Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • If you are in rashi dasha of shani or venus 
  • Venus in cancer karka rashi
  • Moon in aries mesha navamsha 
  • Budh mercury in 6th house 

One will have durgandha bad smell  emanating from mouth while talking ..

Once there was a young bramhana who had not married , a bramhachari , he had a very aged mother who was dependent on him . 

But one day a boy decided he has to do tapasya , so he informed his mother and went to forest to do tapasya , much to the dissatisfaction and misery of his mother . 

He did very intense tapasya .. One day while he was in tapasya  two birds hovering around his head were chirping loudly , disturbing him .

He became annoyed and opened his eyes and looked angrily at the bird . Birds burnt and ashes  fell to ground . 

The tapasvi now felt satisfied that he has attained siddhi ..  So he decided to go into the city dwelling to get Bhiksha. . 

In the city there lived a pativrata women . Who spent all her time whole day serving her husband engrossed in him  and worshipping lord Vishnu as present in Husband . 

She treated the body of her husband as pratima idol of vishnu , as having sannidhana of laxmi vishnu inside the prana ( vayudev ) of her husband .

She did shodash upachar of her idol as  washing feet , giving madhupark , bathing him , clothing him , anointing him with gandha perfumes , dhoopa , then  serving sumptous meals cooked hygeinically, with khadya choshya lehya peya bhakshya bhojya types of food , then engaging in all types of koutuk for him . 

This was daily routine as worship . 

Now  the tapasvee came to her house asking for bhiksha ..

The lady a bit engaged in kitchen delayed to bring bhiksha , tapaswee became angry and looked at her angrily. .. But nothing happened to her .. 

Surprised tapaswee closed his eyes and again opened now concentrating on the lady in anger 

Lady smiled and said ” I am not those birds who would fall to ashes with your angry glance ” 

Now totally baffled tapaswee asked hey shresth stree exalted woman what tapasya u do which  mantra  you know that has given u more siddhi than mine , please enlighten me 
She says i do only my routine seva engrossed in my husband ,nothing else ..this has given me siddhi to know ur events ,  But u have left your  mother unattended  thats why u have durgandha in ur mouth ,,foul smell ,

And ur siddhi is not working m,go back to ur mother serve her whole heartedly u will get better siddhi .

Those who ill treat their motherv, disregard her ditch her in old age .. They get bad smell in their mouth .

Serve ur mother well serve ur husband whole heartedly u will get all siddhis . So says parmatma hayagreeva in the form of kumar to bramha .


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