Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Shrikrishna is aprakrut sharira , yet for asuramohana HE created a prakrut sharira which fell nishcheta [ dead] to the arrow of  Jara …

Shrikrishna then kept one rupa on the earth to fulfill the desires of those who do the Krishna japa instantly …. one more rupa he kept in Surya mandala .. one exclusively he gave it RUdrA in Kailasha for  sadhana …  One rupa he  resided with Bramha in satyaloka …

AND then he merged with the moolarupa NARAYANA in vaikuntha …

DAARUK came and informed ARJUN .. Arjun did the antim sanskaar in fire of the prakrut sharira ..

Similarly SATYABHAMA created a prakrut sharira and burnt it with yogadhyana … RUKMINI jumped into fire ….

similarly vasudev and his wives left their bodies … Arjun taking remaining women and wealth from dwaraka started for HAstinapur … OCEAN drowned the city of  DWARKA ….

ABHIRS attacked ARJUN  , and kidnapped the wives of SRIKRISHNA [ one day when these women exhibited their  ego and pride  before Krishna they were cursed by LORD to be kidnapped by lowly men ]  and as curse was in operation ,ARJUN could not tie the string to GANDEEV as tightly as he used to ..somehow he managed but arrows could not go further nor with might ..ARJUN tried to use astras ,, he could not recollect a single astra mantra …..surprisingly his casket which never stops supply of arrows [ by HARI sankalpa ] emptied … there were no more arrows with arjun … ARJUN fought with gandeev as weapon without arrows and killed Abhirs and ABHIRS ran away with whatever they could lay seize on ..Arjun with remaining women and children reached KuruKshetra there Arjun saw VEDVYASA rishi .. Arjun fell on the feet of LOrd and cried like a child .. LORD consoled him saying it was curse of Krishn operating and also said he has sent DALBHYA rishi to those kidnapped women to gain swarga again … RISHI advised them to perform GOVINDA ekadashi [ ashadha ekadashi ] and leave their bodies in saraswati river … this way all attained swarga …

Arjun then installed sons of SATYAKI and Kritavarma onto the thrones of Kurukshetra and kingdoms on the banks of saraswati …. He installed Aniruddha’s son VAjra onto INDRAPRASTHA and handed him all the women children and wealth of dwaraka …

went to Hastinapur and PANDAVAS remembered that SRikrishna had told them that they should do daitya samhaara only till HE is present on the earth after that they shoudl leave to their abodes …. So Yudhisthir coronated PARIKSHIT and asked him to kill abhirs .. Parikshit killed al of them and ruled justly …. except SUBHADRA  all the wives of Pandavas left their bodies in fire …. Subhadra and DHRITRASHTRA’s  son from  VAISHYA wife YUYUTSU stayed back to help Parikshit run the world affairs …


After PArikshit PANDAVA dynasty ruled for 1000 years on earth …KSHEMAKA being the last ruler .. In these 1000 years rule was very just and everywhere people followed Bhagavat dharma and satshastra was predominant everywhere on the earth .. people followed vedic VAISHNAVA dharma only these shastras guaranteed MOKSHA .. as RIshis like Shaunaka etc were preaching BHAGAVAT everywhere … Vedavyasa and all other rishis were appearing in the PUblic whenever Kings performed yagnyas .. so till 2200 BC everywhere there was only VAISHNAVA religion prevalent all over the world ..

Around this period … Tripurasur and his bandwagon of asuras who were killed by SHIVA  took birth again on the earth … but as Vedic dharma as much in vogue these people also got into frenzy and started the vedic sadhana .. and forgot their real swaroopa .[ rishis and LORD VEDVYASA stopped his appearances among the people of earth ] ..  as they progressed spiritually all the DEVATAS became upset as satshashtras were being practised by demons …. why were they upset ? if the havishya [ edibles  kept to be put in homa / yagnya ]  is taken away by a dog will one not be upset ? so also Devatas were upset ..

They went to SRIMANNARAYANA in Kshirsagar along with BRAMHA Rudra  and Indra and others and pleaded HIm to put an end to the satvik sadhana of the demons … TRipurasur had taken birth as JIn SHUDDHODANA and his wife gayadevi . They had a newly born child .. LORD cast aside this child and placed himself in the cradle … In a normal VEDIC manner Suddhodan  and wife called RAJpurohit and arranged for vedic sanskaaras like JATAHKARMA etc …. Just preist prepared for the VEDIC rituals … CHILD started laughing loudly ..and made mockery of the VEDIC RITUALs .. child’s behaviour came as a surprise to all those present .Those present asked the child ” WHO ARE YOU “? the child said ” I AM BUDDHA [ the gyanswaroopa ] ”

He preached this world is KSHANIKA , GNANA , SHUNYA , ASAT , ABHAAV .

