Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Srinidhih sarvabhtanaam bhayakrud bhayanashanah | sriramo raambadrashch bhavbhandaikamochakah ||

SRINIDHI –  ‘Shree’ means excessive wealth and prosperity , ‘nidhi’ means abode , ‘nidhi’ has a inexhaustive wealth in it . similarly Srinivasa is an abode to various kinds of wealth and affluence . Hence HE is Srinidhi …. this description,… is given to LORD to remove the misconception that HE had to borrow wealth from Kubera as loan and had to return it in 1000 years .. This is only  a delusion , Srinivas has inexhaustive wealth and prosperity .

Sarvabhutaanam bhayakrud –  sarva means all ‘ bhutanam ‘ means souls , bhaya krud  means one who terrorises .

All the souls jeevas get terrorised at some stage or other . SHIva ran for his life during Bhasmasur episode . Indra ran from Swarga  and hid on earth on several occasions . Even Bramha who does not have fear , showed fear in the begining of universe seeing himself alone and not knowing what to do ? Lord appeared in the form of HAYAGREEVA and explained him the science of creation . Humans fear Rakshasa , rakshasas fear Devatas . So there is no one who was never terrorised ….. One who makes these souls terrified is SRINIVASA .

 BHAYANASHANA –  all such jeevas when terrified , it is SRINIVASA who removes the fear from these jeevas . SOmetimes HE directly removes the fear and sometimes through some uttama jeevi LIke VAYUDEVA he removes fear . Thus He is the one who destroys fear and terror in the minds of devotee and is known as bhayanashana .

 SRIRAMA –  Sri means SRIDEVI , the diety incharge of satva guna . “rama ‘ means husband  . Srinivasa has SRIDEVI as his wife and hence HE is SRIRAAMA .

 RAAMABHADRA – Raama means  one who satisfies all the people . ‘Bhadra ‘ means extremely auspicious person . SRINIVASA satisfies the desires of all the people and and is extremely auspicious GOD . Thus HE is RAAMABHADRA .

 BHAVABHANDHAIKA MOCHAKA- ‘ bhava’ means sansaara ,[ cycle of birth and death , this life ] ‘ bandha ‘ means prison , binding ..IKA means alone ….. mochaka means one who releases . All the souls are bound in the cycle of birth and death called sansara . BRAMHA SHIVA INDRA all take birth and die . Thus all are subjected to imprisonment of sansaara . The prisoner cannot release himself from prison . The other prisoners also cannot release a prisoner from Prison . ALL the prisoners put together also cannot seek release . ONly one who is incharge of prison and is free from imprisonment can order such release . SRINIVASA is independent . and He alone is capable of releasing the jeevas from imprisonment of Sansaara and give MOKSHA .

Bramha , SHIVA , DURGA , SURYA , GANAPATY or any other imaginary  GOD cannot ensure MOKSHA , as all the mentioned above jeevas are themselves Prisoners , they cannot individually or collectively  give MOKSHA . SO HARI himself is alone mochaka ie BHAVA bandhaika Mochaka .

Those desiring MOKSHa should worship only SRINIVASA .

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  1. vikas said:

    respected guruji pranama,
    what does the form of harihar describes.
    humble pranama


  2. Chiraanji: I saw the following board in one bank in Tirumala : ‘Darshan is not what you get, it is what HE gives’

    When does he give darshan and whom does he call us there ?
    In north, they say there will be a bulaava to visit a shrine. Is that true ?


  3. jannat said:

    Nice Guruji, my concepts have further gotten clarified witht the last few lines of the article 🙂


  4. Shuchi said:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks yet again for this wonderfully written article…Glory of our Lord Shri Hari is great, I feel blessed.

    with much regards,


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