Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

DSC_0000081Svarnagauri Alankara By Chiraan

Once upon a time the most holiest shri Suta mahamuni started a discourse on puranas to Shri Shaunnaka and other rishis . He said , ‘ Oh Shaunaka and others listen , once in KAILASH parvat rudra had engaged Devagandharvas , siddha vishyadharas , and Narada and tumbura in musical concert , at that very moment KUMARA appeared and offered salutations to his FATHER SHIVA , and asked thus , ‘HEY Mahadev , kindly enlighten me about the vrata which is easy for all the people of all walks of life , in this world ,which would impart all eight types of enjoyments wealth and progeny and make their life happy forever without ever languishing in any misery …and just happiness …..

SHIVA pleased with KUMARA and his prayers ..said ‘ OH SHANMUKHA ! you have asked a very good question ….I shall detail to you ,the intelligent one , the most pleasure giving and wealth bestowing SVARANAGAURI vrata and its mahima only for you …

This vrata increases the fortune of having  children and grandchildren to all those who observe it with devotion …it bestows enormous wealth , it removes sufferings and fills life with happiness and pleasures and also protects them forever without perishing …I shall tell you the story of one KING who realised the complete fruits of this  vrata ,LISTEN …

Once upon a time by the banks of river Saraswati , there was  a beautiful city by name VIMALAPURI , it was the capital of  King Chandraprabha . Chnadraprabha raja had two most beautiful wives … But King was more attached to the First wife and was bestowing more affection on her ..

One day King went into forest for a hunting vacation …He killed many wild animals and was tired ..so he went further in search of a pond to quench his thirst … There he saw a beautiful pond full of lotus and other flowers , transparent water and many a beautiful  girls  were sporting in them ..  He also saw some of the women observing this vrata ..King asked ‘ oh beautiful one , why are you conducting this vrata , what are its benefits ? which is this vrata ?

The women said ‘ oh rajendra !  this vrata is observed on BHADRAPADA SHUDDHA  TRITIYA , it should be carried out by the banks of river with complete shuchi and devotion …It is known as SVARNAGAURI vrata .

The most important aspect of this vrata is …. TO WORSHIP a THREAD { DOAR } with sixteen knots with sixteen upacharas for sixteen years … EVERY years thread is worn on right hand and then one can do udyapana in the beginning or midway or at the end of the vrata of sixteen years ….

Having heard from apsaras the KING with unwavering mind and one pointed senses ,devotion completed the vrata that very day and wore the sacred santified thread of sixteen knots on to his right hand . His heart was filled with joy and happiness owing to vrata and went back to his Kingdom .

He narrated everything to his wife …His first wife became very furious at his narration and snatched the sacred thread from his hand [ thinking it to be some act of second wife as a trick to snatch away husband from her clutches ] as she threw it it fell on a dry log of cut tree … the mysterious power of thread made  the dry log sprout a tender leaves and flowers and fruits like a full bloom tree … After much persuasion of King too , the Queen did not budge .. But second queen observed the vrata with piety and worshipped Svarnagauri with devotion …. She obtained the closeness of her husband more than the former …and regained her happiness .

As a result of  dor-tiraskara [ insult to sacred thread ] , the elder queen lost her senses and mind and became recluse .. she left kingdom and went towards the forest and reached a rishi ashram … There everyone shunned her and said ‘ You have disobeyed your husband and left him , you are a sinner , you have no place here ! We should not see your face again , go away ! ..

She with heavy pain and unhappiness , crying and disturbed wandered in the forest . thirst hunger troubled her . having being on upavasa unknowinglu , she finally worshipped SVARNAGAURI devi …. owing to this she came across Diety Ganapaty but He did not look at her …. She further saw VANALaxmi devi ,but even she did not look at her .. pained at her plight , she sat down and did penace of SVARNAGAURI devi … with dhyana of SVARNAGAURI she cried with outburst …

SVARNAGAURI taking pity on her appeared before her .Happy at her sight , she regained her mental state , repenting on her act , she prayed ‘ oh mother of three worlds , you are most auspicious , Oh devi who bestows all the desired , salutation to you . Oh Ishvarardhang shaaririNi ! “

SVARNAGAURI devi bestowed all the saubhagya on her , she regained her love of Husband … With all the pleasures in this world , having observed vrata again and again , both queen and KING were happy forever … Later Queens attained PATISAYUJYA moksha …

Such a most auspicious and pious vrata mahima whoever listens reads and tells to others  , whoever does this religious vrata , with devotion , all of them will gain the grace of SVARNAGAURI DEVI and be at the peak of KINGDOM of JOY .



