Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

                                                |OM HSYOM OM||

Bramhanta guruvah sakshadishtam daivam shriyah patih | Acharya Srimadacharya santu me janmajanmani ||    

Durvaadidhwantaravaye Vaishvendivarendave | Shriraghavendraguruve namoatyantadayalave ||

havyavahansamahtejam hradabjiprakashitnarsimham | Raghvendramshasambhootam Sushmeendragurum bhaje


Kamsadhwansipadambhojsansakto Hansapungavah| Bramhanya gururajakhyo vartataam mama manase ||

padavakyapramanabdhivikridanvisharadaan | Laxminarayanmunin vande mama vidyagursadaan ||


Arthikalpitkalpoyam Prathyarthi gajakesari | Vyasateerth gururbhuyaadasmad Ishtaarth siddhaye ||

kaamdhenuryathaapurvam sarvabhishtaphalaprada | tatha kalau vaadiraajsripado abhishtadah ||

manmanoabhishtavaradam sarvabhishtaphalapradam | Purundar gurum vande daasshreshtam dayanidhim ||

agyaan timirchchedam budhdhisampat pradayakam | vigyaan vimalam shantam vijayaakhya gurum bhaje ||

Bhoopalnatapadaabjam papaaliparihariNam | gopaladaasmeeDeham gopaalharidarshanam ||

jalajeshta nibhaakaram jagadeeshpadashrayam | jagatital vikhyaatam jagannath gurum bhaje ||

nityotsavo bhavetteshaam nityashreernityamangalam | yeshaam hrudistho bhagavaan magalaaytanam harih||

|| samastasanmangalaaNi bhavantu ||

Comments on: "GuruParampara – A tradition starting from HANSA rupi NARAYANA !" (12)

  1. brbr2011 said:


    Very nice article.

    om om athatho brahma jignasa om meaning we have do jignasa about brahma..
    OM athatho madhwaguru jignasa om we have to do jignasa also about madwa gurus…



  2. Hare Srinivasa !!!
    Jai Bedi Anjaneya !!!

    Guru Madhwa Rayarige namo namo !!!
    Guru Madhwa Santatige namo namo !!!

    This is an attempt to provide the Dvaita sampradaya tradition w.r.t HariKathaAmruthaSara.

    Man’s basic instinct is quest for hapinesss. Shastra calls it the instinct of instincts.

    To make it clearer; man is on an eternal quest for eternal happiness.

    Such a hapiness is possible only in Moksha. To achieve moksha; one needs Gyana, Bhakti and Vairagya.

    To get these three; one needs to do adhyana of Shastras.

    Due to effect of KaliYuga and Gautam Rishi’s shaapa; there was utter chaos and confusion regarding Gyana.

    SriHari incarnated as Bhagawan VedaVyasa ru; HE divided the Vedas, from Ananta Vedas it was divided into four Vedas. The Ananta Vedas were reduced to thousands of shlokas and presented to KaliYuga because of dimishing intellect; the syllabus was reduced. HE composed BrahmaSutras to help decipher the Vedas; MahaBharata and Puranas for non dwijas and Stree to do Sadhana.

    Bhagawan VedaVyasaru has left no stone unturned in giving us everything we ever need. SriMadAcharya says “Vyasa ucchishtam Jagat Sarvam” Whatever one calls Shastra prapancha it has been provided by Bhagawan VedaVyasaru.

    In spite of many mathas and many acharyas; only whoever writes a bashya for BrahmaSutra is called a “matha acharya”. Such is the importance give to Bhagawan VedaVyasa’s works.

    Now many people had written Bashyas to BrahmaSutra ( 21 categories to be exact ); but all of them wrote the meaning that they thought or rather what they felt was correct. With the influence of advaita; the true meaning of the shastras was getting lost. Seeing the plight of “satvika” jeevas; Rudra-Sesha, Indra and other Gods requested SriHari to help the satvik jeevas.

