Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

When saturn is in 64 th navamsha ,death will be on account of a beautiful women 

In mid 14th century …in the flourishing kingdom of karnataka there lived a king who was surrounded by ministers adept in neetishastra  The kingdom was  always under atack from forces of tughlaq .

Once a general of tughlaq camped on banks of river tungabhadra .. River was flooded.

Hindu king dispatched his best men to check insyrgence ..

Both armies were camping on either side of rive to attack each other. .

Floods were not receding ,,
Adept  in neetishastra minister activated sleeper cells in the city of modgul ..

The detectives spies were excellent musicians too. ,

They soon found out. Mthe general khan was given to vices and was mad after local  dansuese ..

He befriended the dancer and acted as having fallen in love with her 

One day dancer said she has to go to cantonment for entertaining general ..

The spy fell on her feet not to keave her. She said no one except musicians can enter cantonment.  Spy said he can play same instrument as her. And he gave a demonstration … She was very happy and thought taking this  man will get her reward .. She took the troop of spies as her musical accompaniment all of them dressed as women 

All the moslem troops were intoxicated inebriated condition.  Did not check thoroughly the troops who performed with daggers the dance on a music ,,making many steps with dagger movements going further and further nearer to  general. ,,  finally all the men in disguise  of dancers pierced the dagger into chest of khan ..the soldiers in drunken state could not figure out what happened amodst chaos  .. The dancers pulled of the curtain and extinguished all lamps and escaped in darkness 
Thus a troop of 30000 soldiers were defeated by handful of men spies with neeti .

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