Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Dantadhavanam !

Dantadhavanam – – Dental Care Vedic ISHTYLE !

A thought occurred one fine morning , almost entire civilisation is today using tooth brush and tooth paste ….. In the olden days when there was no tooth paste, were all the people suffering from bad breath ? Or pyorrhea was order of the day ? or nasal herbal outburst was accepted disorder ? The way tooth brush brushed aside a natural phenomena of using twigs for dental care is a research unto itself !

Does using branches of tree forms bad dental care ?

EVen today many villager still use neem … Even in some major cities neem twigs are sold across the footpath …But prolonged use of such non juicy dry sticks of neem [ just for the sakeof nostalgia of yester era ] will definitely give way to dental disorders , more so inconsistent qulaity of breath …  So how did the people of yore managed their tooth ? were they using a mantra ” hari….. saaSon  me taazgi ….. dehi me svaha ”

On an another note – if Satyavati could throw a frangrance for a yojana , did she still suffer bad breath as she never used COLGATE PEPSODENT CLOSEUP Vicco Neem CIBACA [ so much for brand recall ] …{ are yaar yeh datun ke mammle mein ramayan Mahabharat kahan se cchid gaya …. yeh chiraan ka pichle janam ka bimari hai kya }

Mao se Tung had a lavish lifestyle [ all the while communism was for only common idiotic masses ] , his concubines had only one complaint he had a very stinking pyorrhea [ perhaps that was responsible for regime change and according to promoters of tooth care his single most reason of death , as he only used  jungle weeds and leaves , puss ooozed out of his gums and yet HE continued to rule China under great pain ] [ are mere baap ,. tumhara kya HUL se panga hai kya ? ab Mao tse kahan se agaya is discussion mein , Kabhi to present mein jiyo mere bhai ,, yah to astro bolke future mein ghus jate ho nahi to MAHABHARAT utha ke latei ho , koi mujhe is chiraan ke atyachaari phekam-phaak  se bachaye ! mujhe jeene do – Live and let live  ]


Samhita says there are thousands of varieties of datavan[ tooth care ] involving Valli , lata , gulma and vruksha [ ie weedlets  weeds creepers trees etc ] , without going into numerous details . only few which are common and useful and available to people at large shall be discussed ..

The twigs of tress hitherto unknown , whose properties of leaves are unknown , which have twin outgrowths and the twigs that have crest/phalange  divding it into two , twigs which are broken ,torn ,and those that have dried on the tree itself or the one which has no skin  , should not be used for dantadhavanam [ sanskrit term for brushing teeth ] .

The twigs should be 12 inches in size and soft at the front to be chewed and brushed alonside the teeth and gums gently with the fresh juice of the twig cleansing the toungue and throat equally .. . The aam [ bile like scretions or wetern equivalent of serum ] collected overnite obstructs the nadi in the agnya chakra … and with fresh juice of dantadhavan sticks , this nullifies the aam and freshens up the day ….cleanses sinuses and improves vision and gives clear voice  and fresh breath .

But samhita describes specific result arising out of each tree –

  • Vaikankat , coconut and kashmari tree twigs when used for tooth brushing increases BRAMHI DYUTI [ bramhinical light ]
  • Kshem tree gives a beautiful and intelligent ,chaste wife
  • Vata vruksha gives lots of money
  • Arka [ aak ] increases the TEJ [ the spiritual radiance ]
  • Madhu vryksha gives brith of  child
  • Arjun tree gives ability that makes one lovable among the surrounding people
  • Shirish tree and Karanja tree if used for brushing teeth brings in wealth
  • Plaksh tree gives fulfillment of all desires
  • Chameli if used for brushing teeth gives lot of respect in the vicinity
  • Peepal tree will give leadership qualities
  • Badari and Brihati [ Ber [ berries ] and kateri ] gives health and relief from diseases and increase in longevity
  • Khadir and Bel gives enormous prosperity
  • Tanye tree [ tenduva tennesse] and Kadamba tree  gives obtainment of all the desired articles
  • Neem increases the finances
  • Karveerand Bhandeer tree  gives gain of grains
  • Shami tree gives victory over enemies
  • Arjun tree gives capability to wipe out enemies
  • Shyama tree enables to kill enemies
  • Shaal and Ashvakarna tree brings in laurels and awards
  • Devadaru and Vaasika  tree gives honours and medals
  • Priyangu , Apaamaarga , Jaamun and Daalinmba tree gives enormous attraction to the personality whereby everyone adores …
  • One must brush tree in the east or north direction
  • After brushing one must wash and leave the remains of the twig in a neat place and not throw in dust bin … the place where twig is thrown should be pavitra
  • If while dropping the twig the eaten part falls in the eastern or northern direction one will get auspicious results  or stands still firm upwards ….one will get very auspicious results
  • If it stands firm and falls down then one would get sumptous meal that day ..

