Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

KAKOLA kshetra !

Sripadarajaru is the first person o have started the dasa parampara . SriPadarajaru [ DHRUVA amsha ] ..had only sukha in his prarabdha ..so he enjoyed only success and happiness all through his life . Sripadarajaru has established a BRUNDAVANA anatargat  CHATURBHUJA VENUGOPALA SWAMY in this wonderful place of KAKOLA .

KAKOLA is 30 km to the west of BANGALORE .This is very interesting place where much of action druing RAMAYANA and MAHABAHRATA has taken place here and place is full of HARI SANNIDHI with numerous incidents attributed to it and various temples of Heritage .

To the west of Bangalore is a mountain by name RAAMGIRI where SUGREEVA has built a temple of LORD RAAMA during his times . KAKOLA is the place around it . there is pond by the name VYASARGHATTA [ which is now known as hesarghatte here which has history behind it ] .

The kshetrapalak for this place is VEERBHADRA swamy and graam devata is benki maramma . KANAKADASARU has himself worshipped Bhakti lingeshwar here .

VYASARAYA has established a pranadevaru here .

Once during VANAVASA SRIRAMACHANDRA came to KAMYAKVANA  forest . there residing on this mountain RAAMGIRI ..LAXMAN goes down hill to bring some fruits ..and SRIRAAMCHANDRA is resting with his lap on the thighs of SEETAMATA … there on the hill was also residing a demon by name KURANGA . Kuranga infatuated with beauty of SEETAMATAji harboured a desire to touch her . But fearing the curse fo SEETADEVI , did not dare to do it directly … By then JAYANT the son of INDRA came there in the form of a crow … Kuranga entered JAYANT’s eye … and now JAYANT went forward towards SEETADEVI and pirced his beak into her breast ..SEETADEVI bore the pain such that SRIRAMA would not get disturbed .. but the blood that sprinkled onto the LORD RAAMA as crow bit SEETADEVI .. disturbed the sleep and LORD RAAMA angered at the mischief of crow took a grass and incanted an astra onto it and left the weapon  towards the crow ..  the crow ran for its life .. it went to each and every devata but everyone refused to give it shelter as astra was chasing it for fear of RAMA .. finally BRAMHAji asked JAYANT KAKASUR [ KAK + asur KURANGA ]  to seek pardon from LORD RAAMA himself .. LORD RAAMA forgave JAYANT but as astra could not go waste asked it to destroy the demon in the eye of JAYANT and thus from then on Crows are having only one eye .

JAYANT asked pardon .. and to atone for his sins .. JAYANT stayed there and by the side of river ARKAVATY took a bath  in the pond nearby .. this pond relieved him of all the sins .. and then He built a great city on the banks of the riiver which came to be known as KAKASUR PAttana … over the period of time since it is related to KAKA and KOLA [ the pond in which he got relieved of sins ] the place came to be known as KAKKOLA … KAKOLA ..

The pond is known as MARALUBHAVI …nearby was a AGRAHAAR[ the place of dwelling of only BRAMHANAs ] by name haarvarhalli .

Once there lived a BRAMHANA who was very pious and was everyday taking bath in this KOLA pond as a part of his niyama . One day as the BRAMHAN was moving towards the pond for a bath , a dog was repeatedly obstructing his way .. however hard the bRAMHANA tried the dog was not leaving him and was hell bent upon preventing him from going to pond and was repeatedly threatening him to bite . BRAMHANA took a large stone and threw at the dog and it got badly bruised in the leg … but still limping its way from another route it preceded the pious BRAMHANA  and jumped into the pond ../ immediately a big crocodile hiding at the banks gulped the DOG .

The scene pained the vipra very much , to some extent it surprised him too .. thinking it was He who should have actually become a victim of crocodile but DOG gave up its life to save him …Bramhana thought what could have been the runanubandha of previous life with this dog that it saved his life by sacrificing its own life … SO BRAMHANA did the uttarakriya of the dog to payback the runa … [ he did the death ceremonies to the dog to ensure its good after life ]

BArmhana considered the dog as his aptabandhu , close relative and also stopped going to the pond as it had become apavitra by the death of a dog in it … and as the time passed by bRAMAHANA also left his mortals in the thoughts of dog and its sacrifice .. ..

even though KAKASUR was relieved with sins by the pond the death of dog had reduced it to unused pond thereafter having a a negative vibe allthrough it lost its sanctity . and so also water dried in the pond …. For local festival of temples , the water from this pond was earlier used but now this practise had stopped completely and so also the festivities a sthere was no sacred water body nearby …KAKOL was considered as KURBURU KASHI for the community known as KURUBA’s .. now since there procession and festivities and village fair and community gathering had all stopped so to find a solution the the community decided to have a sabha .. Great KANAKADASARU also belongs to this community of KURUBa … so he brought his GURU SriVYASARAYARU  to the sabha to give them a solution and revive the fetsivities ..

