Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

yoga Narsimha


oh Prahlaad Shrihari has exclusively incarnated as NARSIMH …. He even sent your father Demon king HRANYAKASHIPU to VISHNU’s abode [ despite he being most inimical to HARi full of HARIDWESHA [ hate towards HARI ] …  only on account of love and affection towards you as you are his greatest Devotee …. Oh Raghavendra swamy  you are the one who had taken birth as PRAHLAAD …. a very good auspicious  morning to you  [ SUPRABHAAT ]

note : In bhagavat { yadnindatvitatubhyam …….. tvadbhakte mayi chaghvaan | tasmatvita me pooyet durntaaaddustaraadghaat ||

this bhagavat shloka says …. Prahlaad asks a boon to NARSIMHA … OH NARSIMHADEVA  .. my father  has hated you all along his life ….. reason me Being your devotee , he also hated me …………. For both these sins there is no prayashchitta … these sins do not wash away by prayashchitta [ they are unpardonable ] just because they are unpardonable  if one ventures to say OKAY i shall exhaust it by suffering its prarabdha … means Okay i shall experience the results of these sins and exhaust it …. i shall bear the pain … even then it is inexhaustible and one can never come out the misery due to this sins … [ hating bramhins vishnu bhakta VISHNU is unpardonable sins … ones misery never ceases ]

SO such sins which cannot be washed by either anubhava [ experience ] or by prayashchitta ..Please be merciful to pardon and save my Father from eternal HELL and misery ….

This is the boon Prahalaad asked NARSIMHA …. AND LORD NARSIMHA granted him the boon … [ Intha makkalu yellargu Aa NARSIMHANU kodali ]

What could not be achieved in this world … what was never achieved in this world before … Such a feat PRAHALAADA achieved through his BHAKTI …. LORD changed his rules for PRAHALAADA and pardoned HIRANYAKASHIPU just because he was father of PRAHALAAD … this goes on to show oh RAGHAVENDRA .. how much LOVE and affection SRIMAHAVISHNU has on You … what a great grace he always keeps on YOU .. OH RAGHAVENDRA ,….. A very good auspicious morning be to you …. and let all the devotees of yours also seek such miraculous escapes from prarabdha [ unpardonable unavoidable miseries ] by worshipping you …. and Just as LORD has greatest grace on you … LORD NARSIMHA never refuses any of your demands recommendations … kindly keep your graceful palm on me too OH RAGHAVENDRA i am a slave to senses … and commit very heinous sins everyday …. but I know only one mantra … that is ardently worshipping YOu … even this mantra YOU inspire from within my heart sitting in my heart … OH raghavendra ther never can be again any Great SAINT like you .. who fulfills the desires of his disciples and cleanses him from heinous sins and saves him from miseries and All at the same time brings the grace of HARI through recommendations …., Oh RAGHAVENDRA swamy let there be only one  desire in my heart … that I be always in your good books …. I always remember YOU for then not I fear any prarabdha … any sins … any desires unwanted … I fear not the KIngs of this world ../ I fear not the bad days … I fear not the miseries … If i FEAR I fear only loss of sight of your LOTUS feet in my heart … LET there not be moment without your presence in MY HEART ….

I am incapable of describing the mahima of your BHAKTI towards NARSIMHA oh RAGHAVENDRA …..  end of note by chiraan ]

shloka 6

Oh RAGHVENDRA you were bon as BALHIKA raja … You were KIng among KINGS of the chandra vamsha .. so you were the CROWN among the Kshatriyas .. With your mere strength of arms you relieved this earth from Rakshasa and evil kshatriya and pleased KRISHNA with this act of lightening in the burden of earth … You were the abode of many countless qualities that a KING should be ordained  with  .in that birth as BALHIKA ….  Oh RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIYE a good auspicious morning be to you ! SUPRABHAATA

Note : MAny people with vipareeta gyana allege how PAndits come to self conclusions that BALHIKA was RAYARU ‘s previous incarnation ….  for them here is pramana ….

