Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Kaalchakra Mahima !


  People do karma ! what is the guarantee that can be given to them yes YOUR KARMA will fructify ! It will fructify here in this world in this janma OR it will fructify in some other janma .. > how can anyone tell this WITH authenticity  . ?

LORD VARHA says ” graha chaaram nirikshet parvakaalasya vittaye || tato gnyatva prakurveet karmaaNi trividhani ch |

[ most important ]  ADHIKAARAM deshkaalou jnatva karmaNI kurvat: ||

jaayate  phalam yasmaajjaniyaat trinyata: sadaaa ||

One must know the motion of Planets and know the right time to do the karma in Parvakaala , then engage in doing the three types of karma

One must know ones ELIGIBILITY and desh kaal paristithi and then do KARMA  . one who knows this HE WILL DEFINITELTY get the fruits of his action as prescribed in shastra .

SOME yogas give phala in this IHA JANMA only some in other janma ,,

EVAM dwadashmaasa vai jaayanteatra muhurmuhu : | “alaatchakra ” sankaasham etat chakram sadaa dwij ||

haratyaayunshi lokanaam satatam KESHAVAagnyaya  | jnaninastadvijananti  NAIVA jananti MOHITA ||

jnani charati vai punyamagnani : na kathanchan |

12 months of chaitra etc  keep coming again and again as KAALCHAKRA .

it is like [ alaatchakra ] string attached to a stick when moved circularly makes a RING over the head … Similarly all planets are tied to DHRUVA with VAYU string and they due to their motion make a ALAAT chakra a circular ring over all HUMANS .. THIS kaalchakra rotating over heads continuously is consuming  away the LIFE of all  jeevarashis in this universal by the ORDER of KESHAVA ..

a JNANI [ astrologer] can alone know this mahima of KAALCHAKRA , deluded [ MOHITA ] cannot  not understand or know this A JNANI works according to this KAALchakra and gets PUNYA and phala DEFINITELY [ iha and para ]

AGNANI does not get any PUNYA at all .

Note – all those who feel astrology is not Important LORD is terming them as AGNANI and MOHITA i.e. deluded and says they don’t get any PHALA   – VARAH PURANA ..

sometimes people say I want this in this life only … so an able astrologer can guide how to do KARMA that gives result in this JANMA only .and some people think its enough NEXT time I want a good birth . so what should I do .. again just mere bookish readers cannot help .. ONLY a gnani can !  by saying do this and you WILL DEFINITELY get this .

Comments on: "Kaalchakra Mahima !" (7)

  1. !st April 2014 is one such day when KARMAS done on that day will fructify in this JANMA only . all satvik jeevas must utilize this day to do SNANA DAANA JAPA TAPA PARAYANA to get IHA phala .


    • radhaarani said:

      Respected chiraan acharya this is an excellent opportunity you have suggested for an ajnani like me..can we donate any thing in Sri Raghavendra mutt ?..is it comes under daana.?


      • yes donating in RAYAR mutt is excellent daana


        • radhaarani said:

          srimannarayanaya namaha
          sri hanumate namaha
          sri raghavendraya namaha
          1 44 pm hyderabad ,3 bettle leaves 2 bettle nuts 2 bananas
          pob howrah
          time 1 22 pm
          dob 02 03 1982
          hands on lap
          respected acharya…i performed sri hanumat puja with hayagreevam as naivedyam on 29th march.. immediately an interest came ..bothsides are equally interested as distant relationship poped up …but things are not speeding up regarding my son’s marriage…
          girl’s details
          place berhampur orissa
          time 1 57 pm
          28 april 1986 …
          please guide us kindly.
          sri raghavendra antargata mukhya prana antargata srilakshmi narasimhaya namaha
          radha arani


          • you must get LaxmiNARAYANa homa the obstacles will dwindle .. also get parimalabhisheka to RAYARU every sunday


            • radhaarani said:

              Respected Acharya,,very much thankful and grateful for your kind suggestion ..i’ll make arrangements for the same…..regards
              radha arani


            • radhaarani said:

              srimannaarayanaya namaha
              sri hanumate namaha
              sri raghavendraya namaha
              8 1 50 pm hyd 3 bettleleaves 2 nuts 2 bananas
              respected acharya ..even before i started doing remedies the whole issue dwindled acharya.. i’m dumb found and in shock ..may be some thing wrong in his DASA only,,,kindly check my son’s horoscope …kindly go through my mail….
              radha arani


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