Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

GAYA Mahatmya!

This is one of the most powerful puranas in our literature. It relieves from all sorts
of miseries as it is one of the most instantly rewarding purana gatha.
Gaya mahatmya contains Gaya gadadhar Stotra by Bramha Shiva. These stotras
when chanted will definitely give a good child to those who aspire for one. [it is
Santakumar vachan]. Gaya mahtmya when read and if poeple follow what is told
in it, there are many advantages:
1. It will instantly relieve one of many sins
2. It wil lrelive sins of Pitrus
3. It will take Pitrus to Vishnu loka

It also will make up for all the sins that a Pitru might have done. Additionally,
Lord will make the Pitrus (of the one visiting Gaya) get closer to Vishnu. Pitru
will understand Vishnu Mahima. Those who have opposing fathers, avaishnav
father, unwilling parents, can visit Gaya and recite this Gadadhara stotra and
their parents will start worshipping Vishnu too.

Gaya is the most sacred place in the Universe! It has 55 places of importance,
each place is very sacred. Gaya can be visited by those who have parents alive
too as here any form of japa yagnya anushtahana tapa will give instant sidhdhi.
On top of that Gaya yatra will give fame. For those who have no parents [either]
at Gaya there is no doshas mentioned in previous Shardhdha post apply.

Avahana arghya for pitrus is not done in Gaya, so anyone can go to Gaya and just
recite naam gotra and give pinda, that completes the shradhdha. If he is poor it
will still give Gaya shradhdha phala. Those who do with full procedure will get
akshya punya. Any punya karya done here gives infinite results.

Dana especially to be made at Bharat ashrama. Those who are suffering with
bad marital issues. wife and husband going to Agastya Ashrama and worshipping
Agastya along with wife of the Rishi with arghya padya will get good marital life.
Pitrus always stay in Gaya thinking any one of the sons they have given birth
to would someday come and give tarpana pind here so that they will get Vishnu
The main aspects of Gaya mahatmya are:
1. About Gaya kshetra
2. Gaya shila

3. Gaya Gadadhar
These three stories form the basis of Gaya mahatmya. All along 55 places are
explained in detail. Then there is Vidhi for Gaya yatra. How to do Gaya yatra.

Narad Muni asks Sanatkumar Rishi: Which is the most sacred place?

Sanatkumar says: Gaya is the most sacred place more sacred than all teerthas
all deshas. Listen to its mahtmya.


Once Brahman wanted to do a big Yagnya so he asked Gayasur to do tapasya
here and then established a big shila on his head and completed a yagnya. After
the yagnya, so that Gayasur doesn’t move from his place. All the devatas and
and Gadadhar Vishnu along with phalgu teertha and others stayed here forever
at this teertha.

Here Brahma gave many types of dana to Bramhanas here and then this place
became known as Gaya, being most sacred and liked by devatas.

Pitrus who are afraid of naraka, aspire for a place in Gaya, they always think of
whether any one sons or grandsons would ever go to Gaya and relieve them.
When a son starts his journey towards Gaya pitrus dance in joy and make
festivities. Pitrus have only one desire whether my son will do Gaya yatra or will
he do Ashwamedha Yagnya or will he do Neelvrishotsarga?

The son who goes to Gaya and does Annadana, pitrus call him as only son and
those who don’t are not accepted as sons. The person who stays for three weeks
in Gaya will get 7 generations of pitrus relieved.
Staying for at least three nights will destroy the sanchita papa karma of entire
Pinda daan here will relieve the person [himself] of bramnha hatya, madira paan,
theft, gurustree samagam, sansarga paapa [pataki sansarga] etc.
It doesn’t matter whether son gives pinda or anyone else. If pinda is given in
Gaya on a soul’s name and gotra that soul will go to BRAMHALOKA for sure.
Four karmas are Moksha dayaka [one guarantying MOKSHA ] what are they?


Gaya shraadhdha

Isn’t it so easy for a son to go to Gaya! Buddhimaan person will do pinda dana
anytime in Gaya. Adhikamas, guru shukrasta, guru simhastha yoga all these
should not form excuses for not doing Gaya Shraadhdha. Normally, when one is
injured [kshat dosha] [cancer etc diseases], one should not do shraadhdha. But
even if you have mahavrana [bleeding wounds cancer gangrene infection etc.]
still you can do shraadhdha in Gaya it will ensure BRAMHALOKA to pitrus.