hiranyakashipoh putrah prahlaado bhagavatpriyah | VAYUNA ch samaavishtoh mahaabalasamanvitah || BHUBHAARkshapaNe VishNohragtaamaaptumeva sah | prateepputrataam praapya Balhikeshva bhavatpatih ||

this is mahabharat tatparya nirnay words …. by ACHARYA MADHVA …. MADHVACHARYA the avatara of VAYU is saying here  that  ” one very dear to NARAYANA’s affection ..hiranyakashipus son known as Prahalaada has taken birth, to please and serve KRISHNA , in the dynasty of MOON chnadravamsha …as a son to PRATEEP … HE had special VAYU AVESHA , due to this sannidhaan He had extreme strength and hailed as most powerful …and since he ruled the country named BALHIKA [ eurasia ] , he came to be known as BALHIKA RAJA ….To reduced the burden of the earth  from demons  KRISHNA took avatara .. as if to aid him in his work he contributed heavily into this work of KRISHNA   and  pleased HIM … ]  these are the words of none other than VAYU himself ..

Prateep raja is father SHANTANU and grandfather of BHEESHMA …. BALHIKA RAJA as elder brother of SHANTANU that means UNCLE TO BHEESHMA …. PRATEEP was married to daughter of BALHIKA  princess … at the time of Marraige then BALHIKA king [ who had no son ] had taken a promise  from PRATEEP that he would give his son to be adopted by BALHIKA  for the future of BALHIKA kingdom … Prateep as  a promise gave his in adoption  to his father in law …. Thus SHANTANU next born became King of HASTINAPUR …

BALHIKA raja was uncle to BHEESHMA and so as a relative and under order of KRISHNA fought for the KAURAV army in MAHABHARATA WAR …. many people think BHEESHMA was the oldest warrior in MAHABHARATA  , but here is his UNCLE BALHIKA was several hundred years older than BHEESHMA  and fighting a war  .. it is said HIS war cry would KILL hundreds of warriors …. his pound of foot on ground would raise dust so dense that soldiers ran away in fear and confusion …. Such was the might of BALHIKA  …. When KRISHNA urges him to fight from the side of KAURAVA …. BALHIKA accepted it as order from ALLMIGHTY and obeyed but with a condition that His death be at the hands of BHEEMASEN the jagadguru ….BHEEMASENA Obliged and in battlefield BALHIKA RAJA WAS KILLED BY BHEEMSENA and just before DEATH BALHIKA DONATED HIS DIVINE CHARIOT TO BHEEMSENA …. for which BHEEMSENA blessed him to have many chariot sevas in furture birth [ rathotsava ] ….  this is a very strange test KRSIHNA PUTS to his devotees .. HE asks the greatest devotee to fight against HIM and HE demands KARNA TO  come over to PANDAVAS Camp   …… devotee obliges come what may truth or sins … right or wrong … YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND OH KRISHNA  thus MADHVACHARYA  SAYS HE PLEASED KRISHNA ………end of Note by chiraan ]

Shloka 7

Oh RAGHAVENDRA SWAMI , You were born as VYASARAJA guru … then the chakravarti SRIKRISHNADEVARAYA served you with utmost devotion ….. HE surrendered himself and his KINGDOM [ erstwhile VIJAYANAGAR EMPIRE ] to you ….YOU saved him and his Kingdom … You have a divine a body and are the greatest among the saints , your wisdom is divine ,,,,Oh RAGHAVENDRA , born as VYASARAYA ,, a very very good auspicious morning to YOU ! SUPRABHAAT !

Vyasaraya has given VIDYA  to many a stalwarts in MADHVA SAMPRADAYA ….. Vijayeendra teertha VADIRAJA .. KANAKDASA .. PURANDARADASA …and many many yatis … KINGS bowed before him …. Once there was declared that KUHU YOGA [ a yoga in astrology which destroys the KINGS and KINGDOMS ] existed on the THRONE of VIJAYANAGAR EMPIRE … fearful KING KRISHNADEVARAYA ran to VYASA RAAJA …

