Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

KrishNaashTAmi Vrat !

||SHriGurubhyo namaha ||

At the stroke of midnight when moon tenants  Rohini Nakshatra  in the dark half of the lunar month when kalaashtami tithi exists  , that ashtami is considered as ‘ JAYANTI ” in the shastras which is capable of destroying all the evils and sins .On such  a ashtami even though HARi is without birth and death , he manifested [ SHRIKRISHNA PRADURBHAVA ] as SHRI KRISHNA .

AS LORD has manifested in a  beautiful form , that day is most sacred and removes all miseries of devotees in an extraordinary way . So everyone must worship in a special way , especially dwijas must worship without fail by fasting as per shastras, without fail .

Those who out of loss control of senses eat or partake food  , it would be akin to eating blood soaked meat , Thus one must undertake  fast on this auspicious day .

One must get up early in morning before sunrise  and after completing morning chores , leaving aside laziness , should bathe in a manner as prescribed by agamas …while bathing following mantra should be recited

Yogaay yogapataye yogeshwaraaya yogasambhavaay Shree Govindaaya namo namah ||”

again with above mantras one should complete sandhyavandan and nityakarmas ..

 In the afternoon /evening again one must bathe with above mantra …. [ before 11 am ]

Then onemust perform nitya pooja with follwoing mantra

yagnyay yagnyapataye yagneshwaraya yagnasambhavaya shree govindaya namo namah ||

at this point one must also worship vasudeva ,devaki ,nandgopa yashoda and subhadra and balaraama ..along with Krishna …

Just as  the moon  rises in the night around midnight , one must stand up to  give Achyuta as present in chandramandala [ bimba of the moon in the sky ]  arghya and other archana with follwoing mantra

‘Jaatah kamsavadhaarthaayah bhoobhaarottaarNaya ch | kaouravaNaam vinaashaaya daitayaanaam nidhanaay ch || paaNDavaaNaam hitaarthaya dharmasansthaapanaaya  ch | grahaaNaarghyam mayaa dattam devakyaa sahito Hare  ‘ ||

take milk  along with sandal paste tulasi fragrant flowers coins  and leave it in the plate near tulasi looking at the moon [ remember bharatiya ramana mukhyapranantargata krishna in the moon ] in a standing position  .. repeat the mantra with water …

the similarly give arghya to MOON seated along with his wife ROHINI … with following mantras

‘KSheerodaarNav sambhoot atri gotra samudBhava | grahaNaarghyam maya dattam RohiNya sahitah Shashinah  ||

Worship KRISHNA with manyusukta [ non dwijas with Krishnastaka ]

and worship MOON with following mantra

” Shashine chandradevaaya somadevaaya chendave | mrugiNE sheetabimbaaya lok deepaay deepine | sheeta deedhiti bimbaay taarakaapataye namaha ”

After upasanhaara .. one must remain with bramhacharya and controll all the senses .. recite

‘Vishwaay vishwapataye vishweshwaraay vishwasambhavaay shree govindaaya namo namaha ||

and then one must say Krishnaarpanamastu and sleep ..

Get up next day early in the morning … complete nityaahnika and then

give daana to a bramhin as per capacity reciting following mantra

” sarvaaya sarvapataye sarveshwaraaya sarva sambhavaaya Shree govindaya namonamaha ||”

then recite following mantra to give bramhana bhojana  and then  complete paarane

” Dharmaya dharmapataye dharmeshwaraaya  dharma sambhavaaya shree govindaaya namo namaha  ” ||

By  completing the vrata as above one will attain swarga as sins burn out completely and relieved one attains Moksha …



Comments on: "KrishNaashTAmi Vrat !" (21)

  1. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    is krishnashtami in india today or tommorrow sir ? when can one take food ? also can one take sweets if outside ?


    • today is upavasa … nigh you have to give arghya … sweets cannot betaken … take fruits after 12 midnight today

      you can eat lunch tommorrow after 12 noon …


      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

        how to give arghya ? please elaborate ..


      • Sir Can milk, tea, coffee be taken before midnight today ?



      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

        please reply sir because i have never given any arghya before also i am a non-dwija.. so can i give arghya and what is the procedure.. kindly elaborate please


        • eveybody can give arghya , arghya means to welcome …wont you welcome KRISHNA ? ,,, one must welcome with sandal paste milk and flowers and coins ….


          • Web definitions of arghya

            Water mixed with auspicious substances and offered to an honored guest, either sprinkled on their head or offered into their hands.

            (Sanskrit) Variant of argha [from the verbal root arh to be worthy, deserve] As an adjective, venerable, deserving; as a noun, an oblation reverently offered to gods or exceptionally worthy human beings and consisting of flowers, water, rice, and durva grass; also the container or vessel in …

            a respectful offering of water is made to the god. This water is laced with sandalwood paste, vermilion and rice.


      • Sir is the time for Arghya 11:36 PM as per calendar entry OR midnight 12 am ?



      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

        please forgive me for asking this question.. can we shave today after 12 pm ?


  2. Dear Sir,

    I was under the impression that Krishna-Janmashtami Vrat has to be observed on 21st but my mother said it is on 22nd…please tell us the correct date. Your Calendar update also shows fast from 21st ending on 22nd around 11:36 AM. Please clear the confusion.



    • Krishnashtami is celebrated on the day when maxmum of following conditions occur
      the prime importance factors in that order

      simha masa – month when sun is in leo
      shravan [ bhadrapada for those who count from poornima to poornima ]
      ashtami tithi
      rohini star

      now tithi astami and simha masa are same for every city on earth …
      this year

      ashtami tithi is during

      10.30 am IST [ indian standard time ] 21st augst
      11.54 am 22 nd august

      this time one must convert to local time of their place

      for example
      for washington city
      it becomes

      astami exists all through the day on sunday august 21st … local time it ends night 2-24 … august 22nd is navami ….

      now midnight for washington does have ashtami on 21st august ….so krishnashtami jayanti celebrations and upavasa are on 21st august … arghya at midnight
      august 21st/22nd midnight

      for california
      rohini exists for both midnights but ashtami exists till 11.24 on 21st august ….
      vrat and upavasa is on ..21 st august only arghya at 12 01 … midnight of august 21/22

      for LONDON UK
      ashtami upvasa vrata is on 21st august arghya
      at 11.03 pm 21st …

      parane food to be eaten only after 7.24 am 22nd august ….


  3. respected guruji pranama
    guruji is krishnatstaka is the same composed by shankaracharya
    hmble pranama


  4. respected guruji pranama
    thank u very much for this important post.
    humble pranama


  5. Dear Sir,


    Thanks a lot for posting this just in time.

    With most sincere regards,



  6. Krishnan said:

    Namaskara Shri Chiraan avare,

    Thank you for the beautiful article on Shri Krishna Jayanti vrata. I have heard from some acharyas that one should also compulsorily do Jagarane on Janmashtami. Kindly let us know whether this is compulsory.



  7. Pranaams Sir,

    We have stopped using flowers as we have to purchase the same. Can the flower garland be purchased on this day and other auspicious days, and offered to the Lord ?



  8. Thank u Guruji…this is easy procedure to follow :)……………touchwood 🙂


  9. Raguraman said:

    Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
    Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

    Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
    Bhajatam Kalpavrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

    I cannot wait for this day every year. My favorite day of the year, my favorite day to fast for Shri Krishna paramatma, my most favorite Form of Shri Hari.


    Please advice me if I have to follow KrishNaashTAmi Vrat on Sunday 21 Ausgust 2011 or Monday August 22 2011 in my place.

    The calendar in my place is in the following link.



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