They all hesitated  to believe the child ..TO give them more assurance of his prowess … Lord ordered RUDRA And other devatas .. all the devatas knowing LOrd’s intention attacked the child for preaching anti vedic shastra and stopping the KINg to perform vedic yagnyas and depriving tthe devatas of their share in yagnya ..

RUDRA used Trishula and Indra vajrayudha . everyone their weapons .. CHILD swallowed all the weapons .. Finally VISHNU came and used his SUDARSHAN chakra on the BUDDHA .. Buddha the child stopped chakra and made it his asana and sat on it .. seeing this all the devatas praised Buddha and left for their abodes ..

All the people who had amassed many punya till date through vaishnava sadhana lost their punya by adhering to new avaidik shastra and they started believing the world to be kshanika gyana  Shunya asatya and abhaav with that anusandhana they got ready to be sent to andhatamas ..

LOrd then returned to DEVALOKA , where he was surrounded by all the devtas and rishis to explain the meaning of the words KSHANIKA GYANA SHUNYA ASAT ABHAAVA ..

LORD BUDDHA then gave the real meaning to the devatas …

EVERY kshana [ a unit of time ] is in its own kshana … it does not exist in some other kshana .. [ a subunit of time is part of its Unit and not other unit ] . when things exist for greater period of time than kshana even then its existence in that particular kshana is a reality ..JUST as a man having 100 rupees also has 50 rupees with him naturally .. a thing existing in 10 seconds exists for  a second as well ..

so a existence is for kshana is a reality ///

BUt this world though existing for many years is going to end some day and thus carries a quality called ashuutarvinaashi …because it is going to end some day it is called as Kshanik … this quality of ending some day of this world is permanent and exists forever as long as world are created .. thus there is permanency associated with being KSHANIK [ temporary ] .

This quality[ of being vinashi ]  is inseparable from the world and thus it is one with world and in this way world is KHSANIK is permanent truth …

How come world is temporary and permanent at the same time ? this doubt may arise ..

to reconcile .// the inseparability of temporary world with the quality of getting destroyed exists through a special quality of independent implementation of its quality VINASHI … if we accept that there is abhedha of jagat being KSHANIKA and its dharma of being VINASHI then a vishesha dharma of bhedhakarya nirvahana shakti exists to get the world destroyed must also be accepted   ..

In this background The world is kshanika does not mean it remains for a second only [ as people preach ] but it means it is temporary in existence ..ie Kshanika means ANITYA ..

The world [ jagat ] is gnyana swaroopa … what does this mean ?

GNYA – means one wh is always full of knowledge [ sada gnyani ]

ANA – means one who inspires ananiya … this world is GNYANIYA means this world is always inspired by the ever knowledged LORD NARAYANA ..hence it is gnyana swaroopa .. [ instead people preach it is just a mere knowledge / feeling /awareness of existence – tao ]

secondly this world is called world as there exists life [ chetana ] on it .. chetana is full of knowledge ,,and as this world is full of chetan who are gyanaswaroopa ..

then what is SHUNYA ? generally it should mean “nothing ” but did LORD NARAYANA who is BUDDHA mean it ? if not then what is SHUNYA as per VEDAS … a per VEDAS all words describe VISHNU and there is no contradictions between vedic sentences …



Shu means Sukhswaroop

oo means uccha utkrushtha

niya means from which it is niyamita regulated ..

This world is regulated by the one who is uchhautkrushtha Sukhaswarropa who NARAYANA … hence this jagat worls is SHUNYA …

Then JAGAT is ASAT – means JAGAT world is false ???? did BUDHDHA mean this ?

so what is meant by ASAT ?

‘A’ is normally used to negate[ without  ]  …’ A ‘ denotes LORD … as LORD is without any defects he is known as ‘ a ‘ .. he is dosharahit [ he has dosha viruddha gunas qualities ]

‘a ‘ also denotes difference .. LORD is different than this world hence he is known as ‘A” … this LORD ‘a’ who is different and defect-less destroys this world … so the world has a quality of being destroyed which is ‘ saadya ‘ by whom by the lord named ‘ a ‘ so this world is knowns as ‘ASAT”

SIMILARLY tis world is created [ BHAAVYA ] by the LORD named ‘ a’  hence it is called as ABHAAV …

This was the real intention of LORD BUDHDHA and LORD never speaks a lie or misconceptions but people of lesser intellect and taamas pravrutti take it otherwise .. This vidya as spoken by BUDHDHA is known as PRASHAANT vidya which gave much happiness to DEVATAS ..thus BUDHDHA dissapeared uniting with the moolarupa …



Comments on: "Prashaant Vidya preached by Bouddhavatara !" (14)

  1. What’s the rupa of Buddha avatar of Vishnu? is it like the popular Buddha image we see sitting in a meditative pose under a tree?


