Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

An aparoxa gnani is one , who has learnt understood and meditated  on all four vedas  deeply along with six vedangas ie aparoxa gnani an expert astrologer too as astrology is one of the vedangas. 

Shastras proclaim aparoxa gnani as knower of. Vartamaan ateet anagat ( present  past and future )  .

Aparoxa gnani is essentially  a jeeva ready for attaining moxa .. He is a perfect being .

All characters in purana are aparoxa gnanis ..
How did they behave when it comes to knowing longevity forms the subject of this post .

In astrology there are elaborate methods to  Know  time  of death ,, time of death is arrived by estimating. 

  1. Niryan  saturn …approximation to two years of. Death nearing phase ;  rashi in which saturn would be at the time of death  is niryan  saturn 
  2. Niryaan jupiter … The year in which death could occur 
  3. Niryaan sun …….the month in which death could occur 
  4. Niryaan moon … To give day of death …

The cycle of saturn in which death could occur is known by yoga ayus and other methods.   ,
But  did any astrologer expert ever apply these to know his or others death ..


It is beyond human scope to know exacr  time of death . 

Upanishads give laxanas of approaching death.  , like absence of reflection in mirror 

Loss of hearing in eardrums of ocean waves sound…. Etc 

These laxanas are to be known by a yogi to withdraw from the world and sit in dhyan to attain moxa ,,so prana leaves from bramha randra ..

Shri gurusarvabhauma Raghavendra swamiji when he wanted to end his avatara and  undertake sajeeva brundavana pravesh for asampragnyaat samadhi .. Being aparoxa gnani himself  he should have known his time .. But there is an incident in his life ,

When he was teaching students one day , he suddenly stood up in reverence. And looked towards the heaven  and asked ..how much time left ..

The devata travelling in his vimana through heaven waved thrice his palm with two fingers ..indicating two years two months and two days,,
Rayaru ascertained his time of  sajeev brundavan pravesh by asking devatas ..
King khatvanga was invited to become senadhipati in deva asur yuddha ,,

King successfully defeated demons ,,.mafter many devamaan years .

Devatas wished  him to  give boon .. He wanted moxa , they said they cannot give moxa ..

Then khatvanga raja asked devatas to tell him how much time left for him before death strikes ..

Devatas said 24 minutes .. He requested them to take him back to his capital and then he had half ghatika remaining .. 12 minutes .

In twelve minutes he meditated in padmasan on hari sarvottam vayu jeevottam gnana as laid by vedas and attained moxa 

Why such great gnanis did not calculate themselves time of death .

The answer is  it is not in the human domain to tell time of death .

One can only tell maraka dasha is in operation ,,but never proclaim death

Ayurveda too says one must try to revive a rogi till praana leaves the body. ,,but never give up on patient ..one must keep doing remedies  spiritual and aushadhi upachar always and never say astrologer says it is no use ,,

There are 101 types of mrutyu yoga for every person ,,of which one is kaal mrutyu rest all 100 are akaal apamrutyu

Kaal mrutyu nobody can avoid m,mapamrutyu can be avoided by remedies ,,

Thus one must always engage in increasing the Ayushya ..by doing utsavas to Parmatma .

Shrikrishnarpanamastu .

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