Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Bahgavata says Prahalaad always advised to anoint oneself with dust below the feet of Gyaani .. this dust should be applied as abhisheka to all the body … body should get drenched with the Paadkanjarajas  [ yatpaadkanjarajasa paribhooshitaanga ]

Just as we adorn our body with beautiful gold ornaments and feel happy .. so also we must adorn [ paribhooshan ]  with the dust [ rajas ] of the feet of ANSHA of PRAHALAAD raya RAYARU or the mrittika of RAYAR brindavaan .. This will be the true alankaara for the body …

Yatpaadpadmamadhupaayit manasa – those who are intoxicated by the honey of the lotus namely feet of RAYARU … and even in such intoxication still aspire for more honey and the mind is still concentrated on the lotus feet in aspiration …

Yatpaadpadma padma parikeertan jeerna vacha – Those who relentlessly speak about RAYAR mahima .. those whose tongue and words have exhausted in the praise of RAGAHVENDRA swamy and his greatness .. those who spend time in only such praises  these devotees of RAGHVENDRA swmay who live their life just by serving Raghavendra swamy , such devotees [ who have annointed with RAYAR mrittika ] , if Someone happens to see , all his sins gets destroyed like a DEnse Forest which has been ignited by the fire …just reduced to ashes [ like KHANDAV dahan ] …

If The devotee’s darshan[ glimpse ] can cause such an effect , Oh RAGHVENDRA , then You are served by these devotees day and night , what could be the effect of your seva and darshan .. and how much more could be the effect and mahima of the LORD NARSIMHA who is relentlessly served by you Oh GURUSARVABHAMA , It is beyond imagination …

Note – in the previous lines we have mentioned praises what are they ?

Oh RAGHEVENDRA you are sarvatantra svantantra –

IN the previous era , todays era and eras to come , , there were and are many a philosophies like Baudha charvaak etc ….infinite philosophies in vogue ..OUR GURU RAGHAVENDRA swamy knows all these philosophies from roots till the surface in its entirety and hence HE is known as SARVATANTRA SWATANTRA …

SREEMADHVAMATVARDHAN – the wealth of Moksha can be had by the shastras propounded by SriMadanandteertha .., our Guru has written many a commentaries on the ACHARYA’s philosophy like PARIMALA etc …and  brought to the fore to a gaining heights propagating  the philosophy of MADHVACHARYA …

WHile giving sanyaasa , the guru keeps his palm on the head of the shishya [ student ] …and then gives the upadesha of ‘PRANAV’ mantra .. with this shishya is initiated into sanyasaashrama … This is a new birth to a shishya ,.. just as we take new birth in this world , our previous birth’s relations , family wealth and belongings and all other sambandha cuts off …. similarly with this new ashrama the family relations cuts off …  thus a new beginning a new birth occurs … This begins with the placing of palm of the GURU …. so the shishya sanyasi is said to have been born from the palms of the GURU .. and placing the palm is giving vara [ boon ] so also the sanyasi is VARAputra … son out of boon of guru …

RAGHAVENDRA swamy is called asVIJAYEENDRAKARABJOTTHAM SUDHEENDRA VARAPUTRA by appanacharya … RAGHAVENDRA swamy son born out of [ vara putra ] boon of SUDHEENDRA TEERTHARU who in turn   was blessed by the palm of very dynamic VIJAYEENDRA TEERTHARU [ karsanjaat ]


Those who serve this great guru [ by having his padodaka , mrittika and serving his devotees ] one will get