    SirHari sent Vayu in Udupi kshetra as PoornaPrajna. PoornaPrajna; was the first to write down “sutratha muchyate”; i.e. I will explain the meanings in accordance to the BrahmaSutras.

    To give a clearer example; BrahmaSutras is authority. Other Bashya’s are like printing notes in their own press in their own way. SriMadAcharya says “sutratha muchyate” that is this meaning is as per the authority; a real and valid currency note.

    Bhagawan VedaVyasaru created a downpour of shastras; SriMadAcharya gave us Sarvamoola which helps us collect the rain drops of the downpour and bless us completely.

    Sarvamoola – “Sarva”+”moola” – these 37 granthas helps us in each and every aspect of our life.

    Among the sarvamoola is Dwadasha stotra; a collection of 12 stotras praising SriHari; the seed of the HariDasa movement.

    Establishing the Tattvavada empire; SriMadAcharya passed on the mantle to the Udupi ashta Muttas.

    NarHari Teertharu was one among them. NarHari Teertharu was sent to Orrisa by SriMadAcharya; where he was coronated as the King. This is a record in KaliYuga; a full fledged Sanyasi being a full time King. HE performed the duties of both; when The young prince came of age; he was installed on the throne. Sri NaraHari Teertharu on being forced to accept a gift; chose the SriMoolaRama idol and handed it over to SriMadAcharya. Sri NaraHari Teertharu effectively started the “Kannada” HariDasa movement by composing Kritis in Kannada.

    Teekcharyaru by his teekas; explained the greatness of SriMadAcharyas granthas and made it easier to understand. Sri Vadirajaru makes an interesting comparison; all the Sarvamoola works are grooms and Jayateertha’s works are brides. They go perfectly hand in hand and the bride always bring out the glory of her husband.

    After a few generations; the mantle was then donned by SriPadarajaru who composed numerous kritis in Kannada including the ladies verion of SriHari-VayuStuti called “MadhwaNama”. SriPadarajru started a huge vidyapeeta for Dvaita studies that rivalled Kanchi until the early ninteenth century.

    Sri Vyasarayaru (poorva janma of Rayaru) was a worthy successor; his contribution to both Vyasa Sahitya and Dasa Sahitya is immense. His three works NyayaAmruta, Taraka Tanadava and Chandrika granthas are called the three eyes of Narasimha to destroy advaita. Right from administration of Tirumala temple to being the Raja Guru of Krishna Devaraya Kingdom to establishing a massive Vidyapeeta; Sri Vyasarayaru was effortless. Sri Vyasarayaru also installed a record number of 732 Hanuman temples in South India; foremost being Yantrodharaka temple in ChakraTeertha. SriMadAcharya, Jayateertharu and Vyasarayaru are considered the Muni-Trayaru of Madhwa Sampradaya.
    In addition he was joined by Sri Purundara Dasaru; Sri Kanaka Dasaru as well.

    Sri Purundara Dasaru; an avataara of DevaRishi Narad; created a revolution by staying and Grihista Ashrama and composing Kirtanas.

    Sri Purundara Dasaru has 4.75 lakhs compositions to his name. Considering that he started composing at the age of 40 until 80. So in just 40 years 4.75 lakh compositions is a mind boggling number.
    To break it down; 11,875 / year; 990 / month ; more than 30 a day which means avg is more than one every hour.
    What an achievement ! sitting standing, eating sleeping constantly praising SriHari …. Vitalla ! Vitalla !!!

    “Madhukar Vrutti yenadu” – My vrutti or business is SriHari.

    Before Puranadara Dasaru; you were either “born” with music talent or you were not. Sri Purundara Dasaru; systamized the learning process; created Pillari Geetas “Padamunabha Parama Purusha”. Even today the way to learn Karnatik music is the same; as shown by Dasaru.

    Sri Purundara Dasaru is called Pitamaha of Karnatik sangeeta. Each and every song echos with “Hari Sarvothamma!!! Vayu Jeevothamma!!!”

    Even if the song is on other devatas like Rudra Devaru; the last line will be; show the path to SriHari. Not even one composition misses it’s mark. Emotions, Social issues; there is nothing that Sri Purundara Dasaru has not covered.

