Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Deepa mahatmya !


King Dhridhdhanva asks VALMIKI rishi ” oh maharshi ! what is the phala of making a
deepa daana in adhika masa ‘?

Valmiki rishi “Oh King I shall narrate to you a great story ,just listening to which even
panchamahapataka gets destroyed ! once upon a time In the city of SAUBHAGYA there lived a King by name CHITRABAHU ” He was very brave intelligent and just ruler . very patient , truthful , very kind and compassionate and Righteous

king always spent time in listening to bhaagvad katha and bramhana seva .. he was only
interested in his wife and was never ineterested in other women ..he was full of four
types of army and cattle and wealth equal to that of KUBERA. His wife the queen was
Chandrakala by name was expert in 64 arts .. and was most beautiful women of her times
she was pativrata and most fortunate women and had much Vishnu bhakti. The young
King along with his wife was enjoying his kingdom justly as he had known other GOD as
supreme other than KRISHNA

One day Sage AGASTYA came to his KIngdom .. Chitrabahu made a dandavat pranaam and then gave arghya padya etc to MUNI and made him seat on his throne and standing in front of him with folded hands.

King said ” oh MUNI ! you are great devotee of Sri KRISHNA you have come to my
kingdom , its my great fortune ..and my birth has been a success by this … this day is actually a good a day for me my kingdom has become a fortunate one. My house has been purified by your arrival.
Your glance has purified me from all the sins .. I offer you all my wealth , cattle chariots alongwith this KIngdom to you .. Oh muni ! you are one of the foremost of the devotees of VISHNU and nothing I have in my possesion that can actually please you

But whatever little is offered to a Vishnu bhakta with devotion becomes manifold in
giving result . The man who does not give at least a pence , a vegetable or good food to a VAISHNAV bramhana , that day of his has gone as waste is to be thought by him …so
say the knower of vedas , vishnu bhakta bramhana [ can be anyone , a friend relative or any one ] they are all respectable. one must always show respect to such bramhanas by body mind and speech and worship them ..this is what I have learnt from garga gautam and sumanta muni. just as stars have light and presence felt only till SUNRISE .. so also other dwijas have importance only till a VAISHNAVA BRAMHAN arrives Having said so king made a namaskaar to AGASTYA MUNI . MUNI pleased with KING said ” You are indeed a fortunate being today Chitrabahu .. as you are a great Vishnu bhakta .. thsi kingdom is indeed a Fortunate one .. your subjects of this Kingdom are fortunate to have a Vishnu bhakta KING

One must not at all stay in the Kingdom whose king is not a VISHNU BHAKTA ..It si
better to reside in forest than to reside in kingdom where king is avaishnav .. Kingdom should be vaishnav and king should be vaishnav .. if not then it is like a body which has no eyes.

an avaishnav rashtra is like a wife who does not have love …..it is like a illiterate
bramhana , like an elephant without teeth , llike a bird without wings , like a ekadashi
with vidhha dasahmi .. like all these the Just as a sandhayavandan done without darbha[ring ] does not fetch result , just as tarpana
to pitrus without til is of no use , just as deva pooja done for the sake of filling stomach is seedless activity .. so also a avaishnav rashtra does not fetch any result. it is nirarathak and vyartha. just like vrata done without bath , just like a shudra who has a bramhna
wife , so also is a avaishnav rajya ,,, THe true king is one who is always remembering Srkrishna such a kingdom will only prosper day by day his subjects will be real a happy people.

Agastya muni says Oh king you are a VISHNU BHAKTA … seeing you today infact my
eyes have become a sarthaka .. talking to you my speech has become a point of Use ..
WHat you have offered me this your kingdom , you are the only fit person to look after
it ..So you take back this kingdom and rule it justly , take it as MY ORDER .. think that
i have installed you as the caretaker of thsi Kingdom ..let there be fortunes to you … and
now I take your leave ”

Saying so as AGASTYA muni was about to leave , CHANDRAKALA bowed to the
sage .. and sage gave asheervaada ” always be a saubhagyavati oh fortunate one , let there
be akhanda bbhakti in SRIKRISHNA ” as sage was giving this asheervada , KING asked
AGASTYA MUNI .. oh sage ” I have got a immense wealth a trouble free kingdom a
beautiful pativrata wife , what I ahve done which has given me these good phala ” what
is the satkarma which i have undertaken .. you are a trikalagnya you know all my past ..
kindly tell me ”

