Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Vayupurana says there are six angas to a Pradhaan karma :
1. Shastra vimarsha -Introspecting shruti smriti about the karma we are engaged in ,
2. Astikyabuddhi ( this karma kartavya if done , i shall get the result as mentioned in shastra , this faith )
3. Sajjan sahavas ( satsang , company of satvik bhaktas )
4. Upasana murty bhakti ( devotion towards the devata whose ipasana is being undertaken )
5. Totally abstaining from the thought that ” i am the doer ” one. Must shun the ahankaar that he himself is kartaa ,
6. Not allowing lapse in the vrata started till end ,

From the above 6 angas further 4 anga sprouts , they are

1. Getting up at correct time and engaging in the kartavya
2. Abiding by the shastras to maximum possoble extent as per capacity ,, shaktysnusaar .
3. ManA:swasthya – being healthy and of sound mind
4. Shuchi – bahya antar nirmalata , being clean .

The above Lord himself has said and assures us that it will lead to Haripreeti . And kaaryasiddhi ,
Apart from above there are upangas
1. Gandoosh – rinsing the mouth after shouch ie ( toilet etc )
2. Brushing the teeth with dantakashta ( herbal toothpaste )
3. Mruttikashauch , cleaning with white mud the body while bathing ( multani matti ,
Herbal soap etc )
4. Achaman
5 snana ( proper vidhiyukta snana )
6 wearing shuchi vastra ( madi saula ) etc
7. Urdhwapundra dharana

After observing folowing anga upangas only one must sit for sandhya , nityakarma etc .
If done procedurally only then one gets Gyana relevant to moxa . Else even if one does karma for centuries there wont be any change in his status . Ie there will be no abhivruddhi .

Casually doing nityakarmas saying m God knows everything , he will reward me irrespective of my doing karmas without following procedures , is FALSE NOTION . here Paramatma himself is giving upadesha that if not done properly , he will cause no change in the status of the person , he will remain as he is for years without progress .

Katyayan rishi says before attempting any karma following rules must be adhered else karma does not fructify

1. Manah prasannata
2. Satyavachan
3. Tapas
4. Snana
5. Achaman
6.deha shuddhi
Always all satkarma must be accomplished with right hand only .

Krishnarpanamastu .

Comments on: "Ten essentials that leads to instant fructification of Karma !" (1)

  1. श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः
    नमो नमो रामा देवो ।त्तमांजनेय प्रेमा । क्षमापश्रितजनसमूह कल्प । द्रुमापराध क्षमापनम कुरू ॥ अजात नररूप रघुजाम् । जजाप्त कुलदीप ॥ अजेश भुजगाद्विजेंद्र मुखसुर ।व्रजाधिपति हरे गजेंद्रवरद ॥ अयोध्यापूरि निलया नित्याऽ-।वियोगिनि प्रिया ॥ दयाप अस्मदभयापहर रुषि । सुयाग रक्षक त्रयिमयात्मा ॥ सनातन सुमित्रा दशश्यम् – । दनाख्य नृप पुत्रा ॥ अनादिमंगल सुनाम चरिता ॥ घनाशनभिनव जनार्दनविठ्ठल ॥

    SeetaRaam stotra for marital bliss

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