Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

SrimanMadhvacharya has been extolled in the vedas , I bow with reverence to the lotusfeet of  Great Srimadanandateertha and elucidate the order and  history of the dieties and idols worshipped at the Moolmahasansthaana of Srimadacharya .

Srimadanandateertha installed on the peetha of paramhansa of the Moolmahasamsthaana Shri Padmanaabhteertharu . Shri Padmanabhateertharu was suceeded by Narhariteertharu ,Shri Madhavteertharu and Shri Akshobhya teertharu .

ShriAkshobhyateertharu installed JAYATEERTHARU , succeeded by vidhyadheeshru who seated Kavindrateertharu on dvaitavedantasamrajya .

Shri kaveendrateertharu gave sanyaasa to Vaageeshateertharu who in turn gave sanyaasa and peetha to ShriRaamchandrateertharu . Then ShriRaamchadrateertharu seated SHri Vibhudendrateertharu on the samsthana peetha of Srimadanadateertha and blessed him with pattaabhisheka as his successor .

The world famous Vyasateertharu ‘s guru ShrilAxminarayana muni , whom one  had blessed and awarded  with the title of  famous “SHRIPADARAAJ”  ,such SHri Vibhudendra taught Shripaadraja with all the shastras and made him a very famous Yati .

Shri raamchandra teertha gave the peetha to Shri Vibhudendra teertharu as his successor , yet others rumoured  SHri Vidhyaneedhi was given again sanyasa as kanishtha .

Shri Vibhudendrateertharu gave the peetha to Shri Jitamitraru , Shri jitamitra made Shri Raghunandana teertha as his disciple and installed him on the throne of MAdhva Samrajya .

SHRI RAGHUNANDAN TEERTHARU gave the moolsamsthana peetha of Srimadananada teertha to Shri Surendrateertharu

Shri Vyasarajaru taught all the shastras and gave parivrajya to SHRI Vishnu teertharu and offered him to Shri surendrateertharu as disciple ..

Shri Surendrateertharu renamed Vishnu teertharu with dandapallat mantramudradharana and gurupadesha as Shri VIJAYEENDRA TEERTHARU .

thinking that having accepted the shishya from vyasarayaru might bring a break in tradition of  ashampradaan [ tradition of handing over sanyasashrama ] SrimanMADHVACHARYA , Shri Surendrateertharu again gave ashrama to Shri Sudheendra teertharu and made him disciple of Shri Vijayeendrateertharu  and declared him to be the next Peethadhipati of Moolsamshthaana .

Shri Sudheendrateertharu gave the throne of Srimadanandateertha’s vedanta vidyasamrajya to Shri RAGHVENDRATEERTHARU

Shri Raghvendra teertharu gave the peetha to Shri Yogeendrateertharu , from then it passed on to Shri Surindrateertharu . Shri Sumateendrateertharu ascended the throne of vednata samraajya ,who in turn gave the peetha and samsthana to SHri Upendrateertharu [ Shri Upendra teertharu gave sanyasa and made his successor the author of this work SHRI VADEENDRATEERTHARU ]

note author is great grandson of Shri Raghvendra swamiji .

Acharya Shri MAdhva once went to Badriashrama , He was graced with many saligramas and idols FROM LORD  NARAYANA himself popularly known as VYASAMUSHTI . These are still being worshipped in the MOOLMAHASANSTHANA even to this day . Now the history of these idols will be elucidated .

Idols of SHriman MOOLRAMA along with Seeta which has been worshipped by Bramha sculpted by Vishwakarma , having round peetha , large ears and bent at three places .[ vruttapeetha , lamba karna and trivakra seetaya saha ]

Shri Bramha along with Shriranganatha pratima idol gave these SeetaRaama idol to IKSHVAKU .

note- [ Shri Bramha devaru everyday worshipped MOOLARAMA for many years with all the perfect procedures of archana worship . Then Bramhaji handed it over to JAABAALI muni . Jaabali muni worshipped it for long time and then after him it was handed back to RUDRA devaru .. Rudra devaru worshipped for many thousands years and gave it to PARVATI devi .  After many years of worship it reached hands of DAKSHA prajapati ..then it was handed over to SAUBHERI muni . later after many years as time progressed and these munis retired from world , the  MOOLRAAMA was restored to Satyaloka .

