Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Venkatesha Stotra-2 !

Shloka 2

Janardana –

Jan – one without the birth , ” Ardana” – One who destroys everyone .

Lord Srinivasa has been hailed as son of DEVAKi YASHODA , BAKULA etc . So BAkula etc have been praised as HIS mother , but HE never took birth FROM their womb or to be precise HE never stayed in their womb for nine months . BUT since he manifested in this world as their SON , He is mistaken to be born . In reality He is never BORN . Similarly He is destroyer but Himself does not get destroyed . He exists even in PRALAYA . Thus HE is JANARDANA

PADMANABHA – Padma – the lotus , Lotus of BRAMHANDA  ” Nabhi ” – navel , one who has navel of BRAMHANDA LOTUS .

During Pralaya NARAYANA went into YOGANIDRA , He broke his sleep [ enactment] as the end of PRALAYA approached . He created 23 Tatvas [ mahat , ahankara , manas , panchatanmatra , pancha gyanendriya , pancha karmendriya , panch bhuta ] total 23 elements . 24 th mool prakruti

He created Bramhanda with these tatvas [elements ] and then He created Avyakta Jala and made the Bramhanda float on it . then HE entered the BRAMHANDA and slept in YOGANIDRA for another 1000 deva mana years .At this point a lotus appeared from his NAVEL and This was of GOLDEN form like  a mini Bramhanda just like the one created by HARI earlier . [ a rupantara Bramhanda ]

CHATURMUKHA BRAMHA thus took birth in this BRAMHANDA LOTUS  . Thus SRINIVAS is known as PADMANABHA .

VENKATACHALAVASANAH – VENKATACHAL  means mount VENKATA [ sheshadri ]  ” vasanah” means made fit to be habitated by all .

Earlier this mount was ordinary . As LORD SRINIVASA  inhabitated , all the devatas , rishis , gandharvas ,and men Flocked towards this mountain to serve the LORD . Thus HE is venkatachalvasanah

SRISHTIKARTA – One who has created the UNIVERSE , usually BRAMHA is known as SRISHTI KARTA , but This BRAMHA himself came from the navel of SRINIVASA , which is known  by the word PADMANABH , the 23 elements responsible for BRAMHANDA did not come from BRAMHA but FROM VISHNU thus VISHNU is SRISHTIKARTA and not Chaturmukha BRAMHA .

JAGANNATHAH – JAGAT means world all the LOKAS , ” natha” meanly  BOSS LORD , YEJAMANA , Who is boss ? one who takes care , regulates and feeds is known as BOSS . one who creates and destroys need not neccessarily be BOSS . ie there is no such rule that one who creates be only the BOSS . THOUGH OX is the creator of the calf , yet GOPALA becomes the BOSS owner of the calf .Thus SRINIVASA feeds , regulates and takes care of this world HE is rakshak  , thus he is natha of this jagat . JAGANNATH.

MADHAV- Ma means Knowledge and proofs  , “dhav: ” means presiding deity . HARI is the chief purport of all the Knowledge and pramanas .Hari himself teaches the Knowledge to bramha and other devatas . He regulates all the shastras . He reveals all the science and literature . Thus HE is MADHAVA .

BHAKTAVATSALA – Bhakta – devotees , ” vatsala ” one who has special affinity . So SRINIVASA has a special affinity towards his devotees , LAXMIdevi is HIS foremost devotee and for her HE accepted PADMAVATI as his consort . Out of affection towards PRAHALAD , He gave  sadgati to JAYA [ HiRANYAKASHIPU ] even though he was his enemy . These are examples of his VATSALYA .

thus ends second shloka anuvada .

note ” BHAKTAVATSALA has a very special meaning .

Quiet a many times as astrologer we say ‘ such and such thing will happen ” then we say perform this pooja or worship this devata and you will see good

say someone asks , DO I HAVE A TRANSFER ?

Astrologer says NO .

Any remedies ?

Astrologer says Recite mangal antargata Bharati raman mukhyapranatargata Narsimha stotra etc .

immediately querist says , DOES this shows in my horoscope . that if I recite I will get transfer ?

