Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Surya Stuti !

aadityadeva tvatpaadyugaLke abhi- vaadanav maaLpe anudina| anudinadi sajjanar vyaadhigaL kaLedu sukhaviyo || SangnyaramaNa ninage vignyapisuvenu s- arvgnya neenendu sarvatra | sarvatra yenage bra-mhajnana bhakuti karuNiso || Sureegamyane vaak shareerbuddheejvaad-paar doshagaLa yenisade | yenisade bhagavanta- naradhaneyanittu karuNiso ||

the above is SURYA stuti everyone can recite this it is very powerful because its vyakhyaana is very detailed .. i encompasses CHANDOGYA UPANISHAT BHaashya , it details GAYATRI importance …and also it highlights KARMA sakshitva of SURYA antargat NARAYANA. So this is no ordinary prayer .. it does what all mantras put together gives.


Hey aditya dev surya dev! I daily do namaskaara to your two feet , kindly remove the diseases of SUJEEVI [ mokshyogya jeevas ] and grant the dehasaukhya [ physical health , bodily felicity]

For all saajna engaged in MOXa sadhana NAvagraha anugraha is very essential .. Grahantargat VISHNU is main subject/focus of PRAYER Chandogyaupanishat says ” Asau vaa adityo devamadhu ” , this is how MADHU vidya starts …here ADITYAnatargat VISHNU is only MADHU namak paramatma ..

MADHu means SUKHASHRAYA ie one who bestows happiness . SO continuous upasana [ swayogya ] if it has to be successful and result into happiness for that good HEALTH is required .. , ROGA is known as UPADRAVA [ a obstacle ] and also deerghayushya is REQUIRED ..[ LONGEVITY] apamrutyu should not bring ABRUPT end to SADHANA .. we have 12 adityas for 12 months .

. EVEN MADHWACHARYA in his bhashya says ” Adityanaam Prarthanena tadgam mrytyumapanudet “ that By worshipping SUn ADITYAs one must avoid /overcome Diseases ,apamrutyu [ parihaar]. the above vyakhyana clearly says ONE must be inclined to DO SADHANA , but for that one requires GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS and PEACE of MIND .. for this one must do MADHU namak Parmatma upasana .. that is easily gained by ADITYA prarthana as MADHU namak dev is always inside SURYA .. so this SURYA stuti is NANDI for SADHANA.

Sangya devi is wife of SURYA hence SangyaramaNa , Oh SUrya dev PAti of Sangya devi , since you are SARVAGNYa all knowing , hence I place my request with devotion , I urge with sincerety , in every birth and everywhere Please grant me , BRAMHA GYAANA – anantakalyaan guNa poorNa NArayana guna MAhima Gyaana and DHRUDh bhakti in NARayana .

  • GYaana BHAKTi vruddhi [ increase ] is possible only through UPASANA of SURYANATARGAT GAYATRI namak HARI seva .
  • SURYA lights up BHUMI antariksha swarga three worlds and he supports life in these theree worlds .
  • HE is ever present in eyes CHAKSHURINDRIYA and is also called as JAGATCHAKSHU. Thus, SURYA is SARVAGNYA .. as devata and ALSO SURYANATARGAT NARAYANA is always SARVAGNYA
  • SURIgamya – Oh suryadeva one who is GOT by GYAANis only , manovaak deha janit appar dosha samooh , [ the doshas arising out f body mind and speech ] , unlimited mistakes ,without actually looking into them , without taking notice of these kindly bless ME with NARAYAN dhyaan rupa seva and and let NARYANA inside you be pleased with me
  • LORD NARYANA is attained by KNOWLEDGEd , and for this SURYA anugarha is IMportant ..  WHence one leaves his body , he gets MARGA which one traverses and gets SURYA gati and CHANDRA gati thus say shastras …..in this SURYA gati is GOt by GYAANis with BODY on which pierces through LOKAs and SURYA loka is prominent here .
  • All the actions done by BODY MIND and SPEECH is seen by SURYA DEVA so he is witness for all the KARMAS and is known as KARMA SAKSHI .. so all the GUna dosha of each KARMA is known by SURYa and also NARYANA as present in him .. Thus SURYA sees to it that by Giving GYAANA he reduces possibilities of DUSHKARMA and thus gradually at some point nOt noticing the doshas OH SURYA deva TAKE us near to HARI .. !!!!

SO beautifully JAgannath dasaru has worshipped SURYA DEVA and tadantargat NARYANA .. this anusandhana will give definite surya shanti and siddhi


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  1. Dear Sir,

    can entire prayer of jagannath dasaru be recited for appeasing navgrahas.
    kindly enlighten

    with regards






  3. sumamanju manju said:

    Sir, Please tell me how to contact you in person


  4. Om Sriman Narayana, Om sri Anjaneya Namaha,

    No. is 8, time : 9.02 A M, Bangalore, 5 bettle leaves and 2 nuts, and Banana and jasmine flowers, my birth place is kolar, 4.45 a m(not sure), 03.06.1973, Stomach, Sir, I am in love with one person, i.e from my child hood i was attracted to him and could not tell him, i got married to another person, and lived with him for 14 years and he died by massive heart attack, i just lived as i did not had the courage to suicide. Unexpectedly i met the person whom i was loving from childhood, i did not said anything to him, he spoke to me and then he said he loved me but he did not had the courage to tell, and even now he loves me, but he is married and having one child and i have two children, and he says that he is not happy with his wife and he wants to come out of the relation but he says if does so it is a problem for his son and where he is scared but, sir i too have two children and they are big ie 19 & 16 years old and they i have brought up them like friend if i ask them that i want to marry again i am sure they will say yes, but i donot know how to convince my person, he tells that is not possible. Sir, before i could meet him i had accepted the life that i do not deserve in life to have a partner whom i love from my childhood i know him from my 3 rd standard and i was liking him so much, and nobody else in life, now feel worst and i am finding it difficult to lead life i think if i say this to any one they may tell what else you need in life you have 2 children and why you need anything in life but sir i know how i suffered in my life for 14 years, i am feeling depressed and i lost my life enthu to survive i do not know what to do now, i love him so much please help me sir. and the worst part is he is ready to have a illegal relationship with me. i am not in that kind of mindset, i love him from bottom of my hear and i have no words to tell, and i am very clear that i have never felt such feelings for anybody till date and it will not also. He is ready to leave his wife but for the sake of son he is not ready and he is not ready to talk in that regard, and i am finding life now worst and i am loosing my life now actually, i have no way left with me to think please help me and his date of birth is 27.04.1973, time 3.02 Am place Bangarpet. please help me sir


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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