Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Venkatesh stotra -3 !

Shloka 3

Govindah – 1. ‘go’ means veda . ‘vindah’ means who can be known .

Vedas declare that only KRISHNA is known through Vedas , others do not hve this previlige . All the vedas essentially praise VISHNU . Hence SRINIVASA is GOVINDA one who can be known through vedas .

2. In Srikrishna avatar , Lord saved many cows , infact he looked after cow as cowherd . As Hari has protected her offspring , KAMDHENU the celestial cow poured/bathed  her milk over KRISHNA as KSHIRABHISHEKA . Thus SRINIVASA is known as GOVINDA .

3 .When BRAMHA was giving abhisheka of milk  everyday in the form of cow to SRINIVASA , the cowherd of CHOLA KING tried to hurt this cow , and VENKATESHA saved the cow . thus HE is GOVINDA , one who protects cow .

GOPATIH– ‘go ‘ means vidya [different branches of learnings ] ‘ patih ‘ adhipati incharge ,presiding deity . It is Lord alone who knows vedas completely and hence he alone is the adhipati of all the learning that is vidhyadhipati -GOPATI .

KRISHNA– even though He resides on the earth ,HE is full of complete happiness . He attracts the mind of all the devotees. VAYU and other deities when they take birth on earth or in their original form , they always have a ‘ prakrut ‘ body . a body made up of primordial elements [satva rajas tamas] but KRISHNA in avatara also does not take prakrut sharira and remains aprakrut , thus HE is free from blemishes and is ever happy at the same time gives utmost happiness to all thus HE is KRISHNA .In all the avataras HE shows many miracles and attracts the minds of the devotees towards HIM , thus also HE is known as KRISHNA .

KESHAVA – K means ‘ BRAMHA ”  esha means RUDRA  , va means one who protects by giving boons . THUS SRINIVASA is KESHAVA as he protects both BRAMHA and SHIVA and is superior to them .

GARUDADHWAJ– GARUDA means the celestial PAKSHIRAJ , Dhwaj means flag . SRINIVASA went to AKASHRAJ ‘s kingdom on his vehicle GARUDA .and hence HE is GARUDADHWAJ .

VARAHA– vara means GREATEST , supreme , ” aha ” means one without defects . SRINIVASA is supreme and also does not have any defects thus HE is VARAHA . Also in VARAHA avatara HE has protected EARTH and stabilised it on his tusk . The great boar .

VAMANA– vamana means very short dwarf . To give back Kingdom to INDRA , HARI took very small rupa and took away Kingdom from BALI . VAMANA also means very beautiful .

NARAYANA – ‘ NARA ‘ means auspicious qualities , nara also means , knowledge , nara also means liberated ‘muktas’ . ‘ayana’ means one who is ashraya ,abode  [ the place where one can reside ] . NARAYANA is abode to auspicious qualities , He is embodiment of knowledge and residing place for MUKTAS , liberated soul .

‘ARA” means defects , ‘n’ means no defects , thus NARAYANA is not an abode to defects , he is defectless .

n ara means opposite of defects means only good qualities and abode of such infinite auspicious qualities is NARAYANA . anantakalyana guna poorna.

Nar means purush ie  man /soul , the knowledge about such nar is NAAR , ‘ ayana ‘ means marga ie way . The way of Knowledge leading to parampurush is NARAYANA himself . knowing HIM gives MOKSHA .

‘ara’ means death and birth cycle , absence of such cycle is NAAR , ‘ ayana ‘ is state such a state of freedom from cycle of birth and death is got from NARAYANA .

one who is full of defects is ‘arayana ‘ when we add ‘N ‘ to it it becomes who is not of any defects . NARAYANA .

NAR means one who does not get destroyed in pralaya . the waters that arise from HIM is known as NAAR . One who resides in such waters is NARAYANA . [ earlier we have seen PADMANABH swamy slept in YOGA NIDRA in pralayawaters ] .Before creation one who was in YOGNIDRA was NARAYANA himself , HE is none other than SRINIVASA .

ADHOKASHAJA – ‘aksh ‘ means Indriyas [ senses] . akshaj means the knowledge arising from the perception through senses . ADHOKSHAJ means one who is beyond the perception of senses .

SRINIVASA cannot be known by sense perception , SENSES are eyes ears nose tongue and skin , the perception through these can give rise to worldly knowledge . GOD SRINIVASA  cannot be seen , cannot be heard , smelt or tasted or felt through touch , thus HE is adhokshaj .

SRINIVASA though cannot be known through senses , HE should be known only through Shastras and vedas and through pramanas . One should not ask why I cannot see HIm , If GOD is there why I cannot feel HIM . Why He does not speak . In TIRUPATI Lord is standing in his NIJAROOPA only , it is aprakrut deha .Just our senses see HE is not made up of STONE , BUt he is made up of KNOWLEDGE and HAPPINESS . HE is gnyanaanandatmak deha as laid down in SHASTRAs .

Om shastrayonitvat OM . He should be known through VEDAS only .

Krishnarpanamastu .

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  1. Suparnaa said:

    1200- 9 I am suparna from Mumbai, 10 beetle leae and 5 each of nuts and fruits , Date of birth 4/4/63, boy part: knees, I want to get married and migrate abroad, iam in love withan NRI Dr but it is not happening.


  2. priyanka said:

    Reading this post a thought struck me Guruji! How i wish i get as religious a husband as myself…there is so much a i want to do and so many religious places i want to visit ……..!!!!!!!!!
    If he is not religious life would turn quite bad and sad 😦 .


  3. KrishnaFan said:

    Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu,

    It’s a wonderful post, I am truly blessed to read this Guruvugaaru. When you said the Lord is in aprakruta deha in Tirupati reminds me of this : Few years ago I saw an interview on TV with one of the priests in Tirupati temple who said that when he was doing alankaara to the Lord after abhisheka, he felt that the Lord’s idol is very soft to the touch, as though made up of butter and not stone. Great are SriHari’s ways to inspire awe in fans like me. It’s my pamara way of expressing but HE is ‘just wow!’

    Humble pranaams.


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