The method of preparation of the Dantakashta

One should not pluck the twig from the branch and brush , this would only create more plaque and perhaps may be unhygenic as well in long run ….

Jyotish samhita gives an excellent formulae for the preparation such sticks ..

  • Take plenty of twigs 12 inches in size 


  • Mix Haritaki powder in Gomutra [ cows urine ]
  • soak the twigs in this mixture for seven days

Stage 2

  • Take elaichi , daalchini gandhapatra , sauveer ,honey  , kalimirchi , naagkesar  and kooth  in equal parts and mix it in water to amke a gandhodaka
  • soak the twigs for several days in this mixture

Stage 3

  • Take jayphal 4 parts
  • gandhapatra 2 parts
  • elaichi 1 part
  • Karpur 3 parts
  • make a powder
  • Apply this powder to the twigs

Stage 4

Dry this specialised twigs in SUN

When such a twigs are used for the brushing of teeth one gets

  •  happy disposition
  • Excellent radiance in face
  • Clean mouth
  • Fragrant oral aura
  • and perfumed speech output
  •  and pleasnt to ears VOICE

One must resolve expressively the desire in mind [ to be achieved in an year ] and then remember EIGHT limbed NARAYANA and then brush ones teeth


Comments on: "Dantadhavanam !" (94)

  1. Thank u Guruji…that is really sweet 🙂


  2. KrishnaFan said:

    Guruvugaaru, since the topic of languages has come up, can you please brief on this doubt. I am just asking out of curiosity, what language did the people of Braja / Vrindavana / Gokula speak when Shri Krishna grew up there? I used to wonder if they have spoken sanskrit, how could Yashoda Devi fondle Bala Krishna in sanskrit? 🙂 Surely she wouldn’t have said ‘Sahasra sheersha purushah sahasraakshah sahasrapaat…’? What does something like ‘mera munna, mera beta…’ be in sanskrit? 🙂

    Humble pranams.


  3. babita verma said:

    Sir and everyone here Namaskaar,

    Ee kaa hai sab ?? Hum sabbhai log BHARTA BHRAMAN khatir nikle hain kaa??
    Ab toh farmayishen bhi hoye laagi……jaise dassehra mela laaga hai hiyan…
    .(Side mein aaloo bhi ubal rahen hain)Bas Raavan jaale ka Intejaar hui raha hai..
    Ab is kalyug maa kab RAAMJI aahinye …kaa jaani..!

    Hanuman chalisa hamre RAAMLALA JI ki ‘capital’ bhasa ‘Avadhi’ mein likhi gayii rahii.

    Khari boli ( filhaal toh khadi hi hai abhahin talak…aage kaa hoi…bol naahi sakat)
    Though Khariboli is the most closest form of hindi which we read and write as ‘hindi’.Kya hai ki nawabi sheher me sab kuch original hai…( oh! sorry I mean tha….ab toh sab cities ek jaise hain…all same malls…pizzas…burgers..etc etc..)

    Bhasha aaye toh ahccha….na aaye toh mushkil….zyada aaye toh aur mushkil,how??

    See the example –

    Once few months back some sahab came to see me ( pta nahi isko dekhne jaana kyo bolte hain.
    Jaise kuch bolege nahi sirf dekhenge..jab ki… jab aate hain toh bolte zyada hain…dekhte kam hain.)

    After asking few general questions, sahab humse kuch derr mein pucche,In Avadhi(something typical with terms in avadhi).Though I understand the language but not very fluent in speaking it.

    So I said in english – did not get you.

    Bas itna bolna tha ki sahab sanak gaye.Bole( in english)-

    ‘You donot understand this even…you know english but donot know your own language.(Baat toh sahi thi…but itna gussa karne ki bhi nahi thi)
    I said – I do understand but bolne mein problem hai…practice nahi hai.

    He said – but my mother who max time speaks avadhionly….what you will do then..??
    I said – Unko hindi nahi aatikya, zara bhi??
    He said – aap apni marzi se chalengi ya hamari maa ki
    I had no answer (though I had many in mind,but could say any)
    Then I asked just after few secs – you might be knowing hindi and english…if you know that would be ok for me….i will try to learn
    ( But again i did same mistake – yeh sab angrezi mein bol diya)

    He kept quite for a while and said – yes…but..maa ko nahi aati.

    Phir wo chale gaye…and phone aaya baad me..’ girl is too mordern’ ( though he was an engineer in Raiways….few yrs back kisi shaadi me dehke the humne..khud hi aaye the… angrezi ne hamari lutiya dooba di..ktya kare)

    Phir maata shri ki daant padi – inn bcchchon ko angrezi school me padhane ka yehi nuksaan hai..
    kuch culture ke baare me jante hi nahi…yeh ladki ko angrezi bolne ko kisne kaha tha..arre hindi hi bol leti…but what I could do….I am an animator, work as a freelancer….angrezo ke saath kaa m karte-2 aisa hogya hai…..Ab jhel rahe hain..!

