Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Full moon in eigth house with strength in paaravatamsha gives access to best of best medicines always .
Hanumanji is sarvagnya he knows all shastras veda vedanga upaveda purana itihassa upanishads smritis  more than anyone else in universe .

Upaveda are 

  1. Dhanurveda
  2. Gandharvaveda
  3. Ayurveda

Ayurveda gives application of herbs as medicine to cure diseases and increase longevity

Hanumanji knew ayurveda too ,

Yet when meghnaath killed entire vanarsena with naagastra , even Parmatma Raam chose to be silent 

Hanumanji acted as per the vaidya doctor advice … To bring sanjeevani .

Self medication should NOT BE DONE IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY 

always take qualified doctors advise do not take medicines all by self diagnosis ..

Along with sanjeevani hanumanji brought three more herbs 

  1. One which puts out all iron poisonous material that had pirced the body all by itself without surgery
  2. When iron pellets fall out muscles bones body parts might have got mutilated , the second herb joins all bones muscles skin restores it to original condition 
  3. Even if all is restored skin colour might have got discolored due to stitches joints , third herb evens out and restores original skin texture and gives beauty to the person hurt in war 
  4. Even if one is unconscious or dead sanjeevani brings him back to life 

Hanumanji brought such wonderfull medicine and restored life of entire army of vanar and they were ready to face meghnad once again with renewed vigour .

Laxmanji brought back to life kills indrajit . 

Siyavar raamchandra ki jai 

Srimanmoolramo vijayate 

Plava naam samvatsar shubhashayah .


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