KUHU YOGA says whoever sits on the throne dies of mishaps and strange experiences … Vijaynagar empire ,HAMPI was thriving capital and one of richest empires in INDIAN HISTORY in KALIYUGA …. this was the golden era of SOUTH INDIA … where arts culture and wealth was at peak …. it is said diamonds and pearls and gold coins  were sold on the streets in open market in heaps ….it was a bustling economy ……every citizen of the empire  were adept in 64 arts … the specialists exhibited mastery …. women were extremely beautiful and very colorfully clad .. while men exhibited extraordinary talents ….. it is said in writings of that era as thoigh KING INDRA had himself come down to RULE the empire ….. as streets of KUMBHAKONAM HAMPI MADURAI TANJORE SriRANGAM  defeated AMRAVATI in splendour …… SUCH a bustling empire covering entire central india and south India and far east  upto cambodia …and all parts of south east ASIA  …… falling into KUHU yOGA seemed a fearful proposition to people of KINGDOM and KINg as well [ this was known through astrology  RAJYA  PRASHNAM  goes on to show how people were adept in SAMHITA ] ….. when in such distress   when saviour himself is in danger … and when kingdom at large is in danger…. people became sad [ we must realise …. this is early 16th century medieval period when invasions were rampant an social fabric was tearing apart  a  stable kingdom was a bane to citizens when culture was paramount to society …. so such  a danger brings sadness and a GODSENT help is what people expect   especially when KING himself has lost confidence …

Thi enhnces the prominence of VYASARAYA .. a MADHVA STALWART  .. whom KRSIHNADEVARAY seeks refuge … and like his earlier births …oh  RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY  … HE with his mantrashakti and KRISHNA BHAKTI … sat on the throne of KRSIHNADEVARAYA and warded of evil for not one day two day but TWELVE YEARS …and saw to it that KINGDOM WAS INTACT people were happy and no evils ever entered KINGDOM …. HE warded of the evils of throne [ it is widely believed that  this throne is in mysore and even to this day it gives a cerebral shock to the occupant owing to which subsequent GOVTS [ both foreign and native ] or individuals never ever tried to besiege  it …. ]

During the time VYASARAJA … yatis like VIJAYEENDRA TEERTHA exhibited mastery in 64 arts ….  VYASARAYARU taught him entire vedas and puranas and other arts in just eight days …. so much to say about this great GURU …..

He gave shelter to PURANDARDASARU .. and praised him in his song that HE was one dasa  who worshipped KRISHNA with a live vision ……

EVERYDAY during the reign of VYASA RAJA was eventful  with scholars debating …. sungers singing celestially … people engaged in dharma ….. VYASARAYA worshipped VENKATESHA in TIRUPATI personally … and till date there is VYASARAYA mutt staright oppsite the temple ….

HE gave us VAADIRAJARU who lived ripe till the age of 120 years .and gave us innumerable stotras and vyakhyana ….

HE gave us KANAKADASA  who also lived to ripe age … and met both VYASARAJA and RAGHVENDRA swamy in his lifetime [ both avatara of rayaru ] …

VYASARAYA  gave ashram to VIJAYEENDRA and again took ashrama from hIm as disciple as RAGHAVENDRA teertha …..

ADVAITIS and NON MADHVAS ran away from the kingdom unable to face the logic of VYASARAYA …. people of those days murmured as long as VYASARAYA is there like abhinava VEDVYASA   there is no scope for vipareeta gyana to reign the spiritual world …. He was like a LION to the wolves of  MAYAVADIS …. [ remembering these lines of mine will give all the desired in one stroke ..below shloka is testimony to it ] Vyasaraja lived from 1447 – 1539 AD ..

 Arthikalpita kalpoyam prathyarthi gajakesari/. Vyasathirtha Gurubhoryarth asmad Ishtartha siddhaye||

oh RAGHVENDRA teert ha suprabhaata to you ………


Comments on: "RAGHAVENDRA SUPRABHAAT -2 !" (11)

  1. Acharya,

    everytime when I feel i am deflected from my path ,,and donno the way to return i get an inspiration in the form of your words,,,,,

    today is one another of such instance.,,,



  2. badrinath said:

    Namaskara acharyare

    I have read – Vysa theerta established 732 idols …because when he was took birth as Bahlika in Dwapara yuga, during Mahabharatha war he raised his weapon 732 times against Bheema ( Hanuma, madhwa).732 idols was established as prayaschitta.

    Acharyare please correct me if i am wrong.