IKshvaku after many years of Penace got these idols and worshipped it with devotion and handed it over to his SON VAIVASVATmanu .

From then it came hand to hand as tradition in Ikshvaku dynasty through the hands of suryavanshi kings  MANDHAAT , Anaranya , Trishanku , Harishchandra , Sagar ,BHAGEERATH , Ambareesh , Dileep , RAghu, all these chakravarthis worshipped this Idol of RAMA .

DASHARATH maharaaj worshipped this idol with lots of devotion and when a son was born to him HE NAMED IT AFTER THIS IDOL as SRIRAMCHANDRA , from then on this IDOL came to be known as MOOLARAMA  .

SriRamachandra too worshipped this idol .

Once during Raamrajya there was a Bramhin by name ‘ VEDAGARBHA ‘ in the city of AYODHYA . Vedgarbha had a niyam that he would partake food only after seeing [ havig darshana of LORD RAAMA , the KING OF AYODHYA ] . once LOrd RAMA was so busy with country affiars that he could not make himself available for Vedgarbha for four days , Vedgarbha went without food for 4 days , seeing this LORD RAAMA gave him MOOLRAMA idol and asked him to worship that have food without waiting for his darshan ..and feel the IDOL as LORD RAAMA’ swaroopa only .  Vedgarbha lived his full life worshipped MOOLRAMA and gave it back at the end to LORD RAAMA.

SRIRAAMA then gave it to Seetadevi for personal worship . Seetadevi gave it to LAxman .  LAXMAN after many years of Worship Gave it TO JAMBAVAN . From JAmbavan it came to SRI HANUMAAN .

HANUMANJI worshipped this idol all through Tretayuga an dwaparyuga and when BHEEMSEN went to bing Saugandhika Pushpa , there HANUMAAN gave these IDOL to LOrd BHEEMSEN and asked him to worship these idols and also reminded him to continue this in his avatara in kaliyuga as YAti .

After Bheemsen it was worshipped by Pandava dynasty till KShemaka and then by the force of time it reached the ROYAL  stores of  Gajapati king in JAGANNATH Puri .

Once Srimadanandateertha  after his visit to Badari came towards teh KALINGA DESHA. there a very talented statesman and literate in all shastras and mahapandita scholar Shri SHYAMA SHASTRI invited Acharya for a Vakayartha .[debate ] . After Losing to SRimadananda teerha , he accepted to be disciple of Acharya madhva . late Acharya MAdhva ordained Him to the sanyasa at UDUPI as NARHARITEERTHARU .

Narhariteeraharu went to Kalingadesha on the instructions of Madhvacharya to bring the SeetaMOOL RAAMA idols . and there started doing tapasya for Karyasiddhi

Gajapati kingha died and his wife was pregnant . in order for the new KIng to take birh and complete be able to rule the kingdom , it was decided by the Queen that a caretaker King be appointed , For this an ELEPHANT with a abhimantrit Kalash and garland was sent across the country . The ELEPHANT came to the place where NArhariteertharu was doing his nitya pooja and tapasya  and garlanded NARAHARITEERHARU .

soon the ministers came looking for the elephant and took NArahariteertharu and gave him the KIngdom ..Narahariteertharu daily after completing his sanyasa krama pooja then attended to the affairs of the KIngdom .  during his kingdom every enemy was kept at check and kingdom attained prosperity to peak ,.,

after the prince came to age , Narhariteerrharu installed prince as the KING and  Queen requested Narahariteertharu to accept anything from the royal stores as the mark of gratitude . Narahari teertha  took SRIMAN MOOLARAAMA and Seeta and came back to Udupi nd offered it to Acharya Madhva .

note [ this part of story interestingly finds mention even in ADHYATMA RAMAYAMA 15th adhyaya ]

Srimadanandateertha worshipped Moolarama alongwith seeta and other idols and saligrama for 80 days and ordered all his successors to worship them as tradition of MAHASANSTHANA .

Just as Srimadanandateerrharu’s order Shri Padmanabhteertharu and other peethadipatis worshipped MOLARAMA .

at the feet and head having sudarshan chakra and dashavatara at the peetha the idol of silver hue Sri DIGVIJAYRAAMA idol sculpted by Acharya himself is still being worshipped at the MAhasansthaana .