If astrologer says YES , then if it is there then why did you say no transfer .

if astrologer says NO then what is the use of this remedy ?

So the answer to this is BHAKTAVATSALA . LORD is BHAKTAVATSALA , he has very special affection to devotees , so when worshiped with devotion , HE gives what is not there also ,. Because such a provision HE has made , people pray and worship HIM adore HIM and seek his blessings and grace . If there were no vatsalya then none would worship or seek remedies as fate would then be the only cruel outcome .

But because HARI is bhaktavatsala and sincere worship he turns the gravest of sins of devotees into punyakarya [ INDRA-AHALYA , Chandra-tara , mudgal – indrasena , sugreeva-tara  ] ,  He can turn events in the favour of devotee .So one must seek remedies with full confidence and faith as HARI is BHAKTAVATSALA . those who do remedies with half heart actually commit sins by doubting the VATSALYA of HARI and are liable to go to hell as well . infact performing remedies with full faith is itself an act of meditation on the bhaktavatsalya guna of HARI .

when one gets repeated realisation of  this vatsalya guna quality of HARI [ like PANDAVAS ] , one becomes steadfast in HARI devotion and astrology karma prarabdha ceases to have any fear in them . As they seek refuge in only HARI and his vatsalya . remember In the full sabha DRAUPADI was subjected to distress and yet she did not give curse to DURYODHANA and Others ,because She had extreme faith in VATSALYA quality of KRISHNA and only depended on HIM to rescue .

Infact entire Shastra is written , preached and displayed only to increase faith in the devotees that YES here is SRINIVASA bhaktavatsala , to save you from all the miseries , whether astro or no astro , HARI is always there to save so says sastro.

Bhagavata katha step by step introduces characters like PRAHALAD , DHRUVA , AJAMIDHA  VIBHEESHANA , UDDHAVA , PARIKSHITA only to show that whether you are  a sinner or a great religious exponent without the grace of HARI one cannot achieve MOKSHA , so everything lies in his GRACE and HE is bhaktavatsala to bestow shower his grace as we seek his blessing with devotion ,.

EVEN if AJAMIDHA had foregone his caste and duties He was resurrected with a single SHOUT of NARAYANA though intended towards his son named NARAYANA .

EVen though PRAHALADA was RAKSHASHA [ the clan which traditionally got slayed by HARI ] yet He achieved the status of highest devotee as He displayed unwaivering devotion towards NARSIMHA .

EVEN though DHRUVA was a small child [ people of his age would not even be considered as devotees ] yet HARI considered his plea and gave him the status of a STAR .

EVEN though MARKANDEYA was short of longevity , his sadhana of dwadashakshar with devotion made HARI bestow him deathlesness even during pralaya waters .

EVEN though DRAUPADI made the mistake of questioning her HUSBAND and demanded explanation disregarding his summon . HE saved her from the worst as she kept full faith on HIM .

EVEN though PARIKSHIT insulted the great bramhin yet HE was showered mukti that too in seven days of devotional SHRAVANA of BHAGAVAT .

EVEN though MADHAV lived a life of CHANDAAL though born as bramhin , He was relieved off his sin just by the Desire to VISIT Sheshadri and LORD himself became his SON in LAW again and again in every birth ,

WHAT can be said of your VATSALYA towards the devotees OH NARAYANA.

NANENA madideno VENKATARAMANA nee yenna kaye beko .


Comments on: "Venkatesha Stotra-2 !" (17)

  1. Jannat said:

    Guruji tis was an equally excellent post…very beautifully written and explained and was a treat and music to my ears and heart 🙂

    I have learned something fresh from here and something valuable thus deepening my faith in God even more 🙂


  2. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    please forgive me for asking this outrageously stupid question… in first post reg sri venkatesha stotra you have posted ” !! SRIVENKATESHO VASUDEV: PRADYUMNO AMITVIKRAMA !
    which i assume is the first part of sri venkatesha stotra…

    but all the subsequent posts donot have the same format.. please kindly post the full version of the stotra as i am getting a little confused…please forgive me again and bless me ..

    also may i kindly ask how many times must the venkatesha stotra be recited in a day and at what times ?

    what is the appropriate anusandhana for the venkatesha stotra ?