Agastya muni with concentration looked at KING and said ” I have analysed your
previous births .. and then seeing your previous history LISTEN to me ! You were
a shudra in your previous in a beautiful city of CHAMATKAAR .. you name was
MANIGREEVA ..you were living by killing animals , you were immersed in sins ,
always running after other women ..looting people , killing them , given falsehood , you
were atheist , completely characterless , ill-tempered person

this chandrakala was your wife even then …very beautiful , and completely immersed in
patiseva by body mind and speech ..she was very fortunate lady , virtuous and Vishnu
bhakt ..she never ever thought bad about you and was engaged in dharma.

all the relatives shunned Manigreeva as he was ill famed as bad person

The king of that city became angry on MANIGREEVA and confiscated all the wealth of
manigreeva and whatever was left was stolen by relatives and he was relegated to deep
forest. Now in the forest oh king you were in your previous life killing many animals
and eating them .. your wife accomapnied you to forest and she lived with you. one day
to look for animals you headed for deep into forest with a bow and arrow .. and there he
saw a muni [ his name was UGRADEVA ] and he was unconscious because of thirst ,,
manigreeva lifted muni and took him to his hut … and then after fanning the muni and
making him comfortable .. he saw to it that muni came to consciousness

Ugradeva muni after regaining consciousness , asked how did he come here as he had
lost way in forest .. Manigreeva said oh MUNI , kindly see here , there is a beautiful pond

here .. it is full of loutus and trees around it are also of full sweet smelling flowers ..very
pleasant is this water which is scented by them and muni please take bath here and after
completing your daily chores .. please have this water to quench your thirst .

then he asked his wife do we have ripe fruits .. do bring them let us offer this to this
shreshta BRAMHANA . now you are safe here oh MUNI .. plaease take abreath and
proceed to sarovar ..and please accept the fruits and make my life a good one .. kindly
bless us by accepting my offerings oh muni.

MUNI happy at manigreeva and placing a hand on his shoulder proceeded to the pond ..
as he was very thristy … having taken bath and finished ahnika .. drinking water and
taking a deep breath , Ugradeva sat under a vatvruksha .. tree.

After taking rest he worshipped vasudeva and sat calmly under the tree … then
MANigreeva taking fruits rushed to the MUNI along with his wife and sat before him ..
said ” oh muni! it seems you ahve come only to bless me , just a look at you has relieved
me of my sins , please accept these fruits and bless me and my wife ” uGradeva said ”
oh god man who are you . kindly let me know about you .. a bramhana should not accept
anything from unknown people , so introduce yourself ”

Manigreeva said ” oh muni I am a shudra ! my name is manigreeva , everyone , relatives
friends and good people have shunned me! ” knowing this Ugradeva accepted the fruits
and drank water .. and started taking rest muni .. rested his back against the tree .. just
then MANIGREEVA took the feet of the BRAMHANa and placing it on his thighs and
pressing .. asked ‘ OH MUNI ! where were you travelling to ? how did you get into this
dense forest full of wild animals ”

Ugradeva said ” Oh punyatma ! I am a bramhana ! i was going towards PRAYAAG ,
i have lost my way and got into this forest .. and then suffering from thirst i fell
unconscious .. in such life danger situation you have saved me … ASK a boon what you
want I shall give you ” what is the reason you are two living in this dense forest ? agastya
says OH king then you happy with words of MUNI ugradeva , you asked the upaya
solution to come out of this extreme poverty … and then narrated your life history

MAnigreeva said ! ” i was residing in the city of chamatkaara which was full of good
scholars / i ws also very wealthy and good natured person ..but by some reason and
bad destiny I started behaving badly and left the good ways of life .. with evil acting on
mind , i lost my senses and daily went after other women , drinking alcohol. slowly i
started stealing , and also started killing people seeing all these people left me , they kept
away from me

The king Bruhadbal then ordered a loot on my house … whatever left was stolen by
my relatives. When none gave shelter , i took shelter in this forest …. i am living by
killing animals .. i am a sinner please show some mercy on me oh blessed one .. I dont
know it must be some punya of many many births that a sinner like me is still having a
conversation with a pious one in such a dense forest .. Please give me some upadesha and
lift me up from this state .. I want this poverty end and live happily with wealth ..give me
some solution oh MUNI.

