Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


Namaste Oh  VEdvyasa and following the path of Shri  Sarvagnyacharya ..I write about the details of Bhumandal as laid down by SHri SUmateendrateertharu and Vadeendrateerthru .. This knowledge increases the wealth of man day by day …

Sumateendra teerthatru is a magnanimous personality .. third in line occupying the seat of RAghavendra vidyasamsthaana ..

The name Vidya sansthaana .. the throne of this peetha is VIDYA simhasana .. the throne of Knowledge .. SO much of research and study has been done by those occupying this seat that practically everything under the earth has been covered in this journey of masters ..

Raghvendra Swamiji has writen more than 51 books .. when asked why it was necessary to write subject matter in so much depth while people around are merrymaking with influence of kaliyuga .. Raghvendra swamiji told that it is for someone named Sumateedra teertha who would be coming in this lineage that I write all these and he would elaborate it simpler manner for the world later.. Such is the stature of Shri Sumateendra teertharu who was praised by RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIJI even before he was born ..

Sumateendra teertharu was grandson of Elder brother of RAGHVENDRA swamiji in poorvashrama ie before taking sanyaasa ..

Raghvendra swamiji himself has taught him vedas in his childhood ..Sumateendra teertharu has written many many granthas ..and his compilation on BHUGOLA from various puranas and shastras is exemplary .. He was a bolder Scholar who would not hesitate in declaring that none other than HImwould be able to write the commentaries on certain subjects expounded by SUDHEENDRA teertharu ie Guruji of shri RAGHVENDRA swami ..

Similarly VADEENDRA teertharu is another such great scholar ..whose Brindavan is just adjacent to that of RAGHVENDRA swamiji .. Raghavendra swamiji had got prepared a brindavan for himslef from the rock on which LORD RAAMA had sat for two minutes ..the first of the brindavana that was carved was kept aside [reserved ] by RAGHVENDRA swamiji for a yati yet to come in line [ not born even then ] .. and another one was carved for himself again …

This reserved one was used for VADEENDRA teertharu ..who is incarnation of DRONACHARYA ..and is great grandson of SHRI RAGHVENDRA SWAMIJI ..Vadeendra teerthru was a composer and musician beyond comprehension because as He composed GURUGANASTAVANA in praise of SHRI RAGHEVNDRA swamy who was already in BRUNDAVANA … the entire brundavana [ the gigantic structure ] swung to rythm and tune of the singing of vadeendra teertharu … RAYARU enjoyed his music even from inside ..and proved that he is still alive inside ..

Both sumateendra teertharu and Vadeendra teertharu have written exhaustively on BHUGOLA ..the extract of which is what I am presenting here ..

before going into the details let me write what each acharya has written about this beautiful shastra ..

ACHARYA says This is the ultimate tuth to be know by the jeeva .. and after knowing this truth only one gets the mOXA .. ie this penultimate round of realisation for MOXA ..

So no way Tamoyogyas and nityasamsaaris can understand this subject ..

This is so complicated that even if INDRA is show it he fails to understand completely the VINYAASA [ layout ] of BHUMANADALA …

etadgyantva tu bhugolam yathavadanuvarNitam | sa muktah sarvabandebhyo yaati VISHNO param padam ||

Yah pravruttamshrutim samyak shastram ch rushibhaashitam | dooshayedanbhgnyaay sa bhaved bramhaghatakah ||

the first stanza says this shastra if known will get one relieved from sansaara and give moxa ..

while the second verse says ..

This shastra is rushi bhashitam ie told and retold by rishis ..in accordance with revealed  VEDAS .. not realising this as vedasammata .. ie approved by rishis and vedas  if one criticises this or falsifies this due to lack of grasp of words of rishis … such a person will fall prey to ignorance and will get bramha hatya dosha .. and will be termed as bramhaghataki .

Till the place where the rays of SUN and MOON reaches that entire space which is filled with oceans mountains and rivers  is known as BHUMANDALA

As much wide the BHUMANDAL is spread so also is spread the SPACE AKAASH above ..

100 crore yojana is the diameter of the Enitre bramhanda .. So also BHUMANDALA is 100 crore yojanas in the centre of BRAMHANDA …

In the centre of BHUMANDALA is circular shaped JAMBUDWEEPA .THis Jambudweepa is NAVAKHANDATMAK .. ie is divided into nine regions .