    Most other composers compile a max of roundabout 25,000 compositions. 4,75,000 is just too great in terms of volume and each one in terms of quality.

    Sri Vyasarayaru praised Purundara Dasaru as “Dasar andare Purundara Dasaraya”!!!

    Sri Purundara Dasara’s house always had a huge divine and extraordinary rangoli. Once even the King was intrigued by this and asked Sri Vyasarayaru; Sri Vyasarayaru showed him that every morning all the rivers; Ganga , Kaveri, etc would come in Devi forms; clean the front of the house and apply rangoli out of respect for Dasaru and then leave.

    The fact that we have been able to collect a few thousand of his keertanas; indicates what a loss we have suffered.

    Kanaka Dasaru who was Yama Devaru’s avataara composed “Keshava Nama” and a lot of keertanes and Mundiges. Sri Vyasarayaru through him repeatedly proved that even non-brahmins can be satvikas.
    His Mundiges are a total bouncer for beginners. The Kankana kindi in Udupi shows SriHari’s anugraha on him; also Ganji naivedya to SriKrishna was started by him and is continuing to this day.

    Next is Sri Vadirajaru !!!

    I’ll take a pause to bow down to the 3 rajaru’s Sri Padarajaru; Sri Vyasarajaru and Sri Vadirajaru.

    There is no words to describe Sri Vadirajaru’s greatness; Sri Vadirajaru created a rain of stotras, to this day; if they are unable to trace the root of a stotra, scholars conclude maybe Sri Vadirajaru’s; such is the impact he has made.

    Dashavatara Stotra, Rukmaneesha Vijaya, Sreesha Guna Darpanam, Lakshmi Shobhana, Yukti Mallika, the list goes on and on…

    Sri Vadirajaru also changed the parayaya time from 2 months to 2 years; so each Mutta gets a little more time for managment. Sri Vadirajaru also installed the Sri Hanuman Vigraha he got from Ayodhya and Sri Garuda Devaru vigraha as well.

    Sri Vadirajaru’s contemporary Sri Vijayendra swamiji at Kumbakonam end; expert in 64 arts. Lots of people who experts in their fields challenged him and were defeated. Sri Vijayendra has the highest number of works attributed to him in Dvaita philosophy 100+.
    Most of the works were reply to Appaya Dikshit a local advitin who would lock horns with Sri Vijayendra everytime and be defeated each time. He used to delibrately write works to malign Madhwa and present it proudly to Sri Vijayendra; Sri Vijayendra in return would immideately give him the reply grantha (which was already prepared) and send him back.

    Sri Raghavendra Swamiji then came in and that changed the game completely. Rayaru authored a lot of works; In fact it is through his works that Vyasarayaru’s works can be understood. He composed kritis as well; Second person after Sri Vadirajarau to take sajeeva Brindavana; to prove that it’s not an accident but a science.

    After the sons of Purundara Dasaru; there was a lull in the Dasa Sahitya period; then Brighu Rishi amsha … the mindblowing duo of Narada-Brighu came to light. Sri VijayaDasaru was born to complete the collection of 4.75 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs; i.e. to compose 25,000 compositions; Sri VijayaDasaru is called as Suladhi Dasaru.

    Sri VijayDasaru gave Dasa deekshe to Sri Mohan Dasaru (Mandava Rishi), Sri Gopal Dasaru (Ganapati Amsha) and many others… this created a proper Haridasa Sampradaya. Dasa Sahitya and Vyasa Sahitya were now flowing with full force.

    Sri Jagganta Dasaru who was a Sudha Pandit before Dasa Deekshe got 40 years ayur dana through Gopal Dasaru and got ankita of Jaggnatha Vittala in Pandhrapura.

    Sri Jaggnatha Dasaru composed a lot of Songs; particularly on Rayaru. One day he got an indication to compose a grantha; one by one all his Gurus came and blessed him and expressed their desire for him to write the Grantha.