  3. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    please let us know regarding the kuhu yoga due to which sri vyasarayaru actually ruled the throne of vijayanagara empire… also kindly tell us in detail reg the installation of 732 hanuman idols.. and as reg the reply you gave above.. i really liked everything presented here a lot.. esp the highlight of the post is sri rayaru telling us.. ” It felt as iF RAYARU were saying ” aye man heres party going ON …. and what are YOU … come on JOIn ” …..” awesome guruji…
    kindly oblige and reply to my doubts as presented above…


  4. Chiraanji

    Bahut dhanyavadah for another gem of a post again from you – that too on such an auspicious date of the poorva aradhane of Guru Rayar.

    I have some questions for clarification. Please clarify and educate and as always kindly excuse any mistakes out of my ignorance.

    a) Regarding Bahlika Raja avatar and his request that he get killed in Kurukshetra at the hands of Bheemsen – I had read earlier that Bahlika had hit (pretended to) Bheemsen 732 times before finally getting killed. For this reason, to repay for this, in his next avatar Bahlika as Sri Vyasarajar he had installed 732 Hanuman idols in different locations. Is it true? If so, please educate us on whether there is any pramana for this?

    b) As Sri Vyasaraja avatar, he had ascended the throne of Vijayanagar empire to save Krishnadeva rayar and the complete kingdom as well. I had read that while the reason for his occupancy in our eyes was to save Krishna deva rayar, the actual reason was that as Prahlada he was supposed to have ruled for 12 more years but did not do so which got evened out during his tenure of Sri Vyasaraja. Is this true? If so, please let us know the sushma behind what happened to Prahalada in missing out the 12 years as RAJA in that avatar itself?

    c) As you had mentioned in the post, only Sri Vijayeendrar and Kanakadasar possibly had seen two avatars of Rayar – Sri Vyasarajar and Guru Rayar avatars. Is there anybody else who had this priviledge? Sri Vyasarajar had mentioned to Vijayeendrar that he will take avatar as Venkatanatha and meet him. In this way, Sri Vijayeendrar was expecting to see him before entering the brindavana in Kumbakonam? But Kanakadasar was ignorant of his previous janma association with Sri Vyasarajar when he again meets him in his next avatar as Guru Rayar and he does not get to know this fact at all till the end? Is that correct?

    Eagerly looking forward to the following posts on the meanings of the remaining shlokas in this raghavendra suprabatham.

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams



    • 732 idols of hanuma its installation and reasoning …all these are recorded conversations between yatis ….
      AT any stage of life … people do ineteract .. interaction of two normal people will be different …[ school boys would talk about ongoing cricket match ….. latest release of an actor .. or anew cover of vogue ……….oldies would would talk about new house constructed … son going abroad , a probable after retirement plan etc ] some intense guys talk about politics … some about their passion ..some about harrasment at workplace so on so forth ] even people spiritually advanced talk .. their talk would be very strange for people to understand ….
      just like when two great sportsman discuss , they discuss about that extra thing, improvisation which would give edge over opponent … these could be understood by a aother sportsman only who has his basics right and has some siddhi in the game …. layman would not understand how that improvisation works ….and after the game just as specialists comment on that extra advantage the conditions offered andhow the extra improvisation of the technique exploited the situation becomes an interesting discussion for other specialists too and they are glued to the discussion and it becomes a hobby …

      similarly when two aparokshagyanis speak they speak about that sublime karma … that sublime ineffciency and suppoosed patch one applied in subsequent birth ,.. like one gyani contemplated after deep meditation that his next birth would be of mletcha … he was sad that he would undergo avaidik tradition … so he worshipped lord and found a via media .. he lived in the attires of mletcha and conducted like mletcha in this very birth [ keeping mental state intact and engrossed in HARI ] and exhausted the karma … so next birth was infact that of superior sadhana … that is improvisation …
      similarly VYASA teertha estblished 732 idols …. this he disclosed to his disciples …. which is handed down as tradition …

