Navami approaches I re-read this wonderful post from you only to feel more elated than before on reading this.

    I am curious to know about the panchagni, namely, avahniya ,garhapatya ,dakshina , rukmak , ahitagni. What are their significance?

    Also, you said that Bali had Hari aavesh and Sugreeva had brahma aavesha. Sorry for my plain and idiotic question but please tell me that why was there a rift between Bali and Sugreeva if they had Hari and Brahma aaveshas. Tara Devi who was Sugreeva’s wife was taken by Bali as his wife after Sugreeva went to hide into the mountains but then again after Sugreeva won Tara became his wife. How?

    The third question that I have is the tartamya between Raama and his brothers I, for some reason had an idea that Bharat was born next to Raama, but your post says it was Lakshaman. Please clear my doubts.

    Thanks and pranams,



    • Tara was VAALI’s wife and later SUgreeva became companion …[ thats is vanar dharma ]
      avesha is temporary phenonmenon .. hence there will be rift when there is no avesha and there will be affection when avesha comes ..

      rukamk agni is the agni where homa is done ..

      garhapatya is the one in which marriage is done ..

      dakshina is end

      the others are used in yagnya and cooking ,..


      • Will agnis manifesting from electric, petroleum gas, sources considered to be the forms of agni used in cooking in today’s modern(?) world?


      • shshukla said:

        So to make this connection clear in my head…Surya was Sugreeva (with Brahma aavesh) in satayuga and Karna in Tretayuga. Indra was Vaali (with Hari aavesh) in satayuga and Arjun in Treta.

        You said that Vaali realized his mistake of ignoring Hanuman and thus was born as Arjun. But why did Sugreeva had to be born as Karna?


        • sugreeva and LAxman due to excess seva of RAAMA had to take birth as BALRAAMA and Karna where they many times go against Krishna … excess is alos not allowed ..


      • shshukla said:


        I wrongly mentioned Sat and Treta…I meant Treta (the Raam Yuga) and Dwapara (Krishna’s).



  2. Guru ji

    my dob is 26-06-1990,
    time of birth 8:00 AM
    place birth is Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India,

    in my chart ketu and moon is in my lagna and rahu at 7th house please study my chart and tell about my marriage life and my carrier

    also please suggest me the remedies

    I Chosen the number is 5


  3. Pranaaam Guruvar,

    Please accept my humble bow before you for your blessings.

    few points to note ,, which i felt were too deep and weighty

    “Rishyashringa makes a plea on behalf of the KING [yejamana ] [ Note the culture of SANTANA dharma , vedik dharma , people here make pleas for the others with sincerety and devotion , the one who is hit by shoka [ emotional breakdown , hit by destiny may perhaps make mistakes or may not be in right frame of mind so the yajak makes the plea ]
    Oh NARAYANA ,resting on the Sesha and complete with many pleasures and without beginning , middle or end oh Lord salutation salutation salutation salutation to you .[ four times salutations to beget four purusharthas ]

    “RAJA DASHRATHA gave half of the kheer to KAUSHALYA devi[ 1/2 ] . From remaining half , he gave another half of it to SUMITRA[ 1/4 ] . from the remaining half , he gave a half to Kaikeyi [ 1/8 ] and reamaining Half he gave it to Sumitra devi again [ 1/8 ] ;”

    i feel this list will just go on ,,,

    in summary,,, by your grace i could understand that Shri Hari exemplified the best way to lead life in alll forms through this avatar ,, and this started much before he was about to the incarnation as MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM…..


    please accept my humble naman again,


  4. Raguraman said:

    Om Om namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
    Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

    Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
    Bhajatam Kalpavrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

    Dear Guruji,

    I cannot even imagine the amount of Raja Dasaratha’s wealth and economy of that period.

    I am amazed at how Jagadabma showered Showered, in fact drowned the entire kingdom and perhaps all of Bhumandala with such prosperity in order to serve Her Lord. Jagadamba, mother of all living entities, is a such a pativrata.

    But was such prosperity seen in other avataras like Shri Krishna (both Krishnas), Jamadagni Raama, etc.? Although the Lord is owner of Lakshmi Herself, was it displayed in all avataras before the manifestation of that avatara?

    Also please answer whether vAsudeva rupi paramatma took avatara as Shri Raama. What is the special function of this rupa? When I read about parakramas of Raama and praise Raama, hairs on my body stand up in excitement. I always with great pleasure remember the unparalleled warrior Raama’s heroic acts in savin vanaras from unlimited rakshasas approaching Him like great waves of sea.


