Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

shloka -14

Oh Venkatarya , Two pious couples Timmanacharya and his wife Gopikamba wanted a pious progeny .. They did penace in the holy place of Tirupati to LORD BALAJI …You were born as  a result of that penace …You were named as VENKATACHARYA ..At a very young age you mastered the traditional art running into family  that of playing VEENA … You achieved TOP place among the exponent of the art during that time ….With your tapobala you achieved a very pious body and purified yourself to the highest degree … You are purifying all the devotees who are serving you ….You are relieving them off their pain and misery ,fear and poverty …Oh GURURAGHAVENDRA ,,, a very good auspicious morning to you [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 15

O YATIRAJ , The throne on which you are seated has been previously ruled by yatis like SHRI MADHVACHARYA , SHRI JAYATEERTHA  , SHRI KAVINDRA TEERTHA .. they were all eagerly waliting for their reins to be taken over by an able YATI of extraordinary brliliance .. You have taken over the irens , they are all blessing you and are expressing agreat happiness at their desire being fulfilled and are always discussing about it among themselves … OH RAGHAVENDRA a very good auspicious morining to you [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 16 

O Yativarya , Shree SUMATEENDRA teertha  and SHree VADEENDRAteertha [ incarnation of Dronacharya ] have all taken sanyasaashram under your guidance and in your tradition …They being your disciples have sung your praises in the GURUGANASTAVAN and they have written many granthas under your guidance ..They have given tribute to you with their works .. Oh RAghavendra cast a sight fully wet with the feelings of KRUPA [ benign shelter ] … a very good auspicious morning be to you [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 17

Oh protector of DHARMA , Grahasthashram is one of the best ashram as it supports all others …You accepted it …BUT YOU NEVER ASKED ANYTHING FROM ANYONE TO CONDUCT YOUR DAILY LIFE OR EVEN TO FEED YOUR FAMILY … WHATEVER LORD GAVE YOU LIVED ON IT ALONG WITH YOUR FAMILY ….YOu lived with lot of struggle to get a two square meals …. with lot of difficulties yet you did not leave ‘aparigraha vrata ‘ ….. ANd now YOU are giving all the desired to your devotees who serve you and you are protecting them .. oh Raghavendra a very good auspicious morning be to you [ suprabhatam ]

shloka 18

Oh YOGIVARYA , LORD RAAMA inspired SHREE SUDHEENDRATEERTHA in the dream to give sanyasaashrama to VENKATARYA …. SWAMy pressed you to take up the Sanyasa and peetha … YOU did not accept …. The same day SARSWATIDEVI appeared before you in the night [ rayaru had the darshan of goddess saraswati]  , Under her instructions to take up the cudgels of MADHVA VEDANTA samrajya You accepted to become sanyasi .. You were named as RAGHAVENDRA TEERTHA ..From that day till date You are continuing with the dties of YATI like mantraJapa and Purifying the world and uplifting the philosophy as a service to HARI … oh RAYARU a very good auspicous morning to you [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 19

Oh One of virtuous , GANGA and other teerthabhimani devatas have all much affection towards you … they all are waiting with golden vessels studded with gems filled with punya jal [ sacred water ] to bathe you ….  they all would like to bathe you in a traditional vedic manner as prescribed in agamas … Kindly leave the YOGANIDRA  let a good auspicious good morning to you greet you [ suprabhatam ]

shloka 20

Oh one who is mostrespected in the universe , The sumangalis [ auspicious rishi patnis ] like ARUNDHATI and other munipatnis carrying many auspicious objects like kumkumkesari , and flowers like mandaar , parijaat and other devapushpa , many golden [gem studded] diyas are awaiting to carry out a AARTI to you .. Oh RAGHAVENDRA please accept these ,a very good auspicious morming begins for you [ suprabhatam ]

shloka 21

O JAGADGURU , KASHYAP VAshishtha and other munis are awaiting to chant VEDIC hymns to bless you [ AASHIRWACHAN ] please accept those hymns sung for your auspiciousness and then bless the devotees their desired /… Oh guru RAGHAVENDRA SUPRABHAATAM

shloka 22

Oh YATISARVABHOUMA , many kings and KINGLY personalities , rich merchants and influential people are standing at your doorstep with many many gifts and bags of wealth  stuffed in their beautiful vehicles ,to offer at your feet … You are YOGI of highest KIND and do not have any attachment to wealth neither you aspire them … BUt still  oh Raghvendra kindly accept these because they have brought it with devotion as service … That would cleanse them and increase their virtue , purified thus they and their wealth will bring them peace .. Oh raghvendra a very good auspicious morning to you [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 23