  1.  HARI sarvottamatva gyana
  2. ..hari bhakti …
  3. a very good son and progeny [ grandsons included ] 
  4. to spend time in satkalakshepa [ better spiritual time pass ]  a long life
  5. much fame and much wealth to enjoy
  6. all along one will get much punya [ which will also ensure good next birth  , everauspiciousness in this birth , destroying day-to-day sins and mishaps o day starts with only good things  ]
  7. all the items and objects of enjoyments and collectibles souvenirs giving a worthy lifestyle
  8. what has been collected and obtained with hard work is of no use if it does not remain stable .. nothing remains stable if it is not increasing  so wealth and articles and pleasure objects one must always keep on increasing else it gets destroyed … So rayar seva keep on increasing our status wealth and earnings and amassed objects of desire
  9. All the mentioned above[ pleasures and good results ] if it is not obtained or is not up to mark or is failing or decreasing or is being hurt , wounded or partially suffered setback … causes lots of anxiety .. even if they are intact the fear of losing them lingers in the mind .. this fear is a great obstacle to the journey of life and also for peaceful existence …SHRIRAGHVENDRA who is best among the gurus ..who is guru for all the previously and presently known gurus … saves us from all these fear by destroying the possibility of angst .. and instilling the confidence of gain pleasure and prosperity  …. [ SHRIGURURAGHVENDRA YATIRADGURURMESYADBHAYAPAHA ]


Comments on: "Rayar Mrittika mahima – Gyaan Bhakti Shree:Punya Vardhana : – Mey Syadbhayapaha !" (22)

  1. Delighted! Sadar Pranams


  2. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sincere Pranams,

    While reciting the Abhaya mantra “Raghavendra Raghavendra Raghavendra Pahi Maam Raghavendra Raghavendra Raghavendra Raksha Maam”
    Does each of the THREE word Raghavendra represent Dasharatha Raam, Hanumantha & Guru Rayaru?
    Secondly, can the word Maam be extended to include the concerned family of the one who recites this?
    Kindly clarify.

    Humble Regards


    • it is mandatory that one should always worship GURU RAYAR antargat HANUMAN antargat Dashrathi RAAM … so each time raghavendra gives that anusandhana …. MAAM is for the body … and everything family belongings reputation health wealth all remains till body remains so the word maam represents all that a body is attached to ….

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  3. For those who haven’t read it, here’s the link to Chiraanji’s earlier article on Rayara mrittika mahima:

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  4. respected guruji pranama
    gurujimai kafi ascharya chakit hoo!!
    guruji parso puja ke samay mai ragvendraswamiji ke charno ko ektak deke hi jaa raha tha pata nahi kyo. achanak maine unke charno ko dabana shuru kar diya aur usi din guruji apka ragvendraswamiji ki padoduka mahima ke bare mai post aa gaya.aur guruji aaj subh pooja ke samay mai soch raha tha ki tasveer ke alava mai mantralaya se aur kuch bhi leke nahi aaya fir achanak mritika ke bare mai kahayal aya socha kam se kam vo to mai leke hi aasakta tha par nahi laa saka .guruji mai brhaman nahi hoo puja path vidi vidhan janta nahi hoo shayad iske liye muje vaha yaad nahi aaya .guruji aapla yeh post padhke mantralyam jane kifir se iccha ho gayi hai .
    guruji apne jo yeh hari sarvootmma aur vayu jeevotma ke naam ki madhu shala khol ke rakhi hai .sabhi hari bhakto ko apki is shala se gyan bhakti aur vairagya ka madhu gurukripa ke saath uhi milta rahe yeh mari sneh bhari vinanti hai.
    humble pranama


    • Deva aradhana ka avsar sabko prapt hota hai. Parantu Yati seva ka avsar sabko prapt nahin hota. Aapki to nikal padi. 🙂


      • Kamal ji YATI seva kya hota hai??Please explain..



      • Yati means a Sanyasi, who has renounced material life and totally into Hari Sadhana. There are few bifurcations in this category too, which I dont know, but Acharya can explain.


  5. Om namo bhagwate VASUDEVAYA namaha!
    Om namo SHRIRAGHVENDRAYA namaha!

    Very pious and divine articles…!!!


  6. Treat to read first thing in the morning 🙂 Shri Rayaru :))

    Guruji Shri Rayaru had a son too?
    Who is HIS great great great great …….grandson today?


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