Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

RAMANAATH –  Ramaa means LAXMI devi ,’ natha ‘ means husband .  Ramaadevi is uttama superior among both women and men in this creation . SRINIVASA is husband to HER and hence superior to everyone in this creation . FOREVER LAXMIDEVI is nityamukta and SRINIVASA is her husband , wherever LORD marries other jeevi still only LAXMI sannidhaan qualifies them to be his consort so this RAMAANATH quality is forever there in HARI .

MAHIBHARTA –   mahi means bhudevi , mother earth , bharta means husband . LAxmidevi has three rupas , sri bhu durga . Among these rupas , bhudevi , has mahibharta Srinivasa as her husband and through her He protects all the jeeva and jada on the earth .

 BHUDHARA –   BHU MEANS  bhudevi , dhara means one who holds , All the beings in this creation are dependent on the support of BHU . Srinivasa supports this Bhu as ADIKURMA in the waters below patala . Thus he supports Bhu which in turn supports all the creatures.

PURUSHOTTAMA –   All the chetana [sentient ] beings are known as purush , uttama means superior . All the jeevas have prakrut deha [ boy made of primordial components] thus they have death as they leave the body as it decays with age . Thus they are all known as ‘KSHARAPURUSHA ” . LAXMi devi does not have decay or death thus SHe is known as ‘ AKSHARAPURUSHA ” , SRINIVASA is superior to even AKSHARA and thus HE is PURUSHOTTAMA .

CHOLAPUTRAPRIYA – chola means chola country [ tamilnadu ] , putra , son , a son who is fit to liberate the pitrus ancestors . priyah- one who has affection on such cholaputra .

King of chola had all the qualities of  a good son . Srinivasa was taking rest in the valmik . Bramha as a cow took shelter in the chola kings shed , and everyday used to milk the valmik where Srinivasa was sitting . everyday seeing no milk from the cow , the wife of the KING chided the cowherd , cowherd angry spied on the cow and found it pouring all the milk on the anthill. In anger he raised his axe to hit the cow , Immediately Srinivasa protected the cow by taking the hit on his head , and blood oozed out of it .

Cow went to darbar of the KING and asked for justice ,. King sent his men to seek the reason . They saw the anthill profusely bleeding , KING went and saw SRINIVASA , SRINIVASA cursed him to be a pisacha till end of the KALIYUGA , KING asked for his forgivance and thus donated DIAMOND crown in his MARRIAGE , and requested HARI to wear it every friday evening and during those time KING as pisachi would have extreme happiness and relief ,

Thus out of affection accepted the CROWN and thus HE is CHOLAPUTRAPRIYA .

SHANTA – Regulate the world one needs a calm mind , this shanta quality is extremely important for protecting the world . Thus SRINIVASA as he protects efficiently is parama SHANTA .

BRAHADIVARAPRADA –   In this world many rakshasa seek boons from devatas like BRAMHA SHIVA etc . But BRAMHA and others Seek boons from SRINIVASA . Just as others seek boons and be happy from BRAMHA and others , so Bramha and others become gretaer superior to rakshas , humans and all those who seek boons . BUt since Brahma himself seeks boons from HARI Srinivasa is sarvottama and BRAMHADIVARAPRADA .


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  1. jannat said:

    Excellentelly written again Guruji 🙂 …beautifully written and the qualities of God so sweet to read 🙂


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