Oh YATIVARYA , many many people are braving cold weather and have taken dip in Tungabhadra river early in the morning and even though shivering and freezingunder cold breeze , they are waiting to serve you with namaskaar seva wearing wet clothes … Please leave Yognidra and bless them their desires … a very good aspicious morning to you [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 24

Oh yatiraj , all your attendants have finished their sandhyavandan and nitya naimittika karmas . They have readied auspicious seat for you ..  please leave yognidra and please occupy it to quicken our fortune to witness  the POOJA of MOOLARAMA JAYARAAMA and DIGVIJAYARAAMA and SHREE VAIKUNTHAVASA …. SUPRABHAATAM

shloka 25

Oh Raghavendra swamiye , Your devotees are reciting your infinite stotras .. they are reciting loudly .. with this loud parayana , the auspicious sound of mantras are spreading in ten directions … The people dwelling in all the ten directions are able to hear them … hearing those mantras  their insupicious karmas are fleeing … ALl the devtas and sajjanas are listening to these hymns with their head down in reverence …. These devotees who are doing parayana are indeed blessed … Having being worshipped by them Oh RAGHAVENDRA a very good auspicious morning begin for you … [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 26

O jewel among the scholars .,, look at these students disciples , they have readied granthas like NYAYASUDHA , PARIMALA etc on the VYASAPEETHA  ,they have opened the relevant chapters for adhyayana for the day ,  they would like to begin their morning study with your permission ..Oh raghvendra , its you who make us all study and teach us in your sonorous VOICE .. Please leave the  Yoganidra and educate us …. A very good auspicious morning begins thus [ SUPRABHAATAM ]

shloka 27

Oh YATISHIROMANI , all the scholars here are full of knwoledge and know all the shastras , But even they have developed some doubts owing to self introspections and sometimes through debate with other scholars …. They could not come to conclusion either nor could they resolve their doubts properly … they all believe only you can solve these difficulties in their study and meditation [ manana ] . So to cast away their doubts these scholars are waiting at your doorsteps to initiate a dialogue on tatva , kindly bless them with renewed knowledge and understanding … Let a very good auspicious morning begin [ suprabhaatam ]

shloka 28

Oh MUNIVANDYA , on the banks of river tungabhadra at MANTRALAYA , inside your BRUNDAVANA , many a dieties and devtas [ superior to YOu Oh RAGHAVENDRA ] are seated only for you …as a mark of extreme grace and affection towards you … Oh RAGHVENDRA the one seated in this BRUNDAVANA with vishesha sannidhi of all the devatas , please accept me under your sacred fold … I offer you myself to your LOTUS FEET … SUPRABHAATAM ..

krishnarpanamastu …

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  2. badrinath said:

    namaskara acharyare

    [ those who do not have wife cannot take up sanyasa ] ………. Sri Raghottama theertharu was bramchari when he took sanyasa, and also the present Yati of Uttaradhi mutt Sri Satyatma Theertharu took sanyasa when he was brahmachari….. what about Sri Vishwesha Tiirtha of Pejwar mut. Finally Our beloved Madhwacharya was also brahmachari !



  3. KrishnaFan said:

    Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.
    I have got this intense desire to visit Mantralayam and seek Sri Rayaru’s blessings after reading this wonderful explanation. Please bless me that my desire be fulfilled, despite my non-conductive circumstances.
    Humble pranams.


    • Rayaru always fulfills his devotees desire …. but he also says ‘whoever calls he would come there ..’ He may as well come to UK to meet you …


  4. Pranaams Acharya,

    Why did Shri Rayaru not accept the sanayasa from SHREE SUDHEENDRATEERTHA as inspired by Shree Rama in the dream and later accepted Maa Saraswati’s instructions ?



