Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Daksha Prajapati says ” father ,mother, guru, brother ,son, servants and dependents and those who look forward to us ..abhyagat, atithi and agni ..all these are to be looked after by a grahastha .. these come under POSHYA VARGA ..one must feed them at all times .. one must protect them at all times ..

MANU says the above mentioned poshyavarga should be protected and for this one requires money , thus one has to do dhansanchay … ie earn money … to protect the bodies sharira deha of poshyavarga dependents .  For this one has to do dhan sanchay or sangraha according to the directions that has been laid for one’s jati and ashrama only  .  one must not push oneself into nindita [ shameful professions ] one should not do prohibited karya ,.. and one should also not earn wealth by giving lot of trouble to ones own body …

Daksha says ” divide the part of dayinto 8 … and in that third part should be utilised for the earning of wealth for dependents . ”

BRAMHANA  has to do 1.adhyaapan means teaching  lessons 2. adhyayan  learning lessons 3. yajan  means to do yagnya and other vedokta karya . 4. yaajan means getting yangya done for others 5 . daan to give daan 6. pratigraha means to take daana … these are six karmas

but out of this six //  getting yagynas for others …. taking daana from parishuddha clean satvik yejamana … and teach the lessons … these three a bRAMHANA can keep as options for living an earning … BUT he should do them compulsorily is not a rule .

GAUTAM says ” bramhana kshatriya vaishya are dwijatis because they are born aain by a upanayana .. these dwijatis /// should do compulsorily adhyayan yajan and daan ….

But adhyaapan yaajan and pratigraha is exclusive rights of BRAMHANA only others must not do this .. BUT BRAMHANA should do them only when necessary not as compulsion ..

apart from three KSHATRIYA should live by shastra and astra and he should protect the people ..that is kshatriyas jeevanopaaya .. OPENING a shop and doing trade and rearing cattle and protecting cattle and doing agriculture can be taken as jeevan upaya [modes of earning for ] vaishya .

Yagnyavalkya says a vaishya should live by

  1. giving money on interest
  2. agriculture
  3. taking one good at lesser cost and selling at higher cost is known as vanijya
  4. protecting animals [rearing cattle ]

among cattle SHANKHA muni has said some special about COW and its raising by vaishyas

  • one must not drink water before cows had drunk water
  • when cows are standing one must not sit
  • one must not move  a cow which is sitting or sleeping, by force
  • one must use green just erupted plants to wake up cows .. one must not use sticks or batons
  • one must not force ox into steep places or places where there is no water
  • one must take care personally by personal pesence the sick , young , or very aged or tired cattles with all possible upachaara .
  • one must relieve them from pain and difficulties as much as possible as far as possible within one limits .

one who does not do as said above will get undesired results .

there are seven ways in which a money can come to a person .

  1. daay means  wealth  which comes by inheritance of dynasty ..
  2. labh means wealth got from under the ground as nidhi ..
  3. kraya means getting a goods at a gain ..[ these three daaya labh and kraya is common for all the three bramhanas kshatriyas and vaishyas ]
  4. jaya means winning from enemies this is fit for kshatriyas
  5. prayoga means using the wealth for interest banking or transactions
  6. karmayoga means  agriculture and vanijya [ these are fit for vaishyas ]
  7. satparigraha means taking daana from sajjanas [ this is exclusively for bramhanas ]

AMong all the means of wealth .. for second one VISHNU bhagavaan in Vishnu smriti has laid special rules ..