    Thus began the task of composing his magnum opus Hari-Katha-Amrutha-Saara; throught HKAS Dasaru keeps saying it’s not my words it’s the Devatas themselves who are guiding me. It’s not a yukti word but each and every word is supported by Shrutis and Smrutis.

    It has 32 Sandhis (+1 phala Stuti sandhi) in Bhamini Shatpadi meter. Dasaru has lay thread bare the inner most secrets of the shastras using simple and lucid examples. It is the first time Dasa Sahitya has produced an integrated and intrecately interwoven work of this magnitude.

    So deep is it’s knowledge that there is a Sanskrit vyakhyana for this Pavitra Grantha.

    In the phala stuti sandhi; Kajige Srisha Vitthala Dasaru says that HKAS matches the works of Sri Vadirajaru.

    SriHari keeping in mind the age of KaliYuga and our capacity has ensured that Gyana amrutha that flows from the Vedas passes through the Madhwa Sampradaya and reaches us in the form of HariKathaAmruthaSaara.

    I have not mentioned a lot of other saints; I bow down to each of them as well. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it; I have not even scratched the surface.

    Guru Madhwa Rayarige namo namo !!!
    Guru Madhwa Santatige namo namo !!!

    Any mistakes are solely mine; may BharatiRamana MukhyaPrana antargata SriHari be please with this.

    BharatiRamana MukhyaPrana antaragata SriKrishnarpanamastu !!!

    Jai Bharateesha,


    • Dear Hrishikesh Ji,

      Thank you for this beautiful write up.


    • Hariprasad Alur said:

      Namaskara Hrishikesha

      The article was music to my ears

      Humble Regards


    • @ Hrishikesh ji

      Excellent work !!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it…. I am proud to be a follower of this sat-sampradaya full of deva-gurus…



    • Viju Rao said:

      thank you so much for such a wonderful compilation. and the info on purandara dasa is simply marvellous. just like acharya’s, i always read ur posts and u never fail to surprise !!

      viju rao.


    • Hrishikesh ji

      Excellent !! very satisfying such a glorious Daiva sampradaya !!
      And true it feels one can pick up any two lines from the write up and spend days elaborating the mahima of Madhva saints.

      Sincere Pranaams


    • SUNAINA said:






      • @Sunaina ji… Chiraan Acharya alone is Guru here; in his Gyana Ganga other contributers contribute a drop or two. I am one such humble contributer.

        Your question although it seems simple is very deep. To give a laukika example; we are taught maths at a very young age. Every year we are taught it; some go upto PHd level in Maths. Similarly every question has simple and very deep answers.

        I shall attempt to answer your question in the Dvaita way.


        Let us take some laukika examples; although there is no laukika example that can fit completely.

        1. Can a person just walk upto a PM / President and talk to them? It takes months/years of planning/appointments; junior approvals, security checks, background checks. to get their audience for just a few mins.

        If this is for just a laukika post; Sri Hari is ananta ananta koti Brahmanda Nayaka !!!

        This example is just to give an idea of HIS Superiormost position. This example does not take into account that SriHari fears no-one and needs no security escort and that SriHari is sarvatra vyapta; so HE himself sports the Brahmanada rather his juniors doing his work.

        2. A student is weak; his/her parents will take personal interst in all his/her studies. Put him/her for tutions; get the best textbooks/guides. Google different techniques to teach on the net etc.
        Just to make sure that their kid gets good marks.

        The one thing that the Parents will not do is encourage malpractice.

        This example is to illustrate how “weak students” like us; need so many different means and methods just to score min. passing marks. Other yugas had to do Veda Adhyana and decipher the truth; but in KaliYuga Bhagawan SriVedaVyasaru has rained shastras so that we don’t have any problem in taking passing marks also with Madhwa shastras we are shown the sure shot path. It akin to have solved papers as well.

        Also our Syllabus has also been reduced for KaliYuga; and SriHari has also assured that the papers will be corrected very liberally.

