Hitherto Unknown Secrets !




Dashami Ekadashi and Dwadashi tithi are known as Dintraya … fasting on these days is known as Dintraya vrata …Those who do not undertake this vrata their pitrus do not attain heaven …. they do not partake shradhdha havishya given by these …. LORD does not accept poojas done by those who do not observe this vrata ..

Those desirous of doing dintraya vrata must getup early on dashami and complete nitykarmas and then pray thus to ACHYUTA ” Hey devadevesha Janardana ! today is dashami tithi ..I will observe the dintraya vrata on the following three days …Kindly bless me and grace my vrata to be accomplished  without obstacles …. I bow before thee with devotion ”

On the three days dashami onwards one must not take hot water [ bath ] paan saunf or mouth fresheners ….oil ….one must not engage in intercourse …..one must not sleep during daytime …..should not eat food prepared in copper brass vessels …..must not gamble ….must not exercise ….play ….should not annoint the body …shave or take massage …should not speak with paashandis …..should not watch teleserials or cinema [ vaarstree natanatya vilokanam ] ….should not eat nonveg …..should not eat outside or at  others house …..should not eat udid daal [ black gram ] should not engage in violence … and should not eat twice a day … one must adhere to these rules to the maximum with great efforts ….

If two ekadashis occur then one must worship thus ” hey shrihari ! i shall eat once on dashami and fast for next two days and again i shall partake food on dwadashi …Hey parmeshwar ! Kindly be pleased with me by the fast on these four days …and let my devotion towards you increase with your grace …”

After the prayers after twelve in the afternoon one must take food on dashami ….

If on dashami and dwadashi if one takes food without salt and only once then one gets twice the phala of the dintraya vrata ….

On Ekadashi one must pray thus ” hey madhusudana ! i shall fast completely on ekadashi and eat on next day dwadashi as parana …Hey pundarikaksha achyuta  kinldy always stand as my protector ” and if there are two upavasas then one must pray thus ” hey devaa ! I shall fast on ekadashi and take parane  on dwadashi be alwayes pleased with me ”

One must always do mahapooja on ashadha shudhha ekadashi night ….the prayers should accompany music and dance and mahamangalaarti and should be surrendered to LORD and pray ” hey jagannatha ! Kindly take a deep sleep in kshirsamudra on the cot named SHESHA till chaaturmasa completes and bless your devotees with happiness ! i shall observe chaaturmasa vrata in seriatim leaving vegetables in ashadha …. curds in shravan …. milk in bhadrapada …. and dwidala and bahubeeja in ashwiyuj masa ..and let Lord Shreedhar alongwith Shridevi and Bhudevi  be pleased with me … ” in this way one must put Parmatma to sleep ….[ YOGANIDRA } ..

On this shayanotsav day one must invite 120 bramhins or 60 bramhin or 30 bramhins or as per capacity .

One must not accept food , water on Ekadashi .. one must not perform shraddha on ekadashi…. no homa should be performed ….tarpana shoudl not be given on ekadashi …

even if done  unknowingly ekadashi vratahaani occurs …it will be considered as a sin towards VISHNU[ vishnudrohi ] and such a person along with his forefathers goes to hell …..

If shraddha occurs on ekadashi then VAISHNAVAS should be performed on dwadashi or trayodashi …others can perform on the same day ….[ just as shraddha that occurs during sutaka etc is performed after ashouch is over ekadashi shraddha should be done on dwadashi … if preta dahan has to be done on ekadashi than it should be done by giving ghruta aahuti and rice should not be boiled to give pinda  … next day shraddha should be performed ] This is for VAISHNAVAS ….applicable to all shukla and krishna paksha ekadashi …. This in no way becomes adharma …..


