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Venkatesha stotra -8

sarvadevaikasharanam sarvadevaikdaivatam | samastadeva kavacham sarvadeva shikhamani ||

sarvadevaiksharanam –  sarvadeva – for all deities [ Bramha shiva Indra etc ] ……..’ek’ HE Srinivasa  alone ………..’sharanam’ – is the protector and shelter ……..

when any of the devatas encounter trouble …. SRinivasa alone comes to their rescue and He alone is capable of relieving the dangers that befall even to DEvatas ……….All the Devatas too take his shelter and seek relief from their miseries …. hence Srinivasa is Sarvadevaika sharanam ……….

Sarvadevaikdaivatam – sarvadeva – for all deities , ‘ek’ He is chief ……….’daivatam ‘—- deity ……. All diety chiefly worship SRINIVASA as their kuladevta , ishtadevata ……

Samastadeva kavacham – kavach is the armour that  protects  the warriors from enemies and their weapons …For all deities [ samstadeva ] …….. Srnivasa is the KAvach that saves them from enemies and troubles …and protects them like a armour KAVACH .

Sarvadeva shikhamani – mani – is a precious stone …….  Shikha mani is one that is worn in the head … Shikhamani is accorded the highest respect , as it occupies the head …….crown …..

Head is the most important organ of the body …. it is considered most sacred and pious …..and is held in high esteem by everyone … the one which adorns the head is automatically more sacred and auspicious and revered to the owner of head …….  because head comes under the SHikhamani , it subordinates  the head the self .

Srinivasa’s feet are always sought after by the heads of the devotee , as they do namaskara [ bow and pay respects ] to the feet of LORd Srinivasa …..

The heads of the Deities constantly look forward to and are ever engaged in the namaskara to the feet of SRINIVASA and thus it is akin to the SHIKHAmani that adorns these heads of the deities .


note – next posts follows the phalashruti ……. ie the benefits of reciting this stotram ..


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  1. Respected Acharya Sastang Namaskars,

    Gyanan Bhakti Vairagya,can be compared to Hari Vayu Guru.
    Lord Hari is Gyanamaya,Lord Vayu is the most favorite Bhakta of Lord Sri Hari,and Lord Vayu itself instilled Bhakti toward Lord Hari in all the Sajjanas,and Guru is Vairagya murthy,with utter devotion in
    Lord Sri Hari.
    Happiest moment for a devotee is when he places his head on the feet of Guru.The most happiest is when Guru blesses a devotee.


  2. Thank you Guruji…the post further clears the differences between God and Devatas 🙂


  3. Pramod said:

    Respected Acharya Namaskars,

    Devotees always place their head on feet of Lord Hari Vayu Guru,to attain their blessings.
    What does Namaskar means other than the following anusandan,i am in your sharan please protect me,please guide me, let my ego be cleared off,what ever little gyanan i have i have surrendered please give me tattva gyana.
    Please kindly elobrate more what is the meaning of Namaskara and what should be our anusandana.



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