One who has done SHRADHDHA in Gaya need not lament for anything less
everything he shall get on this earth. If only once he does yatra it is enough.
BRAMHA and other devatas like this place immensely so if anyone dies in this
ploace even by accidentally..he will get good lokas. People who have died in
KEEKAT magadh desha usually do not good lokas so their sons must do Gaya
There is no MUNDAN allowed in Gaya vishala and viraja rest other places mundana
can be done. But only a bhikshu can show his DANDA and not actually do
pindadaana in Gaya. Bhikshu sanyasi has no papa or punya lepa so he has
to only do Vishnu pooja at these places as a sanyasi should leave everything
except VEDA.
Gaya teertha is 2and half kosa Gaya kshetra is 5 kosa Gaya shira is 1 kosa all
the teerthas of the universe exist within this. SHARDHHA in Gaya kshetra will
relieve one of PITRU RUNA. Shardhdha in Gaya shiras does udhdhar of 100
kulas. One who just leaves his house with Gaya with these aims his pitrus start
getting ladder for SWARGA as the son progresses each step thus a step in
ladder is given to PITRUS.
Daana of dugdha mishrit charu, sarttu, pishtaka, tandul, phalmoola til kalka
ghruta samet gudakhanda or just curds and best of honey gives infinite trupti to
pitrus and one gets ashwamedha yagnya phala.
Teertha shradhdha has vidhi of, pinda asan, pinbdandaana, punah pratyvanejan
dakshina and anna daana should be done at feet of Gaya GADADHAR.
Achachadan avahan is not necessary in Gaya.

As there is no drishtijanya dosha in all other places PITRUS come by avahana
but in Gaya pitrus always stay there so avahana is not necessary. One must do
shardhdha with faith here.
One must leave kaam krodha lobha while doing shardhhda else it will not be
BRAMHA CHARYA VRATA one time bhojan, bhoomishayan, satyavachan, and
mana sharira pavitrata is must.
One must not hurt others most importantly in SHARDHDHA one must leave
PAKHAND [artificialness, falsehood, cleverness, vanchana buddhi, vyapaar,

sanshay, sandeha, vyakulata, shoka, uttejana, etc]. With complete nishtha if one
does shardhdha then one will give bramha loka to pitrus.
There is river VAITARNI in Gaya, one who does snana in this river and then
gives godaana, he will send 21 pitrus to higher lokas. AKSHYA VATA is another
place in Gaya, here dana to vedic bramhanas one can make all devagan and
pitrugana simultaneously happy. Meena mesha kanya dhanu and vrushabha
rashi when sun enters Gaya shardhdha is atyant shreshtha even devatas give
pind adana here duitring these times.
MAKAR amavaysa who gives pindadana that phala cannot be got in doing
good karmas many crore kalpas- is infinite.Narad Muni asks Who was Gayasur? What was his specialty? How was he to
look at? What tapasya did he do? How did his BODY become so PAVITRA?

