Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Parvati devi asks Mahadev , oh lord , why do people suffer from childlessness ? What are the causes ? What poorvajanma sins lead to this situation ? Can they be solved ? If so how ?

Shankar says there are 13 doshas types in stree that leads to childlessness
And there are 8 types of doshas in men that leads to childlessnes

Doshas in women are
1 ratibhinna
2 dattaputra parigraha
3 garbhasraav
4 santaan Nash
5 mrutaprasav
6 garbhashosh
7 paat
8 krimikoop
9 raktasraav
10 bhootgrass
11 shuklatoyatva
12 parimesha
13 garbhpaat

Among these dattaputra and santaan naash have no prayaschitta

Doshas among men are
1 alpa santosh
2 bahusantaan
3 ekapatni ekaputra
4 eka kannyaka
5 stree santaan
6 keval purush santaan yoga
7 anya kshetra santaan
8 anyabeeja santaan

These are all result of poorvajanma paap punya .
Rudradevaru says daivagnya dooshan leads to anapatya yoga .. Devata shaap leads to anapatya yoga

Each combination in astrology , horoscope shows which type of dosha exists.

So one must know it from good daivagnya

With good buddhi clean mind if one does prayashchitta to his poorvajanma sins paap , one will get suputra ,
Just like medicines cure diseases. Prayashchitta graha chikitsa gives suputra .
Each dosha has unjque parihaara , when done in Vaishnava way one gets suputra .

Comments on: "Anapatya – childlessness astrology and Prayaschitta !" (3)

  1. Sri keshabaya Namaha
    Sri paban putrai namaha
    11: 53pm
    10 beetelleaves
    10 nuts
    10 apples
    Guruji pranam
    I dont know when I will come out of the whirlpool of life. I am already worried for a stable job for last 1 year. Your prediction is only a console for me. Meanwhile I got a tremendous shock 2 days before when I came to know that my wife who is pregnant for last 3 months met with disaster. She started bleeding and dr after sonography confirmed as missed abortion. As per advised yesterday we did wash of her dead foetus. My whole family is in deep trauma as this was my first issue. Very strange that my wife regularly reads Vishnu sahasranama, kartikeya stotra, pati stotra and few months back also she have started reading Harivansha puran which I have brought.She have completed reading Vishnu sahasranama 108 timess in 40 days and also given daana to brahmin.she is now determined to resign her job for which she used to make up down almost 3 hrs from my home to her school.Unfortunately she dont have accurate birth time. Still I seek as to where we faulted to met such sour moments . Please give us some valuable suggestions as parihara .

    my name : mahesh
    p.o.b. Dibrugarh assam
    date of birth: 23 may 1980
    t.o.b: 6:18pm

    my wife name: Roshmi
    p.ob: kakopathar, Tinsukia assaam
    date of birth:1may 1981
    t.o.b: evening Time not known:

    Sri Vansabardhanaya namaha


  2. Sir, it would be also great if you could elaborate what paapa karmas lead to the doshas and the doshas themselves for example, dattaputra dosha. What is the dosha? One should not take a dattaputra?


  3. Thanks for sharing this useful information. If you can elaborate on parihara it would be great.


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