  • A bramhana if he gets wealth as treasure , he can keep everything for himself ..
  • if a kshatriya gets wealth as treasure then he has to make four parts of the wealth ..  one part he should give to KING second part he should give to bramhanas as daana … and rest two part he can keep it to himself
  • if a vaishya gets a treasure then he should also make three parts .. one he should give it to king and two parts he must give it to bramhanas … and one part he can keep it with himself ..
  • if a shudra gets treasure he should make twelve parts of it … five parts he must give to king and five parts to bramhanas .. and two parts he can keep it .. [ kanaka dasa did this thats why he was called kanaka dasa ]
  • One can live by two types of living .. ruta and amruta
  • one can also live by two more methods knwn as mruta and pramruta
  • sanyanruta means vanijya one cn live by it
  • serving menials [ neecha seva ] is known as shvavrutti this one should never do

Smrutimuktavali –

when a agriculturist has taken all his grains from the farm .. when his harvest is over .. and has left the farm for next season .. at that time when someone goes to the farm and collects left over dhanya grains and living by that is known as UNCH vrutti .. .. instead of that complete grains if one just picks up few strands  unplucked and lives by the grains in it .. is known as SHEEL vrutti ..

this sheel and unch vrutti is known as ruta 

living by something which comes all by itself without asking for is known as AMRUT

everyday living by bheeksha is known as mruta

living by agriculture is known as pramruta ..

opening a shop and living is known as satyanruta which involves speaking some truth and lies .. it can also mean vanijya

living by serving people lesser in qualities oneself is known as living by shvavrutti ..[ means living like a dog ]

out of these under any circumstances a bramhana should not resort to shvavrutti

out of six earlier once are better than later ones

yagnyavalkya says –

  1. one who has capacity to save grains worth a box is kusuldhanyak
  2. four mushthi [ handful] grains is known as ” kudupa” …..four kudupa makes one “prastha ” four prastha makes one “adaka ”  four adaka grains makes one ‘DRONA ” two drona makes one “KHARIKA ”  three KHARIKAS makes one “BHAAR ”  four bhaar becomes one kumbhika .. SO second type of collector is one who saved KUMBHIKA DHANYA and is known as KUMBHIDHANYAK
  3. one who has saved for a three days worth food grains is known as “Tryahika “
  4. one who uses the grain brought the same day not keeping anything for next day is known as “Ashvastan”

kusuldhanya is one who does all the six karmas of bramhana .. kunhidhanyak is one who does only three trayhik does only yaajan and adhyaapan .. ashvastan does only adhyaapan ..

PARASHARA says in kaliyuga bramhana along with six karmas should do agriculture also but he must produce everything by himself and then do panchyagnya ..

kshatriya must also do agriculture but all by himself .. vaishyas can do agriculture and vanijya and can do yajan and daana ..

shudra must only do agriculture and vanijya … he must not do yajan etc ..

HARITASA says ..

eight bulls and agriculture with it is known as dharma .. six bulls can not  be sadhan to dharma  it can be only for self sustainance … using four is known as ghatuk .. and two bulls is known as neecha /// using calves , vehicles should not be used for agriculture .. old ox should not be used … one should use bulls only till afternoon fron morning aftre that one must bathe them .. decorate them and give them food fit for bramhanas ..

1/30 part of agriculture should be used for bramhanas .. 1/20 part for devatas and pitrus .. by this sins acrued in kaliyuga by doing agriculture doesnt come for a bramhana kshatriya or vaishya …

1/6 should be given as tax

shudra should live by serving others .. and live by salary given … if salary is not given by others .. then he can live selling goods .

devala says by which karm shudras can serve bramhana kshatriya vaishya … ? thaose work is known as shilpa karma [ engineering construction ] karuk karma panyavyavahara … finacial transacions .. process works .. designs chitra karma … sangeeta nartana .. music fashion …. veena tamata ..vaadya .. all these sudras can do ….

when in need one can ask money …. a praja can ask money to a king …. a guru can ask money to shishya .. purohit can ask yejamaan 

when in much troubles a bramhana can ask money from any jaati ….