    • Venkatacharya was just seven years into marriage … a very young teenaged wife ….. and very small child …whose upanayana was not yet accomplished ….Leaving the family at that stage was not acceptable to Venkatacharya …. moreover he had a very possessive wife …. He had just received many honours from the KING in presence of VIJAYEENDRATEERTHA in a debate and also for VEENA recitals …. All the riches got that day was mysteriously stolen by thieves that night ,,,.. family was back to poverty … leaving wife and child without shelter and finance was not dharma … SANYASA should be taken only if wife permits [ especially when she is young , it becomes all the more mandatory ] sanyasa is not acceptable if there are old aged feeble parents , young wife , just born child , or unsettled children … and more importantly one must not accept sanyasa if he is not in a position to give ” ABHAYA to all the living beings surrounding him … ABHAYA means capacity to remove fear … so one who is under fear , one who cannot solve others problems , one who is not free from debts [ debts of all kinds ] cannot take sanyasa …
      VENKATACHARYA was merely following dharma …


      • Sir. Why did the lord himself inspire by being in the dream of Shree Sudheendrateertha, if it was not meant to be ? Was it a test for Venkatacharya ?



        • SUHEENDRAteertha was reining peethadhipati , as any aging YATI would like to pass on his legacy to a worthy successors , KINGs have their sons as prince , but in spiritual world , it becomes difficult to search for a able successor ,all the more difficult when one becomes too old say 90 years .. you cannot sit properly , getup properly .. nor can you do pooja properly as limbs become fragile …. So for able extraordinary YATIS , this problem is solved by LORD himself by inspiring the name of right candidate …. now preparing a candidate for the peetha is a herculean task in every era ….. that is part of Leela of HARI … as one needs to be in highest form VAIRAGYA to sit on the PEETHA … this vairagya slowly peaks up and at the peak one leaves the attachment , its easy to do in old age . when children are grown up have their family and , wife is well looked after by sons , [ those who do not have wife cannot take up sanyasa ] and system is well placed … then taking sanyasa is easy for virakta … but in RAYARU ‘s case and even more in JAYATEERTHA munis case … the situation was indeed calling for sacrifice of highest kind …. even though DHARMA was not permitting , the call of the time to uphold the VEDANTA was paramount …..
          so it was not a test for VENKATACHARYA [ He as prahalaad vyasaraya had already exhibited viragya of highest kind … He was aparokshagyani … a deva swabhava .. so vairagya was natural … only it had to peak …..owing to Dharma Venkatacharya had not contemplated total renunciation and was still in sansaara avastha following grahasthaashrama and he was all but 24 years … wife was only 15 … child was 7 years …. When first words of SUDHEENDRATEERTHA came it set in the motion for Total renunciation …. and as any decision making would require contemplation so also VENKATACHARYA contemplated and it … it took two days to culminate the process of introspection and PEAKING of VAIRAGYA … in these tumultous moments when mind is deciding whether to follow dharma or call of the duty towards VEDANTA …. it becomes very difficult … after all child was not even given upanayana , nor was there any money to get one done .. without upanayana to son how can he be left ?
          So Sudheendrateertha offered to do upanayana on the expenses of MUTT … and SARASWATIDEVI convinced him of the right direction… so decision making became easy and last chord of attachement dwindled with darshan of SARASWATI devi ..complete VAiragya manifested [ it was already there ] ….all this in two days is perfectly natural ….. Later VENKATACHARY knew his wife would not give permission … and unable to face her , HE took sanyasa without informing her … when neighbours informed VENKTCHARYA’s wife saraswatidevi , she could not bear the news of separation and commited suicide by jumping into the well …. rayaru perhaps knew of this consequence .. so initially refused … it was natural ….


  5. Lovely! My pranams and sincere regards to you Dear Sir!!!


  6. Thank u Guruji 🙂 Lovely to read……………. 🙂 As sweet as Shri Rayaru Himself 🙂


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