Lord Vishnu gave birth to BRAMHA from his navel and BRAMHA created
deavtas and asuras. GayaSUR was most powerful asura. He was 100 Yojanas
tall and 60000 yojanas broad. GAYASUR was vishnubhakta and he started
a UGRA tapasya inj the plaace named KOLAHAL a beautiful mountain. He
stopped his breath in kumbhak for many thousands of years. This tapasya
started burning devatas, so devatas along with bramha and shiva went to
KSHIRSAGAR and worshipped VISHNU, “Oh lord you are creator and regulator
of all the souls in this world. You are always victorious, you limit all the rakshasas
and wear on yourself all the creation, you reside in the heart of YOGIS, your
greatness is inexplicable, You progress ever and ever and we bow to YOU OH
VISHNU LORD, please save us from this Gayasur.
VISHNU along with all the devatas went to GayaSUR and sad OH GayaSUR we
are all happy with you. Then why are you doing TAPASYA? What is it that you
aspire? ASK a BOON.
GAYASUR said, “Oh Devatas if you want to make me happy, then please grant
me a boon that I become more PAVITRA than all devatas rishis dwijatis teerthas,
kshetras, yagnyas, and parvatas. I must be most pavitra [holiest of holy ] I must
be more than all the rishis put together. Dev mantra devi devata, yogi snayasi,
grahastha yati, all those who are termed as PAVITRA I should be more than
them all!!
LORD Vishnu gave the boon and all agreed!
All the devatas touched GYASUR and went to their lokas. But then YAMAPURI
became empty as everyone started going to GayaSUR and see him and became
cleansed and no one ever entered YAMAPURI. People stopped doing yaga
yangya and just went to GayaSUR and had a darshan and thus all lokas became
empty and everyone ascended swarga.
Seeing all the lokas as empty YAMA and others went to BRAMHA and said, Oh
Taat ! You have given us this work, but it seems there is nothing to do. So kindly
take back my DANDA and seat and power I surrender it to YOU! So said YAMA
and all other devats that it is no use, We surrender all our powers and privileges
to YOU back BRAMAH ji.

Bramhaji said okay lets go to vishnu to find a solution.
VishnuJI SAID Oh Bramha why dont you do a yangya and ask Gayasur to give
his body for doing yagnya.

So all devatas went to Gaya and Gaya did arghya padya pooja to all and said
today I feel fortunate as Bramha himself has come as yachaka to me. My pitrus
have become satisfied.
Bramha said I want to do yagnya and am on lookout for a very sacred palce.
Your body is most sacred so will you allow this yagnya to be performed on your
I am very honoured if my body becomes means of yagnya then my PITRUS will
be happy and moreover you are the creator of this body so you have all the right
on it as you have provided PAVITRATA to this, yourself.
Keeping his head north and legs to south west Gaya laid onto the ground.
BRAMHA collected all the useful things for YAGNYA and then for conducting
YAGNYA he created manas PUTRAS [for pourohitya] they were “agnisharma,
amruta, shaunak, janjali, mrudu, krumuthi, vedkaundinya, harita, kashyap,
kaushika, vashiushtha, bhargava, vrudhdha parashar, kanva, mandavya,
shruti keval, shweta, sutaal, daman, suhotra, kanka, lokakshi, mahabahu,
jagishavya, dadhipanchmukha, vipravar, rushabh, karka katyayan, gobhila,
mahavratashali munivar ugra, su[palak, gautam, vedashirovrta, avyagrachitta,
jayamali chattuhaas, daruna, atreya, angiras, aupamanyu, gokarna, gruhavasa,
shirkhandi, umavrat, he also created many vipras to conduct yagnya on gayasur.

AGNISHARMA created from his mouth FIVE types of agni, namely, dakshinagni,
garhapatya, avahaniya, sabhya avasabhya.
Yagnya was performed with anushthana of all the agnis, and bramhans
were given many many dakshinas. BRAMHA then gave poorna ahuti and did
avabhruta snaana.
Devatas erected a yangya stambha they put it in bramha sarovara and then
erected it. BUT suddenly yangya bhumi started moving. It caught everyone by
surprise. BRAMHA asked YAMA to bring the shila in his house to keep on the
head of the GayaSUR to make him still.
So YAMA brought this heavy shila and placed it on the head. BUT still the body
was moving. To keep it still all the devatas SHIVA Indra started standing on the
shila and exerted pressure to make him STILL.
But it still kept moving. So BRRAMHA went to VISHNU and asked what could
be done. VISHNU gave him his MOORTY [idol] from his heart and handed it to
BRAMHA. BRAMHAN placed it on the body but still the body was MOVING.

