Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

NirastadoshoNirvadyaVeshah !

Punya is of Two types

  1. Ishta Punya
  2. AnishTa Punya

when doing punya [ virtuous act ] , one does the karma expecting a result out of it …[ like if homa is done with laja one gets a compatible woman /man as spouse ] so when doing the virtuous act of homa , one does it with aim to get a wife /husband …

Thus this act of doing homa gives punya but this punya is Ishta punya … Similarly various acts of karma satkarma to get job etc form a Ishta punya for the person .. These punya [ depending on days done , such as parvakala , punyakala etc ] is manifold in size and gives results in birth after birth for  a long time ….

In the times to come This Punya becomes a hinderance if a better Punya phala is awaiting for fructification ….At this point this punya [ hindering one ] becomes ANISHTA as opting this would result in loss of better results …

for ex .. one applies for a job in clerical grade and puts in lots of effort to get it .. One also gets the job .. just at the time of joining as the clerk ,, one suddenly gets an opportunity to become a CIVIL servant .or an officer … Now the efforts and result of the previous clerical grade exam is ANISHTA for the person .. though it was ISHTA at a previous instant ..

Similarly APAROKSHA gyanis , before the advent of APAROKSHA gyana might have performed many a karma for various results … AT that time those punyas and its fruits might have been ISHTA for them …

After the advent of APAROKSHA gyana , when MUKTI is nearer , these punyas guaranting SWARGA or birth on a earth as wealthy man or KING seems ANISHTA as it becomes an hinderance to their MUKTI .. why ?

If the previous Ishta Punya has to be exhausted ..Then they will have to take birth on earth or spend time in Swarga , and while in these births they will again have to do few more anishTa punyas resulting in further more karma .. and thus the cycle becomes inexhaustible to such an extent that actual Phala of MUKTI seems a distant impossible dream … as it becomes impossible to exhaust the heaps of karma AGAMI as it may take infinite births to do so  … Thus such a situation never exists so for Aparokshagyanis these ANISHTA punya is never experienced …

SO what happens to this ANISHTA punya ?

Those who devotedly serve the Aparoksha gyanis .. they get these Anishta punya … similarly there are ANISHTA sins as well … So thsoe who hate or harbour hate towards the saints aparoksha gyanis will get their Anishta sins ….

Both sins and punya of AParoksha gyanis do not touch them …. They go to the adversaries and devotees respectively …

All the karmas done prior to getting AParoksha gyana by APAROKSHI is termed as SANCHITA karma …Among the heaps of Sanchita karma .. the karma which was operational just as APAROKSHA dawned is known as PRARABDHA .karma …

This prarabdha has to be experienced by the Soul without fail , there is no escape from these karma … IT has to be exhausted by experiencing only …

WHile experiencing the Prarabdha Karma , after advent of APAROKSHA whatever karma a soul does is known as AGAMI karma ..

while prarabdha has to be experienced ,.,..BOTH sanchita and agaami are punya pap are anishta and are given to bhaktas and dweshis by HARI and only ISHTA punya is experienced by APAROKSHA gyani ..

RAGHAVENDA guru is SHANKUKARNA in his moolarupa … SHANKUKARNA was devata adjduicated to bring PUSHPA tulasi etc for BRAMHA ji for his daily worhsip of NARAYANA …

Pramana says ” Na devapadamaaruDhaa bramhadarshanvarjitah ” 

means devata post does not come without having APAROKSHA ..

so SHANKUKARNA was a devata and APAROKSHA gyani .. SO whatever karma done in the avataras of PRAHALAAD , BALHIKA VYASARAYARU and RAGHVEDNRA swamy is all agaami karma .. As Prahalaada he has done immense satkarma [ His devotion resulted in pradurbhava of NARSIMHA ] thus all this still remains ANISHTA punya for RAYARU and all the devotees who pray sing his leelas are bound to get benefit by his ANISHTA punya which is sure shot remedy for fulfillment of all desires …

But GURURAJA has no experience of all these punya that he has previously done in his previous births as PRAHALAAD Balhika etc .. Thus he is known to be NIARASTADOSHAh … 

ANy karma done aspiring the fruits of KARMA  or for the sake of revenge owing to hatred .. is known as KAMYAKARMA ..RAghvendra swamy [ so also in his previous births ] never harboured any desires ,,, In BHAGAVAT every character elucidated to have devotion towards HARI harboured some desires and then worshipped HARI .. like DHRUVA wanted to sit on the lap of his FATHER … and went in jungle … MARKANDEYA wanted to have longevity and thus worshipped NARSIMHA …AJAMILA steeped in sins , wanted to call his son and subsequently sees NARAYANA  ,BALI wanted to become INDRA … BUT PRAHALAAD is one devotee who never wished anything in return as reward …

SO RAYARU never had any KAMYAKARMA … even in MANTRALAYA he is sitting only to fulfill the desires of his devotees and not for himself .. thus even that is also not a kamyakarma … just as he does not have the dosha of hatred or desires and does pure BHAGAVAT karma only , so also he is called as NIRASTADOSHAh  …

Muktiyogya jeevas have perfect lakshanas as per lakshana shastra … As per tartamya they exhibit uttama lakshanas .. BRAMAH exhibits complete lakshnas and leser jeevas exhibit lesser lakshanas.. TAMOYOGYA jeevas do not have even one uttama lakshana and exhibit only durlakshanas ..and KALI exhibits complete durlakshans … Absence of uttama lakshanas itself is a dosha …

Such a defict of uttama lakshan dosha does not exist in GURU RAGHAVENDRA and on the contrary He exhibits perfect lakshanas and also exhibits the signs of his ashrama in a perfect manner by wearing a KAUPIN kashaya [ orange robes ] vatsra danda kamandalu fit for a sanyasi .. which are in accordance with Shastras  thus he is known as NIRVADYAVESHAH ..

