Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

If atmakarka is with jupiter in siddhamsa D24 of one’s horoscope, one will be a great expounder of philosophy

If atmakaraka is with venus then one will be well known author of granthas but not as prolific as  one with jupiter 

If atmakaraka is with mercury then one will be good writer but ordinary in quality ..
Raghavendra swamiji is a great vyakhyankar  . Let us briefly see and appreciate the ingenious  style of expounding in his granthas . 

Vedas are infinite ; it is impossible to fathom the real meaning of vedas just by learning them , knowing them .So lord vedavyasa parmatma ;an incarnation of Lord Vishnu ; composed Bramhasutras to compile actual meaning purpose and methodology to study vedas and progress in sadhana ; and reach ultimate goal of life .

Bramhasutras are highly encypted and difficult to understand ; also subject numerous contradictory interpretations by various commentators ; thus Madhwacharya great Dwaita philosophy ,expounder of what is  popularly known as Tatvavada;  composed bramhasutra bhashya . 

(Madhwacharya is incarnation of Hanuman . When Lord Vishnu took avatara as Ramchandra , the foremost amongst souls jeevottam Vayu incarnated as Hanuman to serve lord Ram , burnt lanka killed Ravanas army rakshasas showed us all entire humanity the Greatness of Raghupati Raghav Rajaram  .

when lord Vishnu took avatara as Lord krishna Vayudev  took birth as Bheemsen the mightiest Pandava to serve lord Krishna  and killed kauravas and killed keechak jarasandha bakasur dushashan hidimba duryodhan and did bhubhar haran ie relieved earth of burden of evil .

When Lord Vishnu came as Vedvyasa to do division of vedas and write 18 puranas the great bhagavat mahapurana for welfare of humanity to tread right path ; Vayudev took avatar as Madhwacharya to propagate philosophy of BHAGAVAT  to deserving souls through writings cutting down Untenable logic of 21 misinterpretations of Bramhasutras )

Bramhasutra bhashya gives exact purport of vedas as SET  by lord vedvyasa in his works.  In other words it reflects the Intent and purpose for whichVedavyasa had written Bramha sutras . 

Bramhasutra bhashya is form of prose , so madhwacharya has written shlokatmak ,anuvyakhyana to delinieate why other philosophies are wrong and how Vishnu is the Only God and all names convey Vishnu only . 

The various tenets used to establish Supremacy of Lord Vishnu has been separately compiled by great Madhwacharya in a grantha  called Nyayavivarana . 

Finally to enable serious pursuit of sadhana and quick recollection of all the tenets of Bramha sutra a very small grantha compendium , called Anubhashya  has been written by Madhwacharyaru for the benfit of sajjanas .
These bhashya anuvyakhyana nyaya vivaran anubhashya are still very difficult and beyond grasp of intellect of ordinary people like me ( chiraan ) 

Raghavendraswamy says  Anubhashya is like  Lord Krishna showing Entire universe Bramhanda in his small mouth as a child to Yashoda devi his mother . Universe is very vast even though it is seen in tiny childlike krishna , he is still  omnipotent parmatma ,age not withstanding . So also are vedas and its meaning in Anubhashya though tiny .  

So Raghavendra swamy writes TATVAMANJARI -a vyakhyana on Anubhashya .

what is the specialty of Tatvamanjary .?

Bramhasutra has following  structure  ,schema 

1 the subject is divided into 4 Adhyayas  ie 4 chapters .

2. Each chapter is divided into 4 padas – 4 sections 

3. Each section is divided into several Adhikaranas – topics .

4. Each topic comprises of several subtopics enumerated as Sutras 

A collection of sutras make an adhikarana grouped as Topic 

  • A subject 
  • A doubt against the  subject 
  • Which has a poorva paksha .. An argument
  • counter argument 
  • An illustration to establish the facts
  • And siddhanta THE  CONCLUSION



CHAPTER DEALS WITH A TRUTH – all names  all words Refer to lord Vishnu only 

This chapter is divided into four sections 

  1. Names that are not popularly refering Vishnu ( how they refer to vishnu ) 
  2. Words that dont refer to any names but how do they convey Vishnu 
  3. Words and names tgat are used in context of Both vishnu and other dieties or souls popularly Yet how they refer to lord Vishnu only primarily 
  4. Words and names that popularly are  neither used in reference to Lord Vishnu and nor to any other devatas just ordinary words how do they refer to Lord vishnu .. 

