Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

|| Om AINDHANAAY namaha ||

  1. If there are benefics shubh grahas in the first house [lagna ] then one will be longlived [deerghayushi ] and wealthy and wise . If papa evil grahas are there in lagna in exaltation or own house we will see similar results .
  2. if Lagna is mesha vrishchik and if SUn is there one will be wealthy
  3.  for vrushabha tula – sun in lagna – one will be blind in night ,
  4. for mithun kanya -sun in lagna will give broad eyes and one will be fool
  5. for karkataka sun in lagna – one will have eye problems
  6. for simha sun in lagan will give problems with sight
  7. for tula sun in lagna , one will be abandoned by the parents
  8. for makara kumbha  sun in lagna one will be greedy
  9. for Meena dhanush sun in lagna will make one slave to  woman
  10. if sun in lagna is with malefics or especially Rahu and moon is in 8th , child will die during the birth while surgery or by sharp instruments or weapons
  11. if lagna lord is rahu and jupiter   and in 1 6 8 12  and sun is also with malefics then one will be always troubled by diseases
  12. if lagna lord is malefic and lagna is also weak then one will be ever angry and dissatisfied , and diseased .
  13. Lagnadhipati in kendra trikona one will not have any diseases ..
  14. if the lord of bhava where  lagnadhipati  is deposited ,if it is in 6 8 then one will be weak constitution
  15. if 5th and 9th from lagna have shani afflicted with malefics or rahu ketu , or if rahu is in lagna with malefics and 5 9 from there have gulika , or rahu in lagna with gulika or lagnadhipati in lagna with malefics and rahu , one will be troubled by snakes , thieves and deciet .. [ fraud ,scam concipiracy ]
  16. if lagna is with shani and sun then also one will be troubled by thieves again and again  ,  iN previous life such people would have looted a temple ..especially a shivalinga … REMEDY – chandrayan rudra homa .. and at river bank surya japa 51000 and shani 1 lakh with shivaling daana ..
  17. if SHani is with rahu in LAGNA then one will have swollen testicles .. in the rpevious life one would have killed a pregnant cow raised in own house ..- remedy = prajapatya homa , and godaana with milk and 10000 gayatri .
  18. Mars in lagna , navel and cheeks and testicles will be enlarged
  19. SUn aspecting lagna one will have his fathers property and will be liked by govt ..and will get favours and wealth from govt .
  20. one will be obese if sun aspects 3rd house and one will be adicted to prostitutes and will be wealthy and happy and make good progress socially
  21. Saturn aspecting lagna will make one always lusty even in old age will be associated with women
  22. SUn aspecting lagna will make one follow fathers profession , will be brave and bold and will be liked by his father . MOON aspecting will make one famous and educated wise .. mars aspecting lagna will make one writer and mercury’s aspect will make one  designer sculptor , Jupiter aspecting will make one disciplined , liked by all and will have fortunes that others will be envy of …venus aspecting makes one attractive and will be liked by opposite sex and will be wealthy .. saturn’s aspect will make one be a fool  , suffering from poverty and anti social ..
  23. Jupiter venus aspecting lagna will make one a minsiter
  24. if friendly planets but malefics aspect lagna then one will be brave and difficult to control by others … if three benefics aspect lagna then he will be very wealthy and equal to KING .. if jupiter and friendly planet aspect then there will be wealth and diseases .. if none aspect lagna then one will not have any special qualities ..
  25. if there are only benefics in 6 7 8 from lagna then king minister or senapathy is born
  26. if full moon is there in lagna one will be trader of preciosu stones , if ksheena chandra is there then one will be lustful , angry , evil , and cheat
  27. if lagna is meena and budha in it then one will be slave ..
  28. if tula lagna has shani then one born will be wise , and will head a state or village or city ..
  29. If benefics aspect lagna one will be famous , wealthy and beautiful and happy .
  30. if all benefics aspect then all the yogas in the horoscope will give only benefic results .if moon also joins them then even if one is harsh and eveil one will stay as king for a long time ..  If moon is in debilitation then much miseries will strike ..if exalted then all evils will dissapear ame will happen if  moon aspects the lord of the rashi in which it is placed ..


Comments on: "First HOUSE – 1st Bhava [ a study ]" (2)

  1. Dear Sir,
    who is aindhana..? thanks.


    • Hariprasad Alur said:

      My Guess:

      AGNI naama paramatma is addressed as AINDHANAAY

      Indhana = Fuel.

      That which burns with fuel = Aindhanaay = Agni


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