Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


Oh LORD , give me kaama to do the dhyana of your lotus feet always .
give me lobha to acquire as much knowledge about shastras as possible …
give me matsarya to compete with others to do more sadhana and earn more punya than others ..
give me mada by drinking the intoxicating amruta of divine stories …
give me krodha on your dweshis and evil people fit for andhatamas
give me moha towards your devotees
when one befriends a strong person or KING as ally .. all others get subdued and leave enemity with us , so also befriending YOU oh LORD all my enemies have subdued and act as friends . so give me more …and let year by year my shadvairis increase in your service !

Comments on: "CONQUERING SIX ENEMIES !" (20)

  1. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,
    please forgive me for asking this doubt .. it is said that spardha is not a good quality yhen is it appropriate to practise sadhana for attaining more punya than with a sense of competition as you have mentioned here


    • Hi Karthik,

      I Think,
      Spardha Is not at all a Bad Charecter…..What ever You Do It Should Be “Bhagavath PARA” It should Not Be Virodha. Thats The meaning.Told By “Vaadirajaru”.(Above Comment) Spardha Should Be Positive Not Negitive Thats The Mean.

      If U consider Spardha Is Paapa, Then Bheemasena Murder Sevaral “RAAKSHASAS” During War Of Mahabharatha But He Gained Huge Punya Only Why?

      We People Are Looking For Permanent Joy In MOKSHA,For That We Need Bhagavath Prasaada.To Get That We Need To Quit “Ari Shadvarga” And To Have Nava Vidha Bhakthi,

      “Shravanam Keerthanam Vishnoho SMaranam Paada Sevanam
      Archanam Vandanam Daasyam Sakhyam Aathma Nivedanam”


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