VYASARAYARU with his tapas shakti and samprokshan kriya etc ,. saw to it that WATER again sprouted in the pond .. as the water sprouted AGAIN [ MARALU in kannada ] this came to be knwon as MARALUBHAVI …

Sripadarajaru [ guru of sri VAYASARAYRU ] used to everyday give naivedya of 64 sweets to SRIGOPINATH swamy which he was worshipping .. This tradition was incessantly without break going on for years .. one day his followers had daitya avesha .. they contemplated , why not bring a break to this tradition ,if we take SRIPADARAYRU to a jungle then he would not be able to prepare these many 64 sweets in jungle as there will be lack of raw material … so they started scheming to somehow take ACHARYA to a deep jungle ..

One fine day followers said  ” SRIgale ! it has  been a long time since we have gon on sanchaar … sanchaar is necessary for mutt to keep in touch with other followers of our tradition and also common people will get your blessings .. why not go for sanchaara … ”

ACHARYA having known the internal mindset and conspiracy of the shishyas .. and thinking these have not known yet that what ever happens is by the wish of loRD if he seeks 64 sweets from him daily , it is his wish and not that SRIPADARAYARU is offering it .. so if he wishes to have it elsewhere he will still have it . the moment this known , shishyas will get relieved of the ill feelings ”

so ACHARYA said okay lets go , and all the  materials needed for one weeks time to prepare the sweets and naivedya for lord was loaded and travel began ..

as the troop entered a deep jungle they stopped by evening sunset and BHAGAVAT lecture was daily conducted by acharya .. and during day the troop travelled .. but unfortunately the week got over … the stock also got over … the next day how the shishya will be fed .. was worry of some and some were rejoicing now let us see how guruji will prepare 64 sweets … meanwhile .. after taking bath .. Guru SRIPADARAYRU was enjoying  a mild sunshine coming through the leaves and bushes of deep jungle and was not at all worried about the empty stock .. and suddenly acharya was seeing the RAASKRIDA of KRISHNA before him ..in that beautiful jungle ..

VRUND means group .. VAN means flora fauna and animals and flowers and rivers and the happines that this natural beauty gives rise to …DEVATAS run towards such a VRAUNDAVANA thinking KRISHNA Will come there for RAASKRIDA ..

AFter having come to the beautiful place , INDRA and other devats plead KRISHNA to show his beautiful original rupa /… KRISHNA takes the form of chaturbhuja one with four hands .. WIth two hands he holds a shankhu and Chakra and with the other two he holds a flute and and plays a beautiful tune … the tune is so mesmerising that cows around run towards hima nd with raise ears immersed in his music lovingly look towards him gathered around him … this beautiful image of SRIKRISHNA GOPINATH is the aradhya moorty of the SRIPADARAJARU and he is visualising this in front of his eyes ..

The gopikas after SRikrishna left for mathura were beareaved , as though there were beautiful rivers , the sounds of koyal . chirping of birds ., dry levaes onto the ground , dancing of peacock, running deers ,rabbits trotting around , soothing wind and sunshine yet absence of KRISHNA was looming largely in the minds of gopikas , just as SRPARAYARU was visualising all these . a servant came by and  said . ” oh Guruji there is nothing left in the stock for the naivedya how will we prepare 64 sweets ”

acharya says ” SRIKRISHNA himself has called me to this place there is design of his behind this . he will make arrangements for his naivedya else I would ask KRISHNA to give us neccessary stock ”

Thereby a group of bullockcarts with whictling sounds of calf bells came by .. a group got down and after paying obeisance namaskaara to ACHARYA one of the elders said ” oh great man . we are from KAKOLA , of the dynasty – shashthik , gotra HARITASA , name of familly avalakkimane …we are village heads by profession …we are a big family and own the entire land on he side of arkavaty river nearby ..

We all together with family were going to TIRUPATI ..we had gathered stock for lasting many days to eat ..but we got a dream in the night by lord SRINIVASA that we should take the stock to nearby place , where we will get darshan of a great MAN whose darshan will fetch same punya of tirupati visit .. and at the same time not get bothered by the thought missing the visit , the HOLY man will arrange for a permanent darshan of mY own rupa and your family shall ever worship me in that form for generations .. and then a cow gave a cry AMBAA////

Kinldy accept the stock ./// SRIPADARAYARU happy at the LORDS grace on him ./and saved him from vratabhanga …

That day again in deep jungle 64 sweets were prepared for LORD GOPINATHA ..

Then all the shishyas feel on the feet of ACHARYA and begged pardon ..