So BRAMHA then did avahana of LORD vishnu in the moorty. LORD came as
Gaya GADHADAHR and installed himself in that Mooryty and stayed there.. to
make the BODY FIRM… BRAMHA Also..took five rupas and installed himself as

VINAYAKA as gajarupadhari satyed on it. SURYA took rupas as GayaDITYA
UTTARARK, DAKSHIANARK and stayed here. LAXMI stayed on GayaSUR as
SEETA. GAURI became MANGALA, and stood on shilakhanda.
BRIHASPATI PUSHA asta vasu, vishwedeva, ashwini, marut yagnya
gandharva,uarag everyone stayed onto SHILAKHAND. LORD became

Gaya said, if only everyone wanted to make me still JUST the words of VISHNU
would have been enough. YET now because you all have chosen to stay here I
urge ALL of YOU stay here forever till bramhanda exists till moon and sun exist
till earth exists all of you must stay here only then I shall stay still. Please make
this promise. LET this place be most suitable for deva pitru karya. Let this place
be known by my NAME and do uddhara of thousands of kula of ANUSHYA.
Then when all the devatas stood still, BRAMHA gave all the barmahans many
dakshina, he gave 55 places to the bramhanas, he made it known as panchkoshi
To make bramhanas live peacefully, he asked kamdehenu kalpavruksha stay
there. Parijjat vruiksha was asked to stay here. He created many beautiful
mansions for grahasthas. He created rivers of milk wells of ghee, ponds of
honey, various types of ghee sarovar, golden wheels, and many forms of anna
parvats, bhakshya bhojya mountains, phal aphoola moolikadi forests and gave
daana to bramhanas and said FROM NOW ON DO NOT ASK ANY DAANA TO
ANYONE. Then he did namaskaar to GADAADHAR and went back to BRAMHA
Once DHARAMARAYA observed aygnay here and then all the bramhanas
took daana from him. When Brahama came to know this he gave curse to the
brahmana- let kaamdhenu kalpavruksha parijaat return to swrga, let the adbhut
mansions become those of SOIL and bricks, let the parvat becomes that of
stones, let rivers and wells become of water. Let all the bramhana living there
become RUNAGRASTHA [loan debt ridden].
Thus, bereft of wealth and means all the bramahanas took shelter of BRAMHA.
Brahman thus pleased, said those who do daan in these kshetras let these reach
you and let all the people in future also worship these bramhanas.

In gaya there is one VIRAAJ mountain. This is actually a stomach portion of
the GayaSUR, there is one well named Like NAVEL, here VIRAJADEVI stays.
Anyone who does pinda dana here will relieve 21 KUlas. MAHENDRA giri is
daitya feet here pind adan releives 7 kulas.

NARADA asks WHAT is this famous SHILA? how was it obtained ? what is its
DHarma had a beautiful PAtivrata wife VISHWAROPA dedvi. They both gave
birth to a very beautiful daughter named DHARMAVRATA. Entire people put
together whatever qualities they had on this earth, DHARMAVRATA had all
those qualities, and this made her very special. DHARMA could not find any
suitable husband for his daughter in the three lokas. So he called his daughter
and asked her to TAPASYA to get an ANURUUP pati. So the kanya started
doing tapasya. Tapasya started in shweta kalpa. For the first ten thousand
YUGAS DHARMAVRATA stayed only on VAYU [air no food ] and did tapasya.

BRAmha had a manas putra MARICHI, who was looking for a good wife. So
he started doing The PRITHVI paryatan [world tour] to look for a suitable bride.
During that time he came to the place where kanya was doing tapasya. Looking
at her extreme beauty and youth he was taken aback as to why such beautiful
women is doing tapasya.
MARICHI expressed his curiosity to the GIRL: Who are you ? Whose daughter
are you? You are so attractive and young and my mind is totally absorbed in you!
Do not fear! I am son of BRAMHA, I have completed adhyyaan of all veda and
introspected in it. This world knows me as MARICHI.
The girl said, “I am dharma putri name DHARMAVARTA. I am looking for a
nurupa PATi and to obtain PATIVRATA dharm I am doing TAPASYA.
MARICHI says ” oh lovely one! JUST my vision to YOu, have made you
PATIVRATYA. I have been touring day and night in search of a good pativrata
girl! If you want to be one pativrata then accept me as PATI I accept you as patni.
THERE is no one equal to you in this world, nor is anyone better suitable than
me for you in this world. Why don’t you marry me! DO become my wife!
DHARMAVRATA said ‘ oh muni you will have to speak to my FATHER on this
issue ”
MARICHI went to DHARMa..dharma saw a tejaswi bramhan and gave him seta
and did arghya padya seva and asked what is the good purpose of his visit..
MArichi said MAHANUBHAV! I am in lookout for a suitable bride and am touring
the entire bhumandal, and in the meanwhile I just happened to see your religious
daughter. DO give me your daughter as WIFE. It will do good to you!
HAppy at munis words DHARMA called back his daughter from Forest and with
proper ritual of marraige gave the hand of DHARMAVRATA to MARICHI rishi
and many bramhana were given rattna gold etc. for this auspicious event.