good money or bad money when it reaches raaj kosha it becomes pure .. so one can alwasy take money from king … fresh graduates must alwasy ask king for their livelihood …

one must not take money from patit …

the items that can be taken from patit also are

  • bed
  • grass
  • house
  • perfumes
  • iron parts
  • flowers
  • precious stones
  • curds
  • grains
  • fish
  • milk
  • meat
  • vegetables
  • these items if they come all by itselves without asking for even if they belong to patit can be accepted in apattakala
  • yagnyavalkya adds water to above items and says if they come all by itself it shoudl not be rejected

but all the item are known as amrut vastu … hey can be accepted in toubled times … but then by accepting … for 15 years after acceptance pitrus will not accept pinda .. ie even if shraddha is done pitrus do not accept tem …

agni does not take his havishya in homa to devtas

amrut vastu can be accepted but if they belong to /// a vyabhichirini , napunsaka .. a hari nindak .shatru . vaidya ,hunter ,gambler murderer . it should not be accepted …  [YAMA VACHAN]

bramhana when faced with death situation can give upadesha for saving his life ..he can do yaajan too .. he can eat at ayogya’s house too and take daana from him ..but he can do this only if he has a old parents to look after .. a pativrata stree .. a small child …one can do 100s of sins to save them and look afer them

when faced with extreme hunger one can eat anything .. if one does not get anything to eat for six consecutive meals … then one can eat anything he will not get any sins … vaamdeva ate dog but did not get any sins … ajigarta muni killed his own child when unable to bear the hunger  he did not get any sins .. BHARADWAAJ muni unable to bear hunger accepted to eat infinite cows … pressed with hunger VISHWAMITRA snatched  the half eaten testicles of dog from the hands of chandaala … he did not get any asuchi or sin … no did he get any ill fame they all were praised as one who knew dharma and adharma ..

so in nutshell in apatkaal one must do all akaarya also to save one’s life ..

when there is scope for living with ones own way of life one should not live like others .. when there is no scope fo living in ones own prescribed method .. one should try for other living ..

one should not live by giving money on interest ..  ieven if one gets lot of troubles .. says narad muni ..

But koorma puraana says .. one can live by giving money on interest in tiimes of trouble but thye should try to leave it as early as possible ..

now two authorities are contradicting … SMRITIMUKTAVALI reconciles thus ..

taking money from other on interest and giving it at higher interest is known as VARDHOOSHIKI .. this should not be done .. one can give ones own money on interest and live with that interest till apatkaal is over ..

vasishtha says .. keep in one side of scale the sins of abortion .. and on the other side the sins of  giving money through vardhooshiki .. the abortion one looks lighter ..

for one year one must charge 25 paise interest on rs 100  .. ie 0.25% pa ..

following should not be sold ..

  1. fruits
  2. ruby
  3. madi vastra
  4. somarasa
  5. humans
  6. sweet apup
  7. cane juice
  8. til
  9. cooked rice [hotel ]
  10. salt
  11. milk
  12. curds
  13. ghee
  14. water
  15. arms
  16. alcohol
  17. honey
  18. jaggery
  19. grass
  20. gopichandan
  21. skins
  22. flowers
  23. posion
  24. butermilk
  25. chamar
  26. resham
  27. lands
  28. meat
  29. horses
  30. glass
  31. ginger
  32. cattles
  33. perfumery
  34. sprouts
  35. liquids

but  shudras can sell the above items  but not bramhanas ..

GAUTAM says barter can be done in any form

one can give milk can take curds … give cooked food and take liquids  in return or nay other cooked food ..

when one wants to do dharma karya one can give him til and take in return equivalent of weight any other thing but  not money …

One must earn to look after poshyavarga  ..all the earnings should be accomplished between 9 and 10.30 am .. only …

one must spend less and keep oneself happy.  

one should have hot rice to eat , he should have ghee to be put on it .. tht is enough .. the dress one wears if it is not tearing that is enough ./.. if there is no necessity to serve others .. that is enough ..

having anna food as said above and dress as said above and does not have misfortune to serve a menial only that MAN IS FORTUNATE


krishnarpana ..