ACHARYA forgave them .. and then asked the village heads that he has been seeing LORD KRISHNA of four hands all through the day so he would like to establish Vrundavanatargat CHATURBHUJA VENUGOPALA SWAMY .. a beautiful idol was created in coming days , and WIth VYASRAYA at the helm and all the mathadhipatis of three samparadayas [ advaita vishishtaadvaita and dvaita ] and KINGS of Vijayanagar a beautiful temple was erected and CHTURBHUJA VENUGOPALA SWAMY was installed on the banks of arkavaty ..iN AND AROUND THIS TEMPLE vyasaraya HAS ESTABLISHED 34 hanuman idols .. ALL THESE IDOLS HAVE  HANUMAN and to show BHEEMA hanuman is carrying SAUGANDHIKA flower and to symbolise MADHVACHARYA he is wearing tulasimala and carryinga  staff [danda ] and orange robes .. and there shanku chakra by the side ..

vyasraya then worshipped for 48 days here ..

In the ecstasy of building dam in 1920 this place on the banks of river along with divine temple got immersed in the dam construction activity to facilitate the waters to BANGALORE city .. the temple was relocated to KAKOLA .. and what exist today is this very new temple ..relocated .. …

whole reloaction was going on a place was chosen ..the entire group of labourers started vomiting and falling uncosnscious … when work was stopped .. a snake cme by and showed a slab .. when that place was enquired about a old villagers said that place had beautiful krishna temple many years ago .. and snake was asking the new temple to be built here only .. and as everyone agreed snake left the place .. a beaufiful temple for a snake has also been built at this spot ..

SO the temple has DHANALAKSHMIPATI  SRINIVASA as temple ..

thsoe who pry him for them sansaara will be only till waist .and this swamy gives health wealth and relievs one off sins here ..

there is DHANALASKMI which when worshipped gives much wealth and saubhagya ..many people have become millionaires worshipping this diety ..

then there is DHANLAXMINARSIMHA temple when wrshipped would give relief from troubles .. all peple nearby start auspicious work after wroshipping this nARSIMHA .

then there is AAGDEVATA PRATISTHA worshipping it will give relief from skin diseases , good progeny sarpa shaapa matru shaapa relief

DATTATREYA temple .. worshipping in this temple would give peace and  to children and prosperity in their education … it gives CHETANA anubhava  ..

DAkshineshwar .. this linga was obtained through dream while temple was being constructed .. this was already existing ling with a shaligrama below it .. normally rudra devaru is given ardha pradakshina but whereever there is shaligrama below it full pradakshina can be done .. there is mark of bow and arrow on the linga ,, this is said to be 1000 year old linga ..

worshipping rudra here gives , peace of mind . good conjugal relationship .and longevity ..

by the side of RUDRA is DAKSHAYINI ..it is said that gopikastree used to worship dakshayini to get their beloved KRISHNA .. so worshipping this gives good marraige ,

By the side of this is DHANAVANTARI GANESH .. ganapaty in the pose of DHANVANTARI with amrutkalash ..shanku chakra ..

worshipping this ganapaty gives good health relief from many diseases ..and vighna nasha ..

Next is the prakara is DANDAPANI temple //

worshipping him one can get relieved from hearing loss , speech defects , loss of concentration .  relief from barrenness .. expertise in MUSIC AND DANCE ..

then there is navagraha temple // and entrance has a two poles with shanku chakra on outer side and innerside is idols of PURAMDARDASA and KANAKADASA .. and infront is HANUMAN and garuda ..









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  1. bhavya said:

    Sir can I get the phone number of the temple


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  3. dhruva said:


    Tons of Thanks for this info we are visiting banglore in mid june and will definately visit this place.

    plz guide how to reach kokula and in which district it is located?

    humble pranaams


  4. Acharya ,
    i am visiting banglore in mid june i will definately visit Kakola .

    plz guide how to reach kakola ?



  5. suresh said:

    Dear Shri Chiraan Acharya
    Hari vayu gurubhyo namaha
    Thanks for the tonne of information. Definitely would visit Kakola having known the kshetra mahima. Just one doubt. Is the idol at present currently there “chaturbhuja venugopala” or “srinivasa”


  6. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sincere thanks for this wonderful description.

    Article according to me gives lot of inputs on importance of shakunas.

    Humble Regards


    • I have skipped the details with which this temple was built ..,each vigraha that i have mentioned has come here with many nimittas and mahima … the descendants of the avalakkimane … who have put mammoth effort in rebuilding this temple and the amount of vighnas they faced and overcame is a story in itself .. each has a specific shakun to deal with …


      • Viju Rao said:

        Dear Sir,
        can u pls mention the nimittas if putting the whole story is cumbersome?? thanks…


  7. sameer said:

    wish u had posted this a month back.i was in b’lore and would have definetly had darshan. Anyway i’ll visit next time i visit b’lore. Thanks


  8. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    thank you for this wonderful virtual tour..i just can’t wait to visit this place now..
    ‘we will get darshan of a great MAN whose darshan will fetch same punya of tirupati visit’..this line is enough to fathom the mahima of sripadarajaru…feeling really lucky to even learn about such great yatis…thanks again.

    sri krishnarpana.


  9. Thanks for this article…. I feel blessed reading it and also visiting this place in March this year during its annual festival.


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