Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

SRIDHAR – SHREE means Laxmidevi , ‘Dhara’ one who has held . SRINIVASA has held sridevi in his chest as mole . The name of this mole is SRIVATSA . LAXMIDEVI is ever present in this mole thus HE is known SRIDHAR .

PUNDARIKAKSHA – ‘Pundareek ‘ means lotus . ‘aksha ‘ means eyes . One who has the eyes as beautiful as  lotus  is known as PUNDARIKAKSHA .

Sarvadevastutah – sarva deva  means all the devatas  ‘ stutah ‘ means one who is worshipped . Srinivasa is worshipped by all the deities . He is supreme .

HARI –  All the sins and enemies of HIS devotees get destroyed in complete and with roots . Thus Srinivasa is HARI .

SRINARSIMHA –  Sri means laxmi and NARSIMHA is avatara of half lion and human . So The form of NARSIMHA with LAXMIdevi on the lap is SRINARSIMHA . NARSIMHA that killed Hiranyakashipu is ugra narsimha and very huge and ferocious , But SRINIVASA has another small and shant swaroop of NARSIMHA which is accompanied by LAXMIDEVI and is always protecting HIS devotees . Hence he is SRINARSIMHA

MAHASIMHA – While killing Hiranyakashipu and also at the time of Pralaya SRINIVASA takes a huge form , as big as Bramhanda itself and destroys it and thus He is MAHASIMHA .

SUTRAKARA –  Srikrishna in geeta says , HE is supporting the entire universe and lokas and beings in it just as manis [ precious stones ] are held by the thread[ sutra ] in a necklace .  Thus HE is SUTRA akara , he supports like a sutra by bieng of the shape of sutra .

 PURATANAH –  This creation is full of JEEVA souls and JADA , various nonsentient things like mountains trees and rivers and ocean  . Of all these objects in creation , Srinivasa is the oldest . Bramha etc all the beings are born , HE is not born and hence exists since time immemorial and thus HE is PURATANA .

krishnarpanamastu .

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  1. jannat said:

    Lovely again!!!! 🙂


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