  3. KrishnaFan said:

    Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.

    The bhaktas you have mentioned when explaining Bhaktavaatsalya of SriHari are of higher level in taratamya, but how can we understand this in context of lower in taratamya like me. There is no doubt that Lord is Bhaktavatsala, so does that mean every jeeva who prays HIM has yogyata for vaatsalya of SriKrishna?

    Humble pranaams.


    • The stories of higher people of tratamya are for lower beings only . They must develop faith by reading them again and again . The very purpose of puranas is to create faith in the satvik bhaktas irrespective of tartamya , One gets phala as per his bhakti , limitations are there , but still one must practise devotion by developing faith through shravana . at one stage when faith is paripakva , automatically HARI’s bhaktavatsalya will be fullfledged . THuMBRuLE is have complete faith to get complete attention of HARI .

      LET me give example ., lets assume there are two bramhins , one feels deshakaala paristithi is not conducive and goes for apathdharma and joins service and foregoes ahnika etc , the second bramhin still continues with his ahnika , vedadhyayana and adhyapana , seemingly the second one may have lesser wealth but will have better anugraha of HARI than the former ,


      • KrishnaFan said:

        Thank you for that prompt reply Guruvugaaru.

        My problem is somewhat like the example you have cited. I am living in mletcha land, eating onion and garlic. I want to live a satvika life, get tapta mudra dharana and everything. But even if I want to, I can’t because my husband doesn’t believe in God (being a brahmin), let alone follow Madhva sampradaya, and he won’t let me do willingly. Whatever sadhana I do, I do without his knowledge. In short I don’t have a conductive paristhiti. Sometimes it gets a bit depressing to see people happily chanting Lord’s names aloud and I don’t have that oppurtunity.


      • KrishnaFan said:

        Thank you for the reply Guruvugaaru. Can you please suggest any site where I can hear pravachans by Swamijis in Madhva Sampradaya in english, hindi or telugu. I found sumadhwaseva.com but all of them are in kannada and I can’t follow kannada much.


      • Dear Sir

        In the above example if there is Kaamya undertones in carrying out ahnika there still would be Hari Anugraha?

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa


  4. Pramod said:

    Acharya Namaskars,

    Sri Vadiraja Yati,when approached the Seshadri hill saw devatas, rishis,sanyasi,devoteees doing yagnya,tapasya on this hill.So he climbed the hill on his knees not touching the foot.Such is the devotion of
    Sri vadiraja swamiji towards his Lord and the mahima of venkatachala.


  5. Pramod said:

    Respected Acharya Namaskars,

    The Ananda gained in reading your posts and gaining knowledge about Hari Sarvaottma and Madhva Tatvas, and being in association with Sri Hari devotees,can be compared to Moksha Ananda in this present state.


  6. Reading this post is a great way to start the week. Thanks.
    Some say the flowers bought from the market is not ideal for devara puja….. is that so?
    And If we can’t grow flowers at home, can we get small flowers made of silver and use the same ones daily in puja instead of buying real flowers ?


    • yes flowers from market is not fit for offer . silver gold flowers and tulasi are very shreshtha . but one must keep tulasi kastha also along with these to please hari .


      • Pranams Acharya,

        Are these silver gold flowers readily available with the jewellers OR they have to be made to order specially ?Because I have never seen these. Are there any specific types that increase the devotion towards Shri Hari day by day ? Also what should be done on daily basis to the silver gold flowers to sustain shuchi in the home temple.?



        • silver gold flowers need no shuchi . they are always shuchi .
          silver flowers can be found in ISCKON temple shops .
          GOLD flowers of 22K are found in BANGALORE AIRPORT .


  7. Dear Chiraanji
    Feels very nice to see you writing again.
    Thank you


  8. Naren said:


    how beautiful it is ,,,,

    its so meaningful


  9. Dinesh said:

    Dear Chiraan Ji,

    Today i was reading a astrology book and it was mentioned that whatever happens is predestined based on the natal horoscope and we have no control over it.
    Reading about bhaktavatsala of Sri Narayana was splendid.
    Thank you for a beautiful article.


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