    Though i am in no tension….hamre RAAMLALA JI/KISHAN JI( my personal HARI) zaroor aayenge.iss janam mein
    nahi toh…next mein safi…No problem! I am keep Inviting him –

    Badi der bhhaii nandalaalaa
    teri raah takke brajabaalaa
    baal gwaal ik ik se puchhe kahaan hai murali waalaa re!

    koi na jaaye kunj galin me tujh bin kaliyaan chunnane ko
    taras rahe hai jamunaa ke tat dhun murali ki sunane ko
    ab to daras dikhaa de natkhat kyo duvidhaa me daalaa re

    Badi der bhhaii nandalaalaa
    teri raah takke brajabaalaa
    baal gwaal ik ik se puchhe kahaan hai murali waalaa re!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Babita V.
    ( I would like to change my name for writning here like everyone here..but not..a,b,c.d..etc
    Sirji pls koi naam suggest kar dijiye,I will be thankful)


    • kalyani suits you … even in despair you take name of nandalaalaa …. May NAndlal and Vayu bless you …


      • babita verma said:

        Thankyou! Thankyou!…..Thankyou!….

        I am not despair at all….apne kaha tha kuch humne yaad hai wo….

        Life hai….hamari marzi se nahi chalti…..mann ka ho toh accha!…na ho toh bhi achcha!..sab accha.!..so no problem…I have no serious compaints…

        (Aur agar complaints ho bhi toh bhi kaun sa teer maar lenge??)

        Thanks and Regards,


      • babita verma said:

        Sir,I feel it deeply….humble thanks for your blessings…
        Thankyou so much…


    • yeh sahaab to mataaji ke bhakt lagte hain. aur bhi kayi specimen hai is duniya mein. unko unki bhabi, maa, behen, doston ki biwiya – ye sab role model hai, ek biwi/mangetar ko chhod kar. aise match fix hone si bigdna hi acha hai. agar match ho jata to shaadi karti sahab se aur ghar basaati unki mataaji ke saath. jo bhi hua acha hi hua. kuch shubh kaarya hone se pehle aisi balao ka talna zaroori hai. aap phikar mat karo. bhagwaan ko yaad karo baaki sab unpe chhod do.


  4. KrishnaFan said:

    Guruvugaaru, since the topic of languages has come up, can you please brief on this doubt. I am asking just out of curiosity, what language did the people of Braja / Vrindavana / Gokula speak when Sri Krishna grew up there? I used to wonder, if they have spoken sanskrit, how could Yashoda Devi fondle bala Krishna in sanskrit? 🙂 Since she wasn’t aware that He is the Supreme Lord when He looked very young, surely she wouldn’t have said ‘Sahasra sheersha purushah sahasraakshah sahasrapaat…’? What does something like ‘mera munna, mera beta…’ be in sanskrit? 🙂

    Humble pranams.


  5. I didn’t get this Guruji…

    aaj aloo thik uble ki nahi …. did you get the tips ?
    some more to follow

    somebody please explain 😦


  6. I also don’t know…but i am guessing…bhojpuri Guruji?


  7. KrishnaFan said:

    If I am not mistaken Guruvugaaru, Hanuman Chalisa is written in Avadhi.

    Humble pranams.


  8. babita verma said:

    Chiraan Sir,

    Sir ji aise khatarnaak bhasha kayku lihkte aap….aadhi public confusion mein aa gayi…

    Waisan aap ooh baat bhi galat nahi bole rahe….aisan chori logan bhi hoit hain..jehenka dolle-shlloe mein hi ruchi howat hai….mula baad me ooh log unn chhore logon ka aache se chhole( A panjabi.dish) banawat hain………yehi khatir hum bolat rahen…ki dollen-shollen ke chakkar mein bhaiyya logon ko nahi pade ka chaahi….sab itti si baat rahi…batao bhala..ka galat bole hum??

    Means one should use his or her brain( agar hai toh!!.)also while choosing boy/girl…its simple…..otherwise kuch mat karo…leave on HARI…jisko pallle bhandhna hoga…khudi aayega/aayegi….(.arre akele apni zaroorat thodi naa hai…samne wale ko bhi sochna chayiye……..) Yeh sab apna kaam nahi…Grah- Nakhtaron ka hai….