MArichi gave boon to YAma for this and then entered ashram along with his
newly wed bride and after a prolonged happy anandopabhoga the couple had
1000 sons.
Once MARICHI rishi went into forest to get fruits and flowers and when
he returned he was too tired so he called his wife and asked her to press
his legs while he wanted to take rest.. WIFE took some ghee and started
paadsamvahan… rishi felt asleep.
At that very time BRAMHA came to the house and now DHARMAVRATA
became confused what to do- get up and do aadar satkar to father in law or stay
put in the PATISEVA. She then decide BRAMHA is jagadguru his pooja is very
important. SO she got up gave arghya paadya to BRAMHA and bramha happy,
took another cot and went to sleep.
In the meanwhile MARICHI got up and seeing his wife not pressing his legs he
got angry and cursed her YOU have gone elsewhere without my permission
stalling my orders of pressing my legs. You have sinned thus so YOU become a
WIFE said ” your FAther had come, it was your duty to get up and serve him
with arghya padya, since you were in deep sleep, I have done your DHARMa
too and saved you from lapse. I am innocent yet you curse me. So I too curse
you that you be cursed by SHIVA. BOTH became unhappy at mutual curse.
With unsettled mind they went to BRAMHAji but he was asleep, so DOING
namaskaara DHARMAVRATA entered AGNI and did ugra TAPASYA. MARICHI
too became immersed in TAPASYA. Seeeing the couple in deep ugra tapasya
the entire devaloka started burning. All of them went to VISHNU to stop these
from ugra tapasya.
All of then went to dharmavrata and said till date no one has done tapasya sitting
inside the FIRE. oh devi please stop this ugra tapasya. BRAmha also got up
and said this is terrible tapasya it will terrify the world, oh please stop it and ask
WHATEVER you want. YOu are the knower of dharma, please do oblige. ASK
something you want, whatever, but stop this!
DHARMAVRATa said, if only you want to give boon I am not able to overcome
curse given by my husband on my own swatejashakti so I am doing tapasya to
overcome the curse. LET me not become a shila this is my wish.
All the devatas said, look devi the curse is not from ordinary person it is from a
MARICHI. No devata can make it nishpahala no one has that much shakti. So
dharmaputri, keeping within the limits of DHARMA MARYADA kindly ask any
boon whichever in this three world you shall get it.
Dharmaputri said iF no devata can stop me becoming SHILA then let me be shila
a shila which most sacred in entire BRAMHANDA. My pavitrata should be more

than all nadi teertha kshetra sarovar all put together. Let all the teerthabhimani,
samsta devi devata, samsta nakshatra muni all reside in me as shila. Anyone
who does snana in these teertha on this shila get relived by all sins, let the pind
apradaan on this shila give bramhaloka to the pitrus..let vishnu stay here as
visible teertha. Let one who gives shradhdha before drushyateertha GADADHAR
get mukti for his Pitrus. All the jarayuj andaj svedaj udbij all tyopes of souls, if
they leave their prana here on this shila get VISHNU SAYUJYA. Just as DOING
pooja of VISHNU completes all the YAGNYA so also DOing SHardhdha here
copmplete the GAti for the PITRUS. Let all ganaga etc. teerthas, manas etc
sarovar, samudra, kshetra, indradi devagana all be seated in this shila to bless
shardhdha karta. LET devatas stay in MOORTA rupa here and till BRAMHANA
sing the glory of VISHNU till that time devatas will stay in this shila. Let every act
of homa ahavana japa tapa anushthaana everything become infinite if done here.
Let every devata take a form of parvata shikha river and also stay on this shila.
All the devatas gave her the boon and said NO one should ever doubt this and
installed THIS SHILA upon GayaSUR.

to be contnd ……..

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