Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Once Ravan with folded hands and extreme devotion and politeness asked in solitude  Son of BRAMHA ,SAGE SANATKUMAR  – “OH Sage ! who is supreme  most among devatas ? Who is the one , taking the shelter of whom devtas always win over their enemies in war ? Whom do the dwijas worship always  ? Whom do the Yogis meditate UPON ? Oh benevolent one ! kindly answer my questions as you know everything ! .”

Sanatkumar through his divine sight[ yogadruk ] , found out the real intention of RAVANA behind these questions and then said -” Oh son RAVAN ! Listen as I give answer to your questions . One who regulates this UNiverse and sustains it always , one who does not have death and birth , one who is worshipped by both devtas and asuras That imperishable supreme being is HARI NARAYANA .. He is the one from whose navel was born BRAMHA He is the creator of this animate and inanimate world  , taking shelter of HIM al the devatas always win over their enemies in war . Yogis meditate on NARAYANA and dwijas engage in his japa …”

Having listened to Mahrshi’s words , RAVANA again said thus ” Daitya danav always get killed by VISHNU , what happens to these daityas where do they go and what do they achieve ?”

Sanatkumar rishi continues -” those who are killed by other Devatas , they go to the best of  Swarga heaven and after sometime they fall down to earth and according to their previous life’s good and bad deeds they attain births and deaths continuously . BUT those who die in the hands of VISHNU get their ultimate gati as ordained by HARI ”

RAVAN with a happy disposition in mind thought for a moment and decided so I shall fight with HARI then . GUAGING the mind of RAVANA , Sanatkumar rishi proclaimed ” oh RAVAN your wish will be fulfilled ! you wait for some more time and enjoy ”

HAving said so SAGE continued ” HEy RAVAN ! LORD VISHNU exists everywere , he is omnipotent , he is flowing as river in rivers , he is standing as dense forest among forests .. he is manifested everywhere in all shapes and sizes ..HE is in OMkara , truth , savitri , prithvi , and the He is in SHESHA the one wo is hodling this entire universe ” HE is as devatas among devatas , He is the kAALA , he is the MOON and SUN as present in them , He causes SUNRISE SUNSET day night , HE is in VAYU , he is in fire agni , HE is in INDRA , He is in YAMA , he is parjana , vasus , … Bramha Rudra and all devatas owe to their existence to HIM ,, He causes lighting hesports in all this creation ,and also protects it ..He is present everywhere in all creation and sustains it .. He is  of bluish in color and that too of hue that of lightning  and  wears a  peetambar , Like a golden [ of jambunad fame ] jewellery , MAHALAKSHMI is adorning his chest and she is embracing looking at him with awe …

LORD VISHNU  cannot be seen by any daitya danav devata or nag etc ..ONLY those whom he graces [ yasya prasaadam kurute sa chainam drashtum arhati ] ,those with whom he is pleased only those can see him by his grace alone ..

YAGNYA tapasya , daan or ADHYAYAN  or any other means does not qualify to be eligible to see HIM ..Only his devotees who with single mind  ever engage in his thoughts through unmixed VEDANTA [ unmixed with dirt of doubts ] , whose vision is totally pure and cleansed [ which has become malaheena -amala drushti  ] with vedanta vichaara Only they can see LORD NARAYANA ! ”

SAge continues .. -‘RAVAN ! now if you want to have his vision easily without any such difficult means , Then in TRETAYUGA , for the welfare of devatas and humans , LORD is taking avatara in IKSHVAKU  lineage as the best of EMPERORS , as the SOn of DASAHRATH b name RAAMa !!!! He will leave for forest along with his brother and wife to uPHOLD the words of his Father . He will wander in DANDAKARANYA along with his wife SEETA who is [maya herself ] …I have told all these to you in details RAVAN ,now worship LORDRAAM along with his consort with continuous devotion[” bhajasva bhaktibhaven sada RAAMAm SHRIYA yutam “ ] ”

thats the advice SANATKUMAR gives to RAVAN to fulfil his desire of having VISion of LORD RAM in his heart

AGASTYA MUNI says to LORD RAAM ” thus having listened to SAge sanatkumar oh LORD RAM ! Ravan  went into introspection and contemplated thus , I shall make opposition with allthe devatas in the universe and LORD RAM will then oppose me. Ravan having decided so ,became very happy at the possibility of fulfilling his wish

RAVAN thus went on war spree so that he would get a chance to oppose SHRI RAM and then to get KILLED by RAAM , the wise RAVAN  abducted  JAGANMATA devi JANAKI ”

One who listens to this katha , or reads it or gives a discourse to others who are interested , he shall attain longevity , freedom from diseases , health and infinite prosperity happiness , he will gain his wishes and make extreme profits and his wealth will never decrease but  will keep  ever increasing


Comments on: "Ravan Sanatkumar Samvaad !" (12)

  1. thanks


  2. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Does this not provide a pretext to indulge in extreme violence for the ultimate gain?

