Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

In our lives we see however good dasha be there , the dasha of planet exalted or mooltrikona well placed be there yet daridrya , dukha is seen . THEn we check whether planet whose dasha is operational is it weak , to our surprise we find this shadbalapoorna .. THEN the thought strikes why am I suffering , is ASTROLOGY bogus ? because as all books give good result to planet in exaltation mooltrikona , even when such a dasha comes no significant changes occur in life , LIFE carries on with same set of problems similar ashanti in life and same story of being unsuccessful and no solution or change !

WHAT could be the reason ?

Our ancestors take some [ Mannt harike  oath ] regarding a DEVATA that such and such pooja utsava naivedya vastra daana rathotsava  koopa tataak nirmaan etc and they do not fulfill it . sometimes some ancestors ould have destroyed them in ego pride of wealth power . that dosha runs generation after generation into the family giving ashanti dukh daridrya failures litigatons diseases chronic ailments deaths total loss of peace . even if good dasha run they will not be fruitful to the expectation .. there will never be  bHAGYODAY ..  these are knwon as KARMA dosha ,

Till such karma doshas are remedied through parihaaras good days never strike . IT is the duty of astrologer to first FIND out such karma doshas in a horoscope and suggest suitable remedies by POINTING out the DEAVTA concerned and dosha troubling and its exact solution to PLEASE the devata . 

These situations issues can be known only through NADI astrology written by SAGES [ not the famous thumb  nadi types ]  .

After knowing them proper shaap parihaar graha shanti if undertaken , dasha bhukti PHAL in auspicious way start FLOWING .

Role of badhaka graha is very important in such analysis .

CHARA rashi will have 11th bhava lord  as their badhaka.

STHIRA rashi will have 9th bhava adhipati as badhaka .

DWISVABHAVa rashi wll have 7th bhava lord  as badhaka .

arishTA stahnas for these are 3 6 8 12 the bhava


badhakadhipati in 4th house 4th lord in badhak rashi indicates kuladevata shaap .

if 6th lord aspects  or associates  either two lords , one would have stolen devata property .

if it is 8th lord connection there would be curse of devata concerned . if badhakadhipati is in good position then curse would get mitigated n the same birth else it will continue

if in neech asta rashi . if in enemy rashi one must do shanti parihaar devata pratishtha . if mild abhisheka would regularly remove curse .

if the connection is of 12th lord , there would be excess of sins and thus sufferings , BALI punarpratishtha jeernoddhar is the solution .

ALl these parihaars work only when DASHAkARMA sanskraas have been done to devata concerned else parihaaras wont work .  any amount of homa japa tapa devalya pratishtha seva upavasa will be FRUITLESS causing more agony and loss of faith .


  1. if badhaka is RAVi , in 3rd drekkana [ dwisvabhava ] – Rudraradhana
  2. ravi in 1st drekkana [ dwisvabhava ] subramhanya
  3. in 2nd drekkana [ dwisvabhava ] Ganapty shanti
  4. moon if full then DURGA
  5. if ksheena chandra then bhadrakaali
  6. if vrishchika moon then Chamundi rakteshwari katreri gramdevata , banamati
  7. if mars subramhanyam if in mithun tula dhanu meena
  8. bhairava in mesha simha kumbha
  9. chamundi in kataka kanya vrushabha
  10. makar vrishchik bhadrakaali
  11. if mercury last drekkana VISHNU
  12. other drekkana Gopal krishna 
  13. as per teh rashi dashavatara
  14. if guru is badhaka , saumya rashi VISHNU , dwisvabhav bRAMHA , ugra rashi SHIVA
  15. badhaka shukra ,it is bhagavati kamala saraswati shyamala tara annapoorna lalita bhagamalini laxmi bhuvaneshwari yakshini PArvati .as per rashi
  16. if badhak is shani yama , bhairava or Shasta

All the above devata shanti will give solace and peace and prosperity .

next we shall see sarpadosha pitru shaap etc  …….. contd

Comments on: "Nadi Astrology – KARMA DOSHA !" (15)

  1. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    what is kshetrapal dosha ?… how or why it affects..? thanks..

    sri krishnarpana..


  2. sir , Do i have any dosha/shapa?IF i have it.. please let me know the remedy for it.



  3. mayank said:

    Rayaru Swami ki Jay!
    I want to know what would happen to those who simply do japa of holy names of Narayana, irrespective of the fact that their previous karma was full of sins and doshas.


  4. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    kindly enlighten on dasha sanskara to devta.. and the deities bhadrakali bhairava banamati arent supposed to be worshipped by madhvas rt..? if yes then what r alternatives for madhvas..?

    sri krishnarpana


    • one must do antidotes to banamati , bhadrakali bhairava it is allowed in madhwa to give balikarma to these but UPASANA is prohibited ..
      dasha sanskraas should eb known by expert TANtriks .. they cannot be enlightened in a post they are very elaborate rituals ..


  5. brigga223 said:

    praNAm acharya, wonderful post. can you please verify if i have karma dosha.. and which deity to appease? Are all the points you mentioned in this post for drekkana d-3 chart only?


    • YEs you ahve dosha .. you must do abhisheka to HANumanji for 180 days


      • brigga223 said:

        ok AchArya..
        1) Hanuman pratima in copper or silver?
        2) Prasanna Hanuman with hands doing namaskara , is that ok?
        3) Honey abhisheka ?
        4) Please give stotra to recite while doing abhisheka.. I am NOT initiated into hari-vayu stuti



        • copper
          foour arms upper two in namaskaara , lower two abhaya and gada ,,
          honey yes milk also
          hanumananjaneyo vayuputro mahabala rameshtah phalguna sakha .. this shloka you can recite


          • brigga223 said:

            ok acharya.. I want to know which planet in which drekkana is actually the indicator in my case..Also i will try to search asap the murthi.. IF possible if you know can u tell me where i can get such a pratima. Koti dhanyavaada . SAshTAnga namaskArAs acharyare.


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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