Here each section has sevearl topics.  Like 

  • do bad words too convey lord vishnu
  1. If so sutras ask. But lord vishnu is only auspicious bad words convey inauspicious in such case either vishnu has to be inauspicious or bad words should be okay ,,and good . 
  2. What about ordinary words like me you i he she how do they convey vishnu ..In other cases 
  3. Does the  name shiva durga surya chandra indra mean those respective dieties or lord vishnu 
  4. Whom shud we take into consideration if a veda mantra say Indra is all powerful ,,does it mean indra is god. But u say vishnu is god mmthis contradictory m,how to reconcile .. 

These form adhikarana. With set of sutras discussing intricacies of a topic .

Madhwacharya has conveyed all the intricacies related to a topic  comprising  several sutras  in JUST ONE WORD 


  • HE COLLECTS ALL ARGUMENTS  against  particular topic ie obections opinions etc.. Poorvapakshas
  • Then he mentions which word in anubhashya , addresses all such apprehensions  in several poorvapaksha 
  • What  tenets , logics prameyas are hidden in that words while answering these poorvapaksha 
  • What grammar ( Panini sutras in sanskrit ) rules apply to elaborate that Single word  conveying each and every severally different answers to different questions raised in poorvapaksh.   All through single word (” adbhut “) 
  • How is this done ? 
  1. Avrutti 
  2. Anuvrutti
  3. Padasanyojan

These are vyakhyan tantra  mechanisms of expounding 

  • Then eumerating conclusions by quoting entire shloka in anubhashya conveying  such resultant fact The truth
  • In the process Rayaru our Raghavendra swami the great saint  who is popularly known as Gurusarvabhauma ; gives examples from other great commentaries known as teekas , references to grammar , jaimini naya kumar bhatts poorvamimansa , tarka by his gurus like Vijayeendra teertharu Jayateertharu ..

Let us see one example 

First sutra in bramha sutra  says 

Om om athato bramha jignyasa om 

Question arises who is bramha ?

Is it popular bramha shown in tv serials sitting on a lotus with white hair beard  having four heads 

Or shiva or durga or any other god 

Madhwacharya says Vishnurevavijignyasa  

Vishnu is bramha the God 

Question arises how 

Bramha is a sanskrit word , sanskrit words are made up of dhatu root and pratyat ..

Here ‘ brah ‘ is root meaning vruddhi ‘manin ‘ is pratyay  when they conjoin it becomes bramha which means vyapti 

All pervading  auspicious complete powerful 

Vishnu ,,the word is from root vish which means vyapti.  Nu added means vishnu most auspicious most powerful all pervading auspicious 

Thus bramha means vishnu .

Question ok but why should we do jignyasa 

Ie contemplate on vishnu the god ; See i know there is someone called “Me ” inside my body … He does all activity 

I know this ‘ Me ‘. I can realise i am soul ,,i have known him the me ,,.  I dont see any god 

I do not feel anyone else except me inside .. So. Since i know me what ekse to know why vedas why this God business 

Answer : bramha  is all pervading exists everywhere … You cannot what is going on in another body …

Thus this God bramha ie Vishnu is different from you he has all pervading quality  , you do not per ade beyond your body 

Thus u must know him .

Question : There is no subject  here except the word God .. Subjectless matter why should i pursue ,,

Answer : whether this God vishnu has a form shape size ie Saguna  or no shape size form ie Nirguna 

This is doubt and hence subject of Contemplation … Thus Jignyasa must be done .

Question : what is the use of knowing through jignyasa ? Why shud i be spiritual religious 

Answer : in this life death miseries old age diseases separations are unavoidable truths . 

To get relieved from cycle of birth one must permanently Enjoy happiness without deat separation etc .. This is called moxa 

Moxa is got by jignyasa as a grace of God vishnu . 

So one must contemplate on Vishnu 

Om athato bramha jignyasa om 

Vishnureva vijignyaya:

Shree krishnarpanmastu

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