    • KIng BALI donated similarly and that too 100 times . and it is said , the silver gold utensils that were used to feed were thrown away near meru and they became equivalent to meru in height By the time BALI LORD came as VAMANA .
      meru is 84000 yojana around 7 lakh miles in height , imagine gold piled in 7 lakh miles height . When Yudhisthir was shown this he was a bit taken aback at the wealth of Treata yuga which was more than dwapara .
      In rajasuya yagnya the gifts that YUDHISTHIR got is said to be ten times more than the surface area of earth . It was problem to store this wealth in InDRAPRASTHA , so Vishwakarma created a realtime compression algorithm for wealth and PANDAVAS were able to store it in mAYASABHA itself .
      Interestting to note is that such an algorithm finds mention is RAMAYANA as well when moolabala of RAVANA is discussed ,

      BRAMHA had given a boon to RAVANA to have a moolabala : an army of clones of RAVANA each as powerful as RAVANA in strength and numbering 10 to the power of 32 . that is 100000000000000000000000000000000 in numbers army of RAVANA clones ,
      now population of earth is only 6 billion today and we do not have space on earth , so RAVAN asked how to keep this army and how to easily access them during emergency . SO BRAMHA created a cave and caused a realtime compression algorithm to fit all the 10 to power 32 clones in that cave in LANKA . and when cave would be opened , these would come out with full force endlessly .
      So technology in yesterera was more superior ! if only people ever gave proper attention to it .
      Strangely when it comes to DARWIN pralapa or Sceintific adhikaprasanga , our students accept it with marvel and almost superstitiously [ owing to inferiority complex ] . BUT when it comes to purana and shastra they use extra brains towards it .


      • Raguraman said:

        Om Om namo Narayanaya Om
        Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
        Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

        Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
        Bhajatam Kalpavrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

        Dear Guruji,

        What you said is true? I cannot agree to this Darwin’s theory…How can consciousness or awareness or subjective experience arise out of mere combination of dead matter? Vadiraja Swamy asks this question to charvakas of his days…

        It is no secret that Science finds itself utterly defanged and helpless when it comes to “objectively” analyzing conscious experience. In fact it cannot even come to consensus for the definition for consciousness. They even go to the level of saying awareness does NOT exist at all, which is pretty lame excuse for “I do NOT know anything about this phenomenon called consciousness”.

        I am afraid nowadays that when I return to India, I will find it more alien than western countries itself. Arrogance and mere arguments and a lot of noise have become the mark of intelligence among youth today. I do NOT argue. Some things have to be learned the hard way for some people.

        I think life is the best teacher for arrogant people. When success comes to people too easily due to good prarabdha karmas, they get too confident about everything. When mishaps hit them then they start to enquire. This is true for most people.


        • the only good part about success is in success YOU can call a fool a fool . else when chips are down neeti says , when chips are down , people without gold should not venture to give advice , more so to a arroagnat man , it only meets with scepticism . [ this was very true for youth prior to 1960 ] With new inventions coming at rapid pace , people felt all that is old is outdated and irrelevant . WIth YURI making a space trip , world assumed it will leap to a different league , but unfortunately even after 50 years , we are still where we were . finally old is being churned again .


      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,
        sir your explanation was nice .. is the term real time compression algorithm related to AI?


      • Dear Sir

        I am just going to relate something which I recently read about recession:

        YUGBHEDA: An economic perspective.

        Earlier when kings used to rule the currency was that of gold coins and other precious metals. Gold was synonymous to something very pure, authentic and sacred. Wealth was something you achieved by hard work, your words carried gravity and you kept your promises. Business implications would be immaculate ethics and if you add another dimension of astrology there would be near perfect visibility and forecasting. Essentially credit is a proxy for promise i.e. your words if you enjoy a service you pay the appropriate price in currency i.e. you promise to compensate for what you consume in form of a currency which earlier was gold. People took currency very seriously and credit was your obligation (Praan jaye par Vachan na jaaye !!). Now any currency would only work if people do and say what they mean and what they mean and do is business 24 carat clean and solid like gold. So no wonder that mother Lakshmi is the abhimaani devta for all economic activity and all business was done with such anusandhan and as a seva worship to her. Incidentally since any western economist would miss this so at best what they arrive at is the Invisible hand concept i.e. if everyone minds his own business perfectly everything would function smoothly as if the economy was guided by the invisible hand.

        So in effect the whole economy is a complex network of exchanges {tu mujhe chai pila de badle main mere padosi se kitab le lena jo maine use kal di thi}. Currency in effect provides liquidity and makes it easier to transfer such promises from one holder to another. So gold currency signifies that people mean serious business and everything they contribute towards economy can be measured in GOLD, Abundant gold highlights the mindset of people and type of ANUSANDHAN they put into their work {yaar NAI ne 100 rupayye le liye aur baal bhi bigaad diye(this would’nt happen in Dwaparyug go to a barber and be assured you would look like Hrithik Roshan!)}

        Now how do you regulate the promises people make to each other in an economy simple regulate the amount of liquidity or money flowing in the economy {This is essentially what RBI does}. If people are sincere you don’t need to do this since every contribution is 100% positive (better than made in Japan quality). Other wise you have to pull some currency out to prevent people from indulging in spurious deals. With limited money supply people are forced to concentrate on most essential commodities (would you prefer to have a full meal or wear a silk shirt with limited resources you have). No wonder there is a dearth of gold in Kaliyuga according to one popular theory there is only so much Gold on earth which can easily be accommodated in a two storey building (a large one) . But people need a currency to engage in economic activities.

