Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

srigurubhyo namha

  1. Ganga
  2. godavari
  3. Krishnaveni , swamichandrapushkarani , manas sarovar , kaveri ,saraswati
  4. sarayu , tungabhadra
  5. kalindi
  6. narmada , sindhu sarita , bhavanashini
  7. kumudvati
  8. malapaha
  9. tamraparni
  10. Bheemarathi , manjula , pinakini  , all the rivers that merge in ocean are equal to bheemrathi
  11. others which do not merge in ocean are lesser
  12. taTaka
  13. other Pushkarini , devaakhata
  14. vaapi
  15. kuupa

when giving arghya to one nadi other nadi should not be mentioned …

This nadi tartamya by SHree RAGHAVENDRA swamy teertha appears in bramhanda purana .

krishnarpanamastu …

Comments on: "Nadi Tartamya – heirarchy among rivers !" (9)

  1. Phillip Bryan Hill said:

    Where does the Yamuna Nadi figure in this Taratamya?


  2. Acharya,

    Sincere Pranams,

    One of the important rivers “Gandaki” does not figure in this list, is this because Ganga is already mentioned/ covered?

    Humble Regards


  3. Krishnan said:

    Namaskara Shri Chiraan avare,

    Where does Swami Pushkarani in Venkatachala fall in Taratamya?



  4. badrinath said:

    Acharyare namaskara,

    Ganga cha yamuna chiva Govdavari Sarswathi Narmada Sindhu Kaveri jale asmin sannidhi kuru

    In the above taratamya where is yamuna, . Yamuna = Bheemarathi



  5. Thanks Guruji:)


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