Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

22-Sep-2013 Sun Ananda Yoga,Siddhi Yoga Ashwini Tritya

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  1. Shriman Narayan Narayan Narayan…!
    Jai Shree Raam, Jai Shree Hanuman..!!
    Patna (Bihar), 1600 hrs, 10 Aug 1958…
    hridaya.. Heart portion…
    I am living in a house, which was built by the person who adopted my wife… and who has practically disowned her… and who now wants to give everything [property + cash] to his nephew…. i may be forced to fight out a legal battle with his nephew… i may also be physically manhandled… ever since i moved into this house some 10 years back, my fortune has taken a nose dive…! my son is not doing well and am also unable to find a suitable match for my daughter… my promotion is also being denied… i am also being denied any Governmental Patronage for a long time now….
    what should i do to get the Divine Blessings… Divine Compassion, so that i can not feel so let down in my life…
    my wife feels cheated becoz her adoption was decided without consulting her [prior to her birth] and her biological parents are quite well to do and have given one house each to their other children, but not to her…
    will i be able to get/win/wrest this house for her….
    will my children prosper…?
    will i be defeated if i continue here…?


    • you will win the case , property mauy not come back ..
      there will be promotion
      son will get a very good WIfe ..
      do not do engagement directly marriage is suitable
      there is dhanlaabh seen in near future ..

      worship DUrga with kesari mixed water and do homa of kesari bhaat ..with five preists presiding and 8 kalasha .. donate red silk sarees to all the five dampatis ..

      you will see rise in fortune


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