Comments on: "MONEY EARNINGs and WEALTH – a vedic view point !" (18)

  1. This article has been written to appreciate the fact that why RAYARU was eating on ground without having plate or banana leaf .. or worst still would go without food for family for days …. this is because of the amruta way of life they have chosen for themselves …

    similarly SUdama .. people might get misled that poverty struck them .. for such great bhaktas where NARAYANA is always in their heart and HOUSE , LAXMI AUTOMATICALLY STAYS there … so poverty cannot strike them …

    It was their sadhana …


    • sometimes back in one article I had written poverty is bhushana for BRAMHANA ..not many people understood it ….

      this articles hopes to give clarity .. VRANAASHRAM DHARMA is very strict for BRAMHANA .. and as we can see 99% have already forgotten the amruta . shiloncha vrutti … and 99% do not feel anything wromg in shvavrutti


      • Viju Rao said:

        katdala acharya…sach ka khanjar chalake..!!!


      • Sir, you also said brahmins should be wealthy…. how both are possible ?


      • Viju Rao said:

        wealth of knowledge not money….sri vijaydhwajaru after writng commentary on bhagavata in antya sloka prays lord to give him daridrya! knowledge is the only wealth of brahmana. in fact inbhagvata it is mentioned many times that money is the worst enemy of brahmana…acharya pls correct.



  2. pradnya said:

    Pranaam guruji,
    charanspasht!!guruji nice article..please tell me if some one is involved in liquor business then he comes in which category…



  3. sameer said:

    if forefathers were involved in money lending/ land grabbing/alcohol business, then do their generations get cursed?if yes then how to identify the curses? Suggest remedies pls.
    Shri Krishnarpanamastu.


    • it affects seven generations … yes there are methods to nullify curse .. it has to be observed on sundays ..


      • sameer said:

        are remedies specific or general? if specific can we know it from our kundli?


  4. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    u said…
    “if a dwija goes to a chandaal or antyaj stree , has sex , or dines together or partakes food clothes or money or gifts , if done without knowledge becomes patit”
    ‘shastras say those who have gone to mletcha desha become patit … ‘

    kindly explain what patit means here…pardon if ques is repetitive. thanks.

    sri krishnarpana.


    • the ones mentioned by you are temporary patits .. who become patit by sansarga dosha … they get resurrections by gayatri or a good snana ..

      but those who get offsprings from patit are knwon as patit … and those bramhanas who get yjan veda upadesha for these are also patits ..


  5. paritoshb said:

    Pranaam Guruji,
    How good does this hold at present?

    Also,” one should have hot rice to eat” but even in temples hot rice served to eat..

    “ajigarta muni killed his own child when unable to bear the hunger” but acc. to daksha prajapati “these come under POSHYA VARGA ..one must feed them at all times .. one must protect them at all times ..”
    How to reconcile this Guruji?

    Humble Pranaams..


    • hot rice to eat with ghee on it … that means .. even if saar sambhaar paneer butter masala is not there it should not matter .. just hot rice with ghee on it would make for a day .. that is good fortune … one need not strive for more … [ because striving for more means one has to serve menials ]

      when choice is between self survival and child wife // one must always choose self .. is the dharma /// because child wife can always be got again .. this is in backdrop of say there is worst famine [ as the case is ] and many months have have passed by nothing to eat .. in that case .. if you strive to get your child and wife to survive and you die eventually wife n child will also die .. or get corrupt .. this is of no use … so the attempt should be to get self survival ..first … and then wife and child …that is what ajigarta muni did … he tried to eat his own child to survive ..


  6. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    thanks for the wonderful article..who is patit exactly…one fails to live by his varna dharma? pls clear.

    sri krishnarpana.


  7. sameer said:

    thanks for the post. Pls letus know some upayas as we are in industries/banks etc.


  8. brbr2011 said:


    why did vishwamitra , bharadwaja resort to eat meat…. these rishis can use their power and can create food thr’ yogic powers… vishwamitra created trishanku swarga…why he could not create a satvik meal?… also these rishis do they reallly need to eat.. they can go on hunger for yugas.. …(they did tapas without food)..



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