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Shri Hayagreevaye Namah

Popular opinion on Indriya Nigraha (IN)

  1. Understanding difference between right and wrong karma as guided by lord and then Restraining wrong to Sin via Mind body Speech
  2. Controlling the wavering mind along with negative vibes
  3. Indriya nigrha means- the senses should not come under sway or flow towards its respective vishayas even in presence of it, for example, eyes towards rupa, tongue taste, ears to sound etc.
  4. Indriyas are inputs to manas-when mind is undeterred or sthira even when in contact with all visayas then its mano/nigrha
  5. Controlling senses is indriya nigrha. It is achieved by having satvik food and also eksdasi upavasa, yama, niyama
  6. Don’t have IN means, inclination towards bad things (actions) and not reverting back
  7. This happens even when he knows what he is doing is wrong or harmful; i.e. it becomes addiction/compulsion. Indriyas can be our worst enemies
  8. In absence of indriya nigrha a person can’t do any sadhana and gets addicted to visayas ruining his life. so developing indriya nigraha is the first requisite for any sadhana
  9. When no I.N. a person sins has impaired judgment
  10. Indriyas are those through which we perceive. Nigraha means maintaining them in balance by keeping a tab on them. By giving LESS IMPORTANCE to it and just letting them to do their work, as they are needed for the body to function
  11. Indriya nigraha is channelizing the experiences gained through the indriyas in gaining sugyan, hari nam sankeertan
  12. Any experience through the indriyas- if the experience is sukh dayak remembering that is due to Hari Kripa. If it is dukh dayak remember it is Hari Chitta/Hari Sankalp to wash off your sins . Letting them not to lead you to any mano vikara is indriya nigraha

Analysis and Inference

Thus, avoiding nindita prekshan, nindita aghrana, nindita bhojan, abhakshya bhakshan, nindita gaman, nindita bhashan, and nindita shravan all constitute Indriya Nigraha.

Let’s analyze the human body, which constitute of these: 1) manas; 2) indriyas 3) buddhi 4) gyaan 5) bhakti 6) vairagya 7) prarabdha 8) dhairya 9) sthairya

Indriyas run amuck it’s in their nature. Nobody can do anything about it. Does that affect us? Technically it should not, but it does because mind takes interest in it! Why?

Mind is a restive element it wants to run along with indriyas. Why? Because that gives satiation and this satiety becomes addiction of mind. Why? Because initially it has no knowledge and it cannot sit quiet so it goes after indriays. Indriays prey upon vishays.

Now does indriya shaman gives happiness? No, it gives misery! Because small things give attachments but attachment is not small thing, it brings misery. So it is necessary that mind is told that attachment is misery and it should not unify with senses. How to do that?

To separate mind from senses and its unification [mind identifies itself with indriyas alike as if there is no tomorrow]. One must train mind to seek expert opinion of budhdhi. Buddhi is expert commentator to conscience. He is retd ex famous player which always feeds on his good and bad memeory and tells his experience on an issue and give pros and cons.

Although over the time, it might have lost grip on ground reality and desh, kaal, and paristhithi.

When mind is trained to seek buddhi- that is known as viveka, when mind stops seeking opinion of buddhi it is said to have lost viveka. It becomes imperative that buddhi should be prakahra and nirmal and nischhal ruju, subservient to conscience. Buddhi should not be chapel, kutil, vakra, dusht pravrutt, nastik, vibhramit, digbhrant, asatprerit and/or kalushit.

So after initial training of mind to seek buddhi at every step [for this neeti shastra is must]. Now all the attention turns towards how to keep buddhi prakhar-nirmal, nishchal, and avoid being kutil, kalushit, digbhrant. Sharp brain is need of hour. A clean thought is need of hour.

Filters for Judging Oneself

Analyze yourself with the following filters:

  • It is by always feeling for others as you would feel for yourself- Atmavat pashyet. When you want to say something to other, think what if same words are told to me how do I feel, if I feel bad. Then I must not say that to others. This small implementation will make one think clean.
  • Digbhrant is coming under peer pressure, dussanga, bad habits- Vyasan. When one has started spiritual journey one must ask, ‘Am I taking my own decisions?’ If your answer is no then, ‘am I taking decisions thinking oh what others will think if I do like this? Then you are digbrhrant.
  • Sometimes we try to be very smart, we want to outwit others. Or we are under impression that this world is full of bad people so we must check others, come what may? Then you have become kutil.
  • Sometimes we don’t know how to do thgings but bitten by jealousy we try to seek harm to others our buddhi is kalushit here
  • Sometimes we are so much opposed to someone that we want to just hamper whatever he/she says and just oppose or put obstacles. This is vakra buddhi.
  • Sometimes, we are so satisfied with our lives that we just experiment. We know right from wrong but still as we are complacent and think nothing can happen to me, I am lucky. In such a state one experiments with dushtasastra. This chapal buddhi.
  • I am in good days what is this indriya nigraha- thinks a naastik.
  • When I was in need he didn’t help me, now it is my turn, it is payback time- thinks a dushta prerit buddhi.
  • Wow! What an attitude, I shall do whatever it takes to get attention of ‘a certain person- thinks a man with vibhramit..
  • What is true and what is false, who cares this world is maya- is the thinking of and udaseen buddhi