UGRADEVA said ” Oh both of you ! you have served me with devotion your hospitality
has pleased me ….from here onwards you shall have a very good life …without doing any

vrata niyama upavasa teerthayatra daan dharma or anything with efforts i shall preach
you a solution that would fetch wealth effortlessly //..

Listen corectly three months from now ..Starts Purushottama masa .. then both of you
couple should with efforts light deepa ..to lord Purushottama ..this will remove your
abject poverty ..from the roots … let me tell you the method of deepa daana

In the house one should light ghee deepak if possible , else use til oil .. you are living in
forest so both til oil and ghee is not possible for you ..

Oh manigreeva you can use .. ingudi oil .. [ soapberry oil ] desert date oil … everyday
both of you couple .. take bath in this pond and light the deep and do it for a whole
month .. ‘ take it as my upadesha for you as this much only … this is ordained by vedas
and i have told you .. in ordinary days lighting deepa increases wealth so in purushottam
masa it gives immense wealth is no mystery .. there is no karma in veda .. which equals
even 1/16th of this activity .. no amount of austeruities equals this actvity even upto 1/16
krichcha chandrayan sankhya and other tantras equals this , nor 100 vyatipatas . nor 100o
grahansa equals this.

This is oh manigreeva most secret .. should not be given to anyone anywhere ..this gives
everything wealth grains fame sons grandsons ..good wife good husband .. all fortunes. In
this masa purushottam masa anyone who lights deepa wherever without procedures too
even then he gets immense results .. if done procedurally it fulfills wishes is definite ..so
one must make a deepa dana without fail.

abject unbearable poverty can be eradicated from roots by this deepadaana . i have told
only for you manigreeva .. . NOW you leave for your house and i shall go to prayaag

MANIGRREEVA and his wife folowed UGRADEVA for some days and then leaving
muni at the outskrits , they returned and waited for Purushottam masa .. so said agastya
muni to CHITRA BAHU .

Then having done deepa dana for a month long .. by the blessings of Ugradeva ,,
both became comepletely cleansed and reagained wealth and the after death went to
INDRALOKA .. then they took birth in the birth khanda as Kshatriyas. manigreeva is
now son of veerabahu CHITRABAHU. That sundari the name of manigreeva’s wife is
chandrakala , because she did pati seva the she could get half the punya of that deepa
dana and she became your wife again ..only a pativrata stree can get half punya and not

if only deepa daana can get so much , then vrata upavasa how much they can fetch
phala .. so said agastya and left the city of SAUBHAGYA [ present HYDERABAD }


Moral of the story !

1. Upadesha of BRAMHANA should be taken with positive mind ,, however
simple it may look … one must follow it sincerely without doubt … do vrata
after upadesha only .. ONly a single karma with devotion [ in this case a
simple deepa daana ] [ in entire life ] is enough to put on track multitude of
lives ahead …
2. even if husband goes astray temporarily woman should not lose her track but
concentrate on vishnu bhakti

3. always give something to a bramhana when you encounter them .. be it just a
few pecks of grain or mustard ,,.but give .. it will give manifold back
4. when you have everything dont hesitate to give everything also .. no satpatra
takes away the kingdom .. sometimes the solution to gravest problems are
very simple … belief does the magic ..
5. Do not be very proud about you own character .. everybody was a sinner
at sometime or other ..BUT that doesnt mean do not give credit to a good
charactered , only you can know how many transitions it takes to be good ..
so its hard work …. and time consuming … never try to step back.

Comments on: "Deepa mahatmya !" (4)

  1. sanath kumar said:

    ahhhhh…how did a shudra who had no money whatsoever;living in aorest….perform a lot of deepa dana etc.???????


    • when one lives in forest , he uses oil of seeds ..these seeds give oil as soon as they are opened .. and deepa for forest dwellers is made of wood or mud ..


  2. Hariprasad Alur said:

    Sincere Pranams

    The moral of the story will be a true guiding path.

    Humble Regards


  3. Shanti Arun kumar said:

    Thankyou for this Guruji…I shall do as advised…lighting ghee and til oil lamp throughout…
    Respects to you,


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