Once YUDHISHTHIR asked KRISHNA about the udyapana procedure of SVARNAGAURI vrata ..KRISHNA says ‘ Oh DHARMARAYA ! This vrata can be done by men and women alike ,…. Those who want to do the udyapana , must prepare a podium of the size of a seated cow towards the east of his house …. the podium should decorated and sprinkled with cow’s urine , cleaned with various dravyas … Then it must be anointed with RANGAVALLI of various colours … Establish a peetha on it ….. One must pile up a heap of grains on this peetha …. One must fill a copper plate [ a big ] with TIl sesame …. and this copper plate be established on the heap of grains ,… One must get sculpted IDOLS of PARVATI and RUDRA in GOLD of about twelve inches …. THESE idols must be bathed with milk [ abhisheka ] along with chanting of AGNI SUKTA … Then panchamrutabhisheka must be done for IDOLS . … Then one must install the IDOLS on to the copper plate full of Til … … Then This Pratima idol must be kept on a silver  kalasha …with pranapratishtha mantras …

SHODOSHOPACHARA must be carried out with naivedya …. SHODASHNAAM pooja must be done ….then again dhoopa deepa shud be given .. after offering namaskara and pradakshina .. One must dance before the IDOL in a shastrokta manner … it must be followed by Singing ….special musical notes must be composed .and instrumental rendering should be done …Then gathering of devotees must be given PURANA discourses  by eminent scholars …Everyone must be awake the whole night ….

NEXT day one must complete the nitya naimittika karma . should invoke NAVAGRAHAS and then a homa kunda should be established and with ‘ GAURIRMIMAYA …. “ ,mantra 1028 tilajya ahuti must be given as oblations … in homa ..

One must give arghya paadya to GAURI devi …after pooja and aradhana ,,, one must get a golden cow studded with pearl [ moti ] , manikya [ ruby ] , coral [ moonga ] , panna [ emerald ] , yellow saphire [ pushyaragamani ] vajra [ diamond ] blue saphire [ indraneelamani ], gomedika [garnet ] ,vaidurya [ cats eye ]  , this  golden cow should be kept on bronze plate with dakshina should be donated to a able bramhin … sixteen sumangalis should be worshipped with arghya padya and good ornaments .. one must get good asheerwada from bramhin couples …

and then with all friends relatives and invitees one must feast happily …

Thus ends SUVARNAGAURI vrata udyapana …

Prequel – : once the daughter of HIMACHAL himachalnandini PARVATI devi , having attained her age , had a discussion with her FATHER about the marraige … PARVATi devi expressed her desire to wed Trayambak… Himachal raja said ‘oh daughter He is difficult to approach and also he cannot be pleased so easily nor will he accept our proposal …. Just forget him and I shall arrange  a good groom  for you “ saying thus he left to consult his counsel of ministers ….

disturbed with the fathers’ words and worried about the consequence .. GIRIJADEVI left home at night and entered deep forest …. in the forest near a pond sat down and went into deep meditation .. she made a linga of the mud , and worshipped it with devotion setting aside sleep and hunger …ISHWARA pleased at her devotion appeared and asked her to seek a boon .. she said ‘ Oh devadev ! kindly marry me and grace me with meaningful life ! ‘ Rudra obliged . next day Parvati devi again created a mud shivalinga and and worshipped it with devotion and  discharged ll the lingas into the pond …and took a nap by the side of the pond …

Here upset with the disappearance of the daughter HIMACHAL started looking for her and then seeing her asleep by the pond …. He said what is this dear baby . why so ugra tapas … ? PARVATI devi said ‘ father i was afraid you would get me some groom , as I was interested in only Trayambak … I came here to worship him and please him through devotion …. and what I was succesful He has given me a boon to marry me … “

Happy at this HImachal went along with his ministers to KAILASH and intended to give the hand of PARVATI to SHIVA … SHIVA obliged and gave al the RAJOPACHARA to HIMACHAL .. Thus SHIVA and PARVATi were married midst of all the DEVATAS …. as a result This BHADRAPAD SHUDDHA TRITIYA  when SHIVA appeared before PARVATI on account of PARVATI’s worship of GAURI [ HARINI PATI PARSHURAAM , GAURI namak LAXMIPATI SHRIDHAR abhinna DAMODAR] 

note “ This vrata gives  successful love marriage … it gives girls husband of their choice …husband as per their dreams … husband according to their desire and imagination …. marriage without hurdles .. marriage against all odds defying all opposition … in a righteous manner

For those married this gives spouse of desired dwelling … spouse anukool and understanding … it brings harmony in married life .. apart from that it gives progeny .. wealth and removes sufferings and gives only happiness .. it ensures moksha …..


krishnarpanamastu …

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  2. Maa is looking really sweet in the photo…. 🙂 I didn’t realize that was the pooja photo done by you until Ms. Padmini Ji commented 🙂


  3. Namaste Guruji

    Indeed a very beautiful and detailed explaination of the vrata. You encourage girls to do this Vrata to get desired husband instead of rebelling and getting a heap of paapa. Thank you very much for the wonderful story narration. Reading this has increased my happiness and my devotion even more towards my husband. Alankara done by you looks like Maa Gouri devi (Sri Maha Lakshmi herself with Narayana) is sitting there looking with bright, happy, graceful, satisfied eyes.

    thanks again Guruji for everything.


    HAre Srinivasa.

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