Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

How fast does karma of a person change ?

narad muni.  It changes every suxmamsha kaal in lagna ,

How much small is this unit of time 

  • 1 day = 60 ghati = 24 hrs 
  • 1ghati = 60 pala = 24 minutes 
  • 1pala = 60 vipala = 24 Seconds 
  • 1vipala = 60 tatpar = 2/5 seconds 
  • 30 tatpar is the time taken to  blink for a healthy man sitting in relaxed posture .
  • 30 tatpar is 1/5 th of a second 
  • 100th part of this called truti .
  • So truti is 1/500 of  a second  = 2 micro second 

1000 th part of the above is called suxma lagnakaal 

Ie 2 picosecond  ….This the. Time taken by human to perform one karma .The karma that results into some sukh dukha.

Ie one gets sukha dukha in real life. In GHz frequency .

In general pratice  an  EXPERT  astrologer sees only SHASHTIAMSHA OF LAGNA ,

that is karma done every 0.45  seconds .. ONLY  Shashtiamsha changes every 0.45 seconds 

but in one shashtiamasha rishimunis  are saying .. More than 1 lakh karmas get enacted by body mindans speech by a jeeva soul . Thus shastismsha can still be divided into 1 lakh division to get more accurate results 

Suxma lagnamsha chart gives  million  times more accurate details than rashi chart .

But Narad muni says even devatas cannot know karma at this suxma level so HOW CAN AN ORDINARY MORTAL HUMAN ?

Thus treat human astrologer as nimitta only . Destiny shubhashubham is not in the hands of an Astrologer , but destiny is ur own poorvajanma karma . Operating at such an high speed in ur life . 

 Worshipping planets navagraha pooja , Vishnu sarvottamatva gnana , bhakti in Parmatma , dev bramhan  samaradhan atithi satkaar  and varnashram dharma mitigates ashubh and gives shubh phala .

As VISHNU PANJAR ( armour) stotra says 

Vaasudev  bhaktaanam na ashubham vidyate kwachit 

never untowards ever happens to devotees of VASUDEV .


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