Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Sun in

  1. lagna – Politicla life . Govt related jobs
  2. second house sun whatever perosn earns not a single paisa remains
  3. third sun ,average progress in life , income status not according to Talent [ less than expected ]
  4. 4th house sun mothers health troublesome , one will get steep progress in life
  5. 5th house sun special awards and recognition from Govt  and authorities , govt job , Power and also signing authority .
  6. 6th sun one will lose PAternal property due to laons
  7. 7th house sun father will be in troubles , break in education , problems from married life
  8. 8th sun trouble to children, break in education , trouble from Govt , fera from police .
  9. 9th sun one will be specialised in HIGHER education ..
  10. 10th house sun , one  will not be independent , but will do devata karya , wil have fame and name .
  11. 11th sun will give many avocations business and high position
  12. 12th sun will make one spend heavily his pAternal property , will do teertha yatra , devata karya , and will spend on children’s secure FUTURE

Comments on: "Nadi astrology – Mesha Lagna !" (2)

  1. bhaarateesha k.i said:

    namaskar, please clarify abt incarnation of abhimanyu .In One of your astrology description you stated as angada in ramayana would become abhimanyu who was d incarnation of abhimanyu .BUT we find lord BUDHA as d incarnation of abhimanyu in TATPARYA NIRNAYA HARIKATHAMRUTA SARA AND AMSHA AAVESHA NIRNAYA GRANTHA. so please clear this confusion sir. iam expecting quick reply from you. thank u sir


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