Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Maithun Prashna !

Sometimes people come to astrologer with a question “SWAMIJI you know what happened yesterday night, please tell me what should I do now? ” especially woman come up with such questions … HOW to answer them ? [ ab kal kiske ghar me kya hua , yeh swamiji kaise janenge bhai ] is there a way ? it is called SURATA prashna !!

In Manomushtika Adhyaya it is said that things unknown should be always predicted from sthira chakra only and not from chara chakra. But when a scholar is asking one must use chara chakra only. If one is asking while walking so also one must chara chakra . In all indeterminate conditions one must use chara chakra.
While dealing with chara chakra,  which lagna is to be used in moving zodiac ? NARADA muni says ONLY bhava chakra should be used and not actual lagna !
What is Bhava Lagna ?
From sunrise onwards add 30 degrees to sun’s longitude for every two hours i.e. 5 ghatika lapsed till prashna time, the lagna arrived is bhava lagna
But if future is asked like “Will my wife oblige today ? ” i.e Is my stree anurakta or virakta , one must answer with Uday lagna only.

  • If moon is aspected by malefics then virakta wife else if shubha yoga then anrakta
  • If ravi is aspecting moon or with moon , then husband will have to force onto his wife, marital rape. But, if ravi is with malefics, then woman will do balaatkaar on man
  •  If moon or venus does not aspect lagna, but malefics aspect occupy then astrologer can safely say there was no coition that night
  • If venus and moon aspect lagna then woman was completely in love with man … if saturn mars associate with such moon venus .. then woman had no love in the man …
  •  If moon is in sun’s varga then man was fortunate and happy … if sun is in moon’s varga woman was fortunate
  •  If the planet aspecting the lagna is own house of navamsha varga , then he was with his wife only else if in other vargas , it was a parastree
  • if the planet is exalted then parastree is of high status, if mitra kshetra then parastree was in relations, and if neecha, neecha stree
  • Uday lagna for stree shubhashubha and Arudha for purusha shubhashubha and Chatra rashi for type of women
  • If odd sign lagna and aspecting planet also in odd sign then coition was only once. if dual sign arise then twice. if venus and mars aspect then many times. if mars shadvarga or venus shadvarga comes, then also many times
  •  If lagna is sun’s varga then in morning times if in moons varga then it was in night
  •  If mars and or moon happens to be in 5th and 9th from lagna then both wife and husband were in anger , they fought and yet had good coition. But if saturn comes in 5th nd 9th then coition was only in dreams.
  •  if mars moon involve in above combination, such coition will result in Pregnancy …
  • if sun moon involve in the 5th and 9th . then couples might have involved in just guhya sparshan but actual maithun did not take place. THIS iS very important because in villages many feel they have done maithun and yet woman has not become pregnant and woman will be blamed. But truth will be that, there would have been no maithun at all for months years. This happens with modern couples too. There are many on wordpress site who have got married for months but maithun did not happen at all.
  •  if venus stands in 5th and 9th then there were multiple partners
  • Mars gives fear of fire
  • Saturn fear of thieves
  • If shani was in lagna and mars in seventh or vice versa then maithuna was out of fear. Some kind of bijalii kadki and then ganaga jamuna saraswati.
  •  If moon afflicted in seventh there was violence and fight between couples while maithun. Woman would have been responsible for violence. if sun is in lagna, then man was responsible for violence
  • if venus was associated with sun then couples have used somebody else’s bed
  • But if venus is associated with both mars and satun then both wife and husband slept separately in different beds .
  •  if mars in 3rd than they slept separately after a big fight
  •  If venus is in kendra in above combination then dress was torn in the fight. if seventh is male sign then it was male who tore the dress in fight. But if above planets are not in kendra then wife tore the dress. if mars is in seventh then other woman was the reason for the fight and woman slept on the ground.
  • If ketu is aspected by venus in above combination, all night both were awake
  • If jupiter aspects ketu, woman had alankaar
  • If mercury then then both spent time talking and arguing
  • Jupiter ‘s aspect on lagna will give a good son and delivery will be painless …


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  1. I am not interested in Mathuna Prasana please.


  2. 1675- 7-10.00A.M.-Indirapuram,Ghaziabad-5-DOB-26-11-1952, Meerut City, 02:58 A.M., Head. When my social responsibilities and obligation will be resolved and I shall get a place of peace and tranquality to devote my rest of life in the worship of Lord Shiva-Shati and get full satisfaction before death embrasses me or I myself weelcome death with happiness.


  3. Guruji,

    mind blowing !! I din’t know prashna had such deep subjects.



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