LORD varaha says “whatever is done with devotion towards me even if it is adharma that becomes dharma and what is done withoiut devotion towards me , even if it is dharma it becomes a sinful karma  ”

At this point DHARANI devi asks ” How does one become a VAISHNAVA [ VISHNU BHAKTA ] and also do enlighten with what if done constitutes VISHNU DROHA and one becomes AVAISHNAVA…”

VARAHA DEVA says ” hey devi ! earlier same question was asked by NARADA , whatever I told him then now I repeat to YOu , Listen carefully! ……The smallest particles of Prithvi [ smaller than atoms etc ] are   sukshma kaNa  .. My veerya[ semen ] is infinite and greater than these prithvi sukshma kana ….They cannot be known by BRAMHA or LAXMI herself to the full … neither are these capable of counting them …..NONE is equivalent or greater to me NOR was anyone there earlier …Neither would anyone be there equivalent or greater to me in future . All the deities including bRamha onwards are under my control and subservient to my command …They create destroy and regulate as per my command and instructions ..Without my command no one is capable of even moving a small twig …. The complete creation , regulation,destruction ,maintenance , knowledge ,ignorance ,bondage and liberation namely eight activities I ALONE CARRY OUT and hence VEDAS declare me as ‘BHAGAVAAN ‘ I creat bodies of BRAMHA , laxmi and entire creation and regulate them thus all the vedas praise ME as ‘PURUSHOTTAMA ‘ .. This is the gist of all vedas upanishats and vedangas .

In this way with this knowledge [ unswerving knowledge ] about Vishnusarvottamatva , one who surrenders his body , his wife children , wealth and keeps his faith and  affection more than all that over [ body wife children and wealth ] towards KRISHNA and follows all the DEEKSHA of VISHNU as per the dictums of pancharatra agaama .. one who wears the signs of My [ VARAHAS’ ] weapons [urdhwapundra  mudra of shanku chakra gada padma ] … one who does all the karma aiming towards me  [KRISHN] …… One who definitely knows that gaining grace of LORD is the only highest fruit …. one who thinks that LORD alone can get us to the shores of this huge ocean named SANSAARA ….. there is no other sadhana to overcome this bondage and get liberated ….. VISHNU alone is hailed as sarvottama PARAMATMA in vedas .. and one who with this constant knowledge always engaged in the dhyana smarana of SHRIHARI surrenders ……One who always shows interest in listening to my stories ..and always stays in the company of my devotees ….one who shows immense respect and devotion towards my devotees ..always engaged in swadharama ..one who engages in dintraya vrata every month /fortnight …. and also tries to gain more knowledge about other vratas to observe them to gain more grace of VISHNU ….especially does chaturmasa vrata and does not do any act/karma which is prohibited by the shastras … one who earns through fair means … gains tatva gyana and stays put in it ….one who is ever engaged in athithi seva and does shradhdha without fail ….always practises truth …such a person whether he be GRAHASTHA , sanyasi yati , bramhachari or vaanprasthi …., such a person whether he /she be a bramhana , kshatriya , vaishya ,. shudra  anulomi or pratilomi , such a person manava qualifies  as VAISHNAVA …..All those who act conversely are termed as AVAISHNAVAS ……

Even though bereft of all dharmas …. who is  devoted towards me  , such a person will soon achieve moksha ….

  1. one who anoints Mudras
  2. one who recites My mantras
  3.  one who always engages in shaligrama pooja
  4. one who partakes only those food that is offered as naivedya to me and eats no other food
  5. one who partakes tulasi before and after meals and similarly takes teertha
  6. one who wears padmakshamala or tulasi mala
  7. Such a punyavaan person is hard to look at with anger even by YAMA himself ….
  • And those who engage in MY ninda [ bad mouthing insulting ]
  • those who show interest in the events where such insults occur
  • one who hates those who wear Mudras
  • those who bring obstacles to the vrata by devotees
  • those who contemplate that there is someone greater than KRISHNA or contemplate someone is equal to HIM [ or perhaps all are equal ]
  • Those who contemplate a different GOD other than KRISHNA
  • Those who think they are independent and PARMESHWAR
  • Those who think everything is under their control
  • Those who think VEDAS are not pramana , they are myth
  • those who think there is no swarga naraka mOKSHA etc
  • Thise who think even if swarga moksha exists may exist may not exist , but what difference it would make to me if bramhins are happy or unhappy with me ? and behave without regulation
  • those who do not respect atithi
  • Those who bring harm to Bramhins and try to pollute them
  • all such durguna persons are AVAISHNAVAS
  • They all attain hell
  • Those who go to heaven and also take their foefathers to heaven with their karmas such a persons’ lineage is indeed great , but conversely those who do karmas which take them hell and also take their manes to hell , such a AVISHNAV birth is deplorable and abhored ,…
  • A VISHNU BHAKTA  takes his all manes and pitrus to VISHNULOKA but a  AVAISHNAVA takes all his pitrus to andhatamas [ permanent hell ]whereby there is no liberation even for a hundred crores of kalpas .
  • Hey devi I have said whatever has been told to NARADA .. KNOW this to be a eternal truth  !!!!