Thus JAMBUDWEEPA has Nine Khandas .. surrunding ILAVRATA KHANDA in middle . In the ILAVRATA KHANDA .. at the centre is a GOLDEN mountain which is wider at the peak and narrow at the base .. and is in the shape of a GIANT GOLDEN EAR ..called MERU

This mountain is 1 lakh yojan in hiegth .. Of this 84000 is above the BHUMANDALA .. and 16000 below the Bhumandala ..

At the base in ILAVRATA KHANDA The mountain is 16000 yojan wide .. and at the peak has a surface of 32000 yojana ..


AT the centre of this 32000 TOP .. [ above 84000 from base ] .. there is BRAMH PURI .. which is 1000 yojana and is 100 crores in height ..the city of BRAMHA [ this is akin to SUSHUMNA NADI In the navel of MAN ]

GANGA NADI from Bramhanda kharpara actually falls here and divides into four streans Seeta alaknanda chakshu and bhadra ..

The eight cardinal directions FROM the BRAMHA PURI is situated the eight cities of ASHTADIKPALAKAS ..each is 2500 yojana ..

At the base of MERU  in each direction lies small kesar parvatas …ie mountains emanating as strands [ as in lotus flower ] by name kurang kurar kusumb vaikank trikuut shikar patang ruchak nishad shikhivas kapil shankh vaidurya jarudi hansa vrushabh naagkal anjana and narad parvat famous in history ..

in the east of MERU is MANDAR parvat .south is merumandar , in the north is Kumud ..west is suparshva each is 10000 yojan in wide ..

each of the FOUR mAHAPARVATAS have FOUR VERY LARGE TREES MAHAVRUKSHA 1100 yojan  in  width on  MOUNTAIN and 100yojana wide SAROVARS four of the kind ..

There are valleys which are full of milk honey sugarcane juice and Sweeteed water ..these are inhabited y UPADEVATAS ..These valleys when touched upon gives YOG siddhi ..

There are four gardens fit for only DEVATAS by name NANDANvan CHAITRARATH VAIBHRAJAK SARVATOBHADRA . East of meru are two big mountains by name JATHARGIRI and DEVAKOOT , it is 18000 yojana along NORTH SOUTH direction and 2000 yojan along EAST WEST .. Similarly to the SOUTH is KAILAS and KARVEER just as much as DEVAKOOT AND JATHAR in size . To the west is PARIYATRA AND PAVAN and to the NORTH IS SHRUNGI AND MAKAR

Thus these eight mountains cover ILAVRAT KHANDA FROM ALL SIDES LIKE A SQUARE .

In this ILAVRATA KHANDA UMAPATI AND JAYAPATI SANKARSHAN live .. this s squarish land and is 34000 yojana …whoever enters this land becomes a WOMAN .. there is always SUNSHINE in this LAND ..

To be continued ..

Next we shall see BHADRASHVA  KHANDA …

31000 yojan is gandhamadan parvat forming a limit between bhadrashav khand and ilavrat khand ..,it is 2 housand yojana width .. and 34000 is length along north south …Lord Hayagreeva resides here in this Bhadrashva Khanda ..

HariVarsha Khanda

Nishad parvat is the limiting parvat between the Ilavrat Khanda and the HARIVARSHA Khanda ..two thousand is the width of the nishad parvat

Harivarsha is wide from east to west samudar and is 9000 Yojana in width ie north south direction ..LORD NARSIMHA along with Prahalad resides here in the HARIVARSHA ,..


Hemakoot Parvat is in between the HARIVARSHA and KIMPURUSH khanda ..

it is two thousand yojan wide .. and 10000 yojann heightand is extended all along east west samudra ..KIMPURUSH is 9000 yojan in width along NS direction . Here LORD SRIRAMCHANDRA with HANUMAN resides .


Himachal Parvat is limiting parvat between KImpurush and Bharat Varsha  . This is two thousan yojan wide and 10000 yojan in height .. and BHara Varsha  is 9000 yojana in width and in length till east west samudra .. .

Here there are kula parvats by name simhadri , malayachal ,venkatadri Shrishaila

and nadis are tamraparni krutamala kaveri krushnaveni godavari and GANGA .