        As time passed to finance increased economic activities (now a barber no matter how bad demands money when he cuts your hair!!) people found it imperative to mint coins out of bronze copper iron etc and the trend has carried on eventually we have paper and plastic money and interestingly you cant be sure what you would get in return for it. During 1st world war Gold Standard was prevalent every currency note issued had a fixed value of that equivalent to a fraction of a weight in gold. This value was fixed and holding a currency note was equivalent to holding on to a fraction of gold. But effects of war eroded the currency universally at the end of the story everyone realized it would not be possible to hold on to Gold Standard anymore one of the reasons being there is simply not enough gold to finance the production of meaningful economic output !!

        Today, What the money you hold in hand is worth is a very tricky question and it’s even trickier to ask how and how much this worth will change in future. Enormous resources have been employed to keep a track of these changes and best brains sweat it out to keep in pace with vagaries of economy. When people promise things they are not capable of delivering and indiscriminately extort returns for what they are yet to deliver it triggers an avalanche of economic flurry people loose their heads and start indulging in useless things like when the need of the hour is education instead dazzling malls are erected where youth flip burgers and serve popcorn all in the name of modernization and India Shining movement. Result is a bubble an artificial and misguided euphoria in market where people indulge in mindless consumerism unaware of impending economic meltdown.

        Intellectual bankruptcy and unquenchable desire to consume has rendered the society myopic. This self inflicted disease has risen to epidemic levels. Just before the 1st world war some economist claimed there can’t be any wars saying no one would want to engage in so wasteful and illogical an activity in increased international interdependencies and economic exchanges and Gold Standard was their favourite mascot . But they had to eat their words with the two world wars which were fuelled at the end of the day by unapologetic greed and desires for grandeur , Gold standards were branded a barbarous relic of past. This heralded a new period Even the puritans who swore by the sacrosanct gold standards realized that the times have changed. Good old school morality and ethics were sacrificed in favour apparent dynamism, convenience and sophistication. In truth credit and currency are at the mercy of human frivolity, lack of commitment, intellectual bankruptcy and myopia.

        Earlier to get educated youth would be sent to gurukuls to lead a life full of purity and austerity. The great acharyas nurtured these youth as a mother nurtures a child in her womb and gave birth to intellectual giants and leaders par excellence to shoulder the responsibility of the whole society . Today the tables are turned teachers are thugs and students worship indulgence. One who couldn’t shell out money are at the mercy of economic scavengers ready to devour them in name of education and what not. Disparity, flawed system ridden with loopholes, moral ir-responsibilities and myopia would definitely give birth to imperfections and bubbles eventually leading towards the impending doom. The more you understand the system more you realize that at the end of the day no amount of pseudo scientific jugglery and sulf indulgent intelligentsia engrossed shamelessly in Svakoochmardan would come to rescue when your hollow inside. Today it is hard to fathom how hard the rabbit hole goes in this Kali infested wonderland.

        Hope I am not getting ahead of myself and carried away with my writings off late, it’s just amazing on how many levels the insights here can be taken to and realized. More than anything it’s a treat to come here and do anything.

        Sincere Pranams
        Hare Srinivasa


      • Ashish said:

        Pranam ,

        Chiraan ji.

        I have discovered this blog , just a short while ago. Really , the mind boggling knowledge.
        Regarding the description of Moolabala , I find in one of your other articles , that it was equivalent to 36000 akshauhinis , but here you are saying it was 10 to the power of 32. The earlier figure will lead to about 10 to the power of 13 (by your calculation of akshauhinis)

        Kindly clarify.


        • when we refer in terms of akshouhini …… it is a composite army …….. moolabala is ravana clones ………numbered as such ….


  5. payoji maine ram ratan dhan payo
    vastu amolik dee mere satguru ,kripa kari apanyo

    janam janam ki poonji payi,jag mai shabi kovyao
    pyao ji maine ramratan dhan payo

    kharchi na khoote chor na lootai,din gin bhadat savayo
    payoji maine ramratan dhan payo

    sat ki nav khevatiya satguru ,bhav sagar tar aayo
    payoji maine ram ratan dhan payo

    meera ke prabhu giridhar nagar,harsh harsh jas gayo
    payoji maine ram ratan dhan payo



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