    Ek aur baat….apan log bhi( means girls) kam nahi hain…kaiku disturb karte unko(planets ko)….Waise bhi kitna kaam badh gya hai unke paas….(arre intne log…kabi bhi koi bhi mantra
    bolna chaalu kar dete hain…saara calulation gadbad ho jata hai…kya kare bechhare..! Aur kuch log toh aise mantra bolte hain..ki planet dev bhi sochne lagte honge…’kiska bol raha/rahi hai?’….kiske dept ka kaam aaya hai?……arre Mr.VENUS…pls hear!’ some query is for you.’…MR.VENUS – Oh! No….itni public !!..itne shaadi karne wale hain??….99% percent indians honge! definitely…… yehichh logon ko apna aadress batane waste neeche bahut pandit log baithe hain…mletchas are realy nice…. I realy like them…sab marzi ke maklik hain….apne ko kabhi disturb nahi karte…!Indian ka kuch karna padenga..!)

    And who is this xyz ?? Suddenly arises…..like devdoot…..Itni jaldi-jaldi devdooton ke darshan acche hain kya guruji??….
    (Please kindly donot mind Mr/Ms xyz)

    Thanks amd Regards,


    • @ Babita : thanks for calling me a Devdoot 🙂 haha
      I am an old member of this blog, if you will see some old posts you will find my comments…

      I am a hyderabadi too so understood what Guruji meant.


      • babita verma said:

        Ok,Mr/Ms xyz….I didnot know this…Thanks for translating the language..

        I donot understand this….here many people have kept there name as..a,b,c,d…and x,y,z….why all these albhabets..??why not proper names…??


    • avadh ki chhori aur bhojpuri ka baat hai man pulkit huyi gava
      kachu maithili bhi ho jay to maja ave


      • @ karthik 🙂 : bhojpuri is a language spoken in some regional areas of India….babita had written in bhojpuri…Guruji is saying he enjoyed reading it 🙂 and wouldn’t mind if she further writes in maithili too (another language spoken in eastern areas of India and nepal).




      • respected guruji pranama
        i think it is written in maitili language
        humble pranama


      • Dear Sir,
        i think its in avadhi.


      • name apne aap kaise change ho gaya


      • Dear Sir

        My guess Avadhi by Sri Tulsidas. Just to add what i recollect as explained by wise every stuti stotra mantra etc have a systematic step by step invocation and anusandhan. Parameters like Rishi, chhand and abhimani devta.

        I guess similar to computer syntax if you make even a minor fault the script doesnt work. More often than not non madhva stotras have a faulty syntax and patchy script with no Hari sarvottama vayu jivottamma anusandhan so not sure how they are processed. Please excuse all faults in this take.

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa


      • babita verma said:

        Sir ji,

        Maithli bhasha ka gyan zara kam hai hume…kisi bhasha ka anadar ho isse achcha hai uska upyog na kare …
        Sorry here!


    • Because GOOGLE has not left any privacy..whatever wherever you type it is there on google if you search your name ….so do not want to take chances. I am MR. xyz.


      • poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

        @mr xyz translation for the recent reply of guruji please … 🙂


      • Dear Sir

        Really Google is too invasive I hate it for that. Just wondering how can be one upfront and frank with such lack of privacy. Further this blog is very frank and sometimes tongue in cheek some elements may hold this against us. There are simply too many miscreants full of mischief and malice out there. Just my personal concern.

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa.


      • Dear Sir

        Yes Sir !! was onto it as soon as I saw it. Acharya on a lighter note aapke Blog main Der hai Andher nahi 🙂 All good things take patience and dedication. Better to cultivate these then get yourself misled and invite further misery and misfortune 🙂

        I have begin to realize when time is ripe things flow in naturally and pleasantly. Will wait for further tips and keep pestering you (apun ka philosophy hai life main mauka dikhe toh bas ke chipka dene ka!!).

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa.


      • Namsakar Acharya,

        Just wanted to add we really appreciate all your guidance. Cant even imagine how difficult it is to share so much burden of so many queries day in and day out.

        Not to mention an over enthusiastic vanar sena full of antics vying for your attention with uble hue aloos and what not !!

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa


      • Dear Sir

        Its our good fortune and Hari, Vayu Rayaru’s grace.

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa.


  9. poojaneeyamaina gurugariki pranamalu,

    i stayed in hyderabad for 4 years and i was always an indrawn kinda guy … never socialised a lot .. although i understand basic hindi .. your hyderabaadi style is authentic… i mean its awesome .. 🙂 but i can’t understand your reply sir.. so please reply in english again please.. 🙂 a sincere request


    • @karthik and babita : This is what Guruji meant………

      once upon a time in mumbai ‘ is movie with 70’s retro dressing where shirts had big pockets …and heavy too …[ wajandar kkishya ] ……..

      dum hilate ‘ —- means girls dont fall by following them up down wagging tails .. or by biceps or moneyed wallet … they seem to fall for sharp brains … how to know sharpness should we be pierced to see sharpness …

      finally why all this efforts isnt it easy to brush teeth …….


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