Comments on: "DinTraya Vrata – Essentials of being VAISHNAVA !!!" (14)

  1. RayarSevaka said:

    Sir Shravana dwadashi involves fasting for two days, similar to ekadashi. What happens if the body does not allow fasting that long.. !! The sadhaka loses merits of last 5 years .. and last 12 ekadashi fasts !? .. Are there any exceptions to this ?



  2. Na Madhav samo Devo, Na Madhva samo Guru


  3. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,

    in MB moksha dharma parva bhisma advises yudhistir that one must not show he is a great bhakta. even if he is great astika he must pretend to be nastika. the logic behind this is if a bhakta does anything wrong then society is very quick at accusing/maligning him. this in turn tarnishes the image of whole community.
    but it is also true that vaishnavas should anoint with mudras and urdhwa pundras which are clearly visible. pls reconcile. thank you.

    sri krishnarpana.


    • Viju Rao said:

      one more query. pls bear with me. in gita krsna says that an aproksha gyani prefers to be quiet and isolated than to speak or interact. also heard in discourses that a true gyani acts dumb or stupid coz he hates fame and recognition.

      now dictum says spreading hari tatva is the greatest service one can do for lord. this is stressed so strongly that bharata says when there is dearth of learned brahmains even learned sudras can take up the job. how to resolve this. pls enlighten.

      sri krishnarpana.


      • Hari tatva is given to only devotees .. devotees have a good tendency to ask questions about shastra and HARI in particular whenever there is scope and whenever they feel a gyani is around … Finding agyani is not difficult because a musk makes known its presence even if it is kept hidden in a potli .///

        while aparoksha gyani is always inside a potli his presence is effervescent like musk ..so answer only when asked ..


  4. Thank u Guruji….please keep letting us know whenever a fast comes via daily calendar schedule 🙂


  5. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    you have mentioned that eating outside is prohibited .. in that case can we eat
    1) khoa
    2) drink milk/cofee/tea
    3)bananas, fruits and fruit juices…
    4)coconut water , pulp inside green coconut..
    all these have to be brought outside sir… so i am asking reg the same..
    what if vrata bhanga occurs.. what may one do ?


    • if you r outside it sweets … or chivda


      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

        1) what is chivda sir ?

        2) and reg
        a ) fruits
        b ) milk
        c) cofeee
        d) coconut water are they banned ? i consumed them 2day and i never knew anything reg that… will vrata bhanga occur ? if so what is the prayaschitta for the same ?


  6. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    may you kindly let me know so as to when the next dintraya tithi will come ? i mean i want the dates…please oblige and also kindly answer my questions … i am asking out of ignorance alone and kindly clear them…

    1) can one take the fruits like bananas even though they are bought outside ?

    2) will eating them more than once i mean 3 bananas 2/3 times a day allowable or eating them at one go at night ?

    3) as you have said that anointing the body is forbidden… can one take bath using soap ( i have only scented ones )?

    4) will drinking coconut water be considered as a vrata bhanga ?

    5) if one is unable to perform nirjala ekadashi vrata can one consume water , bananas ?

    6) on a personal note i would like to ask an advice from you .. yesterday for the first time i practised
    upavasa .. as i had an competitive exam.. i had to go out .. i took little water from morning .. after 12 noon drank water and ate bananas ( around 10+ )…. is there any vrata bhanga by me ? also i noticed that there was an undue increase in my craving for food which pestered even the next day ( i.e today )can you kindly tell me why would this have happened and its remedies ?


    • answer is practise fast slowly … overnight one cannot fast nirjala … but nirjala is only allowed rest all is madhyam fast …. but one can eat on dashami and dwadashi …


  7. Pranaam Acharya,

    What a beautiful music to eyes ears and mind,,,,,, wished if one could also get the luck to adhere to this form of beautiful life,,,,,,as its nothing but so evident that this is the best dream one ever dreams to achieve,,,,,,Great are the souls who were lucky to be blessed with such a life,,,,,

    Naman Acharya.


  8. Thanks Sir


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