      Prahlaada was KING of three worlds .. so his 12 years rule cannot be substituted by 12 years of kaliyuga kingdom rule …. limited in area and splendour as compared to tretayuga ….
      VUYASARAYA ruled because … one there was sukh prarabdha ….. two the order and level of civilisation that had reached was far beyond the capacity of human to enjoy .. such a kingdom would always be enjoyed by devtaas and yatis and dasaru were devtas incarnated on earth ..it was necessary that atmosphere be conducive to their sadhna and enjoyments be at par to their callibre . hence when reins were made to be given in hands of YATI …

      kanakdasaru was YAMA himself .. so he was aware of RAYARU … they had vishesha HARI seva opportunity through RAYARU as RAYARU carried vishesha VAYU sannidhi …… SO when he gave sasavi [ mustards ] to RAYARU … rayaru used it in SRIRAMA prasaad even though it was chaturmasa … one must always heed to superiors and should not argue on right and argue …. RAYARU showed it by accepting mustards and changing rules ….
      [ note ‘ today was upavasa for me …. BUt as I went to a prominent place to winess KRISHNA POOJA by a prominent YATI … it was late into night … and people there literally blocked my way to leave without taking food ,,.. I took it as BRAMHANA AGNYA and had my dinner …
      my guruji had told me a decade ago .. As a principle son should not take those things which are dear to HIS father [ AFTER THE DEATH OF FATHER ] SO I NORMALLY DO NOT TAKE certain sweets and vegetables and fruits which my father liked …. but it was offered to me by my guruji .. when i told him about my vrata .. HE said all that shoudl followed only in onc’s own house …. outside one must stick to elders command … and by doing so there is no break of upavas vrata or niyam and no sins occur …
      SO RAYRAU gave me a feast on his aradhana ./. generally RAYARU does not like his disciples do more upavas … he believes in merrily happily attaing all desires and easily granting MOKSHA … no hardwork … just enjoy ……
      This I myself experienced ….with so much of pressure being exerted … It felt as iF RAYARU were saying ” aye man heres party going ON …. and what are YOU … come on JOIn ” …..

      similarly RAYARU accepted MUSTARDS from a SHUDRA [ KANAKADASA } …. he could hav on the other hand refused and even got angry at shudra coming and offering him a nishiddha padartha ,….. and world would have taken it as right as he was a celebrated YATI of his times ….. but contrarily RAYARU accepted not only accepted he ordered to be used in NAIVEDYA of MOOLRAMA …. this goes on to show that RAYRAU knew the likes and dislikes of RAMA … RAMA wanted to accept the humble offerings of APAROKSS GYANI SHUDRA KANAKDASA … and rayaru did the same …

      In tartamya too YAMA is far more higher thhan prahalaada ..

      now these are strange behaviours …. one priest from non RAYAR mutt visited RAYARu during chaturmasa dwidala vrata to deliver some message to RAYARU … RAYARU after taking note of his plea gave him mantrakshate [ rice grains ] and requested the visitor to have food and then leave homewards ….. the preist visitor knowing that mustards are used in rayar mutt … avoided [ he thought his vrata would get bhanga ] and went back …. while delivering the rayaru’s msg to his master . his master observed that mantrakshate had become black …/// immediately master sent him back and asked him to take food and come back ….
      that goes on to show that bramhan agnya yati agnya is more important than vrata and niyama …[ the pramana is in the words of SURYA nd YAMA in YAMA SMRUTI ]

      All this shows that they were all aware of who’s who …..


      • Thank u for sharing the beautiful experience Guruji 🙂

        Guruji what is to be done with Mantrashakte…it s to be eaten ?
        I ate it last time when i went to the temple after pondering for a while what exactly was to be done with it…i finally concluded myself that it was probably prasada and was to be eaten!!


      • “one gyani contemplated after deep meditation that his next birth would be of mletcha … he was sad that he would undergo avaidik tradition … so he worshipped lord and found a via media .. he lived in the attires of mletcha and conducted like mletcha in this very birth [ keeping mental state intact and engrossed in HARI ] and exhausted the karma……”

        my dear Sir was this person jambukhandi vadirajchar? pls enlighten. thank you.

        sri krishnarpana.


  5. Guruprasad said:

    Pranaam Gurugale

    A fitting article released on purvaradhana day and very useful saadhana for devotees and readers for keeping up the Guru Smarana.

    Shri Raghavendraya Namaha




  6. Guruji this photot of Shri Narsimha is also very cute:) even though this is the ugra form of Shri Narsimha still He is looking cuteee 😀


  7. Thank u for uploading the beautiful translation Guruji:)
    I wish i could read the full thing 🙂


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