        The one thing SriHari does not do is reduce the passing marks 🙂 which is what people complain about 🙂

        3. Let us take a soldier; he doesn’t know the PM/President personally. He just knows them through media. But when he does his job excellently; they will personally invite him and honor him with medals.

        This example illustrates two things;
        a. Shashtras are representative of SriHari; just like we recognize authors by their works. Shastras are representative of SriHari. So it is incorrect to think of SriHari as distant. In Bhagawat Saptha; SriMadBhagawatam is worshipped as sakshat SriKrishna.
        b. SriHari will personally honor those who their duty as per scripture with Moksha.

        We spend our life pursuing materialistic things. If we see history; even the most powerful kings have bitten the dust after some time; they were not satisfied with conquring even the earth; but still we feel getting the “latest car” will make us happy.

        On the other hand; a Rishi entering the Kings Durbar; will get complete respect. The “conqueror of the Earth” will wash the feet of a Rishi whose material possessions are a kamandala and danda.

        So what makes the Rishi so special; isn’t that something better to desire.

        SriKrishna says in Bhagawad Gita; “Nahi Gynaneva Sadrushma Pavitram iha vidyate”. There is nothing in this world that is purer in the world than knowledge.

        So Gyana is what makes even Emperors worship Rishis. But we see many PhD’s in this world; there are no world leaders lining up to see them; and certainly no pada pooje. So what is the Gyana that is special then; certainly not laukika Gyana. Because laukika Gyana results in laukika phala and for an emporor who has conquered earth; what interest is that for him.

        So Gyana in it’s truest sense is about SriHari. SriKrishna repeatedly tells this in BG; “I am the destination of all the Vedas”.

        All those who have a materialistic outlook in life automatically assume that SriHari is far away; also some of the movies start with God’s saying; it’s been a long time since I left earth; please go and find out what is going on in earth.

        These two factors compounded; have created a wide mispreception that God is far away from us. There is nothing further away from the truth; we cannot lift a finger without HIS grace.

        Even a “truna” will not move without his permission; to quote a Qawali “Teri marzi ke bina; hilta nahin hain patta”.

        SriHari is in our hearts; there is no-one who can be closer to us than HIM; yet we think that HE is the most distant 🙂

        I hope this clears your doubt.

        BharatiRamana MukhyaPranaAntargata SriKrishnarpanamastu !

        Jai Bharateesha,


  3. brbr2011 said:


    OM HSYOM OM… what is the meaning of this.

    hsyom…is it spelt as h is ha , s is sa.. yom?



  4. Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
    damanotsava is a very good sadhana in navaratri .. get a silk cloth [ those who cannot afford silk cloth can get silk thread of various colors ] soak in water [ madi ] with cleanliness wearing dhavali … and dry it .. and offer it to various devatas as mentioned in madhva panchanga in right pane ..

    one should donate water water pot at the roads and junctions for people to drink fresh cool water .. cool drinks made of elaichi and dry ginger ..

    dwitiya worship chandranatargat Srikrishna and offer arghya .. to gain oleasant personality

    One can do dampati pooja for entire month ..as a sadhana to gain Gaurishiva antargat Pranesh Hari anugraha for good marital bliss .. those who are not married can start tritya vrata from this day to get married within a year ..
    From chaturthi one can start year long vrata to get rid of obstacles ..
    pray on panchami to get rid of sarpa dosha
    similarly pray Skanda on sasthi to get rid of mangal dosha
    On saptami Surya pooja will get rid of diseases
    On ashtami Durga pooja will get rid of all fears ..
    From RAAM navami one can start Vaishaka snana early in the morning for month long to get relieved of sins
    Ananga traypdashi onwards one shoudl do vasant pooja .. every evening .. one should do pooja to MANMATH RATI antargat Bharteesh NARAYANA …distribute sweet preparations drinks and gifts to Couples and bramhana bhojana till vaishakha poornima to beget a child ..

    Chaitra poornima ..is the best time pray VAYUDEV HANUMAN it will give mantra siddhi .. donate chitranna dadhianna to bramhins to get peace of mind ..


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