Shri Vibhudendraru when he occupied the throne of Mahasansthana , as Shriramchandrateertharu  became ill , worshipped all the idols including MOOLARAMA . After Sri ARamchandrateertharu became normal and healthy again , he kept Sriman MOOLARAMA and handed over other idols to Sri Vibhudendrateertharu and asked him to spread the MADHVAMATHA all over the NORTH of the country and sent him for digvijayayatra , as Shri Vibhudendra teertharu was highly expert in debating skills and shastras .

Travelling all over shri Vibhudendrateertharu came to Kashi and won many a debates in jalpa and vitanda .

In the meantime SHri Raamchandrateertharu came to know that his end is nearing and thus  SHriRamchandrateertharu seeing that his disciple is not near , took all the idols of matha and MOOLARAMA and ordered them to be kept under a tree and asked a 64 member team to look after it guard and hand it over to SHRI VIBHUDENDRA TEERTHARU when he returns.. And he sent for Vibhudendrateertharu , but meanwhile left his mortals there itself ,.

After some time a sanyasi by name VIDHYANIDHI came to the place and after  knowing about the idols under the tree hatched a conspiracy making a mutually  profitable deal with  64 members and usurped the IDOLS along with MOOLRAMA and went away .

Shri Vibhudendrateertharu after knwoing about the demise of ShriRamchandrateertharu rushed towards the place and when asked about the idols , he came to know that  Vidhyanidhi had stolen them . So Shri Vibhudendrateertharu went to the Brundavan of Shri Raamchandrateertharu and after taking the darshan  met Vidhyanidhi and asked for the MOOLARAMA which having support of 64 member team  Vidhyanidhi refused to give back .

Shri Vibhudendrateertharu as he was more interested in propagating philosophy went away to winover few more debates and did not pursue the matter with vengeance to get back the idols .

ShrVibhudendra won 108 debates and got golden inscriptions[suvarna  jayapatrika ] from various Kings and made a garland of those golden plates and offered it LORD TIRUPATI VENKATESHWARA and worshipped him thus .

note this 108 garland can still be seen in tirupati …

But as per the order of Jitamitra [ disciple of VIBHUDENDRAteertharu ] , his disciple and the guru of SURENDRAteertharu Shri RAGHUNANDANteertharu  got back through one of his assistants MOOLARAMA from the place of those who had stolen the MOOLRAMA [ anyairapahrutaamarcha ]

note -Surendra teertharu in charam shloka of his Guru RAgunandanteertharu has written

parairaphruta moolramaarcha gururanugrahaat | yenaniita namastasmai raghunandan bhikshave ||”

Large ears ,colour and round peetha and dimensions  of the Seeta devi worshipped in other paramata [ dubiously known  as uttaradi matha in todays world ]  is same in proportion and colour and in  made,   to the MOOLARAMA as worshipped in our Raghavendra Moolmahasanshthaan 

Sri NArsimha deva vigraha idol was obtained by Shri Vibhudendrateertharu in a river [ it just came into his hands in river while taking bath ] as told to him in  a dream , this idol fulfills all the desires of the devotees and has 16 arms

Similarly Sri Sudheendra teertharu’s favourite idol Shri GARUDVAHANA LAXMINARAYANA , these idols are still being worshipped in Srimadanandateertha moolamahasansthana till date .

The one who is world famous as the destroyer of sins and giver of all desires instantly SHRI RAGHVENDRA SWAMY worshipped with his own hands Golden ShriSantaan gopala krishna  is also being worshipped in the mahasansthana .

studded with priceless gems of all nine varieties , Lord SHeshashaayi VAsudeva along  sridevi bhudevi and durgadevi idol is  very pleasing to the minds of devotees . This was worshipped NEELADEVI one of astamahishi wives of SHRIKRISHNA , by the family dynastic tradition was being worshipped by Kings of PANDYA desha . they overwhelmed with devotion gifted  it  to Shri Sumateendratheertharu . This idol is still being worshipped at Mutt at Mantralayam .

Thus SHri Upendrateertharu son [ one installed through him as sanyaasi] SHri VAdeendrateertharu sripadaru has elucidated lineage and history of Srimadanandateertha mahasansthana and the idols worshipped at this sansthana .







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