Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

12th house and gains !

Ketu in 12th house gives dhanalaabh while all planets in 12th house gives expenditure .

sun gives heavy tax liabilities , loss of money through govt agencies
moon gives ill fame loss of reputation and dissatisfaction , unnecessary expenditure plus lack of food .
mars gives expenditure on account of enemies , crime etc
mercury gives expenditure on account of education
jupiter gives savings
venus gives long-term savings
Shani rahu gives bad habits and expenditure due to them
ketu gives gain of money

malefic in 12th give foreign travels if aspected by benefic gives progress in foreign countries .
if aspected by malefic one will lose wealth in foreign lands sometimes have to beg also .
malefic if aspected by malefic one will involve in crimes
if 12th lord is with sun one will go to hell after death
if mixed planets in 12th and lagna well placed one will get swarga

12th lord in own house and 12 th aspected by benefic MUSAL YOGA
one will lead difficult life , after many insults and expenditure will stabilise in life BUT still one will go to SWARGA ..

Comments on: "12th house and gains !" (7)

  1. Viju Rao said:

    Pranam Acharya…
    if except ketu all planets in 12th give expenses then sir u’ve said shukra guru give savings..? kindly clear… thanks


  2. Viju Rao said:

    Pranam Acharya,
    what if 12th house is empty ? thanks..


  3. guru ji,
    may i submit something experienced just the contrary. my wife has Ketu in 12th house [08/09/1964, 1610 hrs, dehri, bihar] and she has no dhan labh to her. we r married for more than 25 years now and have reached an age that we can not spend money on our enjoyment.
    Ketu is associated with detachment and 12th house is house of long distances. hence Ketu can make a detachment from long journeys or settling abroad. it has probably made her a spendthrift and she cannot hold any money in her hand or purse. she has become a compulsive spender.
    similarly, i have a vakri shani in my 12th house [10/08/58, 1600, patna bihar], but i do not have any bad habits. i do not even take tea. no tobacco, no drinks, no womanizing, no back-biting, no bribe-giving or taking.
    my son has Jup, Ven and Mars in his 12th house [14/11/95, 0947, Darbhanga, bihar] and he is also like his mother. cannot save money. he is so frail that he cannot commit crime. he is so weak that he does not have enemies. only strong people have enemies, because they cannot be harmed on spot.
    i think the aforesaid observations need ur kind consideration.


  4. ravinder said:

    guru g
    tamas mantra kosh me to aise likha hai..
    lekin mujhe samaj nai aaya ..
    use kaise krna hai..

    the below mantra when written on bhurjpatra
    with gorchan and kesari on tuesday or saturday
    and worn as yantra will kill enemy
    ॐ चाण्डालिनि कामाख्यावासिनि वनदुर्गे
    क्लीं क्लीं ठः स्वाहा


  5. ravinder said:

    ॐ चाण्डालिनि कामाख्यावासिनि वनदुर्गे क्लीं क्लीं ठः स्वाहा guru g .. is mantra ko kaise use krna hai.. or amuk (enemy) name kaha likhna hai..

    enemy ki jagah shatru ka naam uchcharan karo 108 baar jap on saturday ..homa with neem leaves

    Guru g. As a yantra kaise use karna hai ye mantra..


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