Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Venkatesha Stotra -7!

BHutavaso giravasah shrinivasah shriyah patih | achyutantgovindo vishnurvenkatnayakah ||

bhutavasa – bhut – all the living sentient and non sentient things in this world . ‘avasa’ -one who is shelter for  …. Lord srinivasa is shelter for the all the sentient and nonsentient [chetan and achetan , jeeva and jada vastus ] . H is home for all the universe …… He exists inside and outside the things and jeevas to hold it and give shelter to it …..protects it like homes give protection to us ……. hence he is Bhutavasa …

giravasa – ‘gira ‘  means all the vidyas , sciences and shastras ..’ avasa’ means shelter , Hari is shelter to all the sciences and vidyas , they reside in him to be fruitful …….. thus he is giravasa …

 Srinivasa –  Shree ‘ means LAXMIDEVI ,  ‘ nivasa ‘ one who lives with … Srinivas HARI is always coupled with LAXMIDEVI . Wherever HARi exists LAXMI devi also resides along with him there … there is no place in this universe where Both LAXMi NARAYANA are not found together  , they are desh kaal sama …

2. Where LAXMi sanidhi is not there there will be no Hari sannidhi … Where HARI does not reside LAXMi does not stay there at all ……..

3. Both are always together , they nitya aviyogi , they dont separate , so LAXMi devi deserted VISHNU and came down to earth and settled in KOLHAPUR etc are only for daitya mohan ,… Srinivasa always has the company of LAXMI devi forever eternally ..

shriyahpatih –  ‘shriyah ‘ LAXMIdevi  .. ‘patih ‘ husband ….. Husband is one who regulates the wife and hence as he does ‘ palan ‘ He is called patih .. NARAYAN regulates ie is palaka for LAXMIdevi also and hence HE is SHRIYAH PATI . Many feel as LAXMi devi also exists along with NARAYANA at all places so she must be equal to him … But As it is seen LAXMI devi does not regulate VISHNu but VISHNU regulates and protects LAXMI , thus shakta siddhanta that DURGA is actual Lokrakshak is refuted by this word SHRIYAH PATIH ………

 achyutanantgovinda- ‘  achyuta ‘ one who does not have loss of body or destruction of any kind …… thus no defects ……. ‘ ananta ‘ – one who is everywhere at all times in complete form with all complete infinite qualities …… ‘ ‘go’ means knowledge  ‘vinda’ who can be obtained …….. ie one who can be obtained by knowledge


Lord NARAYANA is completely defectless , he does not have defect ofbirth and death or destruction of any of his belongings or qualities or body … He is not affected by time , he exists at all times … at all places in complete form with complete qualities ……………. one who knows these qualities of LORD and meditates on them with knowledge and devotion gets him in the form of MOKSH  .

We jeevas have birth and death [ LORD NARAYANA PARMATMA has no birth and death ]……….

we jeeva live for certain period of time  we exist only for a limited period of time …..[ LORD PARMATMA exists at all times and at all places ]

we jeevas take birth and as a child have no qualities to exhibit … slowly we develop by learning and study and experience and finally we get some scope to exhibit our qualities and that too it may be incomplete there will be somewhere someone who would surpass us and fare better than us in that quality ,.,.,. also with time our quality and level of expertise decreses and fades out

[ for example  an actor loses his importance once he grows old ……. his beauty fades his saleability also give way and so also his fame declines and slowly with time people forget him … noone remembers who was a great actor a hundred year ago ……….. similarly a cricketer may not play at same level all through his career and after he becomes aged he may not even be able to lift his bat propely … so also new cricketers will come and surpass his feats ………… all the qualities exhibited by jeevas are incomplete nd susceptible to destruction and varies in consistency  and they fade with time]

BUT PARMATMA exhibits his qualities at all times in a complete way without need for enhancements or improvements they are complete and infinite ….

So much difference exists between ATMA and PARAMATMA ………..

This knowledge of difference and HIS Supremacy over US if meditated with devotion only Then HE will be OBTAINED as BIMBA SAKSHATKARA and finally the MOKSHA . THERE IS NO OTHER WAY OTHER THAN THIS . THUS HE IS ACHYUTANANTGOVINDA .

VISHNUH’ -‘VI’ MEANS  strength , ‘ sha’ means knowledge , happiness ,’ Nu’ means one who is embodiment ……

SRINIVASA is embodiment of strength knowledge and happiness , his body itself is made of knowledge and happiness and He is omnipotent and extremely strong and hence HE is known as VISHNU .

venkatnayaka  –  ‘ Ven means sins ,  ‘ kat’  burner  ie GYANIS [ those who burn their sins through knowledge and devootion ] Nayak – means presiding deity …. Srinivas is presiding deity . aradhya moorty , for all the GYANIs . those gyanis who burn their sins and those  who take their shelter , such peoples’ sins , with fire of GYANA gyanagni , Such a capacity comes to such gyanis only through NARAYANA whom they seek as nayaka .

Such extreme strength and capacity is exhibited by devotees and GYANIs like RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY etc .. SWAMIJI has demonstrated how he can destroy the sins of those who take his shelter [ shapanugraha shaktonyo raghavendrannavidyate ]…. Such a extraordinary power is accumulated y these gyanis because they seek NARAYANA and NARAYAN bestows such a strength to his devotee of uttama kind thus HE is venkatnayaka .



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  1. Chiraanji: Must we visit Padmavati temple at Tiruchanur only after Balaji darshan or even before?


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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