  2. Ravi Chandrasekhara said:


    There is a caste known as Yadavs in UP and Bihar that belong to Shudra varna. Are they descandants of Abhirs and captured Yadava females ? What about Tamil and Telugu Yadavas ?

    Who are Abhirs, are they tribals ?

    Ravi Chandrasekhara


    • YADAVAs are essentially a people born to kshatriya father and vaishya mother … later they intermixed with magadhs and sairandhris … and later on with sakas /./
      this shaka intermixed community migrated to MAHARASTHTRA and ANDHRA …from bihar … and are rashtrakootas …yadavas … During this rule the kingdom spanned from kannauj to tamilanadu … and the official language was KANNADA in almost half of INDIA between NArmada river and kaveri …kannada inscriptions are found even in jabalpur etc … during rule of AMOGHVARSHA,,

      now kannada language gave birth to TELUGU and and modern tamil … though tamil was spoken even as early as 350BC … present day tamil is offspring of kannada as spoken during chera period ../ tus you find tamil telugu yadvas essentially migrants from MAthura and dwaraka …

      now languages are mispronunciations of sanskrit like MRU in sanskrit मृ becomes mur मर in other languages .. mostly by interchanging the order of letters or replacing the letters by other letters .. for example
      मातृ – मातर – मादर – मदर mother पितृ – पितर -पेद्र-पाद्र-पाद्रि- पादर – फादर –
      समरसिंह – समरसिंग – समरशेर – शमशेर -शुमशेर – शुमाशेर -schumacher
      so aabhir आभिर अबिर अरबि
      aabhirs are arabian tribes …


  3. Pranaam Acharya,

    from pandavas deciding to stop killing demon to Baudha dharma preaching by sri Hari is very well inter-linked. Acharya, under your shadow we did learn God is beyond the reach for everyone to understand, then why did shri hari take such a big decision to preach this prashaant vidya ? ,, becoz even the god like Indra and Rudradevaru could not comprehend .. then how about the rest ? more-over from the story we understand that all gods present there including shri Vishnu agreed to what super-natural new born child said to others,,, then wont it be too deluding to all ?



    guruji in todays time are there any follower of this prasant vidya in orginal form are present if yes then where are they and how do they follow(i mean what are they called).
    humble pranama


  5. Guruji are you really talking about Buddha from buddhism here or are you referring to some other buddha Guruji??

    Very nice and reassuring post it is that God alone is the creator, preserver and destroyer of this world… 🙂


  6. Namaste Guruji

    HAre Srinivasa – jai Anjaneya

    tooo good Guruji!!! now i understood why Bhudda avatara is included in dashaavataras!!! Sanskrit is a very deep language and not knowing all the meanings of a letter or word give loads of agnana!!!

    Guruji .. i have studied a little bit of sanskrit in school … but dont remember any of it!!! i want to learn sanskrit for Sadhana’s sake. It would be really helpful to actually understand the mantra or sloka while sadhane. Please guide on how and when to start.

    Hari Sarvottama – Vayu Jeevottama!!!



  7. Hare Srinivasa,


    In Dashavatara Stuti, Sri Vadirajaru calls Buddha (Sri Hari ) as
    sauddhodanipramukha saiddhantika = one who is the son of Suddhodana and preaches the Buddha philosophy in public

    In MBTN , SriMadAcharya explains Buddha (Sri Hari) as son of Jinana in the place called Gaya in the land of Magadha

    How to reconcile this ?

    Jai Bharateesha,


  8. Kalyani said:

    Shri krishnaya namah,


    Then why Budhhism is different religion??….it must be embedded into Hindu….as BUDDHA was VISHNU himself….the rituals and guidelines in Buddhism are very different from Hindu Vedas..how??

    Thanks and regards,


  9. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    what is the meaning of “prashaant” as in prashaant vidya guruji ?


  10. Pranaams Acharya,

    Many many thanks for this knowledge. Buddha avatara is the most difficult(rather impossible) to understand through normal human intellect. Without a Guru, it is not possible to go into deeper realms of Buddha avatara teachings. We are blessed to be reading this.



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