Krishnarpanmastu ..


Comments on: "NirastadoshoNirvadyaVeshah !" (13)

  1. Sirji,

    Superb eye opening articles…I am feeling highy fortunate…as I am reading this…Its simply ‘Grace of GOD’.

    Thankyou so much.


  2. to subscribe..


  3. Very nice post Guruji on SHri RAyaru……..:)


  4. Very nice post Guruji on Shri RAyaru…….:)


  5. Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
    Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

    Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
    Bhajatam Kalpavrksaya Namatam Kamadhenave

    I find it so hard to concentrate and do just 200 Gayatris everyday just for my own benefit. I wonder how Raghavendra Swamy does 700 year just japa for others. It needs a state of mind and purity beyond my imagination.

    Guruji, I just have a question. What kind of prarabdha karma is operational for Raghavendra Swamy and how are we to understand how it is connected to his selfless and perhaps thankless service at times he does in Mantralayam?


    • RAYARU is in asampragnyat Samadhi .. thats hould explain all the issues ..


      • Pranaams Acharya,

        Kindly educate us on the term “Asampragnyat” .



        • Raghuram expressed that it becomes difficult for normal humans to do 200 gayatri in a day how can Rayaru sit and do japa for 700 years ..
          Hrishikesh also hinted in previous posts that true test of strength is sitting in padmasan or vajrasan for hours ..

          the fact is when one does japa ..he only chants the mantra .. where his mind is ? depends on the pragnya ie realised knowledge ..
          like a mantra encompassed certain knowledge …. does all this knowledge come to the mind as recollection while chanting ?
          for example in the previous post BHAVADUKHTOOLSANGHAGNICHARY … the word … denotes ten fifteen concepts given the post ..
          can one recollect all the concepts seriatim while chanting this word or rather contemplating this word …
          if one has to recollect all these concepts in one go ..one must read the post againn and again and then try to recollect in retrospective ….one fails to collect all points .. after one successfully does that [ perhaps by heart ] , when one chants shri raghavendraya namaha .. he can remember Bhavadukhtoolsanghagncharyah … and 15 concepts ..
          then again nirastadosh which has few more concepts the nirvadyavesha .. few more concepts …and then parishuddha bhakti ..
          so just Shriraghavendraya namaha mantra encompasses so many concepts running into hundred ,,, first attempt of doing the dhyana japa of this mantra may take a day …
          If rayary mnatra can take so much time with only few concepts ,,,,
          hari with infinite concepts will take eternity 700 years is so small …

          again while doing japa in lokik avastha .. we cannot sit forever for a whole day , wife will come up with a plate of idli [ saak yeshtahottu kudtira ] mobile rings … Mr chiraan if you cannot keep an appointment atleast send a msg ,…. emp-sir ek important file reh gaya hai …daughter – appa schoolali teacherparents meeting ide nivu evaglu baruvudilla ……board – sir aap retire kyun nahi ho jate ]

          so in between we keep our awareness of all these things …. so we are in sampragnyaat avastha .. where external world is audible to us ……
          when external world becomes oblivious …. it becomes asampragnyat samadhi …


      • respected guruji pranama
        guruji can leaving being attain asampragnyat samadhi.
        humble pranama


      • Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
        Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
        Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

        Pujyaya raghavendraya Satyadharma Ratayacha
        Bhajatam Kalpavrksaya Namatam kamadhenave


        Thank you for your explanation. Raghavendra Swamy’s prarabdha/Sanchita karma should be so full of only ishta/anishta punyas. How blessed he is by Shri Hari and Mukhyaprana. We are all blessed to hear from you regarding his greatness and even an opportunity to get his blessings.


  6. Our kind Lord Narayana has sent Acharya Madhwa and Guru Raghavendra on earth only for us poor people who are burdened by our karmas.


  7. Chiraanji

    Another gem of a post! Your word-to-word upanyasa of Rayar stotra is simply mind boggling and uncovers so much meaning behind each of those words. Bahut danyavadah for the same.

    You had mentioned that : “the karma which was operational just as APAROKSHA dawned is known as PRARABDHA .karma …”.

    Isn’t it that at every birth, an atma takes a small miniscule portion of the huge heap of SANCHITA karma which is called as PRARABDHA karma for that birth? Or is prarabdha karma coming in only after aparoksha is dawned? Please clarify.

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams



    • for ordinary people before aparoksha .. sanchita operates overlapping the prarabdha … that does not happen for अपरोक्षी


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