In badrikashram NARA NARAYANA live in this Varsha ..

Comments on: "BHUVAN VINYAAS !" (305)

  1. Great information Chiranji. Do you have posts for other elements like Kaala Chakra, Bhuvarloka, Graha Movements on similar lines? I was searching on your blog and so far couldn’t locate anything related other than Bharata Varsha which is also very well explained.


  2. Respected Acharyare,

    When reading Agastya maharishis charitre, we have an episode where the Vindhya mountain
    starts growing so as to obstruct the motion of sun, and Agastya maharishi travelled south to prevent it from growing..

    Now Sun is moving on its track on the manasottara paravata in pushkara dweepa, ie the farthest dweepa and if Vindhya has to stop the motion of sun, it has to be on/near the manasottara paravata range.. I’m not sure it is located there.

    Can you please throw light on how Vindhyas growth obstructed the suns motion.


  3. Respected Acharyare,

    Where is the santanik loka as per the wonderful bhuvan vinyas explanations given in this post..?


  4. Respected Acharyare,

    In Mahabharatha, Vanaparva .. In Teerthayaatra parva, Narada explains to Yudhistira various
    teertha yaatra kshetras.. [ originally explained by sage Pulastya to Bheesma ]

    Are all these kshetras in the present day India/Pak .. OR are they in the wider Bharata varsha of Jambu dweepa.. or elsewhere..?


    • what was India during mahabharata era is entire eurasia of the day …


      • thanks Acharyare.. does it mean that all the teertha kshetras mentioned over there were in the present day eur – asia..?


        • As in one of the posts I had mentioned ,, even BANGKOK was a great pilgrimage centre with vedic culture as it is regarded as city built by vishwakarma for Indra who later dedicated it LORD VISHNU …


  5. Respected Acharyare,

    I’ve read somewhere that the movement of the sun. moon and other grahas happen because
    of the “vamagathi” motion they exhibit wrt the motion of the kaalachakra. So that explains the movement of the grahas through the various Rashis..

    In this light, how do we understand the movement of lagna which is along with sun during sunrise and then covers all the rashis in about 24 hours time ? Is it because of the bharatha kandas rotation on its axis ? or due to some other phenomenon ?


    • when we see bhuvarloka vinyasa we see that entire bhuvarloka [ which is actually shimshuaar rupi hari .] has all he stars , rashi , grahas in it …. all these bhuvarloka is held in pasha [ a kind of rein ] by dhruva . dhruva is fixed and rotates about its axis . as dhruva rotates so also etire bhuvarloka ..thus we see rising of lagna ..


  6. Chiraanji

    a) During sankalpa, we mention ‘Kali Yuge Pradhame Padha Jambudweepe Bharatha varsha Bharatha Kanda Sahapthe Meroko Dakshin….”. Is the phrases “Pradhame Padha” and “Sahapte” also related to the Bhuvan Niyaas?

    b) Also, after coming to know of the different place names in the Brahmanda, I understand that the sankalpa is consisting of the exact place location in which we are doing the sankalpa with reference to the Brahmanda as well as the time in which we are doing the sankalpa. Is there any reason why the place reference in the sankalpa is been kept in between two references to time (between Kali Yuga at the start and the …. nama samvatsara… at the end) instead of mentioning either place or time fully initially followed by the other one?

    c) Sri Vishnu has one naama “AnanthaKodiBrahmandaNayaka” – I presume that the meaning of this is that he is the nayaka of infinite(AnanthaKodi) brahmandas. So all the infinite brahmandas are similar in dimensions to that we are in currently.

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams



  7. Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.

    Guruvarya please give some more material for further study… without constant manana, whatever I little have understood will be evaporated from my mind…

    humble pranams


  8. vasvishy said:

    Namaste Guruji,

    Namo Shri Venkateshaya Namaha

    Guruji, I learnt from my father’s friend that my husband’s grandmother left this world for heavenly abodes on 29th of March. She was a loving grandmother and asked me to start reading SVS. I started reading it regularly after a gap of several years. Guruji, can I do the nanda deepa seva when I go to Shri Raghavendra Temple or should I wait for the aabdhika to be completed?

    Pranaam Guruji


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