    Humble Regards


    • There is flaw in the decision , that hate does not lead to MOKSHA … Sanatkumar has advised thus seeing JAYA in RAVANA .. but with the decision in came KALI …means he became active ….because in SUndarkanda nirnaya MADHWACHARYA ,[as HANUMAN contemplates RAVANA ] as Kali only …

      So the point to be noted is that wHile we say when someone errs as HAVING KALIAVESHA .. but does KALI enter randomly and act randomly ….NO it seems he acts only when particular agyaana or Vipareet gyana is in operation .. this seems to be very suxma and beyond comprehension of normal being …

      lets see a bit deeper , Jaya and KALI in the bod , JAya is afraid the hate would lead to HELL , so he has asked SANATKUMAR how he should escape this situation , Sanatkumar rishi advises him to go into RAAM dhyaana … while this DHYANA of JAYA gives gati to JAYA , it causes fear to KALI and he hates it … so it gives durgati to RAVANA … so SANTAKUMAR says it will give gati to you // gati as per nature ….


  3. Namaste Guruji … Hare Srinivasa …. wonderful post .. Guruji please explain the behaviour of ravna with the comcept of JEEVADWAIYA. Thanks very much for posting this.

    Hare Srinivasa.
    Sri Raghavendraya Namaha.


  4. om namo narayana
    om marute rudraya namah
    srimad anandatirth gurubhyo namah.

    reading/listening to the above post a doubt arises in my mind. if everything is sri hari then is it correct to worship him only without any antargat. doing seva , puja, jaap etc to him only like the ISKON TYPE or the VAARKARI (OF MAHARASHTRA) type, wherein they dont hav other rituals like tarpan, vaishyadev, baliharan etc. i suppose they dont worship any other demi-gods.This is not for avoiding our rituals but of possibilities asking this doubt.


    • Viju Rao said:

      no it is not….that type of worship is not vedic….hence lord does not accept it…!


  5. Acharya,

    thanks so much for this…. naman to ur feet



  6. Sri Hari Vayu Gurubhyo Namah,

    Namaskar GURUDEV,

    Very nice article..SIR..!

    Excellent Reasoning of RAVAN behind HIS hate and war against SRI RAM….! Even someones ‘extreme pre planned hate’ towards LORD can also give param gati to the soul…MARVELLOUS !!

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Viju Rao said:

      u didnt get the purport right….one can never get param gati if he harbours hate against lord…that is typical ns(iskcon) philosophy…..where has acharya talked abt ravan’s hatred here…??? here its JAYA the satvik jiva in ravana’s body speaking….so the advise of sanatkumara to seek darshan/grace of lord….devtas never sermon tamas jivas on bhakti…they arent so dumb..


      • Viju Bhai..!

        Zara shabdon par gaur kijiye..I have written ‘ preplanned hatred’…how a pre planned hatred can be real?? Where I have said RAVAN had real hatred for LORD..?? I was simply saying what a reasoning and what an indirect way of getting ‘param gati’ RAVAN had resorted…..thats it..!

        ‘Ravan went into introspection and contemplated thus , I shall make opposition with allthe devatas in the universe and LORD RAM will then oppose me. Ravan having decided so ,became very happy at the possibility of fulfilling his wish’

        Ravan had a plan for ‘opposition’ after getting sermon from sanatkumar…obviously only sakvik jeeva hi HARI SARVOTTAM ke vishaya mein sun sakta hai..maan sakta hai….aur usse hi koi devta bhakti aur mukti par sermon de sakta hai….. JAYA VIJAYA stroy I also know bhai ( i do read Bhagawatha daily..)… abhi kuch din pehle somebody (not remembering name ) was telling abt these two on fb to sunaina…

        But anyways thanks for the concern…I am getting correctly bhai… ho sakta hai..I have not conveyed the view properly…

        Thanks ,


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