How to Attain Indirya Nigraya

After you analyze yourself through the abovementioned filters your problem becomes simpler because you have to try to find and antidote to that vikkar of manas. That is Indriya Nigraha! Here is how:

Tell your mind [tell hundred times in a day] to follow the right mind (by controlling the urge that caused the vikaar in the first place)

  1. Control your mind again and again no foul play
  2.  No kutil kalushit bhranti bhrama entertained
  3. Keep away from dushta, udaseen, and other elements that can cause bhanga (women)
  4. Study neeti shastra to sharpen the brain

To keep away from women one classic formula is given by Bhartuhari, which if followed will control one’s senses even in presence of the most beautiful kamini. If one visualizes the above two, he will never fall in trap of a prostitute or other wayward women.

“A woman, while in company of one, talks of another, while her attention is on one her thoughts are with someone else. Thus, a woman cannot be yours just because she is with you or glances at you.

What we tend to desire the most the body- is just a lump of medha/fat/charbi, which when seen below the skin may harbor infinite krimi, keeta, rakta, and rudhir that may not be desirable at all.

Once again, the action plan is:

  1. Train your mind to seek buddhi [never lose viveka]
  2. Train your buddhi as per neeti shastra. For that read neeti shastra daily
  3. Introspect as such- Am I in good company? When you are not in good company and when you are under peer pressure, you are more prone to change your decision to satisfy peers. Thus, change such a company promptly. When company appreciates you and encourages you and puts you on right path then stick to it
  4. Do not waste time with women. How is a woman looked at is sort of a litmus test for a woman. Most women have instinctive feeling about a glance made at them they can judge the intentions of the glancer. A good woman gets uncomfortable while the bad ones make advances. Both are harmful to a sadhaka.

Ninety nine percent of indriya nigrah can be accomplished when you keep your eyes from prying here and there. Therefore, practice keeping eyes fixed at center of eyebrows.

There is technique in swara shastra, where the other man/woman becomes oblivious to the world while speaking to yogi. So it makes no difference whether you see or not. There is 100% attention- Conversation should be done like Dhritarashtar! As your own eyes are blank the topic oozes out of mind with force. I think that solves purpose of conversation.

Next step after indriya nigrah has come and mind is listening. But chapalatva is still there. This gives chances of vipareet gyaan and udaseenta to creep up. To remove chapalatva sthairya is required.

Sthairya is usually disrupted by istahta (desireableness). Istahta works like this- we have learnt our lessons and consequently put mind to practice. Mind obeys also. But now you want to take a risk in your overconfidence and say to self- Hey my mind is under control. I can do anything and come back to this state again at my whim. And then you experiment- This totally disrupts years of practice.

Sthairya is an abstract matter. It is not about discipline or practice, but about how much you love to have your indriya nigraha intact. Pooja paath without indriyaanigrah leads to skin diseases, extramarital affairs, and sudden loss of an accomplished position.

Stahiraya comes by keeping breathing under control. A slow and steady breath ensures there is no chapalatva. For this one has to practice pranayama. More the practice, more the sthairya.

Being in state sthairya for long is treading the command of lord. But to tread steadily on this path you need extreme bhakti. On the day when it fails you have to tell our mind, let my mind get some rest today. This sort of thinking needs trimming we have to instill fear of God. Can I afford taking leave of God’s dictum? For example, when one does Narsimha upasan or Hari-Vayu Stotra regularly, but let’s go of the niyam a strong rebuttal comes, which instills fear.

When in abhyasa of indriya nigrah sadhna, if one fails untoward incidents follow him as a result one leaves sadhana or leaves the wrong path and corrects his course.

This point is turning point in life and the decision making that either I am going to stop enjoyments outside permissible account mansa vacha karmana. That becomes the greatest Mahabharata in a man’s life.

Shri Krisharpanamastu

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  1. Mayank Saini said:

    Thanks Chiranji, Some days ago I asked you regarding this. Thanks for enlightening!


  2. shubhra said:

    Pranams sir!
    Awesome stuff! It made so much of sense to me………

    Sadar charan sparsh


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