Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Secrets of KARMA !

A karma has many aspects:
1. Proper desha
2. Proper kaala
3. Proper uddeshya
4. Proper culminations [complete in angas]
1. Rashi = dasha
2. Kala = graham
3. Uddeshya = nakshatra
4. Sanchita karma = 5th house (secret)
Thus, what a person does is pretty well defined.
• He has a set of prarabdha, which is known by rashi chart
• How he is going to react on it is known by agaami through gochaar
• How much gocahra will drive his decision is known by ashtakvarga
So what is in man’s hands if everything is fixed (as it appears)?
If gyAna is not there then everything thing is fixed, because man acts as per his circumstances and desires and not as per knowledge. Thus, dasha + gochara + ashtakvarga = fixed
dasha + gochara + ashtakvarga + gnana = right life
Not getting gyAna is fixed!
After getting gnana , if one does not strive to maintain gnana or get more gnana and instead strives for pleasures, then he gets back into category of fixed.
For an ordinary man all his future births would be fixed. It’s the gnanis who are given choice by yama as to what he wants next. For a gyani before getting gyana, his births are fixed but he is progressing in fixed manner one day he understands that knowledge is the power then his life really starts.
Let’s say there are bottles of wines and good drinks and a bottle of poison, a normal man would open first bottle drink finding wine tasty he would next day drink another drink another one day will progress toward the bottle of poison drink the contents and suffers. With this experience next time when he sees a series of bottles he would inspect each and every bottle and drink. One fine day he will get solid gnana that not every bottle is wine and then finally even when there will always be poisonous bottle in the series better he will stay away from bottle and its pralobhan. Now gnani has started to make choice, he also has ability to distinguish between bottles, but then if he gets back to old ways of inspecting bottles and drink then he will lose distinction capabilities again becomes normal.
Q: Going with the above example, drinking wine, then next one, then poison and then again in next life inspecting everything is predicted or fixed right. Till something strikes him, which prompts him to start looking for what is happening, everything is fixed. The question is who and why someone becomes eligible for this and is it happens by accident or by God’s will?
A: God’s will
Q: So if this Gnana is God’s will on soul, then what are the eligibilities for this, as till that time everything is fixed right?
A: Yes, eligibility is given in Geeta, one in lakh!
Q: Could it be decided on probability?
A: Not probability, one in lakh applies gnan, and hence LORD gives him his nod
Q: Where is the freedom to apply Gnana, as till he gets Gnana he is Agnani and everything is fixed?
A: There is freedom to apply, to know and to act as per application. The term natural is nothing but GOD’s will. When you act as per gnana things become natural, else unnatural things happen in our lives.
For example, if one gets up early in morning and practices cricket he becomes expert in CRICKET is natural event. Why? Because one who practices God gives him expertise is the rule. Now forgetting that rule if one just listens to a coach and practices without disturbances he becomes an expert, [whether he knows God’s rule or not he still becomes expert]. Now to make one expert two things are said in shastra:
1. Listen to coach at all times and do as coach says
2. Practice regularly and apply either result will be there
In many births what happens is, one finds coach and still says “what to listen to this person, if it is in my luck I shall end up as an expert. If a coach makes an expert then why don’t all gold medals are got by this coach,” thus, he fails, fails, and again fails. Sometimes he says- Ah! Who will practice so much? If I get I get or let it be,” he fails, and fails again and again. After many failures he finds- I failed so many times. Maybe I should have listened to the coach once. That’s when he succeeds.
So, what was fixed in the above example? Progress gave gnana! But next time to progress he has to maintain that he has to listen to the and be in regular practice – both with dedication. One cannot avoid basics and still hope for success.
Q: And even after getting Gnana we may fail, if we are not alert?
A: Yes, that is right! Else, the meaning of the word Mahaprayatna, which Madhvacharya says will be futile. Even after aproxa gnana though Moxa is fixed, one does Mahaprayatna, sadhna in previous janma becomes poorvapunya!

||Shri Krisharpanamastu||

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  1. manjunatha said:

    shastaang pranaam

    If gyana can change he destiny then why many gyanis(madhwaS) fail ?



  2. Amezing…….. 🙂


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